FACE atelier Lip Glaze review and swatches

FACE atelier, a favorite line of pro makeup artists, has some extremely impressive lip gloss called Lip Glaze ($26).   It’s extraordinary stuff – super smooth, highly pigmented, and fabulously glossy.   It’s remarkably long-lasting without being sticky.



We were sent three $1 sample jars (which actually have a fair amount of product in them) so I can’t speak about the applicator.  However, the tubes are twice the size of most lip glosses so they are a really great deal.  Here are three gorgeous color selections:

Face Atelier Ice

Face Atelier Ice

Ice is like liquid diamonds for your lips.  It is VERY shimmery, in fact I think a photo of this is next to the definition of ‘shimmery’ in the dictionary.  I adore it…it’s fantastic on its own, and magical when mixed with any shade of lipstick.  FACE atelier has a great tip for this:  place a drop of Ice Lip Glaze directly onto the bullet of your favorite FACE Lipstick. Mix with a small, synthetic brush (Essential Brush #5) to create a dazzling liquid lip color.

Face Atelier Dianthus

Face Atelier Dianthus

Dianthus is a rosy pink with silver shimmer.  SWOON!  Oh my this is gorgeous.  It’s a beautiful shade that makes lips shiny and lush.



Enigma is a milky peach nude with small golden shimmers.  It’s beautiful for a natural look, and it mixes especially well with matte peach lipstick to create a liquid lipstick.

Lip Glaze swatches left to right:  Dianthus, Ice, Enigma

Lip Glaze swatches left to right: Dianthus, Ice, Enigma

different lighting, left to right:  Enigma, Dianthus, Ice

different lighting, left to right: Enigma, Dianthus, Ice

I also love that the Lip Glaze is both fragrance and flavor free.  In addition to Ice, Dianthus, and Enigma there are 14 more shades available.  I am totally lemming Peach, Paradise (a yummy looking coral shade) and Plum.  Which shades look great to you?  Check out the website and order yourself some sample jars to check them out!  – Lisa

*sample jars sent by FACE atelier

FACE atelier is Plum Perfect for fall

Fall is absolutely perfect for juicy plum shades and FACE atelier has exactly what your eyes need. They carry 33 different eyeshadow shades in 7 different collections. The BIZ was tickled plum when FACE sent the Plum Perfect shades to review!


FACE atelier Plum Perfect eyeshadow pans in palette


Inside…check out the plum gorgeousness!

FACE atelier eyeshadows come in pans and are $17 each. Overall, I find the eyeshadows are slightly powdery and have a  lovely amount of pigment. All formulas – matte, satin, and frost – last all day with minimal fading and no creasing. They have a super smooth texture and blend beautifully.


Plum Perfect four pan and swatches

Purple can be too bright, grey can be too boring – plum is the perfect compromise. I think these are fantastic ‘grown up’ shades with just enough oomph to get compliments on how fabulous your eyes look. Finish your eye look with a deep gray or plum eyeliner, you are ready for anything from a day at work to a night on the town.

Here’s a closer look at the shades:

Iced Amethyst

Iced Amethyst

Iced Amethyst is a satin silver grayish lilac. It looks slightly lighter in the photo than in person, it actually makes for a perfect crease shade. It has a beautiful, shimmery finish.

Chilled Lilac

Chilled Lilac

Chilled Lilac is also a satin. It is lighter than Iced Amethyst, with more pink than grey tones. This also has a beautiful shimmer, a little too much for use on the brow. I love it as a lid shade.

Plum Perfect

Plum Glaze

Plum Glaze is a deep plum. While this is called a ‘frost’ I don’t find it to be particularly frosty. It does have shimmer and it has an almost metallic quality. It’s fantastic as the deeper shade for the crease.

Perfect Mauve


Mauve is a matte light plum. It is so difficult to find really good matte shades that are easy to blend, so this one is like a dream come true. It makes for a fabulous lid shade and it is amazing as a wash with thick dark eyeliner.  So chic!

