You’ll flip over the number of giveaways on Sunday Scoop this week


This week the giveaways are amazing. The end of a month always brings a lot but September seems to be over the top. That’s good news for you since you’ll be able to try for prizes that are worth between $20 and $600. I hope you win a lot.


9/26  SEPHORA or TARGET GIFT CARD GIVEAWAY  –  2 winners, $500 first place, $250 second place. GC of your choice if you win. WW


10/3  CHAPSTICK GIVEAWAY  –  5 winners with 2 ChapSticks each, WW

10/5  CITRUS CLEAR –  1 winner, US

Winner’s Circle: several giveaways ended this week so we have some happy winners. T’zikal Hair Products were won by Liz S, the beautiful Peace + Love Legacy necklace will grace the neck of Terry S, and the $50 g.c. was won by Sonya M. and AntiQuity BC soaps were won by Michelle C and Steph R.

We’ve got more giveaways coming up so don’t go anywhere!


9/26  Beauty Geeks  –  Canada only, A complete set of Vichy Teint Ideal makeup

9/26  Glytone  –  acne treatment mask and hydrating lotion, US

Beauty Undercover  –  25 winners, Kerstin Florian Hydrating Neroli Water, US

Beauty Undercover  –  Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel and Gel-Cream Eye, several winners, US

9/28  Box Round Up  – Running for Women – book of recipes and inspirational ideas; 3 piece bath set – lavender scented; Hyaluronic and Kojic acid serum; Eye booster Instant Lash extension kit by Physicians Formula; Anti-wrinkle hydrating gel mask by Farmacy. US

9/28  And Blue Sky  –  Bath and Body Works mini lotions, US

9/28  We Heart This  –  $100 AmLactin products, US

9/28  Eat Move Make  –  Bridget Jones Baby Pack ($100 Visa g.c.,Tote Bag, Eye Mask, Lip Balm, Candle, and Nail File), US

9/28  Barielle  –  Rebecca Minkoff clutch, Rebecca Minkoff Beaded Pave Bar Y Necklace, Kate Spade Stud Earrings, Barielle’s New Fall ProSinaTM  Collection ‘ New York at Night’ (Ribbion & Lace, In The Nick Of Time, Vintage Gown, Pretty Woman and Allie’s Lace Cover Up, Barielle’s Nail Strengthener Cream ( 1 oz) ,Barielle’s Love Your Nails Remover Wipes

9/29  Never Say Die Beauty  –  PUR Cosmetics 10th Anniversary LTD Edition 4-in-1 Pressed Powder Mineral Makeup compact, Blush Medium shade

9/29  Olive and Ivy  –  two Cargo Eye Contour Eyeshadow Palettes and a PUR Glow Together Bronzer, US/CAN

9/29  Blushing Noir  –  IT Cosmetics Naturally Pretty Eyeshadow Palette, IT Cosmetics Je Ne Sais Quoi Vitality Lip Flush

9/29  Geniabeme  –  Lipsense Collection (lip color, top coat and OOPS remover), US

9/29  TRIND polish  –  Carousel of 39 nail polishes, US/Canada

9/29  Olive and Ivy  –  Canada only, your choice of a Kerastase collection

9/29  Lushli  –  GHD Platinum Styler

9/30  Beauty Isle  –  Nars Dual Intensity Blush Palette, WW

9/30  Hello Subscription  –  Rachel Zoe Fall 2016 Box of Style, US

9/30  She Finds  –  100 winners Perricone MD Brightening Eye Cream

9/30  The Celution  –  Canada only, Zoella Beauty Sticker Me! Sticker Bag

9/30  Mom Knows Best  –  Earth’s Care Acne Spot treatment and Acne Treatment Mask, US

9/30  Avene  –  Avene Skincare Regime, US

9/30  A Happy Hippy Mom  –  ChapStick® Lunchbox Tin packed with ChapStick® varieties. US

9/30  My Style Spot  –  Lip Clear Cold Sore Ointment, Lip Clear Invisible Cold Sore Bandages, and Lip Clear Lip Treatment, US

9/30  Scalisi  –  a year’s supply of Scalisi skincare

10/1  Fashionista Budget  –  Tarte’s Curl Lash Boss Essentials, WW

10/1  Giveaway Guy  –  $10 Amazon gift card & be Natural Gentle Face Lotion, US

10/1  Mom does Reviews  –   pH Equilibrant Moisturizer from Made from Earth, US

10/1  Lipgloss Break  –   3 winners, Beautiful Nutrition’s Lemon Rinse Gentle Clarifying Treatment

10/1  Cajkine Kandize  –  2 winners, Morgan Taylor polishes, WW

10/2  Pretty Opinionated  –  $100 worth of AmLactin products, US

10/2  Romy Raves  –  3 winners, Hada Labo Tokyo skincare, US

10/2  Beyond the Beauty  –  SHE | 3P Volume Set curling iron,  US

10/3  Extra TV  –  5 winners,  Iles Formula haircare, US

10/3  Diary of a Trendaholic  –  big beauty giveaway, WW


9/27  Still Blonde  –  Clorox Prize Pack ($200 g.c., Clorox2 Stain Remover and Color Booster) US

9/27  Literary Winner  –  Chamonix 18-Karat Gold-Plated Bangle Bracelet, US

9/27  Ice Fairy’s Treasure Chest  –  President’s Choice Cheesecake Sampler, US

9/27  Mama Baby’s Cupcakes  –  LuLaRoe Sarah cardigan, US

9/28  Lorzy  –  All-New Kindle E-reader – Black, 6” Glare-Free Touchscreen Display, Wi-Fi

9/28  Blushing Reads  –  iPad Mini, WW

9/28  Mommies with Cents  –  Tea Prize Pack, US

9/28  Scandalicious Candle Melts  –  Fall Candle Melts and Warmer, US

9/28  Kats Daily Inspiration  –  Swarovski Crystal Studs, US

9/28  Mom Does Reviews  –  Japanese Skoshbox snacks, US

9/28  Nanny to Mommy  –  3 month subscription to Netflix, US

9/28  Batch of Books  –  3 month subscription to Book of the Month, US

9/28  My Silly Little Gang  –  Zim’s Patches, US

9/28  Laura Lisa  –  Enchanted Garden Adult Coloring Book Bundle – FREE 48 PEN/PENCIL CASE, US

9/28  Rita Reviews  –  Amazon Echo, US

9/29  Agape Designs  –  Jord Wood Watch ($100 g.c.)

