25% off Friends & Family for IT Cosmetics plus some Black Friday information

It only happens twice a year – 25% off IT Cosmetics on their website. Can’t get better than that. We have oodles of IT reviews if you want suggestions but we don’t think you can go wrong with anything. The sale is on through 11/19/17.

And there’s more….

Black Friday Weekend at itcosmetics.com:

  • Spend $50 and receive a free full-size Je Ne Sais Quoi Complexion Perfection Face Palette with promo code FRIDAY17 on 11/23 to 11/24.
  • Spend $25 and receive a Discover It Kit (includes travel sizes of It Cosmetics must-haves including Bye Under Eye, Brow Power, Superhero Mascara plus two bonus sample packettes) with promo code FREEGIFT on 11/25 to 11/26.

Cyber Monday 11/27/2017 at itcosmetics.com:
20% Off any $30 purchase with promo code MONDAY20.

Free shipping on all orders from 11/28 through 12/3 as well as an It Girl Tote complete with Free Samples of your favorite It Cosmetics on purchases made during these dates.


Holiday Beauty Buys for the Eyeshadow lover

When Makeup Wars decided to write about Holiday Beauty Buys I knew that I’d be writing about eyeshadows since that’s my thing. I can’t get enough eyeshadow palettes. I’m enamored with them. What I’m sharing is what I bought and what I want to buy.



This well priced palette is a find for me. The 12 shades of neutrals make me so happy. I love the brightness of the shimmers (they aren’t glitters!!!) and the smoothness of the mattes. All apply beautifully even without an eyeshadow primer which amazes me. It’s not the same old neutrals since there’s much more variety and pizazz. And neutral lovers can never get enough of these easy to wear shades.

Persona Identity Eyeshadow Palette

Persona Identity Eyeshadow Palette

  • Humble (nudish pink matte)
  • Sassy (pearl shimmer)
  • Goal Digger (true gold shimmer)
  • Seductive (rose gold shimmer)
  • Charming (caramel brown matte)
  • Maverick (taupe matte)
  • Bombshell (metallic pewter shimmer)
  • Goddess (true bronze shimmer)
  • Audacious (burnt brick matte)
  • Chic (plum matte)
  • Bossy (burgundy shimmer)
  • Fearless (dark chocolate matte)



This set won’t be available until 11/18/17 but it’s a beauty and from a brand that most people aren’t aware of. I’ve been remiss about reviewing what I’ve bought from Bravon Beauty but it’s a brand I highly recommend. Just look at this beauty! Irresistibly Gorgeous 10-Piece Eye & Lip Color Collection – Exclusive Offer $72.00 / Retail Value $130.00

Bravon Beauty Irresistibly Gorgeous 10-Piece Eye & Lip Color Collection

-Magnetic Mirrored Artist Palette (holds up to 18 solo shadows)
-Velvet Matte Lip Paint-Blush Satin
-Magnetic Eyes Shadow Solo/Satin-White Star
-Magnetic Eyes Shadow Solo/Satin-Lilac Pearl
-Magnetic Eyes Shadow Solo/Satin-Platinum
-Magnetic Eyes Shadow Solo/Satin-Brownstone
-Magnetic Eyes Shadow Solo/Satin-Evergreen
-Magnetic Eyes Shadow Solo/Satin-Champagne Frost
-Magnetic Eyes Shadow Solo/Satin-Golden Olive
-Magnetic Eyes Shadow Solo/Satin-Tuscan Rose



Urban Decay Heavy Metals Metallic Eyeshadow Palette

I bought this using my 20% off Sephora code but haven’t worked up the nerve to wear it yet. I just couldn’t resist the beauty of this. While I may end up wearing just the neutral side I’m excited to have the brights for those special nights when I want more of a vibe. I know I won’t be wearing every one of these but I’ve never worn every shadow in a palette. I’m sure this will bring many oohs and aahs to your holiday looks.

