Evolving my hair care with ColorProof PlushLocks Leave-In Smooth and All Around Flexible Hairspray

ColorProof Hair Care

When I look in the mirror before I leave each morning and I see good hair, I just know it means I am going to have a good day. If I’ve got some reliable products, I can go days without having to wash and dry my hair which saves valuable time for sleeping and…well…more sleeping. So I usually turn to ColorProof for a little magic to turn my bed head into good hair/good days. My two recent favorites that ColorProof sent me to test (and that will no question be repurchases for me) are ColorProof PlushLocks Leave-In Smooth ($30.00) and ColorProof’s AllAround Flexible Hold Hairspray ($26.00).

ColorProof Hair Care

ColorProof PlushLocks Leave-In Smooth makes my hair wonderfully soft, silky, and shiny. I have very fine hair and this never weighs it down. My hair is pretty long so I always need help with my ends, which tend to get crunchy by after a few days, and this little bottle of goodness never fails to do the trick. It keeps my color vibrant, keeps my strands smooth, and keeps my curls in place.

ColorProof Hair Care

I use a little hairspray every day and I am absolutely loving ColorProof’s AllAround Flexible Hold Hairspray. My other favorite hairspray is one of theirs – the Epic Hold Hairspray. I think I have five back up cans in my cupboard. I use that one when I need all day hold for megacurls. The AllAround Flexible Spray is the one I reach for when I have beachy waves that I want to keep all day long. It keeps my volume so my hair doesn’t fall flat, but my hair is still soft and I can run my hands or a comb through it. The spray doesn’t smell all perfumey, and it doesn’t build up so if I need a refresher the next day it’s never a problem. I love this hairspray and plan to buy several cans to join my other back ups. Then maybe that OCD voice in my head will give me a break. Oh who am I kidding…but I’m still buying those cans!

You can find ColorProof in salons nationwide, as well as online and at Amazon and Overstock.com. I love this line and recommend them for their hairsprays in particular. I really hope you will check them out – you won’t regret it!  – Lisa

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Spring hair trends at Meijer! L’Oreal, Pantene, and John Frieda drugstore finds

Meijer spring hair

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Spring is so close I can almost smell it!!  I can’t wait for soft warm breezes blowing my hair, smelling the lilacs and the jasmine…oh I just can’t wait.  Both Marcia and I have been thinking a lot about replenishing and refreshing our stashes for the change of the seasons, and Meijer is the place to do it.  I am super lucky because I have a Meijer just about two miles from my house.  I prefer going there because I can get my groceries plus any other sundries all in one place.

Meijer recently sent some samples of some of their hair care they have featured for spring.  I have a few favorites that are worth considering on your next shopping trip.

L'Oreal Extraordinary Clay Hair Products

If you have teenagers in the houes, you need the L’Oreal Clay Extraordinary Clay hair products.  The clay does a great job of absorbing excess oil and dirt, rinsing clean so hair is soft and smells great.  What is unique is these products also treat dry ends at the same time.  The Extraordinary Clay Clay Mask is a pre-shampoo treatment for roots that works extra deep, giving very oily hair a fantastic lift.  And the Dry Shampoo is incredible for turning dirty, oily hair into fresh looking and fresh smelling locks.

Pantene Pro-V Daily Moisture Renewal Shampoo and Conditioner

We have a lot of guests at my house, so I keep my guest bathroom well stocked.  I always have bottles of Pantene Pro-V Daily Moisture Renewal Shampoo and Conditioner in my shower because everyone loves this stuff.  You can’t go wrong with good, basic hair care with a beautiful lather that detangles hair, leaving it soft and shiny.  Yup, everyone is happy.

L'Oreal Color Vibrancy Intensive Shampoo and Conditioner

For those of you with dry and damaged color treated hair, the L’Oreal Color Vibrancy Intensive Shampoo and Conditioner are your answer to those hair care woes.  My daughter recently got her hair tips dyed a bright red (and I instantly became the coolest mom to ever live), and this shampoo and conditioner has really helped keep the color super vibrant.  Just check this out:Red tipsred tips

They promise 60 days of color vibrancy, and my daughter is totally put the shampoo and conditioner to the test!

L'Oreal Ever Pure Hair Care

For super gentle care that colored hair loves, the L’Oreal Ever Pure Hair Care features products with no sulfates.  This is an especially good line for very dry, porous hair.  The Repair Remedy Balm rivals any deep moisturizing treatment I have ever tried, including some extremely expensive boutique brands.

