My favorite foundations for winter – Top 10 Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday has rolled around again and I’m excited to be sharing my favorites for foundation. I have more than on my list but just as important as my favorites are my two tools of choice so that took two spots. I purposely left out CC Creams even though I will use them in the winter but I wanted to stick with foundations for a change.

These are in no particular order. These are all sitting on my vanity right now! I may not be neat but I’m happy!!
BOBBI BROWN INTENSIVE SKIN SERUM FOUNDATION is pretty new to me and pretty impressive too. It has SPF 40 in it and is available in 18 shades plus it’s very forgiving. I’ve been wanting a serum foundation and the one I bought from Armani a few years ago never felt right. The makeup artist I went to loves this foundation and gave me a sample. That brought me back to buy it. It’s very lightweight and you wouldn’t expect it to hide imperfections but it does. It feels great on my skin too.
TOO FACED BORN THIS WAY ABSOLUTE PERFECTION FOUNDATION just moved into my house last week. I keep reading about it and Sephora F&F finally put me over the edge. I’ve worn it twice which really isn’t enough to put it on a list but both times I was quite happy with the way it looked and lasted. This $38 foundation comes in 18 shades and is oil-free. I love that it has ingredients to help with hydration (coconut water and hyaluronic acid are two).
IT COSMETICS O2 O2 ULTRA REPAIR LIQUID OXYGEN FOUNDATION ($38) was my foundation favorite of the year for 2014 and remains a favorite 11 months later. I’m a huge fan of IT Cosmetics but with all brands some products are better than others. This is a ‘better than others’ foundation. Fair matches me perfectly but it only is available in 5 shades which might be a problem for some. One of the biggest reasons to love IT is their anti-aging ingredients (Peptides, Hydrolyzed Collagen, Niacin, Hyaluronic Acid and Grape Seed Oil plus Vitamins A, C, & E). This is actually a serum foundation which I didn’t realize until I was typing this up!!
SENNA LASTING ILLUSION FOUNDATION* has been one that I’ve counted on for an airbrushed finish for almost two years. This is a fuller coverage than most of the others I own and there are many days and occasions that I crave that coverage. It’s a matte satin that reflects light away from imperfections. Senna isn’t talked about enough but in my opinion people are missing out on this great Hollywood indie brand. ($48, 7 shades)
MALLY BEAUTY EFFORTLESS AIRBRUSH PERFECT SKIN MOUSSE is another foundation that people need to know about. One of the problems with Mally Beauty is that it’s hard to find – all the great places that carry the line only carry parts of Mally. This is only sold at Mally’s website and it’s worth it to shop there. The coverage with this mousse is perfection. I need so little but I could build it up if necessary. Plus it comes with a fabulous foundation brush that feels wonderful and works like a dream ($45*).
GIORGIO ARMANI LUMINOUS SILK FOUNDATION – there are no words for this foundation. I’ve gone through 3 bottles since I started using it and I’m sure to go through more. It’s available in 23 shades and it’s worth every penny of the $62 cost to me. It’s weightless and oil-free and the coverage is like silk.
RIMMEL LONDON LASTING FINISH FOUNDATION is the opposite in cost from Armani and not similar to it in finish, but it’s the best drugstore foundation I’ve ever bought. The problem with drugstores is being unable to test colors but I got lucky with O91 Light Ivory. At first I noticed a perfumey fragrance but once applied I noticed it for about 15 seconds and never again. If you are looking for great coverage to last through the day and you have $6.99 laying around, this is what to spend it on.
GERI G INNOCENT FOUNDATION isn’t known at all. I just reviewed it again along with their Transceutical Canvas so I hope that this comes more to the forefront. It’s a medium coverage that can be built up. On the days I’m looking a little worse for the wear, I turn to this to make my skin look its best. The downside is that it only comes in 4 shades and the swatches on the website aren’t really helpful. ($38)
BEAUTY BLENDER SPONGE is amazing. Don’t accept imitations. I don’t care that it’s $20 while others are much less, this is the one that works. It now comes in many colors like the new royal purple. The black one is called the Pro one but I don’t think it’s any different than my pink ones. Trust me when I tell you that this could change your makeup application.
ARTIS OVAL 10 ELITE BRUSH* has become holy grail to me. It changes your paradigm about what a foundation brush is and you won’t want to look back. The softness, the bristles (2500 of them!), the ergonomics, and the luxuriousness of this $72 brush make it worth the high cost. If was told I could just take a few items out of my house this would be high up on the list. It’s that precious. Review here.
Which of these 10 products do you have or want? What’s your top 10? — Marcia

