Be a foundation pro with Face Atelier

I’m a woman that needs foundation. I wish I could get away without it but my skintone isn’t even and I have insecurities about it. When I find a great foundation I’m thrilled. I have several partially used bottles that I’ve tried and just haven’t made the cut. I like a medium coverage foundation that isn’t going to melt away during the day. Luckily I’ve found a few that I really like and can recommend. Face Atelier Ultra Foundation fits that category.

I’ve been wearing FA Ultra Foundation consistently now for over a month. My typical modus operandi is to use a foundation for about 3 days and then switch to another therefore rotating my collection. But I purposely have been wearing this foundation for over a week straight to see how my skin reacted to it. I’m not acne prone but even at my age I break out occasionally and can easily get clogged pores. Since Face Atelier has silicone in their foundation I was concerned that this would be an issue for me but I find it to be a non-issue actually. That’s why I decided to test it without switching before I wrote this review.

Here’s what Face Atelier has to say: Ultra Foundation is a silicone-based emulsion that floats on top of the skin, doesn’t crease or flake, and lasts all day long.  Hydrating yet oil-free, it obscures tiny lines and pores to ensure a smooth finish.  No primer needed! It’s built into Ultra Foundation, thanks to the super sophisticated, silicone-based formula.   Another bonus – it sets without powder, preserving the youthful, dewy finish.

In spite of the silicone I’ve not had a problem. We all have the conception that silicones are bad for our skin but that’s not what’s been found. This foundation has been tested to prove that it’s non-comedogenic. Silicone molecules are larger than the human pore so they float on the skin rather than sink into it. (To learn more about that you can read this article.) The consistency of Ultra Foundation is almost watery as you can see by the picture. I didn’t expect it to have the excellent coverage that it has when I saw that consistency. The coverage is close to perfect and lasts me all day. If I go out at night I have to touch up usually around my nose and upper lip but that’s actually typical for me. I do use a concealer under my eyes prior to putting on foundation but that’s also typical for me.

I wear this in #1 Porcelain, the lightest shade. When I first applied it I was a little worried that it would be too light for me but within minutes it melds into my skin making it the exact right shade. The most important thing I’ve found with Ultra Foundation is to shake it really well. I had a sample of the foundation before that a friend had sent me so I could tell what shade would be correct for me. Obviously I couldn’t shake the little container so other than color I wasn’t sure about this until I received the full bottle. Shaking makes a big difference. I need a small amount to cover my entire face. I’ve tried it with my fingers, a typical taklon foundation brush, my Shu Uemura goat hair foundation brush and the Beauty Blender sponge. My favorite way is the Shu brush since I can buff it in to look luminous without looking greasy. If I’m in a hurry or my Shu brush isn’t clean then I like to use the BB sponge (aka pink egg) but any method works well. Another reason to like about the foundation is the pump bottle. It makes it so hygenic.

Color wise you can’t beat Face Atelier. They carry this foundation in 12 shades which is amazing. Their range is not only incredible but you can tinker with the foundation by buying Zero Minus (white), Zero Plus (dark brown), Zero Plus Plus (extremely dark brown) and Heat (it appears to be a dark orange and can be used as a blush for darker skintones) to get it perfect. To top it off Face Atelier sells samples of their foundations which are very generously sized. I’d expect a sample of one of the “Zero” products would be enough to change what you needed changed since you just use a drop of those.

Face Atelier foundations were created for the professional world. They don’t include SPF in their foundation since that doesn’t photograph well. I personally don’t count on my foundation for my sunscreen so that’s fine with me. All I care about is the beautiful finish that this foundation gives me. — Marcia

Disclosure: product was received by PR for review consideration

Lisa’s top favorites of 2010

Inevitably, the looming new year sparks reflection upon the one passing…and in the world of Beauty Info Zone, that means only one thing – what were my favorite cosmetic discoveries of 2010??

I had a great year in terms of holy grails.  Normally I might find one or two, but this was a banner year – I found so many things I can’t live without that I couldn’t even limit it to my ‘top ten for 2010’.  After some heavy duty soul searching and major editing, I came up with my most favorites.

