Step up your game face with Facial Smoothies

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We have a few options when it comes to the lines on our face. We can have plastic surgery (no thank you), we can have injections (ouch), we can use topical products, or we can use something like Facial Smoothies, Wrinkle Removal Strips.

Facial Smoothies was started by a young woman who watched stars use some of the old-fashioned types of facial strips and felt she could invent something better to help with the lines and wrinkles we have on our faces. She wanted a product that was non-irritating, could be used any time she wanted and was affordable to boot. Along came Facial Smoothies which is $15.95 for 10 sheets with 120 smoothies altogether.

Facial Smoothies sheet

Facial Smoothies sheet

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As you can see there are different shapes for each part of your face. These reusable transparent adhesives can be applied wherever you want to “iron” out a wrinkle. Use them for 20 minutes before an event or use them all night long. You’re the boss.

Before and after from facial smoothies website

Before and after from facial smoothies website

“Our medical adhesive is strong but also safe. It is hypo-allergenic, latex free, and made specifically for long-term use on skin. It has been extensively tested and is used in hospitals around the world.”


I consider myself very fortunate that I don’t really have wrinkles. I spend time with my high school and college friends occasionally and of course I notice (ahem, compare) the lines they have. Part of my fortune is good genes, part is that I keep away from the sun, and part is how I take care of my skin.

Using Facial Smoothies has been a fun experience and I enjoy having this as an option. My areas of concern are my nasolabial folds and marionette lines plus the crows feet that just won’t fly away. I once had Juvaderm done which helped with the marionette lines but I was severely bruised for weeks. While the after affects were great, I hated the bruising and how long it took until my skin was clear again. It was such an obvious choice too that people I encountered knew that I wasn’t going natural.

Facial Smoothies sheet

Facial Smoothies sheet

I’ve just used the smoothies that are for my areas of concern. They are transparent so I guess you could wear them out of the house but my goal wouldn’t be met that way. I use the smallest ones by my eyes after my eye cream is well absorbed. I use the large lima bean shape for my marionette lines and the large triangle shape for my nasolabial folds. I don’t do this nightly though. I use them mainly before the weekend to give my skin some lift. I love that I can get 2 – 3 uses out of each too and I’ll save the remainders for when I’m old and gray older and grayer.

You can wear these more often than I do if you want to retrain your wrinkles so that they become less lined with use. I don’t need to think about injections as long as Facial Smoothies are helping and for that I’m grateful.


So unlike my wrinkle-free partner, I have wrinkles. Plenty of them. While the effect of Facial Smoothies isn’t permanent, it’s still nice to be wrinkle free for any amount of time!Facial Smoothies

I like how low maintenance the Smoothies are. They don’t need to be peeled apart, moistened with water, held onto skin until they dry, etc. Just take them off the sheet and put them on – they instantly stick and stay until I take them off. The variety of shapes and sizes is also a plus. My upper lip area requires a different size than my forehead, and cutting and trimming patches is a pain.

While the Smoothies are great for a lift before an important event, I find I prefer to use them right before I go to sleep. What an easy way to get about 7 hours of treatment! If you have been thinking about trying wrinkle remover strips, Facial Smoothies are a great way to go.

You can purchase Facial Smoothies on Amazon, eBay,  or on the Facial Smoothies site, all with free shipping. It’s a small investment to look better than ever.

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