*denotes products sent for review consideration, some affilate links used

Makeup Wars loves Nude lippies

Makeup Wars and Top Ten Tuesdays have tempted you with pink lips, peach and coral lips, red lips but never true nudes. Now’s the time though and I was ready for this challenge. Most of my collection is nude lips. It got to the point that I had so many that I had to force myself not to buy new ones unless I was absolutely desperate for them. I was once a MACaholic and I’d buy every rendition of nude they had – and then I’d wear them twice and put them aside. I haven’t chosen any MAC to share with you since I don’t seem to grab for them anymore so instead you’ll see some of my favorites from other brands.

Makeup Wars Nude Lip favorites

Makeup Wars Nude Lip favorites

Nude lips are interesting because they all have different undertones plus what I consider nude might be too light for you depending on your skintone.

Makeup Wars lip crayons: Ardency Inn, Tarte (x2), Hourglass

Makeup Wars lip crayons: Ardency Inn, Tarte (x2), Hourglass

I’m a big fan of lip crayons but nude ones don’t overpopulate my collection. Ardency Inn Bowery, tarte exposed and Hourglass Nude No 3 are the ones I usually crave.

Hourglass Nude No3 and Ardency Inn Bowery

Hourglass Nude No3 and Ardency Inn Bowery

I bought Hourglass Femme Nude Stylo No3 because everyone was raving about these. Hourglass has an amazing reputation and these Nude lip crayons made beauty lovers so excited. No3 is described as “medium rose nude with hint of pink”. This has a pink undertone but it’s very light once on my lips, not medium to my eyes.

top Hourglass, bottom Ardency Inn

top Hourglass, bottom Ardency Inn

ARDENCY INN AMERICANA Natural Lip Color Pencil in Bowery was my next buy. These are $23 compared to the $30 of Hourglass so that made me happy. ARDENCY INN lip crayons seem to be truer nude shades too. Bowery is a light peach on my lips even though Sephora tells me that it’s a “light nude with pink undertones”. It just isn’t pink on me but it is pretty and I’m very comfortable in it. The consistency is smoother and a little more glossy than Hourglass.

tarte exposed - old vs new versions

tarte exposed – old vs new versions

Tarte Exposed was one of the colors saved when tarte revamped all their lip crayons. Tarte still sells LipSurgence but I didn’t find Exposed. The original fat crayon has a matte finish while the new tarte exposed is a glossier finish. The new pencils are called Power Pigments and Exposed is described as “nude with pink undertones”.

tarte exposed original version and new Power Pigment

tarte exposed original version and new Power Pigment

Power Pigment in exposed is glossier and slightly more pink while the original is definitely a matte on me and a little darker. Can’t go wrong with either but there is a slight difference between the two.

Makeup Wars Nude Lipsticks: Tom Ford, Lunasol, Armani, Gosh, Armani, Shiseido

Makeup Wars Nude Lipsticks: Tom Ford, Lunasol, Armani, Gosh, Armani, Shiseido

6 lipsticks made the cut for Makeup Wars: Tom Ford Pink Dune, Lunasol 25, Armani Shine 17, Gosh Darling, Armani 103, Shiseido RS701

GOSH Darling

GOSH Darling

GOSH Darling was a lipstick that everyone had to have. It was so hot on boards like Makeup Alley that you felt like you didn’t belong there if you didn’t own it.

Gosh Darling

Gosh Darling

I finally got it and was shocked at how much it looks like concealer. It’s so light and so beige that I couldn’t get it to show in a single swatch photo. I couldn’t resist putting this in even though it’s not a favorite, I’m including it for shock value.

