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It FactorTM is a great haircare company that I’m dying to introduce to you. One of the main reasons is that they do something different than any other company that makes products for hair – they save you time. Which one of us has extra time? I certainly don’t. I’m always writing, taking care of other people, taking care of my house, or working. When I do have a little extra time I savor it.

it Factor Quick Blowdry Shampoo, Simply It Smoothing Lotion, Quick Blowdry Conditioner

It FactorTM wants to give you back up to 50% of the time you spend drying your hair. How many days have you had to skip washing your hair because you just don’t have the time? Too many I’m sure. Well with It FactorTM Quick Blowdry Shampoo and Conditioner and now Simply It Smoothing Lotion, you can save that time and sleep in those extra minutes.

It FactorTM is a company developed by Mark Stiller who used to be a co-owner of the brand Sexy Hair. He knows what makes a great product but he wanted to make his new brand even better. His brainchild was his wife – actually the ideas came to him while waiting for his wife to get ready. If he could help her get her hair drying done faster he’d be able to leave for events earlier. He worked with R&D specialists and formulated something called VaporBoost SystemTM, a technology that reduced the attraction of water and the hair shaft.

Here are some of the important things you need to know about It Factor’s professional haircare line:

  • The FIRST and ONLY shampoo and conditioner combination to reduce drying time by up to 50%
  • Formulated with our proprietary VaporBoost SystemTM, which speeds up the natural process of evaporation
  • Multi-purpose, leaving the hair clean, soft, shiny, healthy, bouncy, detangled and sleek …no other product needed
  • Safe for all hair types including colored and chemically straightened
  • Free of harsh sulfates, parabens ,sodium chloride and alcohol

Now let’s talk about ME (my second favorite subject!!). I am constantly running late. Between procrastinating and trying to get just a few more minutes of sleep there are too many days when I want to wash my hair but it takes me at least 15 minutes to just dry my hair. I think that time is such a waste. Now though it takes me 10 minutes (I time myself) to do the exact same job. That 5 minutes means a lot to me. My hair is currently shoulder length and one of the reasons it’s shorter than it used to be is because it retains water and was taking me way too long to dry.

My hair is what I’d consider normal thickness. It FactorTM Quick Blowdry Shampoo and Conditioner comes in two different formulas – one for Fine hair and one for Medium/Coarse hair. I first used the Medium/Coarse hair and experienced the quicker drying time but it felt a little too heavy for my hair. I was lucky enough to then receive the Fine formula which is just perfect for me. My dry time is cut down and more important, I have body and swing to my tresses! I learned though to just use the smallest amount of the three products I’m using from It Factor. A little goes a long way.

sizes for shampoo and conditioner

This is the first company that I’ve used that sells their shampoo and conditioner in different size tubes. I’m always using up the shampoo first because I need more shampoo than conditioner. It Factor knows this and makes the conditioner a little smaller – such smarties there!! The fragrance of these products is especially nice, they say it’s a green apple scent. I just know it’s pleasant to smell and use and dissipates quickly. Even better is that I have color treated, keratin treated hair and the Quick Blowdry Shampoo and Conditioner are made for my kind of hair. They don’t strip my hair of color or of the keratin process since they don’t have sodium chloride or alcohol.

Simply It

Simply It

Besides these two great products I’m also using It Factor Simply It®Quick Blowdry Smoothing Lotion. I use the tiniest amount of Simply It. I squirt it maybe 3 times but I find the less I use the better. It can be squirted directly on your hair but I like to see the amount I’m using so I do it in one hand, then squish my hands together and work it through my hair. I then comb it through. It detangles instantly. The results are softness, bounce, shine and well moisturized hair. I’m not finding frizz but it’s not summer so I can’t quite judge that quite the same. I’m not seeing it though.

I’m sold on It Factor’s three products and now I have the opportunity to share them with 2 of you. The company has kindly donated a set of these three products to two winners – one set for Fine hair, one set for Medium/Coarse. They want two of you to experience the greatness of these products and hopefully come back and report on Beauty Info Zone. – Marcia

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