Quick hair upgrade: HairuWear Hairdo French Braid Band

It’s Saturday night, and you want something cute for your hair but have no time.  What do you do?

 hairuwear french braid

Grab a French Braid Band from HairuWear!

the braid is like a headband

the braid is like a headband

This is the cutest thing.  You wear it like as headband, it takes seconds to put it in.

tiny velcro holds it in place

tiny velcro holds it in place

To really make your hairstyle pop, tease the crown behind the braid to give your hair a little more ‘lift’. 

It's adjustable so it will fit any size head

It’s adjustable so it will fit any size head

It’s sooo cute!!   And even someone who struggles with hair styling like me can put this on and look super chic.  It comes in six different shades, mine is in Chestnut/Light brown. 




Get one that matches your hair color and have instant, no-commitment glam whenever you want it!  – Lisa

My braid is on and I am ready to go party!!

My braid is on and I am ready to go party!!

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Simply Straight Pony Hairdo by HairUWear review – and stay tuned for a giveaway!

Hairdo Simply Straight Pony

Are you committment shy?  Do you love instant gratification?  Are you also a bit adventurous?  Then this review is for you.  Let’s enter the wonderful world of hair extensions together, shall we?

18″ texture wrap around pony in Buttered Toast

Pictured above is the 18″ long Simply Straight Pony ($49, but can often be found on sale) from Hairdo by HairUWear.  The pony extension actually wraps around your own hair, whether you naturally have a wimpy pony tail or a full one.  It adds length and fullness, and the wrap-around top looks pretty and keeps the extension looking natural.

wear it straight, or curl it with a curling iron

The hair is textured Tru2life Heat Friendly Synthetic hair, which means you can style this using heat tools like curling irons or flat irons.    It can actually withstand heat up to 350 degrees farenheit.

The separate, curly section wraps around the top of the pony tail to conceal the clip

The long, curly looking strip of hair wraps around the top of the extension, which is connected to your own hair with a comb clip.   It feels like real hair, and it looks like real hair – it has highlights and lowlights, and blends in beautifully.  There are 11 colors to choose from, so it’s pretty much guaranteed you can find one that matches your hair color.


You can see the basic instructions above.  Here are some tips I found after playing around with this a bit:

1.  Put your own hair in a ponytail first – it works for a high, low, or in-between pony, although I prefered a high pony tail on me.  Use snag-free elastics to keep from damaging your hair, and spray just a small amount of hairspray around it to help make sure the elastic doesn’t slip.

2.  Place the comb clip underneath the elastic on top of your ponytail.

The clip really holds the ponytail in place!

3.  Wrap the long separate section of hair around the top of the pony tail and secure it with a hair pin.  The hair piece surrounds your natural pony tail and makes it look super lush and long.

side view

You can trim the pony tail yourself if you want, or take it to your stylist to have it cut to whatever length you choose.

back view

It looks so real – it’s not over-the-top costumey, it looks like it’s really and truly your hair.  Plus, it stays in place and looks better than the hair pieces that have those claw clips.

instant gratification!

If you’ve always wanted long hair but haven’t been able to get there on your own, this is a terrific option that is easy to apply and looks completely natural.  If you have long hair but just want ‘more’ of it, this is terrific.

So much fun – and no committment!!

Hair extensions are really wonderful these days – these aren’t your grandma’s wigs.  They are a really fun way to play with different looks and add extra drama to your hairstyle.  There are plenty of helpful videos out there to demonstrate how to apply the extension.  Check them out in person by finding local shops via the HairUWear website, or shop online at sites such as folica.com or voguewigs.com.

Stay tuned, because you will be able to enter a giveaway for one of these gorgeous pony tails here at Beauty Info Zone in a few days.  Hooray for committment-free instant gratification!!  – Lisa

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Pop in some fun with POP by HairUWear Clip-In Color Strips

Pop by HairUWear Clip-In Color Strips

Hair color is expensive – so pricey that it’s something I really don’t want to mess with.  I know what colors work for me, and that’s all I am willing to pay for.  Experimentation is just too costly if the color doesn’t work out.  I still have nightmares about the time in high school I tried to dye my hair a gorgeous chestnut brown…and it came out Elvira black.  Shudder!!  But HairUWear has some super cute clip-in options that are fun and inexpensive.

Each extension is 16 inches long

Pop by HairUWear Clip-In Color Strip extensions are 16 inches long, and you could certainly cut them if they were too long for your current hairstyle.  There are six different colors available:  Amethyst, Blue, Gold, Pink, Purple, and Red.     They are made from 100% fine human hair and are beautifully silky.

The clip

Pictured above is the clip.  It is easy to put into your hair, and boy does it stay!  I had no problems with any of the extensions falling out, regardless of my activity level.


To me, it’s kind of like a temporary tattoo – all the fun but none of the committment!  You can place the color extensions so they really blend with  your hair, like I did above.  Or, you can go for more dramatic placement like below:

red – a little more dramatic

The color is more vivid against my hair, and I also didn’t brush it in like I did with the gold.  Do I look sort of silly?  I think so, after all I am in my forties, what am I doing with streaked hair?  Well, what I am doing is…


…having a whole bunch of fun!!  I was wary of trying these, but they really were a blast.  I wore them everywhere, to dinner, to the movies, to the beach, just around the house.


Eventually I went a little crazier and put in multiple colors at once, which was pretty cool.  And if you have pre-teen or teenage daughters, you will have a fight on your hands because they will want these.

You can purchase Pop by HairUWear Clip-In Color Strips for $8 from Extensions.com and other online etailers.  Get some so you can pop in some color when you are feeling frisky!  – Lisa

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