L'Oreal Air Dry It hair styling products

I use a lot of heat styling tools all fall and winter, so I start taking a break from them and letting my hair air dry come spring.  In fact, in the summer I never let a curling iron or a blow dryer get close to my hair.  I think that’s how I’ve been able to keep my hair long and healthy for so many years.  I am impressed with the L’Oreal Air Dry It hair styling products that are excellent companions for those low maintenance hair days.  The Un-done Style Cream gives hair shape and body without buildup.  Add in a dollop of the Air Dry It Ruffled Body Mousse for extra curl and wave support, plus a spritz of the Air Dry It Wave Swept Spray to fight frizz, and you’ve got beautiful beachy locks with basically no effort.

John Frieda Frizz Ease Moisture Barrier Firm Hold Hairspray

As beautiful as they are, spring days can also be extremely humid, especially where I live in Michigan.  I can’t tell you how many days I spent forever either curling or straightening my hair, only to run from the house to my car and find it’s morphed into a head of frizz that looks like an old dandelion.  A favorite hairspray of mine is John Frieda Frizz Ease Moisture Barrier Firm Hold Hairspray, which not only hold my hair in place, it also locks out frizz for 24 hours.  All I need is 8, and it delivers!

The selection and variety of hair care products in Meijer is fantastic, and they have awesome prices for the spring season.  Be sure to stop by and stock up!  – Lisa

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Get your freak on this New Years! Try Haircredible Freak Show.

Haircredible Freak Show HairsprayOk, so I just gave you one of my fabulous hair secrets, the Mitch Stone Essentials Luxury Repair & Style. My other secret is Haircredible Freak Show Hairspray ($20). Haircredible is a luxury hair care line specifically for fine, natural hair, which means none of their products will weigh you down. The product line is amazing for women of color, as well as for anyone else with fine hair.

Finding a great hairspray that gives the right amount of hold without weighing down fine hair is truly a challenge. I want soft, touchable hold that keeps my curls all day, but doesn’t make my fine hair stiff, sticky, or flat. Freak Show is absolutely everything I want in a hairspray and then some!!                                                                         sample

Haircredible Freak Show Hairspray

Freak Show gives me volume without any heaviness at all. I can also reapply the next day without any buildup or stickiness. What truly makes this hairspray unique is the spray nozzle. It can be adjusted to three different levels for three amount of hold – light, medium, or heavy.

Haircredible Freak Show Hairspray

On days that I go with straight hair, I chose the low or medium setting for soft, touchable volume. When I go full on curly, I use the high setting for soft but strong hold that works all day long. Freak Show is humidity resistant and is as amazing for volume as it is for hold.  Haircredible Freak Show Hairspray

Haircredible Freak Show Hairspray really is incredible. Get your freak on and keep it on all day long with this fantastic hairspray. You can find the Haircredible line online at haircredible.com.  – Lisa

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White Sands Infinity Firm Hold Finishing Spray

White Sands Infinity Hair Spray

Who else loves Elnett Hairspray? That stuff is the bomb, but I can never seem to find it. I need an alternative and White Sands Infinity Firm Hold Finishing Spray ($22) is one that lots of stylists recommend. Just a few of the sets where you can find clouds of White Sands Infinity Firm Hold Finishing Spray include Pretty Little Liars, The Young & The Restless, Jane The Virgin, and Dancing with the Stars. White Sands sent us a sample to test and I couldn’t wait to start spraying.

White Sands Infinity Hair Spray

Hairspray is a personal thing and I certainly have particular preferences. I have long, fine hair that needs help. Without hairspray it goes flat and won’t hold a curl for more than a few hours. I also only wash my hair every third day (or even fourth or fifth!) so I need something that doesn’t build up and leave my hair sticky, tacky, or impossible to comb through. Plus, I just prefer aerosol…pump hairsprays are inevitably too wet for my fine hair and weigh it down.

White Sands Infinity Firm Hold Finishing Spray is a lightweight spray that dries super fast and doesn’t weigh down my hair. It gives volume and hold, but not ‘frozen in place’ hold…my hair stays soft and touchable. It does what I need it to do – holds curl, provides some texture, and doesn’t build up or flake with repeated applications. Something different from most hairsprays – it actually works wonderfully with heat styling. In fact, the more hair is heated, the shinier it becomes!

White Sands Infinity Hair Spray

I can’t quite call this a miracle product because I have had other hairsprays hold my curls a little longer, but White Sands Infinity Firm Hold Finishing Spray is pretty impressive. It also doesn’t have a nasty hairspray scent, which is a bonus. I definitely understand why this is a staple on set for many television shows.

You can find White Sands Infinity Firm Hold Finishing Spray (as well as other White Sands hair products) online at whitesandsproducts.com.  – Lisa

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Frizz Busters

Frizz Busters

Frizz Busters

Frizz happens.

Frizz isn’t pretty.

Frizz doesn’t make me happy.

 Frizz needs to be busted.

Even the women in the new Ghostbusters movie appear to have frizz. Not a pretty sight. So what do we do? We find products that help us tame the frizz and that’s what today is all about.


