The gold standard in cleansing from Gold Sakura

When I got the opportunity to try Gold Sakura’s “BEST Beauty Product from Japan” (an award they won), you better believe I was all over it.  Gold Sakura carries three different lines: Hanayuki to help produce perfectly clear skin, Hinoki Deitanseki for natural beauty and Shirasu for minerals. Lisa has reviewed some of their products in her spa day review but she only left me one lonely product. She doesn’t know what she missed out on!

Gold Sakura Exfoliating Cleansing Gel

Gold Sakura Exfoliating Cleansing Gel

I’ve been using the Hanayuki Exfoliating Cleansing Gel. As with almost all Japanese cosmetics the product is just beautiful. There’s a grace to Japanese packaging that’s not seen elsewhere and the Hanayuki Exfoliating Cleansing Gel is no different. The bottle is beautifully shaped and the turquoise color is so calming. The gel itself is colorless. The top of the cleanser makes it so easy to use too. It has a spout that you pump to get product out. It also comes with a clip that goes on and off easily which is so handy if you wanted to travel with it since it won’t let you pump out product if it’s unclipped. For me it’s helpful for my late night bathroom excursions so that I’m not suddenly washing my hands with this exfoliator instead of my pump soap. (The little things like that are important.)

Spout with removable anti-spill valve

Spout with removable anti-spill valve

The Exfoliating Cleansing Gel is unique in that it’s extremely gentle to use. It cleanses and exfoliates at the same time. What’s unusual is that you do this through a rolling action. I like to apply this on my dry face (though you can do it on a wet face too) with damp finger tips. I wash like I normally would with the gel and then start rolling. The rolling is what exfoliates but without anything harsh to harm your skin. The rolling removes impurities and dead skin without any damage. They compare it to an eraser. Have you ever used an art gum eraser? That’s what it reminds me of; it’s a tool artists use to get rid of smudges and smears on dry media. It leaves behind small pieces which you wipe away. Well with Hanayuki Exfoliating Cleansing Gel after you roll you have those small pieces. I use a washcloth and just water to remove those and then follow with toner. My skin is clean, soft and there’s no dead skin. I’ve used it in the morning before I get in the shower and then just wash off the remains as I’m washing my hair. It leaves my skin in great shape for my cosmetics and skincare.

what the gel looks like

what the gel looks like

after I've rolled

after I’ve rolled

Anyone who knows my reviews knows that the fact that this is fragrance free is a big hurrah for me. It’s also good for my skin since it contains botanicals extracts to nourish it (including Saxifraga Sarmentosa, Witch Hazel, Lemon, Melissa, Hops, and Sage).

Exofoliating Cleansing Gel information

Exfoliating Cleansing Gel information

From the two reviews of Gold Sakura products on Beauty Info Zone you can see that we are fans of their products and grateful for the opportunity to test these out. The only problem is that it creates an even bigger lemming for more from the line. Gold Sakura really does have gold standard products you should consider trying. — Marcia

Holiday gift idea: an at home spa day with Gold Sakura

Who doesn’t love an at home spa day?  It’s a great idea, and I think a spa day gift is even better if the products are new and unusual.  I recently tried some pretty amazing bath and body items from the website Gold Sakura, which specializes in natural Japanese beauty products.  Theycarry three brands:  Hanayuki, Hinoki Deitanseki, and Shirasu.  It’s a blast to putter around this site, everything looks delightful and is very affordable.  This company ships incredibly fast.  You can get all of these things within a few days, so it’s a perfect gift basket or gift bag to put together.

Here are a few ideas:

Bath Oil, Bath Salts, and Bath Powder – great ways to get clean!

The Hinoki Deitanseki line features wood charcoal and Hinoki cypress oil products.  They have really neat bath packets for $3.00 each, or you can get 6 for $12.60.  I tried one of each.  The Bath Oil softens bath water and leaves your skin moisturized.  It has lemon fruit extract, citric acid, and Hinoki oil.   The Bath Salts soften bath water plus have minerals.  Ingredients include mandarin orange peel extract, sea salts, and Hinoki oil.  The Bath Powder is another great way to soften bath water, and it includes yuzu fruit extract, silica, and Hinoki oil.  I think one of each is a great addition to an at home spa gift.