Here is my Perfect Plum look – I used Chilled Lilac on the lid, Iced Amethyst in the crease, Plum Glaze in the crease, Mauve on the brow and a bit of Chilled Lilac on the inside of my eyes. (By the way, I think the BEST tutorials on the web can be found at Into the Palette, go there to find awesome ways to truly compliment your eye shape!)

Plum Perfect eye look

Plum Perfect eye look


swatches, left to right:  Ice Amethyst, Chilled Lilac, Plum Glaze, Mauve

Ready for fall with my Face Atelier Plum Perfect eyes

Ready for fall with my Face Atelier Plum Perfect eyes

FACE atelier is a top notch line that to me is similar to MAC but without all the LE nonsense. Professional artists and makeup enthusiasts will love these eyeshadows, they have become staples in my collection that I reach for all the time. Check out the FACE atelier website and give the plum shades a look…they are perfect for fall!  – Lisa

 *pr samples

FACE atelier Facade review and swatches

I think FACE atelier is one of the coolest cosmetics lines out there.  They have all kinds of innovative products – I get goosebumps just reading about them. Visiting their website is like being in a cupcake bakery after a three-day fast.

FACE atelier Facade

FACE atelier Facade

Facade ($27, or you can buy a sample for $1) is a unique silicone-based gel-to-powder cream blush. It’s one of their fabulous products that is different from anything else on the market and it’s a great multi-tasker because you can use for lips too.  

On the cheeks it’s terrific because it sets without having to use powder over it. On the lips it gives a matte stain that lasts and lasts. Because I have thin lips I put a clear, shimmery gloss over it and it wears beautifully.

FACE says Facade is ‘moisture, heat, and sebum resistant’ and I certainly found it to be extremely long-lasting. Kelly Clarkson recently tweeted how much she loves Facade because it’s the first blush she didn’t sweat off during her concerts (FACE is the official makeup sponsor of her STRONGER tour). Facade has translucent but buildable matte shades that give a natural flush.  You can buff them down to an extremely light color, or layer to build intensity. There are five shades available:







Cha Cha

Cha Cha



The texture is super soft with lots of slip initially so you can really work with it. It takes a little longer to dry than most cream blushes, which is great for experimentation and adjusting your look. You can also mix the shades to make your own colors. I got little sample jars so I can’t personally speak to the applicator but FACE atelier says it has a ‘pro-friendly slant tip that allows for easy application.” I just scoop out a little product onto my steel palette and apply it with my fingers.

I was very happy when FACE sent the BIZ two sample jars and I got my hot little hands on Arabesque and Chameleon.



Arabesque is a peachy pink that leans more peach than pink.



Chameleon is a beautiful rosy pink that is especially luscious as a lip shade.



I swatched them heavy so you could see the colors but trust me these blend out to as light or as dark of a shade as you want. They are also oil free, fragrance free, flavor free, non-comedogenic, and vegan. Yay!

Unless your skin doesn’t react well to silicones, Facade is dream product that pros and regular folks alike will swoon over. I also love how FACE sells samples for just a dollar so it’s totally worth it to try all the shade to see what works best for you before investing in a full size product. Which shades look interesting to you?  – Lisa

 *pr sample jars

Christina Choi and Le Metier de Beaute Face of the Day

christina choi FOD2

I used a combination of mostly Le Metier and Christina Choi products one day last week and I loved the results.  Here’s what I used:

For this face of the day, I used Le Metier de Beaute Classic Finish Foundation in V applied with a Beauty Blender. Next, I smoothed It Cosmetics Bye Bye Undereye Concealer under my eyes and on any dark or red areas.  After that, I applied Inglot Cream Blush in 81, followed by It Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores loose powder and It Cosmetics Hello Light Powder Illumizer, plus a little bit of Le Metier Sun Kissed Bronzer.

