Eyeliner delight with Eddie Funkhouser

If you follow me on Beauty Info Zone you probably know I’m obsessed with eyeliners. I’ve been trying to write reviews about the different ones I’ve been trying since I have a goal to find the ultimate liquid eyeliner. In a way it was Eddie Funkhouser that started me on this quest. I fell totally in love with his Ultra Definition Eye Lining Stylus. I wanted to see if there was a brown liquid eyeliner that I could love as much. So far it’s no go. This is still a fun quest and I’m finding lots of eyeliners, liquid and pencil especially, that I’m enjoying a lot.eddie funkhouser liners in box

Imagine my surprise when on Valentine’s Day I received a box from Eddie Funkhouser that contained two eyeliners. It’s like he could read my mind. Other than a diamond ring there’s nothing better than a few new eyeliners to try. (I’m the princess of exaggeration).

Eddie Funkhouser Graffiti Cream Eye Pencil and Graffiti Liquid Liner

Eddie Funkhouser Graffiti Cream Eye Pencil and Graffiti Liquid Liner

Eddie Funkhouser Graffiti Cream Eye Pencil and Graffiti Liquid Liner are my latest and greatest toys. Graffiti Cream Eye Pencil ($10.49) comes in one color – Absolute Black. But it’s not just black, it’s black black and more black. This deep dark color applies smoothly and evenly lining your eyes in one easy stroke. Because it’s a cream eyeliner pencil you have time to smudge so Eddie made it very easy for you and included a smudger on the opposite end of the pencil. This is a twist-up pencil which also has a built in sharpener.

Graffiti Cream Eye Pencil

Graffiti Cream Eye Pencil

Smudger and sharpener

Smudger and sharpener

The pencil is great in 3 special ways: 1) as a dark black eyeliner pencil that doesn’t travel to give you raccoon eyes, 2) as a smokey liner when you smudge it and 3) as a black liner to go with the Graffiti Liquid Liners. What they recommend is to apply the Graffiti Cream Eyeliner without smudging and then apply a line of one of the bright colors of Graffiti Liquid Liners right above and out. This makes for an amazing cat eye especially.

Eddie Funkhouser Graffiti Liquid Liner in Haze

Eddie Funkhouser Graffiti Liquid Liner in Haze

Eddie Funkhouser Graffiti Liquid Liner in Haze - after I cleaned the tip

Eddie Funkhouser Graffiti Liquid Liner in Haze – after I cleaned the tip

Eddie Funkhouser Graffiti Liquid Liner is one fun eyeliner ($9.99). It’s available in three outstanding shades that fit the Eddie Funkhouser line perfectly. I have HAZE which you can see is a gorgeous metallic grape, there’s sparkle in it that’s both purple and red. You’d think it would be totally out there for a woman of my age but it makes for a gorgeous look, especially with soft shadows. There’s also INDICA (metallic ocean grown blue) and KUSH (Metallic harvest green).

Haze Graffiti Liquid Liner (blush.com)

Haze Graffiti Liquid Liner (blush.com)

Step one is to clean off the brush since too much can come out. I like to wipe it on the edge as I pull it out and make sure it looks even on the brush. If I don’t do that I’ll get an uneven application – see photo below.

swatches (middle purple was before I wiped it off)

swatches (middle purple was before I wiped it off)

The goal with the Graffiti Liquid Liners is to add beautiful, hologram-inspired impact to eyes for an amazing accent of multidimensional, fashion-forward color. This is a fun eyeliner for me to use when I want to add a little more zap to my life. I’m not going to wear purple metallic liner in my everyday life but weekends are meant for a great dinner out and a little excitement.

Eddie Funkhouser

Eddie Funkhouser

Speaking of excitement, blush.com now carries Eddie Funkhouser. I’m overjoyed about this discovery. Not only can I get free shipping and Ebates but I can get my thrill of Eddie any time I want.

p.s. Eddie, if you are reading, I finished my candy hearts quickly and thought of you the whole time!! — Marcia

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It Cosmetics now has Gel Eyeliner Pencils to delight us

IT Cosmetics No Tug Waterproof Gel Eyeliners

IT Cosmetics No Tug Waterproof Gel Eyeliners

It Cosmetics™ are truly IT in the eyes of Beauty Info Zone and now they are truly IT ON the eyes of Beauty Info Zone. We are happy to be able to share with you the 10 shades of No Tug Waterproof Gel Eyeliner by IT Cosmetics. These were sent to us to review and you should have seen the two of us jumping up and down with delight and then picking which colors we wanted. One for Marcia, one for Lisa, one for Marcia, one for Lisa. We’ve obviously read the book All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten (Robert Fulghum). Well we didn’t wear eyeliner in kindergarten but we learned about quality at an early age.