Armani Shine 17, Lunasol 25, Armani 103

Armani Shine 17, Lunasol 25, Armani 103

These are the lipsticks that I reach for when I want moisturized lips with beautiful nude shades. Armani in particular makes outstanding nude colors for lips and I think they are among the finest lipsticks available. I get a little overwhelmed at an Armani counter because I want too much. All of these lipsticks were bought long ago.

from left: Armani 103, Lunasol 25, Armani Shine 17

from left: Armani 103, Lunasol 25, Armani Shine 17

Rouge d’Armani in 103 is my newest Armani and still available. 103 is the pink nude that I love to wear. It looks beige in the tube but once on it picks up pink.

Rouge d'Armani 103 (

Rouge d’Armani 103 (

Armani Shine 17 is an oldie but goodie. It’s more sheer than 103 but just as glossy.

LUNASOL 25 is also an older lipstick and I doubt it’s still for sale. Lunasol lipsticks were introduced to me by an old friend. I’d go nuts cosmetic shopping in Japan or Singapore! I have 2 LUNASOL lipsticks and they are so wonderfully creamy. They have a very similar consistency and look to the Armani ones I love.

Tom Ford Pink Dune, Shiseido RS701

Tom Ford Pink Dune, Shiseido RS701

Tom Ford Pink Dune barely has any color on my lips but that doesn’t stop me from loving it. It was a limited edition shade that I bought in the early winter but didn’t really wear at first. It felt too nude for winter but I can wear it now. Sometimes I’ll put it over another lipstick to ‘nude’ it up a bit.

Tom Ford Pink Dune, Shiseido RS701

Tom Ford Pink Dune, Shiseido RS701

I had to include Shiseido RS701 even though it’s not available. This was my first Shiseido lipstick and it reminds me of shopping with my blog partner Lisa. It’s one of my favorite lipstick buys. It’s a pink nude (RS stands for Rose) that has the perfect depth for me.

from top: TF Pink Dune, Lunasol 25, Armani 17, Gosh Darling, Rouge d'Armani 103, Shiseido RS701

from top: TF Pink Dune, Lunasol 25, Armani 17, Gosh Darling, Rouge d’Armani 103, Shiseido RS701

I’m sure these swatches all look alike but as a true beauty afficionado knows they are different as different can be.

What’s your favorite nude lipstick? There’s always room for one more! — Marcia

Join my Makeup War friends and see what they’ve chosen to delight and tempt us with.

Happy 4th of July!! My red, white, and blue favorites for nails, lips, and eyes

Some people make red, white, and blue desserts for the 4th of July.

photo courtesy of

photo courtesy of

Me?  I make my favorite red, white, and blue selections from my nail polish, lip gloss, and eyeshadow collections.  Here’s are my selections in celebration of our patriotic holiday!

My picks for 4th of July nail polish shades

My picks for 4th of July nail polish shades

My favorite red, white, and blue nail polishes are:  Rescue Beauty Lounge Cherry Love (popsicle red), China Glaze White Cap (sheer white with gold shimmer, I am wearing this one now!), Cult Nails Princess (light dusty blue with pink shimmer).

My July lip gloss picks

My July lip gloss picks

My holiday lip gloss picks include:  Butter London Come to Bed Red (classic cream red), Elizabeth Arden Crystal Clear Lip Gloss (sheer shiny gloss), It Cosmetics News Anchor Blue (sheer blue that makes teeth look super white).

My beautiful Z Palette holding my patriotic eyeshadows!

My beautiful Z Palette holding my patriotic eyeshadows!