My vote for coolest cosmetics lines new to me this year:

Vanitymark – super high quality products with a really neat variety of items.

Darac Beauty – all together, lovely products that form a complete system so it’s almost one stop shopping.

Julie Hewett – gorgeous colors, wonderful items…I find myself stalking the website just to drool over the possibilities.

Covermark – amazing full coverage products, plus a whole lot more.  This is a line with surprising depth.

My vote for best overall lines I was already familiar with, and  from which I discovered more great new things this year:

Senna – love the brows, the lips, the bronzers…my list of ‘loves’ goes on and on.

Tarte Cosmetics – fabulous line with truly amazing palettes and holiday sets.

Trish McEvoy – this line is especially perfect for someone just starting their makeup collection.

Jane Iredale – this line is constantly coming out with great new products, and has some real must-haves in many categories.

Favorite skin care discoveries for this year:

Beautisol – really terrific products that work.

Simply Divine Botanicals – my favorite organic line.

Lisa Hoffman – best products for travel, in my book.

Juara Skincare – ok, a bit of a cheat, as this is one of my favorite discoveries in both skin care and body products.  My favorite loves?  The Avocado Banana Moisture Mask ($37), a fabulous hydrating mask that somehow also brightens the complexion.  Also the candlenut fragranced products, in particular the Candlenut Hydrating Shower Gel ($28), a beautiful shower gel that foams up wonderfully and smells divine, and the Candlenut Body Polish ($35), a perfect exfoliator that doesn’t scratch but still gets rid of dead skin and leave you smelling amazing.

Best hair product discoveries:

nTrance – my first encounter with argan oil, I will never be without this hair serum.

Sedu Anti-Frizz Polishing Treatment- another amazing hair serum, it’s really terrific.

Best hair tools discoveries:

Sedu hair dryer and flat irons – how did I ever live without these??

Curl-Ease hair towel – I love how it gives me frizz-free hair every single time, regardless of the weather conditions.

Coolest new electronic products:

Luminess Air Brush system – so much fun!!!  I feel like an artist when I use this.

Honeybelle Body Buffer ($325) – this is a little pricey, but take my word for it – it WORKS.  It really does reduce the appearance of cellulite.  And the Apre Contouring Creme that comes with the set is FABULOUS.

Best body product lines:

Hampton Sun – amazing sunscreen and I adore the fragrances in this line’s products.

Whish – everything is super retro cool, I want one of each!  I am especially digging the Lavender Three Whishes Body Wash ($22) – super scent, just the right amount of suds, and it leaves your skin so soft and hydrated.

Hand Perfection – hands down, best hand products of the year.  No contest.

Best beauty tools of the year:

Hollywood Fashion Tape – love, love, love every single thing.  Just check out the Hollywood Hangover Kit pictured above!!  Every item is hilarious, retro, and unbelievably useful.

Crown Brushes – amazing brushes at a super affordable price.

Best brow discovery:

Senna– sick of me talking about this yet?  I just cannot live with out my Form-A-Brow Kit.

Best eyeshadows of the year:

Tarte Cosmetics – fabulous pigmentation and the sets are amazing.

Le Metier – gorgeous, unusual colors that you can actually layer without creating a muddy mess.  See a demonstration here.

Best foundation discovery:

FACE atelier Ultra Foundation – simply amazing foundation.  True love at first wear.

Best concealer discoveries:

It Cosmetics – Marcia introduced me to this amazing concealer that really covers imperfections with the tiniest bit of product.

Covermark – particularly the Under Eye Cover Kit, which covers anything that might be wrong, and has a great loose powder for setting the concealer.

Best self-tanner:

Pur Minerals Get a Little – such a wonderful creamy self-tanner that leaves you looking thin, tan, and happy.

Tan Towels – amazing little towels that give you a super natural, streak-free tan.  I will be expounding on these gems more in my upcoming review.

Best blush discovery:

Mai Couture – I still can’t believe that fabulous blush – and bronzer, too – can be so portable.  Blush in little papers?  Ingenious!

Best mascara discovery:

Revitalash – thick, long, super black lashes that don’t fade, flake, or smear.  What else could a girl ask for?

