Two beautiful hair care bargains: Marc Anthony Moisture Gloss and Pro Finish Ultimate Hold Hair Spray

Lately I have been into ‘updos’, braiding my hair, putting it in a bun, or at the very least curling it. For Christmas, my mom got me The Perfecter (I’m sure you have seen the infomercial!) and that has made curling my hair extremely easy. While it’s probably best for people with short hair, for my long layered hair it gives me a smooth, softly curled look in about 3 minutes. To assist in my hair styling adventures I experiment a lot with different hair care products and some of my favorites were sent by Marc Anthony. Marc Anthony is a very reasonably priced hair care line that you can find online here or at, and it is also easily found at stores like Ulta and Walgreens.

Moisture Gloss

Marc Anthony Moisture Gloss Daily Drops

Moisture Gloss

Moisture Gloss Daily Drops

The product that really first defined the Marc Anthony line is the Moisture Gloss Daily Drops ($7.99). Oh my, talk about getting yourself some shiny hair!! This has micro-refined silicones that actually penetrate the hair shaft instead of just sitting on top of it. It only takes a few drops for my mid-back length hair so the price is right and a bottle lasts a very long time.

Moisture Gloss

What Moisture Gloss Daily Drops can do for you!

I massage a few drops into my damp, towel-dried hair and I have no static and no tangles. I end up with super smooth, super shiny, and completely frizz-free hair. I also use a few drops on my dry second day hair to freshen it up without weighing it down.  Moisture Gloss Daily Drops is an excellent product that is also a fantastic bargain.

Pro Finish Hairspray

Pro Finish Hairspray

Another big favorite of mine is the Marc Anthony Pro Finish Ultimate Hold Hair Spray ($7.99). I like hair spray that holds my curl, but doesn’t leave my hair stiff or crunchy. This is a fabulous hair spray that truly does the job. It keeps my curls, yet my hair is still touchable and soft. Whether I use a little or a lot, Pro Finish Ultimate Hold Hair Spray never gives me flaky hair.  t does have a bit of a scent, but it’s pleasant and it quickly dissipates.

Marc Anthony has some really terrific hair products at bargain prices. Pick these up the next time you see them at the store, you won’t be sorry.  - Lisa

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My Marc Anthony hair, courtesy of the Moisture Gloss and Pro Finish Hairspray

My Marc Anthony hair, courtesy of the Moisture Gloss and Pro Finish Hairspray

Volumized hair with Marc Anthony Oil of Morocco Argan Oil Mousse and Hairspray

By now we have all heard the praises of argan oil, a veritable miracle for the hair. If your hair loves argan oil as much as mine does then you need to check out Marc Anthony, a very affordable hair care line that does argan oil right.


Marc Anthony Oil of Mococco Argan Oil Hairspray and Mousse

The Marc Anthony stylist team says, “We often look to beauty secrets of the past as inspiration for now. One of the greatest ancestral beauty secrets comes from Morocco – Argan Oil. It is really a ‘super oil’ because it has so many benefits – strengthening, moisturizing, shine, damage relief, and the list goes on. When you buy Argan Oil for your hair you’re getting one of the best natural resources for healthy looking hair.”

The BIZ was happy to be sent two products from Marc Anthony’s Oil of Morocco Argan Oil line – the Volumizing Mousse ($10.99) and Volume Shine Hairspray ($8.99).  The products in this collection use a combination of Moroccan oil and keratin for awesome moisture, shine, and volume.


Marc Anthony Oil of Morocco Argan Oil Mousse

The Volumizing Mousse (250 ml / 8.3 fl.oz.) is a beautifully thick, creamy foam mousse. Argan oil and keratin keep hair strong, healthy, and hydrated, not to mention full of body. When I use this my hair is super soft and not crunchy at all. The mousse also gives my hair wonderful hold and shine.


Volume Mousse – so much fun to spray it should be illegal!


it almost looks like marshmallow

It’s just a ton of fun to spray the airy mousse into your hand and watch it expand, so much so that it’s tempting to use too much. You only need a dollop smoothed through damp hair. If you want super volume concentrate your application on the root area. It works great for all hair types and styles including air-dried, blown dry, straight, wavy, or curly.