My Z Palette holds my favorite red, white, and blue eyeshadow 4th of July collection.  Here are my picks:

Red, white and blue eyeshadow picks

Red, white and blue eyeshadow picks

Far left row from top to bottom:

Nars Tibet (the consummate shimmery sheer white)

MAC White Frost (a buttery white frost that is perfect for the brow and inner corner of the eye)

MAC Crystal Avalanche (fabulous pigmentation, and this works beautifully as a face highlighter too)

July whites and reds

July whites and reds

Second from left row top to bottom:

MAC Vanilla (this is a homemade pan made from the Vanilla pigment.  I prefer this to the regular MAC Vanilla eyeshadow, which I think is rather boring.  My absolute favorite for an eye-widening lid shade)

MAC Star Violet (just enough plum to keep it from being too red, and the Veluxe Pearl texture can’t be beat)

MAC Plum Dressing (gorgeous, different, and makes a great smoky eye look)

July reds and blues

July reds and blues

Far left row in picture above, top to bottom:

MAC Moon’s Reflection (stunning periwinkle blue that is totally wearable)

MAC Leisure Time (red-gold-bronze that is unique and stunning with brown eyes)

Giorgio Armani #46 (fantastic red-bronze that doubles as a beautiful blush, it applies soft but is buildable for more drama)

Second row pictured above, top to bottom:

MAC Electric Eel (not for everyone, but this is the prettiest, most dramatic blue I have ever owned)

MAC Freshwater (fantastic ocean blue, love this as a liner…and it’s got that fabulous Veluxe Pearl texture)

MAC Deep Truth (sultry true deep blue, one of my most favorite blues of all time…it is a perfect liner shade)

Far right row top to bottom:

Sue Devitt Alexandria (totally underrated brand…this is a fantastic cobalt blue)

MAC Contrast (deep violet-blue, try this over black eyeliner for some mega sultry drama)

Giorgio Armani #1 (rich,velvety navy blue that is a fabulous eyeliner)

There you have my red, white, and blue selections in celebration of patriotic makeup geekdom!!  What are yours??  – Lisa

PS – and just for fun, here are some more China Glaze White Cap pictures for you.  Happy 4th of July!  – Lisa

China Glaze White Cap

China Glaze White Cap

China Glaze White Cap

China Glaze White Cap

China Glaze White Cap and my beautiful flowers

China Glaze White Cap and my beautiful flowers

and one more just for the heck of it!!

and one more just for the heck of it!!

Makeup Wars wants to know what your favorite mascara is

Makeup Wars Favortie Mascara 1 Makeup Wars Favortie Mascara Last Makeup Wars Favortie Mascara Next
If only all wars were like Makeup Wars! Life would be so civilized. The bloggers involved in this series of Makeup War articles are as excited to see and buy each others choices as they are to pick and share their own.
This week’s version is our favorite mascara. You’ve got to know that for me, and most likely my comrades in this, that means “of the moment”. Fickle is my middle name. I have a mascara that I love but that doesn’t mean I can’t love more than one (or two or three or ten).  I finally narrowed my favorites down to Armani Eyes To Kill and IT Cosmetics Hello Lashes. I was so excited to have an easy war to take part in. Two fabulous mascaras that I love wearing.

Armani Eyes to Kill

Armani Eyes to Kill Wand

It Cosmetics Hello Lashes (

It Cosmetics Hello Lashes wand

But ….. Cue the music….. Along comes Mary. And as a woman’s prerogative the situation changes. Mary aka Dior Iconic Mascara is now on my lashes and I like it, I really like it. But do I like it enough to win this challenge?

Dior Iconic (from

Dior Iconic wand

Dior Iconic is the newest addition to their line of mascaras. Just about everyone knows of DiorShow since that’s their most famous. One of my favorites is Dior Extase but I don’t have one at the moment so it didn’t make the cut. Iconic gives me lashes that stay curled all day long. I don’t find a lot of volume from it but I do find I get definition and curl. Plus I can layer it and it never smudges or flakes. I put a few coats on in the morning and then if I’m going out at night, I comb through my lashes and add a few more coats for some va-va voom.