Aquis Towel Lisse Luxe in Chevron

Aquis Towel Lisse Luxe in Chevron


Aquis Towels have been around for at least 20 years but they’ve changed over time. I remember buying my first one and being amazed at the difference using this towel on my hair. When drying your hair, using friction causes frizz. With an Aquis towel or turban you allow the water to wick out of your hair leaving it easier to to style without frizz. My newest one was sent by Aquis and I am in love with it. Sunday, July 10th I’ll be showing more pictures and telling you more about this towel but I can assure you that you need one of their towels in your life.


Brazilian Blowout Thermal Straightening Balm and Smoothing Serum

Brazilian Blowout Thermal Straightening Balm and Smoothing Serum

After towel drying my hair I turn to serum, balms and other products to be able to even get a wet brush or wide tooth comb through my hair. I’ve used the Brazilian Blowout Acai line on and off for years. I get a keratin treatment about every 8 months so my hair is basically straight and fends for itself most of the time with frizz. But if I forget to use product I’m lucky to make it through one day let alone several. The Thermal Straightening Balm is used when I blow dry my hair since it locks out moisture. The Smoothing Serum is a multi-tasker. Not only is it great for blow drying and flat ironing but it’s recommended for use when you go swimming. Wet your hair and smooth some of the serum in to protect your hair from chlorine and salt. You don’t need to have a keratin treatment to use these great products, they are great for everyone.


Living Proof No Frizz Nourishing Styling Cream and Straight

Living Proof No Frizz Nourishing Styling Cream and Straight

Unless I’m testing a new line I like to switch up the products I use so I’m always going back to Living Proof. Everything I’ve tried from them has been excellent. My go-to line is the No Frizz one. Their Nourishing Styling Cream is just the thing to stop frizz. As they say “weightlessly blocks humidity, smoothes and conditions, no heavy silicones or oils”. If you believe in frizz busting this is one of my favorites. After buying it the first time I quickly bought a second during a holiday special. Straight Style|Lab is a spray that I use when I wash my hair. I apply the Nourishing Styling Cream otherwise I can’t comb through my hair. Then I spray this on in sections to seal. This can be used on wet or dry hair but it’s best used before you heat style.


DermOrganic Leave-In Treatment and Fast Dry Shaping Spray

DermOrganic Leave-In Treatment and Fast Dry Shaping Spray

I’m a huge fan of DermOrganic products. The first time I used them they were sent to me but I’ve since purchased several of the products. The Leave-In Treatment is a repurchase for me. This is a wonderful leave-in that is so amazingly light that you’d almost never know it was in your hair. But you do know because it does such a great job adding softness, shine, thermal protection, and controlling frizz. It’s made with Argan Oil of Morocco. While it’s not advertised as a frizz buster, it definitely works that way for me.

Fast Dry Shaping Spray is a great lightweight spray even though the name says Plus Hold. I hate helmet hair and I only use a spray on days that are very important style wise (like my niece’s upcoming outdoor wedding). I included this since it does a good job of allowing me to brush through my hair yet controlling it and keeping frizz from taking over. It’s vegan and there is no: animal testing, artificial preservatives, sulfates, gluten, sodium or chloride, salt, parabens, MEA, DEA or dyes. Plus it has a pleasant fragrance unlike so many sprays I’ve tried.

Living Proof, Brazilian Blowout Acai, DermOrganic all on my Aquis Lisse Luxe towel

Living Proof, Brazilian Blowout Acai, DermOrganic all on my Aquis Lisse Luxe towel

These are the products on my vanity, what do you use your war against frizz?  —  Marcia

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Giveaway alert! Marc Anthony Hydrating Coconut Oil and Shea Butter Shampoo, Conditioner and Hairspray

Did you have an amazing Memorial Day weekend?? I know I did…and between chlorine in my hair and forgetting to wear a hat, I realized quickly that dry, damaged summer hair is not far away.

Marc-Anthony-logoAn awesome drugstore choice for dry summer hair is Marc Anthony. I first tried this line 5 years ago and I’ve been a big fan ever since. They recently sent me their Marc Anthony’s Hydrating Coconut Oil and Shea Butter hair products to test, and I am definitely impressed…and you can win these products for yourself!

Marc Anthony Hydrating Sulfate Free Coconut Oil & Shea Butter Shampoo and Conditioner

Marc Anthony Hydrating Sulfate Free Coconut Oil & Shea Butter Shampoo and Conditioner

The Marc Anthony Hydrating Sulfate Free Coconut Oil & Shea Butter Shampoo ($7.99) is a wonderful every day shampoo that cleanses but doesn’t strip hair. It’s one of the more moisturizing shampoos I have tried, with coconut oil, biotin, and shea butter to strengthen hair and repair split ends. This will work on any hair texture, color-treated hair, and sensitive scalps. The only caveat would be that it has fragrance, albeit a lovely deep coconut one!