CC eyes

Christina Choi Glitz & Glamour eyes

cc eyes

On my eyes, I used Christina Choi Glitz and Glamour which I reviewed HERE.  I used Chandelier on the lid, then I used the Glamour cake liner dry on the crease.  I followed with Glitz on the crease and down onto the lid.  Then I wet the cake liner with Face Atelier Transforming Gel and lined my upper lid.  I used Make Up For Ever Kohl Liner in black on my waterline.

cc eye

I used the cake liner as an eyeshadow – love multitaskers!

I used my Joey Healy Brow Architect Stylo in Molasses for my eyebrows.



My LM/CC FOD…love acronyms!

Lips were Clarins 01 Bay Rose Lip Definer, Guerlain Levres Lips 02 gloss, and I used my Verge One Spiral Wand on my hair.  Wow, sounds like a lot of products, but it didn’t take long to apply and I was totally ready for my day.  I loved my combination of favorite go-to products, it’s always great when things turn out even better than you had hoped!  – Lisa

*some items received from PR

Side by Side – 10 top color items for 2011

Beauty Info Zone hasn’t done any top 10 lists lately and we’re way overdue. It was super hard to pick out of all the reviews we’ve done and narrow it down to only 10 products each so if we cheat a little, don’t be mad. We’ve both reviewed so many products that we reach for all the time. Here’s what’s standing out to Marcia and Lisa’s Top Ten for the first half of 2011.


  1. Rouge Bunny Rouge: Oh how I love my Rouge Bunny Rouge eyeshadows. Here are two reviews that I’ve written about them. There will be more to come! Start with my first RBR post and then read this post.
  2. Illamasqua nail polish: I love my nail polishes and I have used so many that have won my heart. But Illamasqua are the ones I’m lusting after.
  3. Face Stockholm: All the Face Stockholm products I’ve tried have been absolutely wonderful but if I have to pick one to live with forever after it would be the Rio cream blush.
  4. Billion Dollar Brows: Here’s where I cheated. I know I said 10 items but I use the BDB brow powder and tweezers every single day so I have to include them both. I would be lost without these now. 
  5. Tarte Inner Rim Brightener: Another product I use every single day; I even have two since I don’t want to be without this.
  6. Le Métier de Beaute’ Fresh Creme Tints: I have all of these and I love them to pieces. I’m a cream girl/lady/woman and these are so creamy. They double as blush and lip tints.
  7. Tarte Amazonian Clay Blushes: Cheating again, more Tarte but I can’t help it. These are the longest lasting powder blushes I’ve ever tried. Every color is fabulous too.
  8. Armani Intense Eyes to Kill eyeshadows:  These are unique on the market and I love using them. I’m so sad I didn’t buy more which means I will be buying more!
  9. Face Atelier Lip Putty: I picked this over all the other great Face Atelier products because I use it constantly. It’s the best product I own to prime my lips.
  10. Dan Read foundation: I know Lisa is going to mention this but the more I thought about the list, the more I realized I couldn’t write my top ten without it.


  1. Dan Read eyeshadows:  Everything about Dan Read makes me happy, especially his foundation, but I’m in an eyeshadow kind of mood lately and these have won my heart.
  2. Vasanti Eye Products: Every single eye product that I use from Vasanti is wonderful. Eye Wonder is a fabulous eye cream and Vasanti’s Moon Dust Shimmer Powder is amazing.
  3. OCC pigments:  I have always loved pigments and my collection is huge. OCC pigments stand out though because they are top notch and I love them all but Artifact is the very best. 
  4. Cargo eyeshadow palettes: I’m obviously on an eyeshadow kick lately and Cargo started this kick. Once I tried their palettes I became more obsessed with eyes than ever. Cool Neutral has gotten me through many work days because I know that even if I wake up late I’ll end up with a polished eye.
  5. Unii palettes: I’m in love with the amazing colors of Unii palettes. They bring a smile to the face of this serial depotter. Anyone who likes their eyeshadows and blushes in palette form needs a collection of these.
  6. Cargo Magic Brush: This is the brush I choose if I can only have one brush. It’s so soft and does such a magical job on my face.
  7. Face Stockholm color correcting foundation: I’ve been amazed with the Matte Foundation in Lilac. I never thought something like this would work but oh my goodness, it’s a fabulous addition to your foundations.
  8. Face Stockholm blush: Shambella matte blush has been my most used blush lately. The quality is terrific, so incredibly smooth and easy to blend.
  9. Illuminare eyeliner: I never thought that I’d fall so in love with an eyeliner but Illuminare Beyond Black has stolen my heart.
  10. Illuminare foundation: Illuminare makes several formulas of foundation and I refuse to pick a favorite; I can’t help but love Extra Coverage foundation/concealer and Mattifying Mineral foundation. Add in their Fast Application Pad and you have perfection.