Wearing Dior Iconic Mascara

Here’s what Dior has to say about this brush: “the Iconic brush features soft silicone bristles that spiral around the stem to lift, curl, and separate every lash.” The brush is plastic and comb like. The formula makes this mascara very long lasting.

the winner

So here’s the dilemma after all – do I go for definition with Armani Eyes to Kill or do I go for volume and definition with It Cosmetics Hello Lashes or do I go for curl and definition with Dior Iconic? Which would you pick? Would you pick It Cosmetics Hello Lashes like I’m picking? When I look at current pictures of my eyes and put on my memory cap I realize that the most striking lashes are It Cosmetics Hello Lashes. — Marcia

Come see what my fellow warriors are wearing – either click through with “previous” or “next” or click on their icons. Which is your favorite?


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L’Oreal Infallible Eyeshadows – the “call it love” review!

My heart skipped a beat. My breathing became rapid. My eyes glazed over. And why is that? I found L’Oreal Color Infaillible Eyeshadows! I’ve read about them on non-US blogs but they haven’t quite made it into the US unless you are lucky enough to find them at a Harmon’s Drugs inside Bed, Bath & Beyond. Mine though came from Canada at Shoppers Drug Mart and I couldn’t wait to write about these eyeshadows.

L'Oreal Infaillible eyeshadows

If you know anything about the Infallible Eyeshadows, they are being compared to Armani’s Eyes to Kill Intense Eyeshadows. I’ve previously reviewed several of the Armani so I was eager to see the difference between a $32 Armani and a $10 L’Oreal.

Shoppers Drug Mart didn’t have all of the colors in stock when I was there and the two that I thought I wanted most weren’t available. My eye though instantly went to the green shade, Permanent Kaki (009) and I knew that I wasn’t going home without it. I also picked out All Night Blue (006) and Burning Black (013). There was no tester of Burning Black but it looked fascinating – a reddish black. BTW there seems to be two spellings for these: Color Infaillible and also Infallible without a second “I”.

When I was searching for these eyeshadows online the first site I came to was L’Oreal’s Australian site which shows 9 of these shadows but I have seen from other websites that there are more than these 9. According to a picture on Nouveau Cheap there appear to be 12 shades ($8.79) and the packaging is somewhat different than I purchased in Canada.

The description is quite similar to Armani’s though not exact. Considering that L’Oreal owns Armani I’m not surprised.

Infallible Eyeshadows contain ultra concentrated colour pigments, for an intense colour finish. Additional binders (oils) coat and magnify the colour pigments revealing beautiful shimmer and maximized colour. The colour adheres to the eyelid as durably and comfortably as a second skin and lasts for up to 24hrs.

With a formulation that lies between the comfort of a cream and the ease of application of a powder, infallible eyeshadow melts gently from the fingertips to the eye lid on application. The result is a luxurious, velvety texture.

Now let’s talk about what I’ve found!! They both have that same hybrid texture, not quite a cream, not a powder.

Permanent Kaki (Khaki on some sites) – I wouldn’t describe this as a khaki shade, it’s a much brighter green than khaki normally is. It’s the most metallic of my three when worn.

Permanent Kaki swatch

Permanent Kaki worn

All Night Blue – This is a deep navy that’s absolutely gorgeous. It can be blended down but it’s still going to be dark. I love this particular kind of navy. It works beautifully as an eyeliner.

All Night Blue

All Night Blue

Burning Black – I’ve seen this described as deep blackened plum with some red shimmer. On my eyes I see more black than plum but in certain lights (and if blended a lot) I do see a dark plum. This too makes an outstanding eyeliner.

Burning Black

Burning Black swatch

Burning Black showing more purple

How does L’Oreal Infalliable compare to Armani Eyes to Kill Intense?

-These come in a pot form with the same stopper that Armani’s have. The purpose of the stopper is to keep them fresher so don’t toss it.

-There doesn’t appear to be any dupes between the darker shades. There might with the lighter shades but I didn’t pay much attention to those.

-When you look at the Armani you see a variety of color blended together to form the shade. Actually you can’t be really sure what the Armani is going to look like on your eye by what it appears to be in the pot. But with the L’Oreal what you see is what you get. That’s not a complaint, just a comment.

-L’Oreal Permanent Kaki is green whereas Armani Khaki Pulse is a truer khaki shade.

