My night time skincare starring Peter Lamas, JeNu, Stemology and so much more

As a beauty blogger I’m constantly changing skincare routines. I use each new product that I’ve received for review a minimum of 30 days and then often I have to move on to the next batch. It’s fun but it’s also frustrating at times. I had the same skincare regimen for 20 years and then upon turning 40 my skin changed and so did my attitude towards skincare. I guess now I’ve become a skincare junkie but it’s a fun job and someone’s gotta do it!!  See what I’ve been using for the past 30 days or more in this update.

1431897585_michael-todd-honey-and-oat-212x300MICHAEL TODD TRUE ORGANICS HONEY AND OAT CLEANSER -This is not a new cleanser for me but it’s one that I go back to every time I’m in between testing. I love the gel like texture, how moisturizing this is and the fragrance of it. My skin never feels taut after washing with this cleanser. It doesn’t hurt that this is a cruelty free, organic company either. ($23)
1431897670_lc11_largePETER LAMAS EXFOLIATING PUMPKIN FACIAL SCRUB –  Since I use a different exfoliator in the morning I only use a night time one about twice a week. This natural facial scrub consists of great ingredients. It has pumpkin enzymes that combine with apple and almond acids to dissolve impurities in my pores. It contains apricot grains and micro-spheres so it’s gentle on skin while polishing away the dead skin cells. ($28*)
1431897880_16683739_wid_480_hei_480?1431897880INHIBITIF FACE SERUM  gets used in special spots since the goal of this is to inhibit hair growth on your face. I bought this originally at Gloss48 but now that they are out of business I’m happy I’ll be able to buy it from Target. It’s slightly sticky and I apply it to my upper lip and chin where there’s enough hair growth for an army. It’s supposed to be used twice a day but I just use it at night so I know my outcome will be slower. Results are visible in two weeks and I’m just beginning to see some results on my chin but not yet on my upper lip. I hope to update this with good news this summer. ($19.99)


1431898065_wand1_10JENU ULTRASOUND INFUSION WAND is my new love. I can’t get enough of this. Right now I’m using it on three areas but I am thinking about more. I’ve been using it on my lips, under my eyes and on my cheeks. As I said in my review, it takes one minute for each section so it’s not adding on anything major timewise. But it helps tremendously with fine lines so it’s definitely adding on to the value of your skincare. ($249 but on special for $189*)
1431898117_lip-serum1_2JENU ACTIVE LIP SERUM has only been used for the last 2 weeks. Once I realized how much JeNu Infusion Wand was helping to improve my skin, I had to buy this. My lips are thin and often look parched. My goal with this is to smooth them out and have them look a little more lush. I use it all around my lips, not just on them. I’m thinking of switching this to morning use so that I can see the fullness all day.  ($22 or on automatic delivery $17.60)

1431898246_3606000498747-resveratrol-beSKINCEUTICALS RESVERATROL B E is my latest serum. It’s formulated to be used at night. While this baby is expensive, you just use a small amount. Plus by using it with my JeNu Wand I know I’m getting all the benefit possible from this. This SkinCeuticals antioxidant is a powerhouse. A full review is coming soon. ($152*)

1431898338_eye_serum_complete-510x649STEMOLOGY  CELL REVIVE EYE SERUM COMPLETE is one of two eye creams that I’m using. I switch off between this and Lindi Eye Hydrator. Stemology Cell Revive Eye Serum is a thin serum that’s very rich in ingredients “Cell Revive Eye Serum Complete incorporates our exclusive Stemology Emollient Complex – Argan Oil, Carrot Seed Oil, Meadowfoam Seed Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Squalane, Olive Oil, and Propanediol… PLUS, Borage Seed Oil for its high level of gamma-linolenic acid, which is ideal for dry skin around the eyes.” Just look at them. One of the main reasons this is such a winner is that it contains an ingredient that helps with the reduction of expression wrinkles so it will help with long term reduction in those and fine lines. ($69*)  STEMOLOGY has a special code just for Beauty Info Zone readers. You’ll get 25% off your purchase over $100 and free shipping with the code BEAUTYINFO. This goes through June 15th.

1431898418_lindi-skin-eye-drop-300x196LINDI SKIN EYE HYDRATOR – I’m in love with this because it truly is hydrating. While this line was developed originally for people going through chemo or radiation, it’s wonderful for everyone. It relieves the problems of dehydrated skin. It doesn’t promise to be all things to all people but what it does is perfect for me. I’ll be repurchasing this when I’m done since it needs to be part of my life. ($30* –  Allison from Never Say Die Beauty also reviewed this and has a coupon code that I’ll be taking advantage of since it’s for 25% off.)