The Marc Anthony Hydrating Coconut Oil & Shea Butter Conditioner ($7.99) is the perfect partner, giving hair even more moisture and leaving it super soft and shiny. My hair is fine, and often I can’t do highly moisturizing shampoos and conditioners. My hair just loves these two though and I find that I have almost no problem with frizz when I use them.

Hydrating Coconut Oil & Shea Butter Volume Hairspray

Hydrating Coconut Oil & Shea Butter Volume Hairspray

I also tested the Hydrating Coconut Oil & Shea Butter Volume Hairspray ($8.99). This is an aerosol spray hairspray that gives a light, flexible hold. It does indeed increase hair volume and while I have long layers, it kept my hair nice and fluffy all day. I tend to be a bit overzealous when spraying on hairspray because my hair is so fine it doesn’t want to hold any curl. I found that this hairspray does the trick, although don’t overdo or it can become stiff. This hairspray has an awesome coconut scent that I wished lasted even longer.

Intense moisture is the whole concept behind the Hydrating Coconut Oil and Shea Butter line, making these hair products truly perfect for summer hair. You can find them at retail locations nationwide including CVS, Duane Reade, Harmon, Face Values, Rite Aid, Ulta and Walgreens, as well as online at www.marcanthony.com.

My Marc Anthony hair!

My Marc Anthony hair!

For even more awesome hair news, Marc Anthony is hosting a giveaway for all three products!  Not one, but TWO lucky Beauty Info Zone readers will win this set for some great summer hair. This giveaway ends 6/19/16 at 11:59 PM EST and is US only. The two requirements to move on in the Rafflecopter: Subscribe to Beauty Info Zone’s email and leave a comment. After that, do as many of the additional entries as you want. If the comment section decides not to cooperate, just email me at beautyinfozone@gmail.com and label it MARC. Comment in the email and continue on. Good luck and good hair!  – Lisa

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Holy Grail hair products: ColorProof Anti-Frizz Treatment Masque and HardCore Epic Hold Color Protect Hairspray

holy-grailWe test many, many products at Beauty Info Zone…over 700 a year, in fact…so when we say something has ‘holy grail’ status, you know it’s pretty incredible. I love testing hair products because unlike skin care which takes some time, hair products give immediate gratification. I know right away if I have a fabulous ‘hair do’ or a tragic ‘hair don’t’.

If you want a fabulous hair do every time, without exception, I recommend ColorProof CrazySmooth Anti-Frizz Treatment Masque and HardCoreTM Epic Hold Color Protect Hairspray .

                                                                                                                                        pr samples

ColorProof Anti-Frizz Treatment Masque and Epic Hold Hairspray

The CrazySmooth Anti-Frizz Treatment Masque gives me, yes, crazy smooth hair. The Epic Hold Hairspray is truly epic, holding any style I choose without making my hair crunchy and stiff. These two hair products are just the best!

ColorProof Anti-Frizz Treatment Masque

ColorProof Anti-Frizz Treatment Masque

CrazySmooth® Anti-Frizz Treatment Masque

I have long, color-treated hair that tends to be frizzy. I have to work hair to keep my ends looking and feeling healthy. With the length and all the heat styling I subject my hair to, I need to give it special attention or else it becomes a rebel without a cause.

  • At-home treatment eliminates frizz and restores hairs’ integrity from the inside out while infusing unsurpassed smoothness
  • Instantly more youthful hair in just one use
  • Returns hair to its shiniest, healthiest condition ever
  • Detangles and leaves hair smooth as silk
  • Unsurpassed color and heat protection

Once a week I treat my hair to this awesome conditioning treatment. A great tip is to towel dry hair after shampooing, right before applying the masque. The more moisture in your hair, the harder a conditioning treatment has to work to really absorb into the hair shaft. I have a towel that I bring right into the shower so it actually doesn’t take more time than a normal shower. ColorProof says that after one use, hair looks 10 years younger…and I don’t think that is an exaggeration!

ColorProof Epic Hold Hairspray

HardCoreTM Epic Hold Color Protect Hairspray

  • Next generation, ultra-light polymers boost volume, amplify and strengthen while providing extraordinary long-lasting supreme hold.
  • Micro-silicone technology illuminates hair with brilliant shine and never weighs hair down
  • Unsurpassed color and heat protection
  • Your go-to spray for updo’s, editorial work and must-hold styles

HardCore Epic Hold Hairspray has a very slight and tolerable scent that quickly dissipates. I have never found a hairspray with this amount of control that didn’t have a scent, and luckily this one is very easy on the nose. It simply holds my style better than anything else I’ve tried, without stiffness or crunchiness. Absolute holy grail.

You can find ColorProof Hair Care products at salons worldwide, just use the Where to Buy link at the website.  – Lisa

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