This set contains:
– 20 Metallic Eyeshadows in Ground (black w/iridescent shimmer), Spandex (deep blue with purple shift and blue micro-sparkle), Metalhead (deep purple), Mullet (deep green), Twisted (gold), Aluminum (warm gray-taupe with iridescent micro-sparkle), Dive (medium blue), Punk Rock (fuchsia), Amp (bright teal), Glamrock (silver), Bass (bronze), Demo (bronze-rose), Afterparty (red), Roadie (burgundy), Scream (mauve), Glory (golden bronze), Starfire (bright copper), Angelfire (pale pink), Maiden (beige), and Acoustic (nude)



Ciate London Beauty Haul, Volume 2

I had to add in a kit that would be more than just eyeshadow and this new Ciate’ London Beauty Haul set has 20 eyeshadows, a mini Wonderwand mascara, Fierce Flicks Liquid Eyeliner, and a mini Liquid Velvet lip in Sydney.

The eyeshadows are a combination of matte and soft shimmers with plenty of pigment. They are a little powdery but that’s easily taken care of by applying them over a primer or liquid eyeshadow and doing your eyes first so you can wipe away the excess. There’s so much variety in the shades that you can find just about anything you’d want.



Urban Decay Most Wanted Eyeshadow Brush Set

I have more brushes than you can imagine but that didn’t stop me from ordering this set. I’m planning on using it for travel so I can save space. The few Urban Decay e/s brushes I have are great so I have faith in this too. This set contains:
– Smoky Smudger Brush/Tapered Crease Brush
– Detailed Tightline Brush/Shadow Brush
– Blending Brush/Large Blending Brush



It Cosmetics Your Beautiful Basics Airbrush set

This is for the person in your life that needs a brush collection. Since it contains 5 brushes to get them started it’s an impressive gift with some of the softest and elegant brushes around.

Airbrush Powder: Versatile use, dome-shaped head

Airbrush Foundation: Fluffy, rounded brush great for applying foundation

Airbrush Concealer: Fluffy, rounded brush head

Airbrush Shadow: Small, soft rounded head designed for the delicate eye area

Airbrush Crease: Narrow, tapered head designed to fit into the crease of the eye area


BEAUTY JUNKEES MINI KABUKI SET aka 5 piece Precision Brush Set *($16.97)

Beauty Junkees Mini Kabuki Set (Eye Makeup Brushes: 5 pc Precision Brush Set)

Beauty Junkees Mini Kabuki Set


Of all the Beauty Junkees brush sets I’ve used, this is the one that I can’t get enough of. It’s on sale now for just $16.97 and comes prepared to gift. These really aren’t precision brushes for my small eyes but they are amazing blending brushes that I also use for my face. In this set you’ll have blending brushes, concealing, contouring, and a tapered brush. This is a steal and one you want in your life!

I could go on and on and on but I have to cut it off somewhere. These are all favorites of mine (or soon to be favorites) that I think will make great gifts for you and your gift list. —  Marcia

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It’s QVC time for the IT Cosmetics “It’s your top 5 superstars & more” TSV #ITSuperstars

IT Cosmetics TSV for November

You had a chance to preorder this terrific 6 piece collection this week but in case you didn’t do it, the time is NOW! Starting today and going through 11/11/17, QVC will have the newest TSV from IT Cosmetics and you don’t want to miss out on the bargain of it.


5 of the 6 items are old favorites of ours and the 6th is a new and totally amazing brush.

IT Cosmetics QVC TSV for November 2017 “It’s Your Top 5 Superstars & More”

Old favorite 1: CC+ Cream with SPF 50+

You always read about me praising this CC+ Cream because it’s a staple in my cosmetic wardrobe. Available in 7 shades it has full coverage, contains anti-aging skincare and SPF50+ broad spectrum sunscreen. Applied with the new Heavenly Luxe Brush in the kit makes it even better!!

Old favorite 2:  Superhero Elastic Stretch Volumizing Mascara

Not only does this condition but it is an amazing volume mascara. It’s infused with a unique technology called Elastic Stretch. It gives me lashes that go on and on. Plus I’ve never had smudging or flaking with it.

Old favorite 3:  Bye Bye Pores Illumination

This powder gives an airbrushed look to skin with some illumination. It doesn’t have glimmer or shimmer but it does have radiance. With the included brush it applies lightly, evenly, and dreamily.