9/29  The College Prepster  –  Ashley Brooke Design Set (desk items), US

9/29  Jenny at Dapplehouse  –  Swag bag from Better Things: Ray-Ban Sunglasses, Chipolo bluetooth keyring, Leather Clutch for mom’s things, Emergency Beauty Kit, Hypoallergenic travel pillow Ultra-Soft travel pillow protector, Essential Oils Blend Mini, Skinny Lip Balm, “Credit Card” Mints. US

9/30  Just Free Stuff  –  Amazon Echo, US/CAN

9/30  Dorky Deals  –  7 piece Leslie Abby bag, US, US

9/30  Dooney and Bourke  –  handbag giveaway, US

9/30  Rita Reviews  –  Nikon Coolpix Camera

9/30  Giveaway Guy  – Made In Nature products and Udi’s Gluten Free products, a $200 VISA gift card, and a copy of Make It Easy by Stacie Billis. US

9/30  Laura Lily  –  Social Gramercy Convertible Backpack, US

9/30  Mama Smith’s  –  Queen of Katwe Prize Pack of the book and a wooden chess set, US

9/30  Homemaid Simple  –  Wrap Bracelet by Tatiana Filippova, US


9/26  Ahlessa 4 Real  –  $100 e g.c. to Jord Wood Watches, WW

9/26  Belden Village Mall  –  2 winners, $250 g.c. to Pink or Victoria Secret, US

9/27  Sandy’s POV  –  $100 Amazon g.c., WW

9/27  Eat Move Make  –  $100 Visa, US

9/27  Budget Earth  –  $25 Starbucks g.c., WW

9/27  Penny Wise Mama  –  $250 Sam’s Club g.c., US

9/27  Mommy Knows Best  –  $25 Amazon, US

9/27  Practical Frugality  –  $25 Amazon, US

9/28  giveaways  ||  Oh My Mommy, $25 Amazon, US  || Kelly’s Lucky You,  $25 paypal or a Walking Dead t-shirt, WW  ||  Imperfect Women, $25 Amazon or paypal, WW  ||  Miss Molly Says, $20 Amazon, WW  ||  Utterly Amazing, $50 Walmart g.c., WW  ||  Practical Frugality, $25 Visa, US  ||  Silver Dagger, $30 paypal, WW  ||  Comeback Mama, $50 Amazon, WW  ||  Tammie’s Reviews, $25 Walmart, US  ||  Lenore Harper, $100 Amazon, WW  ||  Life with Love Bugs, $25 Amazon, US  ||  Taking Time for Mommy, $25 Amazon, WW  ||  Optimistic Mommy, $20 Amazon, US  ||  This Ole Mom, $35 Amazon, US/CAN  ||  Drop the Spotlight, $20 Amazon, US  ||  Mom the Magnificent, $20 Amazon, US  ||  Diva Sweeps, $25 Amazon, WW  ||  Garden Dreams, $50 Amazon, WW  ||  Queen Thrifty, $25 g.c. of your choice ||  Hanna Marie Lei, $30 Nordstrom, WW  ||  Dorky Deals, $100 Chuck E Cheese, US  ||  Dorky Deals, $100 Best Buy, US  ||

9/28  Style Uncovered  –  2 winners, $100 H&M g.c, WW

9/29  Kicking It With Kelly  –  $25 Target gc, US

9/29  Organic Deal Diva  –  $25 Stitch Fix g.c., US

9/29  The Kids Did It  –  $100 Chuck E. Cheese g.c., US

9/29  Modern Mom  –  $100 Visa g.c. and The Wild Life Carmello plush, T-shirt, Coloring book, US

9/30  Painted Ladies  –  $100 Visa g.c.

9/30  Collective Beauty  –  $100 Visa g.c., US

9/30  Conversamom  –  $100 Paypal., WW

9/30  Thought and Sight  –  $100 Amazon gc, US/Canada/UK

9/30  Fracture Me  –  $250 g.c. to Pier One Imports, US

9/30  Kindle Buffet  –  $500 g.c. Amazon

9/30  Your Life After 25  –  $100 Amazon, WW

9/30  giveaways:  Kelly’s Lucky You , $25 Amazon or paypal, WW ||  Becoming 7 ,$50 Walmart gc, WW  ||  Tom’s Take on Things, $50 Visa, US  ||  6 Miles Daily, $75 paypal or Amazon  ||  Informed Sharing, $75 Paypal  ||  Gluten Free Foodsmith, $75 Amazon  ||  Dorky Deals, $75 Telefloa g.c., US  ||

10/2  Dorky Deals  –  $20 Amazon g.c. or paypal, US

10/2  Take Time for Style  –  $250 Nordstrom g.c., US

10/3  More Than A Mom of Three  –  $50 AmEx g.c., US

Fall into giveaways with The Sunday Scoop for 9/18 to 9/26


We can’t deny that Autumn has come our way. My pretty summer flowers are fading away and I’m starting to see the trees changing. What I’ll miss most about summer though is the longer light at night. I’d love it if you reported any giveaway winnings. I’m all about prizes as you can tell from Beauty Info Zone. I’ll go first! Collective Beauty had a review and giveaway for an OZ Naturals eye cream and I just learned I won. I’ve never tried anything from the brand so I’m particularly excited about it. See, wishes can come true! Have a great week and good luck.  —  Marcia


9/19  T’ZIKAL HAIRCARE  –  US, 1 winner

9/20  ANTIQUITY BC SOAP  –  new giveaway, new chances, 2 winners of 2 soaps each, US/Canada


9/23  $50 DIAPER.COM GIFT CERTIFICATE  –  1 winner, US

9/26  SEPHORA or TARGET GIFT CARD GIVEAWAY  –  2 winners, $500 first place, $250 second place. GC of your choice if you win. WW


Winner’s Circle  –  the lucky winner of the Fall Blog Hop is Em S. Not only did she win 4 Pixi Multibalms but she has the chance to win the Grand Prize of $300.

We have more giveaways coming up – 2 in the next week!