1431909666_lc13_largePETER LAMAS NOURISHING BURITI OIL MOISTURIZER is perfect for this crazy weather where I can have the air conditioning on one day and heat on the next. This lightweight yet rich moisturizer doesn’t clog pores and absorbs quickly rather than sitting on my skin. It contains Vitamin E, Avocado Oil and Macadamia Oil in addiction to the Vitamin A that’s in Buriti Oil. You’d think with this many oils in the formula that it would feel that way on your skin, but it absolutely doesn’t. Instead it strengthns your skin and helps improve the texture. A great spring/summer moisturizer that I think most skintypes could wear without a problem. ($36*)

Peter Lamas

Peter Lamas

1431898512_infinite-aloe-jar-300x310Last but not least in my night time regime is INFINITE ALOE SKINCARE. This can be used everywhere and on everyone in your family. I love it for my neck and my hands. This is usually my last step and then I hop into bed. I use the non-fragranced one which is perfect after all my other wonderful items. I don’t smell like a salad and I don’t look like an overdressed one either. ($50 for 8 oz plus a mini, other great deals available*)

The only thing I haven’t shown you is my nightgown but other than that, this is what I’m using nightly and can recommend heartily.  What do you use at night? Is it different than your nightime program? — Marcia

*some products were sent for editorial consideration

JeNu Ultrasonic Infuser is going to be your #1 product of the year

You can now change the effectiveness of the skincare you use in just 1 minute. How is that possible? Learn about the JeNu Ultrasonic Infuser and you’ll be as sold on this as I am.

JeNu Infuser

JeNu Ultrasonic Infuser

When I was offered the JeNu Ultrasonic Infuser to test out I was a happy daughter. My dad was a gadget man and he passed that down to his kids. We are all in love with gadgets but it’s not unusual for that love to wear off. I seriously doubt my love the the JeNu Infuser will ever wear out. This is one amazing “gadget” and ranks up there with my iPhone and iPad as things I can’t be without.

JeNu Ultrasound Wand

JeNu Ultrasound Wand

With the JeNu Ultrasound Infuser you use your own skincare since JeNu’s goal is to intensify the absorption of the products you use. It’s been proven to increase the absorption by 3X.

Here’s what you’ll receive: the JeNu Ultrasound Wand, the charger, and a tube of the MicroSphere Conducting Gel which allows the JeNu Infuser to be used with any skin care product. A charge will last you for 30 applications.

JeNu Infuser with Microsphere Conducting Gel

JeNu Infuser with Microsphere Conducting Gel

Now let’s get to work. After cleansing apply your skincare of choice whether it’s a serum, an antioxidant gel, a moisturizer or even an eye cream. My personal preference is a serum since I think serums have the most effective anti-aging ingredients. Apply the JeNu MicroSphere Conducting Gel in the middle of the Infuser but don’t use too much. Then press the power button and move over the areas you want to treat in a circular motion. It’s that easy. The gel will evaporate and shouldn’t leave your skin feeling sticky. You can do more minutes elsewhere on your face since the Infuser can be used anywhere – face, neck, eyes and even lips. Finish up with any other products you want and you’ll be thrilled.

JeNu MicroSphere Conducting Gel ingredients

JeNu MicroSphere Conducting Gel ingredients

I’m still using the system only in the evenings since that’s when I do my major skincare routine. I’m usually rushing in the morning and I love luxuriating in the feel of the JeNu Ultrasound Infuser and knowing that I’m working to look my best. I can’t turn back the sands of time but I can sure work at making them take back some of those lines that I hate.

The JeNu Infuser is not inexpensive but it’s worth every penny and right now it’s on special for 25% off.  Compared to some other products on the market the price of this isn’t that bad. What matters most though is what you are doing for your skin by helping the skincare products you chose to work their hardest when absorbed into the skin.

The more I use this, the more I want to continue. I’m using it on my entire face, my neck and under my eyes. That’s 3 minutes to get 3X better results from the skincare I’m using. My next step is to use the JeNu Active-Youth Lip Serum that I just ordered. I can’t wait to start that and report back to you.

JeNu Ultrasound Infuser, the perfect gift for your mom (or yourself)

JeNu Ultrasound Infuser, the perfect gift for your mom (or yourself)

I keep mine in a bright pink cosmetic bag and seeing it on my vanity makes me the happiest woman around. Make yourself happy or give it for a gift to your mom and make her ecstatic. Once you see your results, you’ll be agreeing with Vogue magazine that this is the one of the Top 10 Game Changing Products to Own in 2015.

Do you have a minute or three to spare? Your mirror will thank you! — Marcia


*received for editorial consideration and I’m so happy about that.

More information from JeNu:

“The JeNu MicroSphere Conducting Gel ™ is designed to be used in conjunction with the JeNu Ultrasonic Infuser. Ultrasound energy requires a medium in order to be transferred. Our proprietary gel is designed to focus that energy on the vital complexes in your favorite skin care products giving them an ultrasonic push into your skin. Ingredients: Water, Bis-PEG-8 Dimethicone, Propanediol, Glycerin     (The following ingredients are in amounts of 1 percent or less) Disodium EDTA, Carbomer, Aminomethyl Propanol, Panthenol, Polymethylsilsesquioxane, Phenoxyethanol, Caprylyl Glycol, Ethylhexylglycerin, Hexylene Glycol, Polyquaternium-7, Blue 1 (CI 42090)