IT Cosmetics QVC TSV for November 2017 “It’s Your Top 5 Superstars & More”

Old favorite 4: Je Ne Sais Quoi Hydrating Color Awakening Lip Treatment

Je Ne Sais Quoi is a trademark name for many of the lip products from IT Cosmetics. What you’ll receive in this TSV is a rose shade that enhances your lips lightly while nourishing them with essential butters and oils, hyaluronic filling spheres and antioxidants. Wow!

Je Ne Sais Quoi Hydrating Color Awakening Lip Treatment

Old favorite 5:  Brow Power, Universal Brow Pencil

This has been a top seller for IT since the very beginning of their company. It’s smudge-proof, doesn’t need to be sharpened, and adheres for long lasting wear. With a spooly on one end it’s an all-in-one tool.

NEW favorite: Heavenly Luxe Complexion Perfection Foundation Globe Brush

This is the perfect brush for all your facial needs. It is ultra plush and the softest brush ever yet it does miraculous things for your cosmetic needs. It’s game changing with the CC+ Cream and applies Bye Bye Pores Illumination so finely that you won’t notice that you’ve powdered until you see how flawless your skin looks.

Heavenly Luxe Complexion Perfection Foundation Globe Brush

You don’t want to miss out on this since the price goes up from $59.94 today (free shipping too) to $72.50 if there are any left. For me IT TSV’s are perfect to stock up and to find new loves. I think you’ll find many old and new loves with #ITSuperstars.  — Marcia

IT Cosmetics QVC TSV for November 2017 “It’s Your Top 5 Superstars & More”

#ITSuperstars  #ITCosmetics

A sneak peek into IT Cosmetic’s November QVC TSV #ITSuperstars

Today is the first day of the presale for the new IT Cosmetic’s TSV, IT’s Your Top Superstars Skincare Perfecting Collection.  It’s always our favorite time around here. Sometimes the products are brand new, sometimes they are old favorites. No matter which it is they are so well priced that it’s perfect for stocking up. Let’s see what we have!

IT Cosmetics QVC TSV for November 2017

I spy #ITSuperstars:

  1. Je Ne Sais Quoi Hydrating Color Lip Treatment
  2. Brow Power Universal Brow Pencil
  3. CC+ Cream with SPF50+ Color Correcting Full Coverage Cream
  4. Heavenly Luxe Complexion Perfection Foundation Globe Brush (*new!!!)
  5. Bye Bye Pore Illumination Poreless Finish Airbrush Pressed Powder
  6. Superhero Elastic Stretch Volumizing Mascara

lips / eyes x 2 / face x 2 / tools = 1 fabulous 6 piece Superstar collection

Here’s the scoop: This is available for one day only 11/11/17 but you can preorder it to make sure you don’t miss out. The TSV is $59.94 and shipping is free, that’s a great deal. The number is A299080 for preorder.

I have never regretted getting a QVC TSV with IT Cosmetics since these are staples in my life. Having a new CC+ Cream and Superhero Mascara will especially make my day and I can’t wait to try this new brush.  —  Marcia

IT Cosmetics CC+ Color Correcting Full Coverage Cream

IT Cosmetics CC+ Color Correcting Full Coverage Cream swatched

IT Cosmetics CC+ Color Correcting Full Coverage Cream

What are Miracle Water and Secret Sauce? They’re IT Cosmetics newest recipe for wonderful skin

IT Cosmetics has had a stellar 2017 and we’re so excited to be a part of it. This is a brand that is universally loved by customers and you can count me as one of their biggest fans. I’m thrilled to introduce you to their two newest skincare products but more thrilled that I have incorporated them into my daily routine.

Their recipe for success includes the new Miracle Water and Secret Sauce. So let’s learn about them and why I’m thrilled.

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IT Cosmetics Miracle Water

MIRACLE WATER is a 3-in-1 Glow Tonic that you are going to want AND need.

  • Skin brightening Radiance Booster
  • Skin softening Micellar Cleanser
  • Anti-aging Treatment Essence

IT Cosmetics Miracle Water

I’m a huge fan of Micellar Water and having this improved version is amazing. It’s like having 3 products yet I’m only using one. Miracle Water is used in the typical way by applying it to a cotton pad and then swiping it on your face to remove cosmetics, skincare, and the day’s pollution.