9/18  Giveaway Guy  –  $10 Amazon and Day Dream Soaps sensitive skin soap, US

9/18  Dave Lackie  –  Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Sculpting Eyeshadow 5-Color Palette in “Envious Orchid”

9/19  The Feminine Files  –  Yes to Coconuts and Pacifica products, US

Beauty Undercover  –  30 winners, Bella Schneider Beauty Instant Microexfoliating Cleanser, US

Beauty Undercover  –  Haircredible Freak Show Hairspray, US

9/20  Mom Does Reviews  –  ERA Organics products (Microdermabrasion Face Scrub & Facial Mask in One, Natural Face Moisturizer Cream 4oz Advanced Healing 10-in-1, Sulfate Free Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner Set, Healing Ointment for Babies 2oz., Organic Stretch Mark & Scar Treatment 4oz, Organic Baby Wash 8oz

9/20  Hello Rigby  –  Burberry Kisses Lipstick and samples, WW

9/20  Dave Lackie  –  Clarins Rosewood palette and the Supra Volume Mascara in Black

9/21  Perilously Pale  –  Canada only, Vichy Neovadiol Skincare system including the Serum, Day Cream, and Night Cream

9/21  Giveaway Guy  –  Piping Hot Suds, Jazz It Up soap, & Garden soap, US

9/21  Deals Among Us  –  Smith’s Rosebud Lip Balm Trio, US/CAN

9/21  Giveaway Guy  – Twilight Garden Shop is graciously offering two (2) bars of handmade soap – one lavender and one milk & honey, US

9/22  Supreme Gift Baskets  –  3 winners, The Essence of Lavender Spa Gift Basket includes Lavender lotion, Lavender body scrub, Lavender moisturizing body wash gel, Lavender soothing bath salts, Lavender body mist, Lavender body butter and more. US

9/23  DermOrganic  –  enter daily thru 9/23 – Win a FREE Full Sized DermOrganic Color Care Shampoo and Conditioner, US

9/24  Glitter Diaries  – Delectable by cake beauty ultra nourishing hand cream in vanilla & cream, H&M Matte Finishing Powder in Warm Beige, Quo Lip Gloss Set, Pantene 3 Minute Miracle Moisture Renewal Deep Conditioner. US/CAN

9/24  Fashionista Budget  –  Ralph Lauren Tender Romance Gift Set

9/24  Jacfruits  –  Racine Travel Set of skincare, US/CAN

9/25  Giveaway Guy  –  4 natural soaps & 4 lip balms from Romzek Creations, US

9/25  Giveaway Guy  –  $10 Amazon gift card & Jolie Savons French Macarons Soap Set, US

9/25  Birdie Shoots  –  It! Cosmetics Pallete, $25 Sephora Card, Beauty Prize Pack

9/25  The Beauty Closet  –  $25 Sephora g.c., also a beauty giveaway in a different rafflecopter, US

9/26  Seriando  –  Sephora makeup box, WW

9/26  I Know All the Words  –  Canada only, Zoella Beauty Sticker Me Beauty Bag


9/18  Giveaway Guy  –  Brandson Yoga Pants, US

9/20  Clothes but not Quite  –  Zombomb Flesh Bar Soap & Brain Necklace, US/CAN

9/21  Dorky Deals  –  Arctica Stainless Steel Vacuum-Insulated 20oz Tumbler, US

9/22  Thought and Reviews  –  Dove Prize Pack: A chic backpack, planner, notebook, and Dove Advanced Care, US

9/22  I Do DeClaire Cottonelle® Flushable Cleansing Cloths with CleanRipple® Texture, Hollywoodsilicone cover-ups, Binaca breath spray, Ardell eye lashes and Glam Glow hydrating face treatment. US

9/23  Dorky Deals  –  Kate Spade bag, US

9/24  My Silly Little Gang  –  Two Rivers Coffee pods, US

9/24  The Privateer Clause  –  Kindle Paperwhite, US/CAN

9/26  Love Maegan  –  Coach Bag + Wallet + L’Oreal Makeup, WW


9/20  Wild One Forever  –  $550 Nordstrom g.c.

9/20  Thoughts and Reviews  –  $100 Walmart g.c., WW

9/20  Rockin Mama  –  $100 Walmart g.c. and Made in Nature Snacks, US

9/20  Budget Earth  –  $50 Visa g.c. plus “Storks” tshirt and lunch box, US

9/21  Thoughts and Reviews  –  $100 Visa g.c., US

9/21  Chaching Queen  –  $50 g.c. works at Outback, Carrabas, Bonefish Grill, or Flemings, US

9/22  Dorky Deals  –  $200 Target g.c., WW

9/22  Fizz and Frosting  –  $50 Visa card and Bridget Jones Diary tote bag, US

9/22  With Love Lily Rose  –  $250 Walmart g.c.

9/22  Sandy Toes Creations  –  $150 Visa g.c., US

9/22  To the Motherhood  –   $250 Amazon g.c., US

9/22  Practical Frugality  –  $25 paypal

9/23  My Sparkling Life  – win a Storks Movie Prize Pack including a $25 gift card, t-shirt & lunchbox! US

9/23  International Students Community  –  $150 Amazon, US

9/23  Pretty Opinionated  –  $50 Amazon or paypal

9/24  Winner Takes All  –  $25 Amazon g.c., WW

9/24  The Little Kitchen  –  $100 Amazon, US

9/25  Bath Story  –  $50 Bath & Body Works g.c., US

9/25  Juggling Act Mama  –  $100 Staples g.c., US

9/26  Giveaway Guy  –  $20 Amazon, US


Fashion Flash includes 2 giveaways this week

fashion flashWhile Fashion Flash always brings you the best of the best for travel, style, beauty and more, this week is a little different. Four of our blogs worked together to introduce Nancy Davis, the designer behind Peace + Love jewelry. There’s so much to learn about this incredible woman plus there’s the fact that two of the jewelry pieces that she designed for her Evine collection have been donated for giveaways. Part of the proceeds from this Peace + Love Legacy collection will be sent to the Race to Erase MS.

nononsensebeauty-300x74-3Deb of No Nonsense Beauty introduces us to Nancy Davis and teaches us more about the jewelry being sold for Peace + Love Legacy.

aging backwardsAging Backwards Jackie Silver explains how you can Look Good and Feel Good with Peace + Love Legacy jewelry.

prime beautyWin a stunning Aquamarine and Pink Sapphire Peace and Love Legacy bracelet from Nancy Davis and Prime Beauty! Not only will you be wearing a stylish and elegant piece of jewelry, but you will be helping to find a cure for Multiple Sclerosis!

Beauty Info Zone

Beauty Info Zone

Beauty Info Zone is thrilled to present a beautiful  Peace Pink + Love Quartz heart necklace with White Tourmalines in their giveaway to spotlight the importance of finding a cure for MS.

society wellnessUpdate your “chicken fried rice” recipe Society Wellness style and make it “tempeh fried quinoa” instead!

moving free fashion flashWhat do we want for the second half of our lives? Health and mobility are at the top of my list. Mirabai Holland from gives you easy to do tips how to have a healthy life!

chic at any ageChic at Any Age share what to pack to enjoy a week in the beautiful Lake District in the UK. Be prepared for rain or shine.

glamour granny fashion flashInka of thinks that fall is a great time for wine tasting and suggests some excellent tours.

second lives club fashion flashNorma Kamail always designed fashions that made women feel powerful.  Now she continues that goal with her empowerment campaigns and speaking engagements.  Norma has a second life and has helped others to find theirs as well.