L'Oreal Permanent Kaki vs Armani Khaki Pulse

L'Oreal Kaki vs Armani Khaki

-Both brands last and last. They are said to give 24 hour wear. While I remove eye makeup every night I have worn two of the shades for 12 hours and they looked as vibrant and true at the end of the day as at the beginning.

-Both are creaseproof on me when wearing an eyeshadow base.

-My favorite brush to apply these is the MAC 217. Mine is old and quite fluffy which works in picking up the shadows and laying them down well for me.

I’m looking forward to these showing up in US drugstores. I know I’ll buy the chocolate one for sure and probably more. My heart still skips a beat when I take these out to apply them and I’m still breathless with excitement. Keep your eye open for these beautiful bargains! — Marcia

Side by Side – 10 top color items for 2011

Beauty Info Zone hasn’t done any top 10 lists lately and we’re way overdue. It was super hard to pick out of all the reviews we’ve done and narrow it down to only 10 products each so if we cheat a little, don’t be mad. We’ve both reviewed so many products that we reach for all the time. Here’s what’s standing out to Marcia and Lisa’s Top Ten for the first half of 2011.


  1. Rouge Bunny Rouge: Oh how I love my Rouge Bunny Rouge eyeshadows. Here are two reviews that I’ve written about them. There will be more to come! Start with my first RBR post and then read this post.
  2. Illamasqua nail polish: I love my nail polishes and I have used so many that have won my heart. But Illamasqua are the ones I’m lusting after.
  3. Face Stockholm: All the Face Stockholm products I’ve tried have been absolutely wonderful but if I have to pick one to live with forever after it would be the Rio cream blush.
  4. Billion Dollar Brows: Here’s where I cheated. I know I said 10 items but I use the BDB brow powder and tweezers every single day so I have to include them both. I would be lost without these now. 
  5. Tarte Inner Rim Brightener: Another product I use every single day; I even have two since I don’t want to be without this.
  6. Le Métier de Beaute’ Fresh Creme Tints: I have all of these and I love them to pieces. I’m a cream girl/lady/woman and these are so creamy. They double as blush and lip tints.
  7. Tarte Amazonian Clay Blushes: Cheating again, more Tarte but I can’t help it. These are the longest lasting powder blushes I’ve ever tried. Every color is fabulous too.
  8. Armani Intense Eyes to Kill eyeshadows:  These are unique on the market and I love using them. I’m so sad I didn’t buy more which means I will be buying more!
  9. Face Atelier Lip Putty: I picked this over all the other great Face Atelier products because I use it constantly. It’s the best product I own to prime my lips.
  10. Dan Read foundation: I know Lisa is going to mention this but the more I thought about the list, the more I realized I couldn’t write my top ten without it.


  1. Dan Read eyeshadows:  Everything about Dan Read makes me happy, especially his foundation, but I’m in an eyeshadow kind of mood lately and these have won my heart.
  2. Vasanti Eye Products: Every single eye product that I use from Vasanti is wonderful. Eye Wonder is a fabulous eye cream and Vasanti’s Moon Dust Shimmer Powder is amazing.
  3. OCC pigments:  I have always loved pigments and my collection is huge. OCC pigments stand out though because they are top notch and I love them all but Artifact is the very best. 
  4. Cargo eyeshadow palettes: I’m obviously on an eyeshadow kick lately and Cargo started this kick. Once I tried their palettes I became more obsessed with eyes than ever. Cool Neutral has gotten me through many work days because I know that even if I wake up late I’ll end up with a polished eye.
  5. Unii palettes: I’m in love with the amazing colors of Unii palettes. They bring a smile to the face of this serial depotter. Anyone who likes their eyeshadows and blushes in palette form needs a collection of these.
  6. Cargo Magic Brush: This is the brush I choose if I can only have one brush. It’s so soft and does such a magical job on my face.
  7. Face Stockholm color correcting foundation: I’ve been amazed with the Matte Foundation in Lilac. I never thought something like this would work but oh my goodness, it’s a fabulous addition to your foundations.
  8. Face Stockholm blush: Shambella matte blush has been my most used blush lately. The quality is terrific, so incredibly smooth and easy to blend.
  9. Illuminare eyeliner: I never thought that I’d fall so in love with an eyeliner but Illuminare Beyond Black has stolen my heart.
  10. Illuminare foundation: Illuminare makes several formulas of foundation and I refuse to pick a favorite; I can’t help but love Extra Coverage foundation/concealer and Mattifying Mineral foundation. Add in their Fast Application Pad and you have perfection.