But it’s not just for cleansing since it also brightens and hydrates your skin. It contains Drops of Light Technology Concentrate used in other IT Cosmetics products, as well as diamond powder, vitamin C and licorice root for youthful-looking lit from within skin.

It Cosmetics Miracle Water

It’s aptly named since this does seem to be magical. The Secret Sauce Fermented Complex deeply absorbs so that you’ll start seeing anti-aging results with this. To top it off, it’s unscented so I love it even more. The bottle is a hard plastic that looks beautiful on my vanity. It’s not squeezable so I’m not wasting product by squeezing out too much. I’m using it 1 to 2 times a day and seeing more hydration and clearer brighter skin.

IT Cosmetics Secret Sauce

The next step in the recipe is IT Cosmetics Secret Sauce, a moisturizer that is fabulous for dry skin. It’s rich and feels heavenly on skin. But it’s not so rich that it clogs pore. It absorbs beautifully.

IT Cosmetics Secret Sauce

Here’s what IT Cosmetics wants us to know:

  • Secret Sauce is a luxurious, clinically advanced moisturizer that instantly hydrates to transform your skin.
  • It contains Secret Sauce Fermented Complex which deeply absorbs.
  • There’s also Drops of Light Technology Concentrate, vitamin C and licorice root to deliver that youthful glow.
  • Secret Sauce contains collagen, peptides and hyaluronic acid.

Are you at all surprised that I love this fragrance free moisturizer??

IT Cosmetics Secret Sauce

I know it’s easy to dismiss products that bloggers receive to review but this isn’t a product that gets the hype because of that. These products get hyped because they are THAT good! The combination of Miracle Water and Secret Sauce makes them even better. It’s not necessary to use them both but it sure makes the recipe rich and delicious.  —  Marcia

Available at Sephora and Sephora.com. These are the perfect way to use your 15-20% off coupons!

#ITsMySecret  #ITCosmetics

IT Cosmetics Superhero™ cosmetics make my day

No surprise to find out that I’m a fan of IT Cosmetics, as a matter of fact I think every blogger I know is a fan of the brand. Cruelty-free, anti-aging, some fabulous buys, and innovative products make it a unique cosmetic company that I find so reliable.

IT Cosmetics Superhero: mascara, liquid eyeliner, Eye Transforming Super Palette

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In the Superhero family there’s the wonderful Superhero mascara, Superhero eyeliner (a black liquid liner), and Superhero™ Eye Transforming Anti-Aging Super Palette. That mouthful is what we’re concentrating on today and that you’ll be wanting to add to your eye wardrobe.

IT Cosmetics Superhero Eye Transforming Anti-Aging Super Palette

IT Cosmetics Superhero Anti-Aging Super Palette (from itcosmetics.com)

In this delightful palette you’ll find 12 eyeshadows: a set of Superhero Nudes, a trio of Superhero Neutrals, a line up of Superhero Liners, and 3 eyeshadow base shades. Mix and match or use the shadows in their grouping for dozens of combinations.

What makes this so special is that Jamie created this palette with plastic surgeons. She aims for anti-aging products for us and these shadows are formulated with hydrolyzed collagen, silk, peptides and antioxidants, plus innovative Superhero Pigment Power Technology™. They are very long lasting, don’t fade away, aren’t powdery, and don’t have shimmer yet they stand out.

Superhero nudes

Confidence eyeshadow base and Nudes in Limitless, Powerful, and Aura

The Superhero™ Nudes contain a light tan, a peach cream and a bright/beautiful milk chocolate. These can be worn alone for a no makeup look or do what I do and combine them with the Neutrals. Confidence is one of the top Eyeshadow Bases and it has a very light peach undertone to it.

Superhero™ Neutrals

Pow! Eyeshadow Base and Superhero™ Neutrals in Unstoppable, Superstar, and Fearless

The Superhero™ Neutrals go beyond neutral in my opinion. These are the ones I’ve worn the most. They make great crease colors with any of the eyeshadow bases or with the lighter nudes. Unstoppable is a golden shade that I love on my lid. I think it brings out the gold in my brown eyes. No shimmer though so it’s not garish. Superstar is a taupe with a purple undertone.  Fearless is the brightest of the bunch since it’s a copper and is very pigmented. Pow! is the eyeshadow base above it in the palette and it’s a light creamy nude.