Best of Everything After 50 logo for FF groupBarbara Hannah Grufferman, author of THE BEST OF EVERYTHING AFTER 50 and AARP contributor, knows the secret to stronger, softer skin.notes from my dressing table
Erika from Notes from My Dressing Table shares a perfect way to transition your look into Fall with the PUR Cosmetics Love Your Selfie 2 Palette, chock full of beautiful eye, cheek and lip colours perfect for the season.
aging backwardsHave you followed New York Fashion Week? Jackie Silver from shows you the magic that happens when art and fashion combine. 
I hope you’ll go visit each and every one of these blogs since there’s a lot to see and learn.  — Marcia

The Sunday Scoop giveaways on 9/11


This is a great week for giveaways for us and we have more great weeks coming up. We’ve been lucky enough to have a few non beauty giveaways come our way and we hope you like this change. Anything that can benefit our readers or their friends/family is welcome on Beauty Info Zone. Be sure you enter our wonderful giveaways and check out all the others.


9/14  BLOG HOP GIVEAWAY, PIXI MULTIBALMS  –  1 winner but this links to 16 giveaways with a $300 grand prize, US/CANADA


9/20  ANTIQUITY BC SOAP  –  new giveaway, new chances, 2 winners of 2 soaps each, US/Canada


9/26  SEPHORA or TARGET GIFT CARD GIVEAWAY  –  2 winners, $500 first place, $250 second place. GC of your choice if you win. WW

Coming up: a $50 gc, Chapsticks, Teez w/Eez, Design Essentials and so many more

WINNER’S CIRCLE: One giveaway ended this week and Lisa S won our Vita Liberata Self Tanning giveaway.


9/11  Dave Lackie  –  Gucci Bamboo Eau de Toilette

9/11  Corter Moon  –  personalized Latherology shampoo box, US

Win It Wednesday  –  TRESemme Flawless Curl Hydration Shampoo & Conditioner, US

Beauty Undercover  –  20 winners, GoodDYEyoung hair color, US

Beauty Undercover  –  Biore Deep Cleansing Pore Strips, US

9/12  Obagi  –  Obagi Nu-Derm Transformation Kit (Oily or Dry – Winners Choice).US

9/13  Beauty Care Choices  –  $148 worth of Bosley Professional Hair Products, US

9/13  Perlier  –  New Perlier Golden Almond Starter Kit with Cream bath Nourishing Body Balm Oil, US

9/14  Giveaway Guy  –  Vera Wang Princess Perfume, US

9/14  Extra TV  –  Bioré Limited Edition Deep Cleansing Pore Strips and Rayban Sunglasses, 5 winners, US

9/14  Classy on the Run  –  Essence Cosmetics 3 nail polishes, 3 lip products, 3 eyeshadows, an eyeliner, a blush, an eyeshadow primer, and french manicure tips. Products are from their new Fall/Winter 2016 launch! WW

9/14  Cosmetics Sanctuary  –  OZ Naturals Matrix 6 Mega Bright Eye Gel, US/Canada

9/15  Phyrra  –  big Urban Decay giveaway: brushes are Flat Eyeshadow E-206, Diffusing Highlighter F-106, Large Blending E-202, The Finger F-110 Tapered Blending E-209, Domed Concealer F-112, Smoky Crease E-201, Cosmetics are Horizon Moondust eyeshadow, Crux Moondust eyeshadow, Dive Bar duochrome eyes, Chem Trail Moondust eyeshadow, Dark Cloud Moondust eyeshadow, Midnight Cowboy Rides Again eyeshadow, Ex-Girlfriend Vice Lipstick. US/Canada

9/15  Hello Rigby  –  big Tarte cosmetics giveaway, WW

9/15  Capturing the Moment  –  Malibu Scalp Wellness Set, WW

9/15  Literary Winner  –  Victoria’s Secret love scent fragrance mist and fragrance lotion, US

9/15  Mixed Bag Ashley  –  all 12 of the Burt’s Bees lipsticks, US

9/15  Optimistic Mommy  –  $50 Visa Gift Card, Bridget Jones Baby Tote Bag, Eye Mask, Lip Balm, Candle, Nail Fil, US

9/15  Makeup Tutorials  –  set of 10 Artis brushes

9/16  Color Me So Crazy  –  Pacifica Power of Love products, US

9/16  Glitter Diaries  –  Annabelle Smokey Nudes Palette,  skinfix Ultra Rich Hand Cream, eos Summer Fruit Lip Sphere, Clairol Nice ‘n Easy CC+ Colorseal Conditioner for Blondes. US/Canada

9/17  Dorky Deals  –  $50 Red Apple Lipsticks g.c., US

9/17  Fashionista Budget  –  Formula X’s Studded X Lip & Nail Polish Set, WW

9/17  Pink Frenzy  –  20 different beauty and skincare products and deluxe samples, WW

9/18  Deals Among Us  –  Reviv3 Procare is giving one 30 day supply of their 3-step system  – 3-Part System Advanced Formula that will include one each of the following: 5.1 oz (150ML) each of Cleansing Shampoo and Moisture + Conditioner and 2.5 oz (75ML) of Micro-Activ3 Treatment. US/Canada

9/18 The Skinny Confidential  –  big beauty and wellness giveaway worth $2700, US

9/19  Homespun Chics  –  3 Julep nail polishes


Eileen Fisher  –  Fall Icons collection

9/12  Makeup and Beauty Blog  –  ConnorClaire tote bag and $50 gc to ConnorClaire site, WW

9/13  Mom Does Reviews  –  Yonana Classic Soft Serve Machine, US

9/14  Mail4Rosey  –  Milk Bottle Tumbler, five Entenmann’s coupons valued at $7 each, and a $25 AMEX gift card. US 

9/14  Lipgloss and Crayons  –  $50 Stitch Fix credit, US

9/14  Giveaway Bandit  –  iPad mini, WW

9/15  Rita Reviews  –  Coach Clutch + Pinch Provisions Minimergency + $50 Amazon Gift Car, US