Another really cool idea are Body Wash Towels.  These are traditional Japanese towels for the bath or shower.  Maybe I am extremely late to this party, but I have never seen anything like these before.

Bath Party Body Wash Towels

Body wash towels aren’t for drying off, they are for soaping up in the bath or shower.  They are large enough to make washing your back a breeze.   The pink towel ($6.50) is stretchy and slightly exfoliating.  It makes gorgeous foam with a tiny amount of soap, and it dries super quick.  It has vitamin C and acerola as antioxidants, plus marine collagen.  The blue towel ($7.50) is like the pink but with sea kelp for minerals and squalene to soften the skin.

just darling!!

And the packaging?  So cute!!!  These make awesome stocking stuffers as well as a perfect addition to an at home spa gift.  Another Body Wash Towel option is the ST Takesumi ($7.50), which is a thicker version that really exfoliates.  This one has bamboo charcoal in it to help deodorize and clean clogged pores.

ST Takesumi Body Wash Towel

The weave in this one is thicker for deeper cleansing.

the ST Takesumi close up

It feels super scrubby and is perfect for cleaning your back.  I love the Body Wash Towels, they are inexpensive and so different from anything you can find in the states.

A spa gift definitely needs a facial cleanser, and there are several great options at Gold Sakura.  Check out this lovely face soap, Shirasu Sakura Facial Cleansing Foam ($18.50).

see the mesh?

The packaging is sublime, it’s exquisite and just looking at it makes me happy.

love the hygienic tube

This is a thick creamy cleanser made with volcanic ash and Yoshino cherry (Sakura) extract.  I find it to be gentle and hydrating.  The volcanic ash is for deep-cleaning pores, and the Yoshino cherry moisturizes.

the special mesh net

Plus, it comes with this fascinating mesh net that you put right over your hand.  You just need a tiny amount of the soap, and the netting works it into a foamy lather that cleans beautifully.

Shirasu Cleansing Facial Soap, I have it sitting on the mesh netting that comes with it

Or, for something really different you could go with a jar of facial soap.  I am loving the Shirasu Cleansing Facial Soap ($22.50).

inside the Shirasu Cleansing Facial Soap

This jar of soap is the coolest thing.  It has a slightly grainy texture and foams up into a splendid lather.  The grains are the volcanic ash.  Gold Sakura says, “Ultra fine particles of specially processed volcanic ash have a balloon-like structure – smooth on the outside and hollow inside. It allows ultra fine particles to reach deep inside the pores to remove impurities without damaging the skin.”  How awesome is that??  It comes with a slightly larger mesh netting similar to the Shirasu Sakura Facial Cleansing Foam.  This soap also has Aloe extract, Pearl protein, Royal jelly extract and Collagen.

A great way to complete a home spa gift basket is with a facial mask.  I adore the Shirasu Facial Mask ($22.50).

Shirasu Facial Mask

The packaging is fascinating, and so is what’s inside.  This looks and feels almost like a clay mask, just a little more smooth and creamy.  It has all kinds of interesting ingredients like skin softeners olive fruit oil, glycerin and squalane. It also has pearl protein, royal jelly extract, collagen, soybean seed extract, and aloe leaf extract to nourish and moisturize. Plus it does deep cleaning with volcanic ash and Bentonite and Kaolin clays.

a smooth and creamy clay mask

Using the Shirasu Facial Mask several times a week results in healthy, clean, glowing skin.  This is gorgeous stuff, inexpensive, and unusual!

I have listed just a small sampling of goodies available at Gold Sakura.  A customized spa gift is perfect for someone special, and there are all kinds of other unique items at Gold Sakura.  Get creative this holiday and make someone very happy!  – Lisa

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Facial Cleansing Foam ingredients

Facial Cleansing Soap ingredients

Moisturizing Facial Mask ingredients