It Cosmetics™ products are all anti-aging products which we really appreciate. These eyeliners are “clinically proven anti-aging long wear pencils infused with hydrolized silk, peptides & anti-oxidants.” They are paraben free and of course cruelty free.

You are going to have two problems though once you see our swatches and read our review: 1) which colors will you want and 2) where are you going to buy them. Personally we haven’t found them online though we did hear that Ulta stores carry them and that they are coming very soon.


IT Cosmetics Waterproof Gel Eyeliner pencils

IT Cosmetics Waterproof Gel Eyeliner pencils

I was able to pick the shades Black, Copper, Lucky Jade, Navy and Silk Taupe. I’m thrilled with my choices. These are all colors I love wearing for eyeshadow and for eyeliner. Since I had first pick I instantly picked Silk Taupe and it’s my very favorite of these 5.

As a former elementary school teacher you’ll see my swatches are in ABC order!!

It gel eyeliner swatches: black, copper, lucky jade, navy and silk taupe

It gel eyeliner swatches: black, copper, lucky jade, navy and silk taupe

Black is a very intense black, if you are a black eyeliner lover then this is one you need. I found it to be a bit softer than my other pencils and the tip broke off at first but since there’s a built-in sharpener it wasn’t a problem.

Copper is a golden copper shade. This one is especially nice under your eyes or even as a base for eyeshadow.

Lucky Jade isn’t really jade. It’s more of a forest green with a touch of khaki. It has a light amount of shimmer to it.

Navy is more denim like than it is a dark navy. You really see blue with this one unlike so many that look more like black once on.

Silk Taupe is a golden taupe with a beautiful light amount of shimmer

I love having the choice of which shade to wear since they are all beautiful. I have a feeling though that Silk Taupe will need a sibling soon since it’s getting so much use.


Marcia picked some awesome shades but I am extremely happy with the ones I have. These gel liners are beautiful. They glide on and have terrific lasting power, even with my oily eyelids.  I love the self sharpening feature. If you want more of a point on the end, just pull off the sharpener on the bottom and you can easily get a point that will give you a thin, precise line.

Built in sharpener

Built in sharpener

My ‘fantastic five’ are Slate, Plum, Highlight, Brown, and Black Brown.

It Cosmetics

It Cosmetics left to right:  Slate, Highlight, Brown, Black Brown, Plum


IT Cosmetics Gel Eyeliner in Slate

Slate is a medium gray with blue tones. It is super pretty with silver eyeshadow.


IT Cosmetics Gel Eyeliner in Plum

Plum is a shimmery red toned purple. This is a great shade for fall and winter and looks amazing paired with brown or gray eyeshadow.


IT Cosmetics Gel Eyeliner in Highlight

Highlight is definitely the most unusual of all my shades. This is a shimmery champagne shade that is fantastic on the waterline. It’s also great on the inner corners of the lids or even as an all-over lid shade. I think this is my favorite of my fabulous five just because it’s so versatile.


IT Cosmetics Gel Eyeliner in Brown

 Brown is a medium warm brown with very slight shimmer. This is an excellent basic shade that should be in everyone’s collection.

Black Brown

IT Cosmetics Gel Eyeliner in Black Brown

Black Brown is just that – a browned-down black. I love this because sometimes Black seems too harsh for daytime. Black Brown gives me that dark definition I want, but it’s softer. And the black/brown combination is different from a grayed-down black. It’s warmer and just plain pretty.

My comparatively boring swatches...

My comparatively boring swatches…left to right:  Plum, Black Brown, Brown, Highlight, Slate

My shades swatched from left to right, in a much less inventive photo than Miss Marcia’s:  Plum, Black Brown, Brown, Highlight, and Slate.  Gel liners are terrific for their ease of application and the pencil form makes them that much more convenient. The It Cosmetics Gel Eyeliners are wonderful, this line just keeps hitting home run after home run with me.

Look for these to be coming to your local Ulta soon if they aren’t there already. PR tells us that they should be more widely available soon. There’s nothing like the smoothness of these eyeliners.

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Holiday Gift Guide: Tarte sets for eyes

One of the things that Tarte Cosmetics is known for are their holiday sets and for 2013 they’ve totally outdone themselves. There are gift sets galore that you’ll find at all prices. These sets are always great values with quality products that are just beautiful. When you need a gift for a birthday, Chanuka, Christmas or any other event, Tarte is the place to go. Today we are featuring some sets that are specifically for the eyes that we know will have you drooling. Plus we have a bonus for you. If you order one of the sets on THIS PAGE at tarte you will get a FREE Glamazon lipstick in your choice of color with the code GLAM13, just add it to your cart and use the code. Of course something this great is going to go fast so don’t hesitate.


tarte Rare Gems Eyelash Curler

tarte Rare Gems Eyelash Curler

When Tarte was kind enough to send us some items for review my eyes glommed instantly onto this Rare Gem limited edition rhinestone picture perfect™ eyelash curler with a deluxe lights, camera, lashes™ 4-in-1 mascara. Who can resist purple rhinestones? I surely can’t. I love purple, I love rhinestones and I love tarte. The perfect combination. And guess what – this amazing set costs only $19! I was shocked when I saw the price. I’m always looking for gifts that are in this price range and I know exactly whose eyes will glimmer when they see this in their package.

tarte Rare Gems Eyelash Curler with extra curler and mascara

tarte Rare Gems Eyelash Curler with extra curler and mascara

open wide!

open wide!