9/15  Susie’s Reviews  –  Hayley Satchel by 88 Handbags, choice of color, US

9/15  Leah Says  –  set of 4 Spectrum Diversified Storage Baskets, US

9/15  Dorky Deals  –  choice of either a Mellanni King or Queen Size White Bedding Set & a Sleeptite 3D Luxury Eye Mask Kit! US

9/15  Chat With Vera  – Neocell Joint Bursts and Move Matrix Supplements, US

9/15  Budget Earth  –  Zim‘s Max-Freeze Patches (M), Zim‘s Max-Arnica Homeopathic Roll-On, and Zim‘s Max Crack Creme Creamy Daytime Formula. US

9/15  Way2GoodLife  –  WIN a yoga mat by Aurorae as well as a yoga mat towel

9/16  The Homespun Chics  –  Mama Bear Candles, US

9/16  Mom Does Reviews  –  “Ped-Egg for Pretty feet, Lip Gloss for Pretty Lips, Flexi clips for Pretty Hair and The Swan Princess movie, US

9/17  The Homespun Chics  –  August Mini Monthly Box of Awesome

9/17  Wellness Appliances  –  10  winners, MOFADO Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser Humidifier

9/17  Happy Panda  –  hamburger bean bag chair, a $50 Amazon gift card, and a year subscription to Happy Panda, US/Canada

9/18  Thoughts and Reviews  –  Zim’s Max Freeze Patches in all 3 sizes, US

9/19  Powered by Mom  –  Nutri Ninja Blender System with Auto-iQ Technology

9/19  Literary Winner  –  Stainless Steel Hoop Earrings


9/11  Posh on a Budget  –  $150 Amazon g.c., WW

9/11  Four Generations, One Roof  –  $100 Home Goods g.c., US

9/12  Mom’s Favorite Stuff  –  $100 Build a Bear g.c., US

9/13  Jewelry Secrets  –  $50 Amazon gc

9/13  Cloud Mom  –  $50 Amazon g.c., US

9/14  Kentucky Charm  –  $600 Paypal, WW

9/15  GIFTCARDS AND PAYPAL  || Still Blonde, $25 Amazon ||  Sonya’s Happenings, $25 iTunes or paypal, WW  ||  Blessed Mama’s Blurbs, $25 paypal, US  ||  Here We Go Again, $25 paypal, US  ||  Inspiration Can Be Anywhere, $25 Visa, US  ||  So Called Balanced Life, $25 Best Buy, US  ||  This Roller Coaster, $25 Subway, US  ||  Confessions of a Frugal Mind, $25 paypal, WW  ||  Practical Frugality, $25 Target, US  ||  Sue Parks, $25 Walmart, WW  ||  Diary of a Working Mom, $25 paypal  ||   The Homespun Chics, $25 Amazon, US ||  Practical Frugality, $25 Amazon  ||  Walking in Memphis, $50 BuyBuy Baby g.c., US

9/15  The Mommy Island  –  $25 Amazon g.c, Underdogs DVD, 4 Ovation Brands’ Meal Cards, US

9/15  Heartbeats Soul Strains  –  $25 Amazon g.c and The Swan Princess DVD, US

9/15  Thoughts and Reviews  –  $25 Visa g.c. and The Wild Life T-shirt, Coloring Book, US

9/15  The Styled Fox  –  $600 paypal, WW

9/16  The Jewish Lady  –  $75 Macy’s g.c., US

9/16  Mama’s Sweeps  –  $50 Toys R Us g.c., US/Canada

9/16  Dorky Deals  –  $300 Amazon g.c., WW

9/18  Pretty Opinionated  –  $50 Amazon or paypal, WW

9/18  This Mama Cooks  –  $50 Visa gc and 5 Freschetta Pizza coupons, US

9/19  Susie’s Reviews  –  $20 paypal, US

9/19  Garden Dreams –  $50 Amazon and Custom Fall Wreath by Garden Dreams Decor

9/19  Pretty Opinionated  –  $50 Amazon or Paypal, WW

9/19  24/7 Contests  –  $25 Amazon, WW

9/19  Taking Time for Mommy  –  $25 Amazon, WW

Start September on the right foot with these Sunday Scoop giveaways

september sunday adobe


I hope your holiday weekend is as beautiful as mine is. If only the whole summer had been this amazing but now it’s back to school time. Lots of great giveaways in all 4 sections. I love when I find a lot to share with you. Keep smiling and enjoy trying to win.  —  Marcia


9/7  Vita Liberata Tan Mousse and Mitt  –  1 US winner

9/14  Fall Beauty Blog Hop, our prize is Pixi Beauty Multibalms  –  1 winner US/Canada on our giveaway but we link to 16 other bloggers with prizes and a grand prize of $300 Sephora or Ulta g.c.

9/17  T’zikal Shampoo, Conditioner, Dry Oil Shine Spray  –  1 winner US

9/20  AntiQuity BC Soaps  –  2 winners, US/Canada

We’ve got so much more to come with 2 more giveaways in the following week plus lots more on our calendar.

Winner’s Circle:  The Adore Hand and Body Cream has been won by Gala P. Our 3 winners for Pixi Skintreats are Edye N, Laura M, and Lynda T. All emails have been sent.


9/4  Dave Lackie  –  Dior Backstage Eye Reviver Illuminating Eye Palette

9/4  Honestly Jamie  –  beauty favorites

9/5  Dorky Deals  –  ERA Organics skincare package, US

Beauty Undercover  –  20 winners, MOP haircare, US

Beauty Undercover  –  several winners, limited edition Biore Cleansing Strips, US

9/6  The Journey  –  KLAIR’S Supple Preparation Facial Toner, WW

9/6  She Is The One  –  MAC Cosmetics (lipstick, eyebrow, eye palette, and mascara), WW

9/6  La Vie en May  – Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Oil, Studio Gear Revitalizing Day Serum Sephora Lotus Mask, Giorgio Armani Sheer Blush in ’12’,  YSL Eyeliner Brush,  Not Your Mother’s Thickening Hair Lifter, Lancome Hypnose Mascara, L’Oreal Paris Color Riche Balm in ‘Nourishing Nude’. WW

9/6  New Age Mama  –  one month subscription to Latherology, US

9/7  Ice Fairy Treasure Chest  –  DS Laboratories Skincare Beauty Prize Pack, US

9/7  Shop With Me Mama  –  Nioxin Hair Regrowth Treatment-Women’s 90 Day Supply, US

9/7  La Vie En May  –  beauty and skincare giveaway, WW

9/9  Subscription Ramblings  –  POPSUGAR Must Have Mystery Box, US

9/10  Fashionista Budget  –  Urban Decay Naked Flushed Palette, WW

9/10  Cosmetic Sanctuary  –  5 winners, ESSIE Fall for Japanese 2016 collection, US