We hope you’ve gotten to the end of this very long article. We each could have done a list of 20 but we have to stop at some point. We will be following up with another Side by Side with our top 10 on other types of products.

Did we hit any of your favorites in this list? — Marcia and Lisa

Armani Eyes to Kill Intense eyeshadows

I’m not going down without a fight. I don’t care how old I am. When I see a beautiful eyeshadow that makes my heart go pitter patter it doesn’t matter if it’s metallic or a little frosty, it needs to be mine. This is just a warning about what you’ll see in this review: gorgeous colors but metallic and sometimes frosty and sometimes shimmery. But I don’t care. I bought them anyway.

For the 2010 holidays Armani brought out 3 new cream/powder eyeshadows. I studied the blogs looked at all the pictures and swore I wasn’t going to buy them. Of course you know if I’m writing about this it means I did buy one. Armani has recently come out with 11 more of these shadows and instead of buying just one I bought three. Now you get to see these in all their glory. The stock pictures don’t do them justice.

Armani Eyes to Kill Intense eyeshadow ($32) is a new formula. I called them a cream/powder but they are somewhere in between. They feel creamy to the touch and can be applied with your fingers but they aren’t like any cream shadow I own. They also feel powdery. While I don’t know the science behind them I do know it’s a new technology for Armani. You can wear these alone or wear them along with powder eyeshadows. I find that they last and last. They are as gorgeous at the end of a long day as they are at the beginning. Actually I think they look even better as the day goes on. Even though they don’t crease on me at all, I believe that the natural oils from my skin gives them a softer sheen throughout the day. When you look at the Armani website you can see that the colors aren’t just one straight up shade, instead they are a combination of different shades to create that perfect color.

I started with #15 which is still available on the Armani Website.  This is a beautiful metallic bronze gold shade. The shades that are visible when you open this are black and gold which blend into the bronze. The website describes this as copper/black grey but mine doesn’t appear to have grey and it’s not as light as it appears online in the pot.

#4 is named Pulp Fiction online but the names doesn’t appear on the packaging, just the numbers. My Pulp Fiction is mostly a silvery grey with a blue undertone, the color blended into it is reddish but that’s not the predominant shade. I’ve worn this shade with charcoal liner and with purple liner and both look great with it. 

#8 (Champagne) and #9 (Rock Sand) are the two light shades I bought, these are the ones I think of when I think of them being frosty. I like to wear them very close to my lashline with a darker shadow in the crease and a subtle browbone. #8 Champagne’s predominant shade is coppery with a light blue/grey variation throughout and has a pinkish cast on my lids. #9 Rock Sand has a peachy base. Mine doesn’t have a lot of tones running through it though the website shows gold swirled through. While 8 and 9 aren’t terribly different they do have enough of a difference (cool tones vs warm tones) to justify my purchase (of course I’d find a way to justify them anyway).

Number 8 Champagne

Number 9 Rock Sand:

I like to apply these eyeshadows with a sponge tip applicator. I went to Sally’s Beauty Supply and bought some containers of these and they are great for me. I don’t want to wash a sponge tip so after a use or two I just toss them without guilt. Be sure you keep the inner lid to keep these moist and close the pots tightly.

Here’s a picture of some swatches I made when I was at Nordstrom:

Top: #8, #9, #13 (black), #4, #16 (moonlight)

Bottom: #5 (Gold Blitz), #11 (White Pulse), #7 (Sweet Fire)

I didn’t see #2 Lust Red or #6 Khaki Pulse unfortunately

I’m crazy about these shadows (and crazy in general). I just wonder if I’ll end up with #6 Khaki Pulse. I wouldn’t take bets against myself. — Marcia