The eyelash curler is surprisingly easy to use. You’d think that the rhinestone handle would get uncomfortable but it doesn’t. It opens very wide so it’s easy to get your eyelashes in without pinching. This great set comes with an additional rubber applicator replacement. Plus the mascara that it comes with is Lights, camera, lashes 4-in-1 mascara, one of tarte’s best. This is the total package!


I actually have two picks, because both sets are terrific values and come with some of my favorite tarte items.  I am loving the Stop and Stare set ($39) and the Best for Lash set ($25).

tarte Stop and Stare

tarte Stop and Stare

inside the Stop and Stare set

inside the Stop and Stare set

The Stop and Stare set comes with six items:  3 full size skinny smolderEYES™ Amazonian clay waterproof liners in onyx, purple garnet (a new shade) and azurite green; 2 full size smolderEYES™ Amazonian clay waterproof liners in taupe (a new shade) and rose gold; and a deluxe size lights, camera, flashes™ statement mascara.  It has everything you need to create beautiful eyes that truly will make everyone stop and stare.

The lights, camera, flashes statement mascara is a great mascara, especially for tons of volume and lots of length. The skinny eyeliners are great for getting a super precise line that really lasts. And the chubby waterproof liners give a gorgeous, thick line that can be smudged out with the rubber smudger or even used as a lid shade. Here are some swatches:


Left to right:  onyx, azurite green, purple garnet


top shade:  taupe, bottom shade:  rose gold

Another great option for eyes is the Best for Lash set, which has my vote for ‘most clever name’.

Best for Lash

saving the Best for Lash

inside Best for Lash

inside the Best for Lash

This set has four items:  a deluxe size multiplEYE™ lash enhancing primer, a deluxe size  lights, camera, lashes™ 4-in-1 mascara, a deluxe size lights, camera, flashes™ statement mascara, and a deluxe size lights, camera, lashes™ waterproof 12-hr inner rim liner.

Just think of the amazing eye looks you can create with the primer to boost lash volume, two different choices of mascara (the 4 in 1 for excellent separation and curl, and the flashes 4 in 1 for even more volume), and the rim liner for super precise eye lining and rim lining! Both of these sets are perfect for any cosmetics-loving gal and even more perfect for YOU.

Tarte has some incredibly affordable, high quality gift options for the upcoming holidays. With the offer of a free Glamazon Lipstick, now is the perfect time to start that holiday shopping.

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Christina Choi and Le Metier de Beaute Face of the Day

christina choi FOD2

I used a combination of mostly Le Metier and Christina Choi products one day last week and I loved the results.  Here’s what I used:

For this face of the day, I used Le Metier de Beaute Classic Finish Foundation in V applied with a Beauty Blender. Next, I smoothed It Cosmetics Bye Bye Undereye Concealer under my eyes and on any dark or red areas.  After that, I applied Inglot Cream Blush in 81, followed by It Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores loose powder and It Cosmetics Hello Light Powder Illumizer, plus a little bit of Le Metier Sun Kissed Bronzer.

CC eyes

Christina Choi Glitz & Glamour eyes

cc eyes

On my eyes, I used Christina Choi Glitz and Glamour which I reviewed HERE.  I used Chandelier on the lid, then I used the Glamour cake liner dry on the crease.  I followed with Glitz on the crease and down onto the lid.  Then I wet the cake liner with Face Atelier Transforming Gel and lined my upper lid.  I used Make Up For Ever Kohl Liner in black on my waterline.

cc eye

I used the cake liner as an eyeshadow – love multitaskers!

I used my Joey Healy Brow Architect Stylo in Molasses for my eyebrows.



My LM/CC FOD…love acronyms!