9/10  Shop With Me Mama  –  Neutratone 3 step 30 day intro skincare kit, US

9/10  Mom Does Reviews  –  You’re in Safe Hands Prize pack- The Protector a copy of The Protector,  plus Williams Sonoma hand cream, moisture gloves, and Bliss a nail care set. US

9/10  Sweet Deals 4 Moms  –  NuMe Silhouette Straightener, US/CAN

9/11  Dreaming in Lace  –  3 month subscription to Birchbox, WW

9/11  De Nouveau –  Urban Decay: choice of three individual Urban Decay eyeshadow shades of their choosing (valued at $57) or an Urban Decay eyeshadow palette of equal or lesser value. US

9/11  Giveaway Guy  –  2  Moeggenborg Sugar Bush soaps, lavender and oatmeal, US

9/11  Giveaway Guy  –  Pretty & Practical Honey Oatmeal Soap and hand knit washcloth, US

9/12  Korres  –  an Alala outfit of your choice valued at $250 and the complete KORRES nourishing Greek Yoghurt collection.


9/5  Esian Box  –  “Each box is worth $25, and the 2 lucky winners will either be given the Beauty or Snack Box.” WW

9/7  My Silly Little Gang  –  2 winners, Zim’s Max Arnica Roll-On bottle, US

9/7  Reviewz and Newz  –   3 winners, Pioneer Woman Water Bottles and Lunch Totes, US

9/7  Christy’s Cozy Corner  –  Hallmark’s Maxine Free to Be Crabby Prize Package, US

9/7  And Blue Sky  –  Adult Coloring Book and Dot to Dot book, US

9/7  Leah Says  –  Springform pans, US

9/7  Kat’s Daily Inspirations  –  Yankee Candle Votive Lantern with unscented votives, US

9/8  Lipgloss and Crayons  –  Erin Condren Life Planner Giveaway, US

9/9  Fit4Life  –  $200 Visa g.c., Flex Fit Bit, and sample case of SunRype 100% Fruit Snacks, US

9/9  Mom Does Reviews  –  2 Honeywell handheld fans, US

9/10  ConservaMom  –  Kate Spade hydrangea garden statement studs, Kate Spade garden drive jewelry box, Kate Spade compact mirror, Sleepless In Manhattan by Sarah Morgan Sunset in Central Park by Sarah Morgan. US

9/11  Dorky Deals  –  Moroccan Designer Series Paper and Washi Set from Stampin Up, US

9/12  Never Say Die Beauty  –  Harbor Sweets new Gather chocolates, a box of 6 handmade dark chocolates, US

9/12  Sunset Desires  –  Nope tote bag from @differentcitydesigns , WW


9/5  Literary Winner  –  $100 Barnes & Noble g.c., US

9/5  Laura Lilly  –  $100 g.c. for ONNO tee shirts

9/6  Boulder Locavore  –  $100 Amazon g.c., WW

9/7  Little Cloud  –  $250 Amazon g.c.

9/7  I Love Vampire Novels  –  ONE winner gets a Kindle Fire, FOUR winners each get a $25 Amazon Card

9/7 giftcards  –  Practical Frugality, $25 Amazon US  ||  Silver Dagger, $25 Walmart, US  ||  Tammie’s Reviews, $25 Walmart US  ||  Drop the Spotlight, $25 Amazon US  ||  Imperfect Women,  $25 Target or paypal, WW  ||  This Roller Coaster,  $25 Olive Garden US  ||  Sammy Approves, $20 paypal US  ||  Candid Cover, $25 Amazon WW  ||  Families that Stick Together, $25 Starbucks US  || Life with Lovebugs, $25 Amazon US  ||  Sherryl Wilson,  $25 Amazon or paypal, WW  ||  Rats and More, $25 paypal WW  ||  Confessions of a Frugal Mind, $20 paypal WW  ||  Literary Me, $25 Amazon WW  ||  Susie’s Reviews, $20 Amazon US  ||  Weidknecht, $25 Amazon WW  ||  Garden Dreams Decor, $25 paypal WW and Customized wreath from Garden Dreams Decor  ||  Broken Teepee,  $25 Petsmart, US  ||  Angie’s Angle, $25 paypal WW  ||

9/8  Obviously Marvelous  –  a variety of Scotties tissues and a $25 g/c to Amazon, US

9/8  Extra TV  –  5 winners, $50 g.c. to Retail Me Not, US

9/8  Taneja’s Bride  –  $100 g.c. to Safeway, US

9/8  Sandy Lisa Bags  –  $150 Sandy Lisa Bags gift certificate to shop for anything you want on our site and a $20 Starbucks gift card.

9/9  Little Cloud  –  $250 Amazon

9/11  Posh On a Budget  –  $150 Amazon g.c., WW

9/11  Mom On a Dime  –  $175 Amazon GC, US

9/12  Mail 4 Rosey  –  One lucky winner is going to get a $25 AMEX gift card, coupons for Entenmann’s Little Bites, coupons for Nature’s Harvest bread and (2) boxes of Entenmann’s Little Bites Chocolate Chip muffins. US

August ends and September begins but the Sunday Scoop giveaways continue (8-28 to 9/5)

Blackboard with Summer End text on the Beach This week’s giveaways are pretty amazing. There are some great cosmetic prizes and a lot of big ticket giveaways. Lots to win if you are a lucky person. Have a great week.  —  Marcia


8/30  PIXI SKINTREATS  –  3 winners of 2 products each, US/CAN

9/2  ADORE HAND & BODY CREAM  –  1 winner, US


coming soon –  big blog hop giveaway

Winner’s Circle: Congratulations to all of these winners: Leah D won our first Mini giveaway, Susan B won the G.M. Collin SPF50 cream. The two winners for Antiquity BC soaps are Julie B and Shari D.


soon  –  Beauty Undercover  –  ABBA Hair Performance Trio, several winners, US

Beauty Undercover  –  Twinmedix Skincare products, US

8/29 at 9.p.m ET  –  Color Sutraa  –  Mineral Fusion Perfecting BB cream, 2 blushes, 3 lipstick butters and 2 lipsticks. US

8/29  Dave Lackie  –  Philosophy micro delivery oxygen peel and philosophy water bottle