We hope you’ve gotten to the end of this very long article. We each could have done a list of 20 but we have to stop at some point. We will be following up with another Side by Side with our top 10 on other types of products.

Did we hit any of your favorites in this list? — Marcia and Lisa

Eeny Meeny – FACE atelier I pick you!

Eeny meeny miny moe – which of these fabulous products do I start with to crow?

Shall it be lips that are impervious to sips?

What about blush that’s incredibly lush?

Or how about lips that are plumped like our hips?

Whichever I chose, you surely won’t lose.

Now that my Dr. Seuss time is over (happy birthday Dr. Seuss) I’ll begin my raves with the three lip products that I’ve been using from FACE atelier. I’ll start with the lipstick ($22) and admit that when I was allowed to pick a shade to test out, I blew it. I can’t always tell what a color would look like when I see it online so I just picked the lightest shade that FACE atelier makes. FACE atelier divides their 27 lipstick shades into 7 categories.  I picked one from Rhapsody in Pink called Candy Floss which I believe is a frost finish and it turned out to be even lighter than I like.

The solution of course is to wear it with a lipliner and or a gloss. Of FA’s lipliners it appears that Sweet or Love would work to deepen the lipstick properly. In spite of not being able to wear the lipstick alone I am able to wear it and experience how creamy it is. Frost finishes aren’t always hydrating but Face Atelier has overcome that with the emollients they use.

My favorite lip product from FACE atelier is their Lip Putty ($24) .

I am thrilled with this product. You apply Lip Putty prior to using any color. It fills in lines on your lips as well as around your lipline. For me this is the way to perfect way to plump my lips. I’m not putting anything on that burns, instead I’m priming my lips therefore making them look fuller. It can be used with any lip product I have so it’s extremely useful. You can even wear it alone to just moisturize and protect your lips (it has organic ultra-violet protection). There’s no fragrance to it though it’s loaded with essential oils and vitamins. An absolute winner in my book.

The third product I’m using is Lip Lock ($22). What Lip Lock does is protect your lipstick from disappearing. It’s not a miracle worker and it’s not going to last all day or night but it certainly helps your lipstick last a lot longer especially if you are a lipstick eater like I am. Lip Lock is a thin brush-on shellac type item that you apply in a light layer.

Now if your lips are chapped you’re going to feel a slight burning feeling when you first apply this but it goes away quickly. The first time that happened to me though I was quite surprised but now I know that I’ll possibly feel that for about 20 seconds but then my lipstick is set and will last, at least to mealtime.

My last rave is for Ultra Blush ($26). I love this blush. Pink Satin is the perfect tone for me. It’s a baby pink in the container and translates into an out of the cold pink flush for me.

(I couldn’t get a truly accurate picture so here’s the blush in another light:)

I haven’t seen the other shades of this blush (there are 5) but if you like a cool toned pink blush, you want this long lasting color. I love the compact, it’s an ultra thin compact that is filled with a silky smooth beautifully pigmented blush. There’s no talc in the blush but there are silicones in it. It doesn’t sink into my pores, it just gives me a look that I love.