Lips were Clarins 01 Bay Rose Lip Definer, Guerlain Levres Lips 02 gloss, and I used my Verge One Spiral Wand on my hair.  Wow, sounds like a lot of products, but it didn’t take long to apply and I was totally ready for my day.  I loved my combination of favorite go-to products, it’s always great when things turn out even better than you had hoped!  – Lisa

*some items received from PR

Tarte Eye Catchers has certainly caught my eye – review and swatches

Tarte Eye Catchers (image from sephora.com)

The holidays wouldn’t be the same for makeup lovers without tarte’s amazing holiday sets. There is something for everyone in the 2012 Baby It’s Bold Outside collection. We’ve reviewed quite a few of the items but there’s still one more that you need to make your collection complete – Eye Catchers. This amazing set contains 5 full size smolderEYES™ Amazonian clay waterproof liners plus 1 full size skinny smolderEYES™ Amazonian clay waterproof eye liner. What amazes me is that a single smolderEYES™ liner costs $25 yet this set with 6 full size items is $39. And it’s gorgeous and useful and has new colors for tarte. What more could you ask for?

what a single smolderEYES is like from tarte’s site

These smolderEYES™ liners double as eyeshadow and eyeliner. They happen to be extremely creamy and are so easy to use as an eyeshadow. They just glide on my eyes like nobody’s business. I find them much more creamy than the ones I’ve previously had. Even with all this creaminess once they set, they are S.E.T. These don’t move on me. They last a good 10 hours without fading.

The smolderEYES™ Amazonian clay crayons (as I call them) come in 5 new shades tarte eye catchers boxtarte eye catchers  openAsh Violet – this is a simply beautiful take on violet, it’s a smokey blue based violet that actually looks like violet and not black. I instantly fell in love with this shade. tarte eye catchers  purple penciltarte eye catchers purple swatch

Rainforest Black – if it was me I’d just have named it Rainforest since that’s what it reminds me of. It’s a beautiful green with a blue undertone.tarte eye catchers green penciltarte eye catchers green swatchtarte eye catchers green smudged

Champagne – a fantastic peachy champagne shade that looks gorgeous just about anywhere you apply it. I’ve tried it on my browbone with other shades in the set, I’ve used it as an eyeshadow on my lid, and it makes a very pretty undereye shade in place of a dark liner.tarte eye catchers champ penciltarte eye catchers champ swatch

Gunmetal – this is a shade I jump on when I see it in stores. It’s like a combination of brown and silver in one stunning shade. tarte eye catchers brown penciltarte eye catchers brown swatchGold – what a lovely shade to use as an eyeshadow or liner. It brightens without being gaudy. I like this best as an eyeshadow on my lid but it can be used anywhere. It’s more of a golden bronze to me than a true gold.tarte eye catchers golden penciltarte eye catchers golden swatchtarte eye catchers golden smudged

Onyx – this is the skinny guy. It’s meant to be used as an eyeliner. It’s the deepest darkest black that doesn’t smudge once it’s on.tarte eye catchers black penciltarte eye catchers black swatch

The colors in Eye Catchers happen to be stunning. They are 100% winners. It’s hard to pick a favorite in the set, but who needs to when you can have them all! I’ve seen them on Sephora.com, Ulta.com, and Amazon.com as well as at the stores. These are limited edition and will be gone before you know it so don’t wait to pick these up and make your eyes into ones that will CATCH someone else’s eye! — Marcia

Some great photos from other blogs: BlushingNoir and Beauty Junkies Unite

Some Tarte holiday reviews on Beauty Info Zone: Fantastic Foursome blush set, LipSurgence Collector Set, The Big Thrill Collection, and For the Love of Lipgloss. These Baby It’s Bold Outside sets are holiday delights.

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Tarte wants you to Treat Yourself to Gorgeous – QVC special

Treat Yourself to Gorgeous from tarte cosmetics

When Tarte Cosmetics chose the name “Treat Yourself to Gorgeous” for their newest QVC special kit they knew what they were doing. You’ll be amazed by this set and feel like you’ve indulged in something very expensive. The surprise is that Tarte did it again – they are bringing you a kit that contains 20 gorgeous eyeshadows, 4 amazing eyeliners plus 4 luscious lipglosses – for only $49.98. While this kit is just one low price, it has 3 separate boxes so if you wanted you could gift one or two of the boxes and keep part for yourself. (You know the philosophy “one for you and one (or two) for me” is always fun when gift giving!) Each box is in shiny paper making it look like a gift. This year’s winter theme for Tarte has been Baby It’s Bold Outside and you’ll find bold and beautiful items in each of the boxes.

image from qvc.com

Box one contains 4 full size cashmere waterproof gliding liners. The 4 eyeliners are great everyday basics but with pizzazz. The shades aren’t labeled but they are all you need: Black Orchid, Bronze, Black Brown, and Black Magic. Both Bronze and Black Orchid have the prettiest touch of shimmer while the other two are matte. The texture is what sells these. They are labeled ‘cashmere’ and that’s how soft they feel while gliding on. The colors are intense and don’t take more than one line; you can easily smudge them when you first apply them and then they are set! They last throughout the day. There’s also a full size mirror in the liner box.

Tarte Treat Yourself to Gorgeous eyeliner box

Tarte Treat Yourself to Gorgeous eyeliners

from top – Black Orchid, Bronze, