Brow and lash love for 2015

Make-up, applying mascara

As I was doing my makeup for New Year’s Eve I realized that the biggest change in my cosmetic life for 2015 was that I absolutely can not go without doing my brows anymore. A combination of age and illness created eyebrows that just didn’t cut it anymore. I went for most of my life not touching my eyebrows with much more than a tweezers. They had a great natural shape and were filled in nicely. That’s not the case any more. That’s why I decided to share the 2015 eyebrow and eyelash products that have made a difference for me.


Pixi Beauty Brow Palette

Pixi Beauty Brow Palette

This is my most used brow product for everyday. My hair isn’t necessarily the same shade from color to color so I appreciate having a choice of shades that I can use straight or mix. Right now I’m dipping twice into the darkest shade and once in the one lighter since my hair is very dark at the moment. I’ll get it colored soon and can reevaluate how I want to use the colors. One of the best buys at $12 I’ve found. *


Pixi Endless Brow Gel Pen in Medium

Pixi Endless Brow Gel Pen in Medium

The Endless Brow Gel Pen is another best for me from Pixi. This is not a universally loved product but I like it so much that I bought 3 the last time I ordered from Pixi. It’s not really a pen, it’s a pencil that is gel-like in texture. It’s a heavier look than the brow palette because the gel is thicker. I like wearing this when my brows really need attention.


Senna Brow Duo in Brunette

Senna Brow Duo in Brunette

I love Senna Cosmetics but I hadn’t tried their eyebrow products before because I just didn’t care about my eyebrows. Now that I have this Brow Shaper with the plumping brow shade and pomade I really appreciate why Eugenia Weston, owner and cosmetic guru, is so well known for eyebrows. These powders really cling to my eyebrow hair and fill in naturally where I’ve lost some hair. Another reason to love Senna. *


It Cosmetics Heavenly Luxe Build A Brow and It Cosmetics Tightlining 10-in-1 Dual Ended brush

It Cosmetics Heavenly Luxe Build A Brow and It Cosmetics Tightlining 10-in-1 Dual Ended brush

It Cosmetics Heavenly Luxe Eyebrow brush

It Cosmetics Heavenly Luxe Eyebrow brush

OMG, this is the best brush ever for eyebrows. It was created for IT’s Build a Brow Creme Gel Stain and it’s great with that but it also shines with every gel or cream brow product I’ve tried. The bristles are staggered so they really get into your brows to deposit color. This is totally unique and totally worth every penny of the $24 price.


Benefit Roller Lash Mascara

Benefit Roller Lash Mascara

Benefit Roller Lash Mascara

Benefit Roller Lash Mascara

Officially named Roller Lash Super Curling and Lifting Mascara, this is one of my favorites of the year. I find Benefit Cosmetics to be hit or miss but after reading the raves for this I caved and I’m glad I did. The curved wand really does help curl your lashes although I always use an eyelash curler. The combo of the eyelash curler and Roller Lash gives me eyelashes that stay curled for a good 12 hours. This was good for me for a solid three months staying easy to wear and easy to remove.


Catrice Ultimate Lash Multimizer Volume Mascara

Catrice Ultimate Lash Multimizer Volume Mascara

Catrice Ultimate Lash Multimizer Volume Mascara wand

Catrice Ultimate Lash Multimizer Volume Mascara wand

At $7.99 this is 1/3 the price of the Benefit mascara and almost as good. The Multimizer is a volume and definition mascara. While it doesn’t help add curl, it holds it well. The older this gets, the better it gets. Which means a new one is in my future.


Bare Minerals Lash Domination

Bare Minerals Lash Domination

BareMinerals Lash Domination

BareMinerals Lash Domination

2016 was the year I realized I loved volume mascaras. Before that I always thought I was looking for length and definition but the mascaras I like best this year turned out to be volumizing. Who knew? Besides charming me with the polka dot packaging, Lash Domination * charmed me with the twisty turny brush and lashes that looked great. They call this a 10-in-1 mascara since it Volumizes, Lengthens, Thickens, Separates, Lifts, has All-day wear, is Mineral fortified, Resists clumps, Fights Flakes, and is Smudge-resistant. After reviewing * this, I bought another.


Surratt Beauty Relevee Lash Curler

Surratt Beauty Relevee Lash Curler

Surratt Beauty Relevee Lash Curler opened

Surratt Beauty Relevee Lash Curler opened

I didn’t need another eyelash curler but I wanted this Surratt Beauty one after reading all the raves. Everyone has different shaped eyes and the lash curlers that a lot of people rave about (Shu, ELF etc) pinch me. This Surratt Relevee has been a delight to use. It opens widely, does a great job fitting my eyes and creates a curl that really lasts. If I want to use the method of inching up my lashes I have to use a magnifying mirror so I can see my lashes better.

As usual with a list like this, I’m sure I left out other wonderful products that I discovered in 2015. Even if I did though I know I’m recommending the ones that really have stood out to me. Have you tried any of these? What would you say stood out the most for you this past year?  — Marcia

*items were PR samples, rest were self purchased  **affiliate links used


Side by Side and a GIVEAWAY with NR Skin

The only thing we love more than great skin care is a GIVEAWAY for great skin care and we have it all for you today!  NR Skin is a terrific line with medical grade skin care products. Not only did they send us three products to test, including the Citrus Stem Cell Fusion Cream, Super Antioxidant Cream, and Lash Teez Eyelash Growth Serum…they are also hosting a giveaway for 3 lucky BIZ readers!


NR Skin promises to ‘deliver visible results with purity’. Their products are formulated to:

  • diminish fine lines, wrinkles and pore size
  • brighten skin tone and texture
  • fade hyperpigmentation (brown spots)
  • reduce the appearance of acne

Their products have excellent ingredients including:

  • antioxidants
  • peptides
  • botanical stem cells
  • sea vegetables
  • essential oils
  • plant lipids
  • vitamins
  • minerals

NR Skin products are also notable for things they DON’T have!

  • NO parabens
  • NO propylene glycol
  • NO sodium lauryl sulfates
  • NO pesticides
  • NO phthalates
  • NO artificial dyes
  • NO synthetic fragrances

Plus, they don’t believe in animal testing of any kind. This is a line we can get behind.

Lisa went for the skin creams and Marcia went for the eyelash serum in this round of testing.  Read on for our opinions and your chance to win these products for yourself!

NR Skin Citrus Fusion Cream and Super Antioxidant Cream

Citrus Stem Cell Fusion Cream ($89) is an anti-aging cream that uses botanical stem cells to fight wrinkles. The citrus part is from orange stem cells, which are combined with hyaluronic acid for less wrinkles and more elasticity. This is a beautiful, light cream that has a very faint scent of citrus. It sinks in quickly and leaves my skin feeling and looking great.

NR Skin Citrus Stem Cell Fusion Cream

NR Skin Citrus Stem Cell Fusion Cream

This medical grade treatment cream is best for those with normal to oily skin. If your skin runs more on the dry side, then you will really like the Super Antioxidant Cream ($89). This is a very rich medical grade cream that has all sorts of awesome ingredients including vitamin E, DMAE, alpha lipoic acid, copper peptides, plus avocado and soybean oil. They work together to improve skin’s brightness, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and improve skin’s texture. It also provides lots of hydration for dry, thirsty skin. The fragrance is stronger in the Super Antioxidant Cream, more of a floral than a citrus, but it dissipates fairly quickly.

NR Skin Super Antioxidant Cream

NR Skin Super Antioxidant Cream

MARCIA’S SIDE:  Lash Teez Eyelash Growth Serum
Eyelash Growth Serums are tricky to review since they are most likely going to work differently for each of us. Lash Teez Eyelash Growth Serum ($59) is the one that has come to my rescue and that I’m using religiously.
You’ve probably read my sad story (at least it’s sad to me) that when I fell this past summer my life went awry. My body did a lot of weird things like plunge me into a true depression that I attribute to some of the drugs I was taking. Because of the stress I was going through along with not being home for almost 3 months I started losing hair everywhere (except my upper lip!!). My hair thinned, my eyebrows practically disappeared and my already scrawny lashes became almost invisible. I’ve been working on regaining my hair (and losing it on my upper lip) and I’m gradually getting there.

NR Skincare Lash Teez™ Eyelash Growth Serum

NR Skincare Lash Teez™ Eyelash Growth Serum

NR Skin Lash Teez Eyelash Growth Serum came into my life in early February. I started using it within a week but I didn’t follow directions exactly. For this to help the best you really should use this twice a day. I only used it at night though but I used it every single night for the last two months and will continue to do so.
The first thing I noticed is that there was no stinging and no burning. I later noticed that I didn’t have any problems with the skin on or near my eyes. Before Humpty Dumpty’s fall I had tried two different eyelash growth serums to no avail. One burned my eyes so badly that I didn’t last with that more than a few painful nights, the other didn’t burn but after about two weeks I had bumps along my upper eyelid that didn’t go away until I discontinued use.
This long story is to tell you why I recommend NR Skin Lash Teez Eyelash Growth Serum.
My lashes have grown though the growth has been slowed down by how far my lashes needed to come and because I only used it once a day. But I finally have eyelashes that look okay and that make me excited to wear mascara and eyeshadow again.

Eyelashes after NR Skin Lash Teez Eyelash Growth Serum

Eyelashes after NR Skin Lash Teez Eyelash Growth Serum

This before picture was taken on January 15th.

Eyelashes after NR Skin Lash Teez Eyelash Growth Serum

Eyelashes after NR Skin Lash Teez Eyelash Growth Serum

The after picture was taken on March 29th. Same eye. The difference shows how much Lash Teez Eyelash Growth Serum has improved my lashes.

 This is what I’ve learned from NR Skin. Their goal with the Lash Teez Eyelash Growth Serum is to Stimulate, Treat, Accelerate and Rejuvenate. This is formulated with a clinically proven peptide, Myristoyl Pentapeptide 17, which is known to increase eyelash growth. “This conditioning formula does not contain Prostaglandin, so you will not experience darkening of the eyelid or change of eye color.”

  • Clinically shown to increase eyelash growth and density by 25% in as little as two weeks
  • Contains bioavailable lipo-oligopeptides shown to stimulate keratin genes and eyelash follicle hair growth
  • Revolutionary technology available without a prescription and with no side affects
  • Can also be used to increase eyebrow hair density


Who wouldn’t want to win one of these great products? NR Skin wants you to choose the one you’d be most anxious to win. Our US only giveaway ends on April 28, 2015 at 11:59 p.m. EST. If comments close at the end of the giveaway then email us at [email protected] and label it NR SKIN GIVEAWAY, comment in that email. Then you are ready to click “I commented” and continue with other options. We’re excited to share this during our anniversary week and thank NR Skin for allowing this post and the prizes to happen.

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Holiday gift guide for the Glam Girl!

Beauty Info Zones Glam Holiday Gift GuideShe loves pretty packaging, big lashes, the latest trends, and large price tags.  So what to buy her for the holidays??  Go big or go home with these glamorous gift options, all BIZ tested and approved!

Onsen Tenseless Cream

1.  Onsen Tenseless Cream ($400):  When only the best will do, go for this amazing moisturizing cream.  It’s perfect for nighttime, giving 8 full hours of relaxation to facial muscles – which means that beauty sleep really results in beauty!  I am happy with my skin every morning when I use this awesome night moisturizing cream.  Available at

Chella Lash FullFillment Kit

2.  Chella Full-Fillment Lashes Kit ($95)  The perfect kit for building beautiful eyes.  It has everything needed for luscious lashes:  a 6 mL tube of Chella Lash Full-Fillment Eyelash Treatment, Chella Anti-Fatigue Eye Mask Kit, and a sample of Chella Eye Cream packaged neatly in a  custom tri-fold Chella Eyebrow Organizer. The Organizer has 8 individual pockets, plenty of room for the Chella items plus more.

Esqido Little Black Lash and Voila Lash

3.  Esqido Mink Lashes ($34-$42):  These gorgeous mink lashes not only look amazing, they also last through up to 25 uses!  For subtle glam, go with Little Black Lashes.  For lots of oomph, go with Voila Lash.  I have zero talent when it comes to applying falsies, but these are so easy to use I reach for them whenever I want instant lash gratification.  Available on

Nudestix 2

4.  Nudestix:  Innovative packaging and on-trend colors make this line a winner for any glam-loving girl.  The effortless nude shades perfectly compliment those dramatic lashes with the Concealer Pencil ($24), Mascara ($24), and Magnetic Eye Color in Twilight ($24).  Available at and in Urban Outfitters stores

Guess Seductive 2

5.  Guess Seductive ($22):  Besides the wonderful packaging with the heart charm, this sweetly seductive scent features bergamot, pear, jasmine, african orange flower and vanilla.  It’s a creamy, fruity/floral scent that works for everyone from teens to cougars.  Your giftee can raise some temperatures (and who knows what else?) with this sexy scent.

Rituals Happy Mist and Good Luck Scrub

6.   Good Luck Scrub ($29) and Rituals Happy Mist ($25):  The perfect duo for any glam girl’s great night’s sleep!  Rituals Good Luck Scrub is certainly lucky, with a winning combination of organic sugar, safflower, avocado, sweet almond, macadamia, jojoba, and sunflower seed oils.  The scent is gorgeous – sweet orange and cedar.  It leaves skin super soft and smooth, ready to climb into soft linens gently scented with Rituals Happy Mist.  Oh, this bed and body mist will make even the most discriminating gal extremely happy.  Orange and yuzu beautifully refresh linens, and because it’s cosmetic grade it can be used as a body mist as well.  It’s a great way to get happy between the sheets!

Black Friday is approaching, and the holidays will be here before you know it.  Get your shopping done early with these pretty, sexy, and trendy options for the glam-loving girl on your list.  Shopping for someone who loves practical beauty options?  Check out my Ten holiday gift ideas for the practical fashionista right HERE!  – Lisa

*items reviewed sent for editorial consideration

Novalash Eyelash Extensions: an update, plus what is a ‘fill’ like?

People ask me all the time how I like my Novalash eyelashes.  The truth is, I don’t like them – I LOVE them.  I am absolutely, completely, totally addicted.  They aren’t the easiest ‘enhancement’ to have – they are expensive, and there are certain complications.  But I am willing to put up with any issues because the pros far outweigh the cons.


1.  They are expensive, maintenance is costing me about $90 a month (2 fills plus tip).

2.  The glue can be irritating to my eyelids, and it can make my lids itchy.

3.  The extensions I get are the longest, most dramatic ones, so I sometimes have problems with them sticking to my lower lashes at inconvenient times.  I am sure that it’s more problematic with the longer lashes than it is with the shorter ones.


1.  They look totally natural and make my eyes look amazing.

2.  I no longer have to wrestle with a lash curler every morning.

3.  While I can use mascara if I want, I don’t have to – and it’s really nice to have eyelashes that always look great.

4.  They do not negatively affect my natural lashes in any way.

4.  Did I mention they make my eyes look AMAZING???

More lashes = love!

I want to point out that Novalash extensions are different from what is known as ‘individuals’, which are false eyelashes that are glued to several of your natural lashes in one clump.  That type of lash enhancement is cheaper, but it also causes you to lose your natural lashes before they would normally fall out with their natural growth cycle.  I would NOT recommend that type of lash enhancement.  I have been wearing the Novalash extensions for four months now, so I have completely cycled though a normal three-month growth cycle, and I can tell you that I still have just as many natural lashes as I did when I started.  When it comes to extensions, cheaper is not better!!

I originally posted about the initial application HERE.  The first time you have a set applied is by far the most expensive.  But just like with acrylic nails, you need to have a ‘fill’ every so often to keep your lashes looking their best.  Some people can go as long as 4 weeks, most probably go every 3 weeks.  I actually like to go every 2 weeks if I can, just because then they don’t ever get thinned out.

Before the fill, no eye makeup on at all

Pictured above and below are my lashes after four weeks.  Four weeks is truly the longest you would ever want to go in between fills.  Remember, with Novalash each lash is individually applied to your natural lashes.  So as you shed your lashes throughout their normal growth cycle, your extensions go with them.

Before the fill, no eye makeup on

As you can see above, I have quite a few extensions left – but I also have natural lashes without extensions.  So they still look pretty good, but not as good as they do after the fill.

After the fill, still with no eye makeup on

Here they are after.  A fill takes anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour, depending on how many lashes you need to have applied.  It costs anywhere from $40 to $65, also depending on the amount of work your stylist needs to do.  Just like with an initial application, your lower lashes are taped down and the stylist works from one eye to the next, gluing individual lashes to your natural lashes.

Back to my new ‘normal’!

I am so used to the extensions now that I can’t even imagine being without them.  Unless you have extremely sensitive eyes, I highly recommend Novalash extensions.  If you go to the website, they have a page where you can find a certified stylist in your area.  Find a certified stylist and go for it – I know that you will become as much of a lash addict as I am!  – Lisa

My review and adventure with Beauty Is Life eyeshadows

Display image from Beauty is Life's website

There’s a story behind my purchase of Beauty Is Life Eye Shadows; one you’ll probably commiserate with. When I was in California this past summer one fabulous stop was at Barneys in Hollywood. It’s an amazing store with brands you don’t see coming and going. One that caught my eye was Beauty Is Life. Unfortunately I was accosted by an overly aggressive sales associate who wanted my attention at Serge Lutens. I think Serge Lutens is an amazing line but it wasn’t what I wanted to try that particular day.

Before I knew it though I was seated in a chair and the SA was questioning me rapidly about what I wanted. I know I didn’t sound enthused but I still was interested. In the meantime she also grabbed my wonderful friend Patty and had her sitting down in the other chair. Patty must have sounded like a better mark because the inattention then started. She wanted me sitting in that chair though because she didn’t want anyone else to get my business even if I wasn’t going to get paid any attention.

I looked over and Lisa was having her makeup done at Beauty Is Life and that’s what I wanted. So I took the bull by the horns (which actually means I got my butt out of that chair) and went to watch Lisa. That lovely sales associate saw my eyes getting round and saliva dripping as I was looking over the display. She knew she had me reeled in. I went on to have a very nice makeover and purchased several Beauty Is Life items plus one skincare item much to the chagrin of SA number 1. I may not look like a striking California babe like Patty but I love cosmetics more than she does plus I write about them.

Now onto the purpose of the review!!! The two eyeshadows I purchased from Beauty Is Life are totally unlike my regular stash. I was just getting into my green phase and was captivated by the shade named Jungle and really wanted to see that on my eyes. Jungle is greener and less gold than my pictures indicate. It’s well named since it’s a green with a touch of brown to it. The other shade she used is called Marrakesch, another aptly named shadow since it’s got a golden spicy tone to it.

Beauty is Life Jungle eyeshadow

Beauty is Life Jungle eyeshadow swatched

Beauty is Life Marrakesch eyeshadow

Beauty is Life Marrakesch eyeshadow swatched

It’s difficult to judge an entire line on just two shadows but I’d definitely explore this line further the next time I could get to a Barneys. The shadows go on beautifully and last well. They are very smooth to apply and aren’t powdery. The finish is similar to MAC Velux Pearl at its best; not shimmery but more satiny.  Marrakesch is under the category of Shiny Eye Shadow; Jungle isn’t listed on Barney’s website but the finish is similar so I’m guessing it’s also a Shiny one.

Surprisingly for me Marrakesch is getting a good amount of use, more than Jungle actually. I’m attributing that to the fact that it’s out of my typical comfort zone so I don’t have a million variations of it. In the following pictures I’ve used it with Rouge Bunny Rouge Absynnian Catbird.

Rouge Bunny Rouge Absynnian Catbird and Beauty is Life Marrakesch

Rouge Bunny Rouge Absynnian Catbird and Beauty is Life Marrakesch

Beauty Is Life is a German brand created in 1978 by Beatrix Isabel Lied. BIL runs beauty academies in Europe but it’s pretty new to the US and only carried at Barneys. Here’s some information from their website:

The perfect composition of the colors was of essential importance for Für Beatrix Isabel Lied when developing her make-up products. Based on her 9r-typology, every color has been carefully chosen to meet highest standards in beauty and perfection.

The BEAUTY IS LIFE 9r-typology covers all existing pigmentation types regarding tone value – light, medium, dark – and color temperature – warm, warm-cold, cold. Beatrix Isabel Lied consequently names the nine color types:

Knowing your color type is a key advantage – not only when choosing your outfit, but also when choosing your make-up colors. This is reflected in Beatrix Isabel Lied’s basic principle: Your own beauty and personality can only shine in combination with the colors matching your color type.

The BEAUTY IS LIFE make-up line offers a comprehensive collection of non-tawdry and trendy, glittering and matt, glossy and pastel nuances for each of the nine color types – enabling a conscious choice of the right colors for outstanding beauty.

I hope to be able to explore more from this line (I do have a foundation and concealer that I’ll review in the future) but for now I’ll have to settle for an occasional trip to California to get that fix. With 90 eyeshadow shades to choose from, this addict definitely believes that beauty is life! — Marcia

Revitalize your eyes: RevitaLash

The day I knew I was getting older:

There I was sitting across the restaurant booth from my husband. I had a sensible grilled chicken salad in front of me, he had a bowl of chili and an order of fries. But that disparity in ordering isn’t what did it. Instead it was when he said to me, “What’s wrong with your eyebrow?”  Hmmm, my eyebrow? I asked what he meant and he said it looked like it was half missing. Oy vey! Visions of my mother and aunt with their almost hairless eyebrows ensued. A frightening thought.

And like Superman who comes to the rescue of those in need, RevitaBrow came to my rescue. The tube of this had arrived exactly 24 hours before this conversation. The tube of this was therefore opened 25 hours after it arrived. I’ve been using this for 7 weeks now and I see an amazing difference. I apologize for not having taken before pictures (that’s a new skill for me) but you’ll have to take my word for it when I tell you that I have a lot of new growth on my eyebrows. So much in fact that after 5 weeks of using this nightly I am now using it 3 times a week. I still have a little patch in the front that’s not fully filled in but that’s been like that for years. As you age your hair patterns change – believe me, you aren’t going to like it! You have less hair where you want it (eyebrows, eyelashes and head) and more where it’s embarrassing (upper lip, chin, nose!!!). RevitaBrow to the rescue! This has a sponge tip so you can use the edge for smaller places and the side for larger areas. I’m quite sure this will last me a good 9 months so even though the initial cost is high ($110), the per use cost is reasonable. It contains peptides and botanicals to strengthen, condition and nourish. Fuller brows make you look younger.

RevitaBrow was developed after RevitaLash. The story behind RevitaLash is that the creator’s (Dr. Michael Brinkenhoff) wife, , had breast cancer and he wanted to help her regrow and strengthen her lashes which had been damaged due to the chemotherapy and radiation treatments that she had to endure. Once the doctor realized how it helped her, he wanted to share that with others. A portion of all sales goes towards breast cancer research and education.

I’ve also been using RevitaLash. I’ve not seen quite as dramatic a change on my lashes from this but that’s because I had previously used another brand. I stopped using that brand and am now exclusively using RevitaLash. My previous skimpy lashes are much fuller, longer, and lush. I plan to keep it that way by continuing to use RevitaLash at least 3 times a week. It doesn’t interfere with any of my nightly skincare routine; I just wait for it to dry and then apply my eye cream as usual. RevitaLash comes with a very thin brush much like a liquid eyeliner brush. It’s a breeze to apply and I never seem to get it into my eye. I have no burning or itching with this at all. (I did have that problem with a previously used product so I know the feeling.) I have the 3 month supply ($98) but it’s already lasted me 7 weeks and it’s obvious that I have a long way to go with the tube. I’m sure it will last for 6 months. They also have a tube that they say lasts for 6 months ($150) which I’d assume would last much longer. The ingredients in RevitaLash are Water, Sodium Chloride, Panthenol, Citric Acid, Phenoxyethanol, Chlorphenesin, Disodium Phosphate, Trifluoromethyl Dechloro Ethylprostenolamide, Cellulose Gum.

While my photo skills are lacking they show that I actually DO have eyebrows now and that I have lashes that have dramatically improved (at least in person they have.) Since that fateful dinner I have to say that I’ve heard no more disparaging remarks about my eyebrows and lashes and I plan to keep it that way by REVITALIZING myself with RevitaLash Eyelash Conditioner and RevitaBrow Eyebrow Conditioner. – Marcia

Disclosure: Items in this review were submitted for consideration. It does not affect the outcome of the review. Please see our disclosure statement for information.