IT Superhero™ Liners

Magical Eyeshadow Base and Superhero™ Liners in Bold, Daring, and Superhero

The Superhero™ Liners are matte shades that have super pigment. These can be used as a contour shade easily or as an eyeliner. They can be used wet or dry. Bold is a beautiful blue that’s not quite navy, it’s more of a dark denim. Daring is brown but it has a little bit of red undertone making it not “boring brown”. And Superhero is a charcoal that’s almost black but not harsh in any way. Magical is the eyeshadow base above it that I like as a lid shade. I think it looks fabulous with Fearless in the neutral section.

IT Cosmetics Superhero Anti-Aging Super Palette

There’s a great brush that works well with this palette and other eyeshadows that is bundled with the palette on QVC. I was amazed to see the price together as $39.54 since the palette sells on Ulta and IT’s website for $42.

IT Cosmetics brush

The one I have isn’t exactly the same but very close. Mine is the Heavenly Luxe No Tug Dual Eyeshadow brush while QVC has a Superhero Dual Eyeshadow Brush. The brush has one end for lining and the other for sweeping color on your lids and for blending. Here’s what Ulta has to say about the Superhero brush:

“To experience your Superhero eyes, use the eyeshadow brush end to apply your all-over shadow. Slide up the brush base one click to buff in your crease shadow. For added definition, slide up the brush base another click and smudge shadow along your lower lash line. To finish, use the angled eyeliner brush end to effortlessly apply your liner.”

IT Cosmetics Superhero Eye Transforming Anti-Aging Super Palette

What a buy! And what a way to pamper your eyes with anti-aging ingredients to help you conquer the world with your Superhero powers.  —  Marcia

Love it. Live it. Give it. It Cosmetics Love Beauty Fully Love is the Foundation Brush Giveaway!!

It Cosmetics Love Beauty Fully Love is the Foundation Brush

There is no such thing as too much kindness. No such thing as too much love.  The new limited edition It Cosmetics Love Beauty Fully Love is the Foundation Brush ($30) celebrates both kindness and love! For every brush that is purchased, IT Cosmetics donates one to the Look Good Feel Better program to help women face the effects of cancer with confidence. And you can win one of these beautiful LE brushes with our fabulous giveaway!

sample, affiliate link

It Cosmetics Love Beauty Fully Love is the Foundation Brush

It Cosmetics Love Beauty Fully Love is the Foundation Brush

So far, IT Cosmetics has donated over $27 million in products to the Look Good Feel Better program. IT is a fabulous company that doesn’t just preach – they truly make a difference. This latest initiative is really wonderful. The Love is the Foundation Brush has a sparkly pink weighted, streamlined handle with a unique, heart-shaped head. It works great with all types of foundations – liquid, cream, and powder.

It Cosmetics Love Beauty Fully Love is the Foundation Brush

It Cosmetics Love Beauty Fully Love is the Foundation Brush

  • Densely packed, heart-shaped head and streamlined, weighted handle for effortless application
  • Signature award-winning Heavenly Luxe cruelty-free hairs deliver a flawless, airbrushed finish every time and never shed
  • Pairs perfectly with your favorite liquid, cream and powder foundations

    It Cosmetics Love Beauty Fully Love is the Foundation Brush

    It Cosmetics Love Beauty Fully Love is the Foundation Brush

This brush is available for Breast Cancer Awareness Month at Ulta Beauty and ulta.com, so hurry and get yours while they are still available. Buy an extra one and #PassITOn.  – Lisa

Giveaway Information:  It’s our turn to #PassITOn – courtesy of the fabulous folks at IT Cosmetics, enter to win a new limited edition It Cosmetics Love Beauty Fully Love is the Foundation Brush! This giveaway is open through November 2nd, 2017 at 11:59 pm EST for US and Canada only.

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It Cosmetics Love Beauty Fully Love is the Foundation Brush