The great lash enabler: GrandeLASH-MD, GrandePRIMER, and GrandeMASCARA #LongLashes

@grandelashMD  Facebook: GrandeLASH-MD #LongLashes

@grandelashMD Facebook: GrandeLASH-MD #LongLashes

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I am not completely lazy…I am willing to put in the work for great results. At the same time, I want immediate gratification – otherwise I get discouraged. Luckily, I get both long-term results and instant fabulousness with GrandeLASH-MDGrandeLASH-MD has totally enabled me on my quest for big, fat, amazing lashes.

@grandelashMD  Facebook: GrandeLASH-MD #LongLashes

@grandelashMD Facebook: GrandeLASH-MD #LongLashes

For long-term results, I use GrandeLASH-MD. This is an eyelash conditioner – ingredients include a mix of vitamins, peptides, amino acids, and conditioners that promote lash health. My lashes used to get dry and crunchy, especially from using waterproof mascara, and this awesome conditioner has helped them look their best. I really noticed it after about a month of applying it like a liquid liner at night right before bed. GrandeLASH-MD is totally safe for use around the eyes and has a 90-day money back guarantee.

GRANDElash - no primer or mascara

GrandeLASH-MD – no primer or mascara #LongLashes

So the GrandeLASH-MD is my responsible, ‘seeing the bigger picture’ treatment…but I also want results right NOW. To take care of this, I use the GrandePRIMER. This is a white primer that coats every individual lash. It has nutrient rich mini fibers that thicken lashes and make them longer as well. I’ve had primers that make my lashes stiff and crunchy, but this one leaves them feeling soft and lush thanks to a conditioning ingredient called Sympeptide 226EL. Like all the GrandeLASH-MD products, it has a 90-day money back guarantee.

I find that for the best results, I put one coat of the primer on my lashes then immediately apply the GrandeMASCARA. The primer dries quickly, but when it is just a tiny bit tacky it does an even better job of enhancing the lash appearance.

GRANDElash - with primer

With GrandePRIMER #LongLashes

Finally, I finish with the GrandeMASCARA. Honestly, one coat is all I need over the primer for tons and tons of volume and length. This makes me happy because even though the primer seems like an extra step, since I only need one coat of mascara I’m actually spending less time getting my lashes as dramatic as possible.

The GrandeMASCARA is really terrific. It also has the Sympeptide 226EL, which ensures volume, length, and conditioning. It stimulates keratin, so while I get my immediate gratification I also get long-term results without giving it a thought. The applicator grabs onto every lash, which are already defined thanks to the primer – and my favorite part is the mascara simply doesn’t smudge. It’s a total winner, and combined with the GrandeLASH_MD and the GrandePRIMER this is the total package for lush, fat, dramatic lashes.

GRANDElash - with primer and mascara

GrandeLASH-MD – with primer and mascara #LongLashes

GRANDElash eyes!

GrandeLASH-MD eyes! #LongLashes

I know it’s the holidays, and there is no doubt that a set of GrandeLASH-MD would make any beauty conscious giftee extremely happy. However, I recommend you put this on YOUR wishlist…or just buy it for yourself because you’ve been a very good girl this year. You will be very happy and your lashes will be even happier! Plus, there is a special offer at GrandLASH-MD right now:

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