Marc Anthony Argan Oil Volume Shine Hairspray

The Argan Oil Volume Shine Hairspray (300 ml / 8.8 oz.) is a terrific hairspray that isn’t water-based so it dries very quickly. It doesn’t get crunchy and doesn’t flake. It has a medium hold that you can brush through.

For the look below, I first applied the mousse then sectioned my hair and did my blow dry dance using this large round brush:

It's the best brush for smooth hair full of body

It’s the best brush for smooth hair full of body

Once my hair was dry I lifted sections to spray with hairspray. Just spraying hairspray over the top of my hairstyle can weigh down my thin, fine strands. By spraying underneath I get extra lift and volume. Volume Shine Hairspray is lightweight so it doesn’t leave you with helmet head. Plus the hairspray is a mist, not a ‘spray’, which helps keep it natural feeling and looking.

My Marc Anthony hair

My Marc Anthony hair

Marc Anthony products  are easily found online and at Ulta, Walgreens, and CVS in the US and at Shoppers Drug Mart in Canada. It’s available internationally as well. This is a fantastic, affordable hair care line that you should definitely give a whirl.  - Lisa

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Trick or treat is over but you can still get Tricky with Unite Eurotherapy

Did you have a good Halloween? More treats than tricks? Halloween is over this year, but you can still get your ‘tricks’ on with a truly unique hair product, Unite Eurotherapy Tricky Spray ($31).

unite Tricky

Unite Tricky Spray

When Unite Eurotherapy sent us their Tricky Spray of course I wondered…what’s so tricky about it? Is it ‘tricky’ as in  hard to use? And what the heck is a finishing wax?? Isn’t that something for your car?

I was thrilled to find this trick is a total treat – 50% hair spray, and 50% finishing wax. It gives all the holding benefits of a hair spray with the great texture, separation, and definition of a wax.

finishing wax

finishing wax for your hair, not your car

Looks like a hair spray, but it's so much more than that

Looks like a hair spray, but it’s so much more than that

This works on all hair lengths, from super short to super long. And it is really amazing for updo’s, even just quick ones like my look below. It increases volume and holds styles beautifully. It sprays like hairspray, although it works best to actually spray it just above hair and let the spray drop down, picking up layers to make sure underneath gets some spray as well.

my 'Tricky' hair

my ‘Tricky’ hair

If you have really fine or limp hair, you might want to go with Tricky Light ($31) which is the same thing but a bit lighter.

Unite Eurotherapy is one of the best hair care lines out there; several of my favorite hair products of all time are from this wonderfully innovative line. Check to see if it’s sold near you via the website – and if not, you can buy everything from their webstore. Tricky Spray is definitely a treat you want in your hair care arsenal!  - Lisa

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Do you think size matters? Then check out Rock Your Hair

Rock Your's not exactly subtle

Rock Your Hair

Michael O’Rourke’s Rock Your Hair line is not for the minimalist. If you like to go big or go home, if you feel the higher the hairstyle the closer you are to heaven and if you truly believe size matters…this is the line for you!


I love double entendres!

The BIZ was sent four products from the Rock Your Hair line. The first thing I noticed was the packaging. It is extremely cute in a deliberately over-the- top way, with pink and leopard and hearts and BLING.  It really is adorable.

check out the bling!

check out the bling!

This is also a great line for those who like their products scented. These have a pleasant, fruity scent that sticks around for a while.

Rock Your Hair Miracle

Rock Your Hair Miracle

The Miracle Leave-In Conditioner and Weightless Detangler ($20) is terrific. It gives hair moisture without too much weight and it’s a great detangler  It took a few times to figure out the perfect amount for my hair, and I loved the results once I did – lots of shine, lots of lift, and no frizz. In fact, it keeps tons of volume in my fine hair even in extremely humid weather.

Sorry fellas....

Sorry fellas….

Another great product for defying hair gravity is the Size Matters Big Volume Root Lift (13 oz. $20). This one was a big surprise for me. It’s an aerosol can, but what comes out morphs into a mousse. The mousse lifts the root area without weighing down the rest of your hair.

Rock Your Hair Size Matters

Rock Your Hair Size Matters

I spray this onto my wet roots before drying my hair for tons of volume and texture. It lifts roots as I blow them dry. My roots do feel slightly different from the rest of my hair, but they are not sticky. And that volume doesn’t fall flat throughout the day.

