Checking out the future of beauty with the From the Lab September box

From the Lab is a wonderfully unique concept in beauty boxes. Each month you get between 1 and 3 plainly packaged skin care, color cosmetics, or hair products that haven’t even arrived in stores yet…so you really are checking out the future of beauty today.

Checking out the future of

Checking out the future of beauty…today

I previously reviewed the Body Serum No. 580 that was in August’s box, you can check out my review HERE. When From the Lab sent their September box for review, I was extremely excited…

The pink box gets me all giddy

The pink box gets me all giddy

And then I saw that it was a hair product. Oh my. I have been testing lots of hair products lately and have made some truly amazing finds…I was rather skeptical that this particular hair mask would do much of anything that my other favorite hair products don’t already do.

Hair Mask

Hair Mask No. 718.  We don’t know what the name will be when it hits the stores.

Plus, it’s a hair mask…which means one more step. I already shampoo, condition and use styling products. Do I really want to do even more?? My hair is long and I have a lot of it, but it’s extremely fine so hair masks are usually far too heavy for it. Plus I am impatient. I don’t like sitting around with gunk on my hair. Despite the fact this mask promised to treat my scalp along with my hair and promised to put an end to my bad hair days, the future of beauty for September wasn’t looking promising to me.

Good question!

Good question!

In the name of research, and in the name of the future of beauty, I tried Hair Mask No. 718.  (I know, I know, my life is SO tough!)

Hair Mask

Hair Mask No. 718

Hair Mask

the thick and creamy Hair Mask

First, it wasn’t nearly as inconvenient to use as I had imagined. I woke up, quickly put a thick layer on my dry hair from scalp to ends, then went about my morning ritual of brushing teeth etc. while my shower water warmed up. By the time I got into the shower the mask had been on for the required ten minutes. It added maybe one minute to my morning routine.

I quickly rinsed my hair clean, then shampooed and conditioned as usual. I didn’t change anything else regarding my normal hair products except for the addition of this mask.

And guess what? It gave me a freaking amazing hair day.

My hair was smooth, shiny, and soft. The biggest difference though was the volume. Like I said, my hair is fine and long, so getting volume at the crown and around my part is never easy. I didn’t even have to work at it after using this mask! The body and volume were simply incredible. And every time I use it, I get the same results. I am completely sold.  From the Lab recommends using the mask twice a week.

From the Lab says this about Hair Mask No. 718:  Hair Mask No. 718 nourishes your scalp with a powerful anti-aging complex featuring stem cells from the Uttwiler Spätlauber, an incredibly rare apple known for its longevity. Combining this advanced skin care with a biomimetic peptide and customized polymers, Hair Mask No. 718 provides focused conditioning, glide, and improved combability to both wet and dry hair without depositing the build-up that can weigh down your locks. And the addition of trusted ingredients, such as provitamin B5 and natural oils, adds softness and shine while protecting your hair.

Here’s what I say: Yes, a rare Swiss apple can put an end to bad hair days. The really fantastic news is that From the Lab subscribers can order even more of monthly products they love…although this hair mask is so awesome I’ll bet they run out of it quickly.

From the Lab is still running their special, a monthly membership for only $19.95 a month plus S&H, $10 off their regular price. Now is the perfect time to invest in the future of beauty.  – Lisa

*pr sample

from the lab hair mask 6

‘From the Lab’ August Subscription Box: Body Serum No. 580

Guess who has gotten me hooked on beauty subscription boxes? Why, the subscription box queen herself, Marcia! I love surprises and it is always fun trying new things that I might not necessarily pick out for myself. The lure of From the Lab is beyond all that though…From the Lab is beauty of the future.  They had me at hello.

No doubt where this is from!

No doubt where this is from!

A From the Lab Beauty Box subscription is normally $29.95 plus shipping and handling, but they are having a special right now for only $19.95 plus shipping and handling…for life!

So how is From the Lab different from other beauty subscription boxes? Products in this box are items that haven’t hit the market yet. It takes over two years for a product to go from the idea phase to the market, and in the meantime that fancy packaging results in a price mark up of 800%! Once a month, From the Lab sends up to three full size items (a minimum 30 day supply) of beauty breakthroughs in plain packaging, so you get to try them first for a fraction of the ultimate price. Items could be skin care, hair care, or color cosmetics. All products are guaranteed to be free of parabens and are cruelty-free. Previous boxes had products like a face cream plus an eye cream, and a face primer plus an eye primer, so I was excited to see what From the Lab sent to try in the August box.

Body Serum

Body Serum No. 580

The August From the Lab Beauty Box had one item, but it was a biggie – a huge tube of Body Serum No. 580. It’s a very interesting premise – we use facials serums to saturate our skin with nutrients, so why not use a serum for the body, too?

I love the mystery...

I love the mystery…

from the top

from the top

Body Serum #580 swatch

Body Serum No. 580 swatch

Body Serum No. 580 is massive antioxidant protection against free radicals, which ultimately means younger looking skin. This serum uses stem cell and leaf extracts to prevent deterioration of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid. It has Swiss thermal water with magnesium and hydrogen carbonate to smooth and hydrate skin. Other moisturizers include Vitamin B3 and Olive Oil Ester.

I use this right after showering, it’s especially terrific after shaving my legs. The serum is thick and goes on wet, but sinks in quickly and leaves my skin feeling truly amazing. There is no fragrance, just fantastic moisture and protection – it is exactly like a facial serum but for the body. I follow it with my favorite lotion, body spray, and/or perfume to smell pretty.

I think the August From the Lab Beauty Box is definitely a winner – I can see this product easily selling for over $100. A body serum is a cool idea, and I enjoy being an ‘insider’ who gets to try something before it’s available to everyone…it just makes me feel special! If you like surprises, are generally adventurous and like getting an early inside scoop, this is a beauty box for you. Take advantage of the special price while it’s still available!  – Lisa

*pr sample