8/29  It Starts with Coffee  –  $100 Sephora g.c. and Sing Street DVD, US

8/30  Confessions of a Sarcastic Mom  –  big polish giveaway for charity

8/30  New Age Mama  –   Scarology Ultimate Scar Treatment System, US

8/30  Style Uncovered  –  Kylie Cosmetics Limited Edition Birthday Bundle. Includes eyeliner brush, mini matte lipstick set, “Leo” matte lipstick color, 2 cream eyeshadows in gold and rose gold, liquid lipsticks and make-up bag. WW

8/30  Candav  –  3 Avon Little Black Dress fragranced items, US

8/31  TheCelation  –  Pixi Multibalms, WW

8/31  Imperfect Family  –  skincare giveaway

8/31  Blushing Noir  –  set of 5 Pixi Multibalms, US

8/31  Beauty4Free2U  –  Makeup Revolution palettes, WW

8/31  Beauty Blogger Reviews  –  set of 3 ColourPop lip glosses, WW

8/31  WHISH  –  all of their top 10 products, US

8/31  Collective Beauty  –  set of 5 Pixi Multibalms, US/CAN

8/31  Barielle  –  $400 value giveaway with Barielle nail products, Coach handbag, Kate Spade scarf, US

8/31  Olive and Ivy  –  $100 worth of AmLactin, US

8/31  CHELLA  –  winners choice of color for Chella Eyebrow Kit

8/31  Read My Tea Leaves  –  4 winners, Stowaway Cosmetics Contour Set, US

8/31  Inspirations and Celebrations  –  The winner will receive a deluxe $350 prize package including: Kate Spade New York necklaceStriVectin Overnight Resurfacing ConcentrateOrly Breathable Nail PolishObliphica Seaberry Hair SerumGiovanni Ultra-Revive Intensive Hair Mask and Anti-Frizz Hair SerumLive What You Love notecards from PapyrusSunnylife Pineapple Ice Tray Set, 18 Colored Pencils and The Coloring Studio adult coloring bookno, Let It Block Sunscreen, Note Cosmetics Lip Gloss, Burt’s Bees Brightening Dark Spot CorrectorJurlique Soothing Moisturising CreamRahua Body Shower Gel, and SimySkin Skincare Samples. US/CAN

8/31  High Heeled Vogueaholic  –  EM Cosmetics e/s palette The Life Palette (Beach Palette), US/CAN

9/2  Glossybox  – US:  1 GRAND PRIZE WINNER  GLOSSYBOX Subscription   LOLA 100% Cotton Tampons subscription  Native Deodorant Subscription   Tulip Oral Care Subscription  Women’s Health Magazine Subscription  $500 Gift Card  10 RUNNERS-UP PRIZES  1 GLOSSYBOX  1 Box LOLA 100% Cotton Tampons   1 Tulip Oral Care Set  1 Women’s Health Magazine 1 Native Deodorant

9/3  Fashionista Budget  –  Bare Minerals Stop Gloss Glisten Set, WW

9/3  In My Dreams  –   Racinne Skincare travel set, US/CAN

9/3  The Red Closet Diary  –   2 LipSense Starter Kits.  other giveaways mentioned on her FB and Instagram pages

9/3  Beauty4Free2U  –   Ecco Bella Lip Smoothers

9/4  Beauty4Free2U  –  Ellen Lange Chemical Peel kit, WW

9/4  Pretty Thrifty  –  Sephora Collection Color Wonderland Eyeshadow Palette, US

9/4  Orogold  –  4 winners, 24K Cryogenic Diamond Gommage, a luxury no-rinse exfoliating gel worth $500 in retail value. WW

9/5  Dorky Deals  –  Era Organics Prize Pack, US

9/5  Chat With Vera  –  Mindful Soap Co, choice of product in choice of fragrance, US


8/29  Stroller in the City  –  $150 Old Navy, $150 Zappos, $100 Jet Cash, Bitsy’s Brainfood SIX month supply, BedGear Toddler Nap Pad, $100 Ella’s Kitchen, $100 Earth’s Best, Custom Package of Tickle Water & Swag, Ultimate Mabel’s Label’s Package, $75 IGLOO products, Skip Hop Backpack + Lunchpack of your choice! US

8/30  Pink Sole  –  Macbook Air and Kate Spade package

8/31  Giveaway Bandit  –  Amazon Echo, WW

8/31  Reviewz and Newz  –  Nuband Evolve fitness band, US

8/31  Erica Finds  –  Zim’s Max Arnica Roll On, 2 winners, US

8/31  Becca Hamilton Books  –  Kindle Fire, One Year Kindle Unlimited and an Urban Fantasy Novel of your choice. WW

8/31  Beauty Care Choices  –  Grooming products for Men from Osis, Redken and more, US

??  Society Wellness  – TENS Unit

9/1  Nanny to Mommy  –  6 months of Netflix, US

9/4  Mom Does Reviews  –  the Nutribullet System


8/29  Lindsey Blogs  –  $20 Walmart, US

8/29  Top Free MMPORG  –  $100 Anthropologie g.c., WW

AMAZON G.C. 8/30  –   Savings in Seconds  –  $50, WW  || Silver Dagger – $20  || Suzie’s Reviews  – $20, US  ||  Yeah Tips  –  $100  ||  Someday I’ll Learn  –  $100, WW

8/30  Shop With Me Mama  –  $50 Best Buy g.c., US

8/30  Inspirations and Celebrations  –  $50 Victoria Secret g.c., US

8/30  Outnumbered 3 to 1  –  The Wild Life Prize Pack and a $25 Visa g.c., US

8/30  Lipgloss and Crayons  –  $75 Gap g.c., US

8/30  Mama Sweeps  –  $50 Gap g.c., US/CAN

8/31  Love For Lacquer  –  1st Prize: $500 Amex Gift Card, 2nd Prize: iPad 16gb Wifi, $400 value, 3rd Prize: $100 Starbucks Gift Card

8/31  Cha Ching Queen  –  $50 g.c. to Outback family of restaurants, US

8/31  Dorky Deals  –  $50 paypal or e g.c. of your choice, WW

8/31  Olive and Ivy  –  $50 paypal, WW

8/31  Active Learning Fun  –  $50 Amazon, US/CAN

8/31  Glowy Sparkly  –  $100 g.c. of your choice

8/31  Mommy of 2  –  $50 Starbucks, Amazon or paypal

8/31  Budget Earth  –  $100 Walmart, US

8/31  Becoming 7  –  $25 Fandango g.c., US

8/31  Online Book Club  –  $250 Amazon g.c., WW

8/31  California Strawberries  –  $200 Crate & Barrel g.c., US

8/31  Conservamom  –  $100 Amazon g.c., US

8/31  Wild One Forever  –  $550 paypal, WW

8/31  Fab Over Fifty  –  $50 g.c., US

8/31  Little Big Cloud  –  $100 Amazon

9/1  Fancy Shanty  –  $25 Amazon g.c.