Best lip discoveries:

Le Metier Creme de la Creme lip gloss – a fabulous neutral that makes any kind of ugly lip color look gorgeous, it’s one of my secret weapons.

Beaute Cosmetics – every single lip product is unique and genius.

FACE atelier lip glaze – I am never without Lip Glaze in Ice…and now I will never be without Lip Glaze in Dianthus, the perfect shimmery pink.

Besame Sweetheart Balm lip gloss pots – gorgeous colors, amazing slip and texture, and a red that looks terrific even on me!

Best mineral makeup line:

Purely Cosmetics – fabulous, high quality, affordable minerals.

Favorite makeup up artist:

Victoria Stiles – she is amazing, just love her work and her website!!

A variety of items I simply cannot live without:

Jane Iredale Botanical Brush Cleaner

Vanitymark Duo Brush and Ultra-Tweeze Tweezers

Urban Decay Grind House Pencil Sharpener

Hard Candy Moon Glow Pressed Powder

Z Palette palettes

The year 2010 was simply amazing for me in terms of finding new loves and favorites.  I cannot wait for what 2011 is going to bring!

Happy New Year everyone!!  Warmly, Lisa

A holiday FACE with FACE atelier

I am absolutely in love with the FACE atelier line.  It has amazing products, so far I am impressed with every single product I have tried.  I think of FACE atelier as more of a ‘pro’ line, like Make Up Forever, or like MAC used to be before the gazillion LE collections.  It’s the line Madonna chose for her more recent tour.  The products are simple but very versatile, and extremely high quality.  You can find FACE online here, and at Camera Ready Cosmetics (I have ordered from them many times and find them to be a great online resource for beauty products).  There are also various boutiques that carry FACE, they are listed on the website.  FACE products are all completely fragrance-free, and they are totally against animal testing, which makes this line even more attractive.

I decided to do my ‘Christmas FACE’ with as much FACE atelier as I had in my stash.  Here is what I used and how it turned out:

First, I primed using Pur Minerals Correcting Primer, because the FACE atelier foundation is a thin liquid.

Next, I used the Ultra Camoflage Duet ($32).  This is FACE’s concealer, the one I have is the Light color.

It’s a silicone-based concealer with two colors – a golden shade and a neutral shade.

I use the lighter shade first, patting it on with my finger, then the darker shade over that.  It easily covers blue and red colors.  Even though it’s a creamy consistency, I do not find that it sinks into fine lines.

Next I used the Ultra Foundation ($45).  I LOVE this foundation.

Marcia is planning a review of this, so I will be brief – but it has a thin, liquid consistency, and it goes on like a dream.

This is #2, Ivory.

Next, I used the Transforming Gel ($26) to create my own gel blush.  I ADORE this product.  It’s like nothing I have ever tried before.  It has a gel-like texture, it’s not a thin liquid like most mixing mediums.  That means it gives your pigments more texture, and I think it makes them last even longer.  There are so many things you can do with this – you can make lip gloss, gel blush, cream eyeshadows, gel highlighter, eyeliner…the possibilities are endless!  Another bonus is you can use this as an eye gel for puffiness and dark circles.  I keep mine in the fridge and use it when I have very puffy eyes in the morning.

FACE has pigments they call Shimmers ($19) that I really want to try some day.  I am sure they will be amazing with the Transformer Gel.  For now, though, I have a pigment I absolutely love, it’s called Sigh and it’s from the late great pigment company Twisted Fayte.  I love it as a lip color and a blush.  Here I have everything laid out to make my gel blush:

You can see how the Transformer Gel is really a gel, not a thin liquid.  I mixed it all up, and came up with this:

I patted it on my cheeks with my finger, then put a little loose powder  over it to make it last even longer.   The main ingredients in the Transformer Gel are Glycerin, Cucumber Extract, Horse Chestnut Extract, and Panthenol.

For my eyes, I used eyeshadow from It Cosmetics.  I currently don’t have any FACE eyeshadows, which I hope to pick up soon – I understand they are awesome.  I do have their Brow Pencil in Taupe ($18),

which I used on my brows.  This is a great brow pencil for drawing in realistic looking eyebrow hair, so if you are an over-zealous plucker this is a great pencil for you.