Rock Your Hair Bombshell

Rock Your Hair Bombshell

Then there’s the Bombshell Big Hair Powder (0.9 oz $17), aka “Backcomb in a Bottle”. This powder is a mixture of talc and micah that liquefies once it’s applied to the roots. It really lifts hair, making it look thicker, fuller, and full of body.



It looks like a powder but it feels oddly wet. Again, expect some experimentation to discover the right amount of product for your hair, but once you find the magical amount you will think this is powder-to-liquid gold. I think if you have extremely fine hair you may still need a little backcombing, but the Bombshell powder will definitely give it that extra ‘oomph’. To apply, just dust on dried roots and down about 1 1/2 inches of hair, gently tapping the bottle. Hair does feel different at the roots, but it doesn’t look any different.

Rock Your Hair Spray It Hard

Rock Your Hair Spray It Hard

And to finish off a super full, thick, bigger hairstyle, there’s Spray It Hard Big Volume Hairspray (10 oz $22). This puppy will give you STRONG hold. The spray is a fine mist, so it covers a lot of area easily and dries quickly. You end up with firm hold that doesn’t flake. Hairstylists love this for clients who need hold but hate the helmet head feeling of strong hairsprays.

Overall, I am happily surprised that the super cute exterior holds some excellent products that truly deliver.  - Lisa

“I’d luv to kiss ya, but I just washed my hair.”  - Bette Davis

“I have always believed that hair is a very sure index of character.”  - Catherine Tynan

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AG Hair introduces Keratin Repair to show your locks some love

ag keratinIt’s always exciting to be one of the first to try out a new line of products. I’ve reviewed several products from AG Hair so when they asked if I wanted to try out their new Keratin Repair line of hair products I jumped at the chance. I had recently gotten a keratin treatment on my hair so I was excited to try out a new line that contained the proper ingredients to safely use on my hair. But this line is not just for people with a keratin treatment. It was actually created to protect everyone’s hair especially if you have color treated, chemically treated, distressed or damaged hair. All of their products are sulfate and salt-free (sodium chloride) so they protect and repair.

ag keratin allThere are 5 products in AG Hair’s Keratin Repair category: Refuel Sulfate-Free Strengthening Shampoo; Restore Daily Strengthening Conditioner; Reconstruct Intense Anti-Breakage Mask; Repair Serum Keratin Anti-Breakage Sealant and Revamp Keratin Volumizing Spray. This 5 product regimen is designed to fortify, repair and reverse the signs of damage. It will leave your hair stronger and healthier. I’ve been using these products for the last month and want to share my opinions.

my shower with Refuel and Restore

my shower with Refuel and Restore

REFUEL Sulfate-Free Strengthening Shampoo and RESTORE Daily Strengthening Conditioner: I wash my hair 3 – 4 times a week and I’ve been using REFUEL each time and RESTORE almost every time (I sometimes use the mask instead). What I’m finding is healthy shiny hair that stays clean and smooth longer. The weather has been like a roller coaster ride in my area. In the same day we’ll have drizzle, snow, winds and then sun. It’s so confusing. Yet I’m not finding that it has a big effect on my hair. Even getting caught out in the snow or rain I’m coming home to relatively straight hair. Thanks to the keratin treatment it’s not frizzy but thanks to these two products it’s also staying easy to style and easy on the eyes. I think I’ve used my flat iron 3 times in the last month and that’s usually in the morning when I notice a kink. Refuel Shampoo has a great lather while being sulfate and salt-free. It’s a gentle shampoo that doesn’t fade my color at all. Restore Conditioner is very silky and keeps my hair easy to comb after my shower. It contains keratin amino acids to restore the hair’s structure as well as shea butter to smooth and condition.

AG Hair Refuel Keratin Repair

AG Hair Refuel Keratin Repair

Refuel directions and information

Refuel directions and information

Restore conditioner

Restore conditioner

Restore information

Restore information

RECONSTRUCT Intense Anti-Breakage Mask: I’ve just used this twice and have a “date” with it coming up this weekend. This is very thick and on my shoulder length hair I find I don’t need to use a lot of it. The first time I used it was as an intense mask where I wet my hair, put this on, covered it with a shower cap, and let it stay on for 15 minutes. My hair was so soft it was unreal. About two weeks later I used it in the shower just as I would have the daily conditioner though I left it on a little longer. Again my hair was soft and easy to manage. This is especially good for hair that is quite dry or damaged from color processing. The ingredients contain keratin amino acids, Abyssinian oil, silk proteins and rich shea butter. If this doesn’t repair your hair nothing will. Since my hair isn’t damaged I find that once every other week is a good treatment. This 6 oz. jar will last me forever.

AG Hair Reconstruct

AG Hair Reconstruct

see how thick and rich Reconstruct is!

see how thick and rich Reconstruct is!

REPAIR Serum Keratin Anti-Breakage Sealant: I use this as my leave-in treatment after washing my hair. I put a little (between a nickel and quarter size) in my hands and run it through my hair and then comb my hair prior to drying. This leave-in formula continues to keep hair conditioned and smooth. AG Hair says the serum instantly mends split ends and works overtime to reduce breakage and increase elasticity. While nothing other than a trim is going to get rid of split ends, it does keep them conditioned so that you don’t look like you have split ends. Repair really makes my hair look and feel silky and glossy.

AG Hair Repair Serum

AG Hair Repair Serum

Refuel pump

Refuel pump

REVAMP Keratin Volumizing Spray: I’ve used this less than the other products mainly because I don’t find the need to spray often. It is humidity resistant though so I do reach for it occasionally, especially on 2nd day hair. Revamp has a low alcohol formula and provides a nice amount of support. I use just a little since I find it adds shine to my hair. I use a quick mist on myself but I tried it on my mom who can’t live without her hairspray and she liked the hold it gave her.

AG Hair Revamp

AG Hair Revamp

spray for Revamp Keratin Volumizing Spray

spray for Revamp Keratin Volumizing Spray

I give 5 R’s to this line of AG Hair products. You can Refuel, Restore, Reconstruct, Repair and Revamp your hair in a healthy way.  — Marcia

Interesting information from AG Hair:

There are numerous reasons why hair might break including mechanical (brushing, elastic bands), chemical (colouring, bleaching, hi-lighting, chlorine, salt) and environmental causes (UVA/UVB degradation). These processes harm the outer cuticle of the hair shaft leaving hair dry, brittle and prone to breakage.

Since keratin is the primary building block of the hair cuticle, introducing keratin back into the hair is the only way to repair it. Keratin penetrates the hair cuticle and bonds to the brittle, broken scales helping to restore strength and moisture, and prevent further damage.

The Keratin Repair category is formulated specifically with an abundant amount of keratin to make your hair visibly stronger, shinier and healthier with each use, and can be used daily as a reparative and preventative treatment. It is not possible to overuse keratin.

To find AG Hair you can put your zip code in the box for Salons on their website.

AG Hair Frizzproof Argan Anti-Humidity Spray is going side by side with us

It’s always exciting for Beauty Info Zone to be able to introduce a brand new product to our readers and today we have an absolutely amazing one to share with you. We’ve previously reviewed Beach Bomb from AG Hair which was a big hit. Now AG Hair has added a brand new product for 2013 in their Smooth line and we’ve been previewing it for the last 6 weeks. We’ve fallen in love with it and want you to know all about it too. Introducing AG Hair Smooth Frizzproof Argan Anti-Humidity Spray.


AG Frizzproof

Frizzproof does what it says it’s going to do. It keeps hair frizz free but it’s unlike anything you’ve called a spray before. This has extremely light hold since the purpose is to weather protect your hair without adding layers of unnecessary product. No matter the season, frizz attacks when it wants to. Rain, snow, humidity all conspire to beat our hair into submission. With AG Hair Smooth Frizzproof Argan Anti-Humidity Spray you won’t be worrying about the effects of weather.

AG frizz proof

Here’s what we learned about what’s in Frizzproof:

  • Copolymers – add light hold, high shine and humidity resistance, yet rinse out of hair easily without residue or build-up
  • CFC-free (ozone safe) – fast-drying, low-alcohol formulation doesn’t dry out hair
  • Argan oil – sustainably sourced fair-trade organic Moroccan argan oil is rich in antioxidants and vitamin E keeping hair

You can find AG Products at many salons and at Ulta. On their website you can also put in your zip code to find where their products are sold near you. This 8 oz/237 ml can is $24. Now read on to see Marcia and Lisa’s experiences with Frizzproof.

Works for Phyllis Diller, but not really for anyone else...

Works for Phyllis Diller, but not really for anyone else…


Whenever you see beautiful hair on Beauty Info Zone it’s usually Lisa’s. While I like my hair it’s not that pretty lush hair that can be shown off. Instead I have to tame my hair and that’s usually with a keratin treatment. I’ve had a Brazilian Blowout procedure done on my hair several times because frizz is my enemy!! That’s why AG Hair Frizzproof is my companion lately.

Looks like a hairspray...but does it act like one??

Looks like a hairspray…but does it act like one??

When this first arrived for review I put off trying it because I’m really not a hairspray person. My experience with hair spray is “helmet head” that would make me cry when I was a teenager. My mother lives for her hairspray and the more the better. Thinking she was doing me a favor if there was a special occasion, she’d spray the crap out of my hair. I honestly would cry. So spray is rarely used on my head.

But Frizzproof is totally different. No nasty smell, no helmet head, but lots of shine and just the right amount of control. More important these little frizzy hairs aren’t on display. Even with a major hot flash it’s pretty well under control and that’s saying a lot. I love that it is argan infused and I love that it’s protecting my hair from my frizz enemy.


You’ve already read the particulars, so here are some pics of my ‘experiment’.  Here is my hair before the start of a humid, rainy, nasty day:


Before some typical Michigan weather…

What usually happens is my curls become fuzzy, frizzy strands that look pretty awful. Without a professional smoothing treatment, my hair isn’t even close to being smooth. It takes a lot of product, and that usually fails me on really wet humid days.


After, my hair looks a little tired…but no frizz!

And here it is after – I actually ended up having to run through the rain three times this particular day. I didn’t have an umbrella, which I totally told everyone was because of the blog…but really I just forgot it. There, now I won’t burn in hell for lying.

There was a total of 12 wet, humid, frizz-inducing hours between my before and after pics.  I have used it every day for the past 6 weeks with the same results every time.  AG Frizzproof works.  I love it!!

BOTH SIDES: We both highly recommend AG Hair Smooth Frizzproof Argan Anti-Humidity Spray. Rainy, humid days don’t frighten us anymore.

*sent for an honest review


Beautiful locks with Unite Eurotherapy


Unite Eurotherapy

I remember the first time I heard about the Unite Eurotherapy hair care line.  My friend Patty, who lives in California, was absolutely raving about the products.  Now, this was about five years ago, before you could find and purchase pretty much everything online.  I was so impressed with her raves that I asked her for what we used to call a ‘CP’ – a custom purchase.  I gave her all my credit card info and said, go to town!  She shopped for me and then mailed me some of the best hair products I have ever tried.

I used my beloved Unite products until I ran out, but I didn’t want to bother her again so I moved on and tried other lines.  But I often thought about the Unite line and knew I needed to revisit it again one day.

Fast forward to today – now there’s no need for ‘CP’s because you can just hop online with your credit card handy.  Unite has a gorgeous website, and I have gorgeous hair thanks to a few of their products I have been testing lately.

Beach Day

 Beach Day ($29.95) is a spray that you use on damp or dry hair. It brings instant life to droopy curls, and sprayed on your roots it gives you beautiful volume. 

Life’s a Beach Day

It has a light, clean scent that is very pleasant.  It leaves your hair textured and slightly ‘piecey’.  I absolutely love it for second day hair.

Beach Day puts a little more spring into my waves

Beach Day is definitely a winner. 

the best hair spray ever

Unite also has one heck of a hairspray. The GO365 Hairspray ($31) is, hands down, the best hairspray I have ever used. And I don’t say that lightly! This is flipping fabulous stuff.

I will never be without this hairspray

 In terms of the formula, it’s 100% Vegan, has no parabens, no sodium chloride, and no gluten.  The can has this really cool feature where you can turn the nozzle to whatever strength you want – soft, medium, or strong hold. 

Perfect hold!

 It doesn’t smell or leave your hair crunchy.  It just gives perfect hold without weighing down my hair.  If you hate hairspray but need something to keep your style in place, this is the perfect solution for you. 
I am so glad I don’t have to go to California or bug Patty for my Unite Eurotherapy fix.  This is one fantastic hair care line, I cannot recommend it highly enough.  – Lisa
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