9/1  Painted Ladies  –  $100 Visa, US

9/1  Intellident  –  $200 Amazon g.c.

9/1  Practical Frugality  –  $25 Walmart, US

9/2  Geniabeme  –  $200 JCrew g.c., US

9/3  Giveaway Guy  –  $25 Amazon, WW

9/4  Mom Spark  –  $300 Amazon g.c.

9/4  Dorky Deals  –  $150 Amazon g.c., US

9/5  The Simple Moms  –  $25 Visa g.c., US

9/5  Mom Does Reviews  –  $20 Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts or paypal, WW

9/5  Extra TV  –  $50 g.c. to Cost Plus Market, 5 winners, US

9/5  Hip Mama’s Place  –  Snyder’s of Hanover pretzels that includes a nice assortment of their pretzel products, PLUS a $25 VISA gift card! US

Sundays are hotter than ever with the Sunday Scoop giveaways (8/21-8/29)

sunday scoop auguest

I’m not going to be keeping you as busy this week as I usually do but next week’s post will make up for it. There just weren’t the amount of giveaways to find as usual. But the one thing you’ll find is that Beauty Info Zone always has a giveaway going at least. Have a good week as we ease into September.  — Marcia


8/21  MINI GIVEAWAY #1  –  Check to see what it is!! WW

8/22  G.M. COLLINS DRY TOUCH SPF50 LOTION  –  1 winner, US/CAN

8/25  ANTIQUITY BC SOAPS  –  2 winners for 2 soaps of choice each, US/CAN

8/30  PIXI SKINTREATS  –  3 winners each win 2 of the items, US/CAN

Winner’s circle: 2 winners for RoC Skincare are Dana R and Dianne R while the winner for Design Essentials Balm is Cheryl F. Congratulations to all 3 of you.

We have more giveaways coming including Chapstick, Adore Beauty, another Mini and a big Blog Hop!!


8/21  Money Can Buy Lipstick  –  Pixi Multibalms, WW

Beauty Undercover  –  30 winners, Prai Beauty Pure Collagen Spray, US

while quantities last – InstaNatural Vitamin C Cleaser sample

Pretty Thrifty  –  application to be a tester of Ahava products

8/22  Dave Lackie  –  Bobbi Brown Beach Set

8/22  ShopSaveSequins  –  big giveaway with cosmetics, skincare, haircare, jewelry, headphones and more, US

8/22  Deep Steep  –  Fruit Collection Body Washes, US

8/22  Box Roundup  –   1st place will receive A-Viva nail buffer, a nail file, and A-Viva Beauty cuticle oil. 2nd place will receive A-Viva nail buffer and a nail file. US

8/23  Deals Among Us  –  Smith & Vandiver Bath and Body Assortment

8/23  ExtraTV  –  5 winners, Dermaflash Facial Exfoliating Device, US

8/24  The Best Review Blog  –  July’s Glossybox, WW

8/24  We Heart This  –  Clinique 3 Step skincare system for skin type 1 with TWO cleanser choices, US

8/24  Chat With Vera  – Free Spirit Farm #giveaway: Lip Balm or Lip Tint & Homemade Soap (choice of scents), US

8/26  Hello Rigby  –  8 winners, Laneige skincare, US

8/26  My Newest Addiction  –  Laneige skincare, US (I’m pretty sure there are 8 blogs participating and you can enter at each one but don’t hold me to it)

8/26  Prime Beauty  –  Vita Liberata pHenomenal 2-3 Week Tan Mousse, US

8/27  Fashionista Budget  –  Smashbox’s Try It Kit Bestsellers, WW

8/28  Savan  –  big haircare giveaway with products from Kerastase, Nioxin, Invisibobble, Solia Hairdryer and more, US

8/28  Product Review Mom  –  $150 g.c. to DermaMD, US

8/29  Systeme Skincare  –  10 winners, Gentle Purifying Cleanser, Nourishing Day Crème, Restorative Night Treatment, Revitalizing Eye Treatment & Gentle Exfoliating Scrub, US

8/29  Slashed Beauty  –  3 Caboodles storage products, US


8/21  Reviewz & Newz  –  LuLaRoe leggings and top of choice from what’s available, US

8/22  Mama on the Trail  –   One winner will receive 4 x 180mL bottles of Les produits de MaYa ointment and a pump., US/CAN

8/22  Maman Loup’s Den  –  $75 voucher for a Jord Wood Watch. All who enter win a $20 voucher.

8/23  Powered by Mom  –  Softsoap for kids in Star Wars and Frozen bottles, US

8/23  Powered by Mom  –  2 winners Softsoap Pure Foaming Hand Soap Set, US

8/23  Shop With Me Mama  –  set of 3 eBags Packing Cubes, US

8/24  Still Blonde  –  Inkspiration Adult Coloring Books, US

8/25  Kicks USA  –  one pair of sneakers a month for a year, 5 winners, US

8/26  Love Maegan  –  TWO Bags in ONE! Reversible Coach Tote + Pouch + Poms + MORE!, WW

8/27  Dorky Deals  –  Yankee Candles fall collection, US

8/27  Poppy Sweeps  –  Starbucks Coffee and Tea basket, US

8/28  She Speaks  –  $50 Walmart g.c. plus a Gillette Venus Prize Pack, US

8/29  Dorky Deals  –  Chocolate Gift Basket and Liquid Chalk Markers, US


8/22  Cozy Country Living  –  $25 Amazon, US

8/22  Garden Dreams  –  $50 Barnes & Noble g.c., US

8/23  Someday I’ll Learn  –  $50 CVS g.c., US

8/23  Dairy Free Gluten Free Life  –  $200 cash, WW

8/25  Taneja’s Bride  –  1 winner will receive a Grand Prize of a $1,000 Kroger Co. Family of Stores gift card, 1 winner will receive a $500 Kroger, Co. Family of Stores gift card and 2 winners will each receive a $250 Kroger card, US.  This is also at From My Vanity but I don’t know if it’s a different giveaway or the same.

8/26  Dreaming in Lace  –  £100 Asos giftcard, WW

8/28  Mom on a Dime  –  $175 Target g.c., US

8/29  Mom Gone Healthy  –  Target g.c., US (? on amount)

8/29  Pretty Thrifty  –  $100 Anthropology g.c., WW