Next, I used Lash RX ($22), which is a conditioning treatment that also works as a lash primer underneath mascara.  It elongates your lashes and plumps them up.  I also use this at night, I put it on before I go to bed and it conditions and strengthens the lashes.  The main ingredients are Glycerin, Silicone GEl, and Phenoxyethanol which prevents microbial growth.

Then, I used the Sculpt Mascara ($24).  This is one of my favorite mascaras of all time.  It lengthens, thickens, separates, and doesn’t smear or flake at all.  It’s just perfect.  I love how it makes the lashes look kind of ‘glossy’.  I also have no problems wearing it since it doesn’t have fibers, which can sometimes bother my contact lenses.  The main ingredients are Beeswax, Silicone Gel (which is what give the glossy look, I think), and Phenoxyethanol.

The wand is not too short, not too long, and the brush itself is fabulous – thick enough to be substantial, but not so thick as to be unwieldy.

I finished off the look with Lip Glaze in Dianthus ($24).  I have written about FACE atelier Lip Glaze before – these are the ultimate in lip gloss, in my book.  Huge tubes of the best lip gloss out there – fabulous feel, long-lasting gloss that isn’t the least bit sticky.  I love it.  And Dianthus is gorgeous.

I love the tube delivery system, and Dianthus is a GORGEOUS color:

It’s a deep pink with golden shimmer.  It doesn’t feel the least bit gritty on the lips – just the opposite, in fact.  I find that the shimmer in the FACE atelier lip glaze is extremely complex, giving terrific definition and depth to the lips, making them appear not only gorgeous but also bigger.

The Lip Glaze is very hydrating, which is awesome in the winter, it really does keep my lips from getting chapped and dried out.  The Lip Glaze has no fragrance and no taste at all.  The main ingredients are Petrolatum, Shea Butter, and Vitamins A and E.

Put it all together, and it ends up looking like this:

I love how the foundation gives such a fresh, diffused look to the skin, and the glowy blush made with the Transformer Gel turned out great.

If you haven’t tried anything from FACE atelier yet, I absolutely urge you to do so!!  If you can’t find the line in person, you can buy samples of almost everything from their website for $1.   – Lisa

Disclosure:  All products except the brow pencil were PR samples.  See our disclosure policy for more information.

The perfect lip gloss? FACE atelier Lip Glaze

Ladies, I have finally found it.

Yes, after years and years of searching for the PERFECT lip gloss, my search is over.

It’s Lip Glaze ($24) by FACE atelier.

I am not kidding, this lip gloss is absolute perfection!

It is not sticky. Your hair doesn’t catch in it, it has a wonderful texture that feels soft and comfy on the lips. This gloss is moisturizing, it leaves your lips soft and silky feeling.

It lasts for a very long time. Don’t get me wrong, you still have to reapply occasionally – but it’s not like some lip glosses that disappear almost right after you put them on.

There is no fragrance or taste.

The particular color I have, ICE, has the most beautiful, complex shine I have ever seen. It is truly unique – not frosty, but multi-dimensional. It makes my tiny lips look luscious, and that is quite a feat!!  I wish I could have taken pics outside so you could see how beautifully complex this lip gloss is, but it was too flipping cold and overcast today.  I will try tomorrow.  For now, here are the inside pics –

It wears beautifully alone:

over lip liner (here it is with Nars Marnie lip liner):

or over lipstick (here with MAC Viva Glam VI):

FACE atelier says, “Impossibly shiny and smooth as glass, our non-sticky, moisturizing formula is a cinch to apply with it’s sanitary, slant-tip applicator.”

FACE atelier Lip Glaze is truly perfection in a tube. The tubes, by the way, are HUGE – according to the website, they are 60% larger than the typical lip gloss.  I plan to purchase all the other colors, which include Clear, Arctic Gold, Peach, Dianthus, Primrose, Cameo, Plum, Shiraz, and Flamingo.  I can’t rave enough – this Lip Glaze is a must have. – Lisa

Disclosure:  I purchased this product myself.