Now you can see why I had so much trouble picking what to tell you about. FACE atelier has so many delights that picking favorites is difficult – we should all have those kind of problems!! — Marcia

Disclosure: items were provided for PR consideration

Be a foundation pro with Face Atelier

I’m a woman that needs foundation. I wish I could get away without it but my skintone isn’t even and I have insecurities about it. When I find a great foundation I’m thrilled. I have several partially used bottles that I’ve tried and just haven’t made the cut. I like a medium coverage foundation that isn’t going to melt away during the day. Luckily I’ve found a few that I really like and can recommend. Face Atelier Ultra Foundation fits that category.

I’ve been wearing FA Ultra Foundation consistently now for over a month. My typical modus operandi is to use a foundation for about 3 days and then switch to another therefore rotating my collection. But I purposely have been wearing this foundation for over a week straight to see how my skin reacted to it. I’m not acne prone but even at my age I break out occasionally and can easily get clogged pores. Since Face Atelier has silicone in their foundation I was concerned that this would be an issue for me but I find it to be a non-issue actually. That’s why I decided to test it without switching before I wrote this review.

Here’s what Face Atelier has to say: Ultra Foundation is a silicone-based emulsion that floats on top of the skin, doesn’t crease or flake, and lasts all day long.  Hydrating yet oil-free, it obscures tiny lines and pores to ensure a smooth finish.  No primer needed! It’s built into Ultra Foundation, thanks to the super sophisticated, silicone-based formula.   Another bonus – it sets without powder, preserving the youthful, dewy finish.

In spite of the silicone I’ve not had a problem. We all have the conception that silicones are bad for our skin but that’s not what’s been found. This foundation has been tested to prove that it’s non-comedogenic. Silicone molecules are larger than the human pore so they float on the skin rather than sink into it. (To learn more about that you can read this article.) The consistency of Ultra Foundation is almost watery as you can see by the picture. I didn’t expect it to have the excellent coverage that it has when I saw that consistency. The coverage is close to perfect and lasts me all day. If I go out at night I have to touch up usually around my nose and upper lip but that’s actually typical for me. I do use a concealer under my eyes prior to putting on foundation but that’s also typical for me.

I wear this in #1 Porcelain, the lightest shade. When I first applied it I was a little worried that it would be too light for me but within minutes it melds into my skin making it the exact right shade. The most important thing I’ve found with Ultra Foundation is to shake it really well. I had a sample of the foundation before that a friend had sent me so I could tell what shade would be correct for me. Obviously I couldn’t shake the little container so other than color I wasn’t sure about this until I received the full bottle. Shaking makes a big difference. I need a small amount to cover my entire face. I’ve tried it with my fingers, a typical taklon foundation brush, my Shu Uemura goat hair foundation brush and the Beauty Blender sponge. My favorite way is the Shu brush since I can buff it in to look luminous without looking greasy. If I’m in a hurry or my Shu brush isn’t clean then I like to use the BB sponge (aka pink egg) but any method works well. Another reason to like about the foundation is the pump bottle. It makes it so hygenic.

Color wise you can’t beat Face Atelier. They carry this foundation in 12 shades which is amazing. Their range is not only incredible but you can tinker with the foundation by buying Zero Minus (white), Zero Plus (dark brown), Zero Plus Plus (extremely dark brown) and Heat (it appears to be a dark orange and can be used as a blush for darker skintones) to get it perfect. To top it off Face Atelier sells samples of their foundations which are very generously sized. I’d expect a sample of one of the “Zero” products would be enough to change what you needed changed since you just use a drop of those.

Face Atelier foundations were created for the professional world. They don’t include SPF in their foundation since that doesn’t photograph well. I personally don’t count on my foundation for my sunscreen so that’s fine with me. All I care about is the beautiful finish that this foundation gives me. — Marcia

Disclosure: product was received by PR for review consideration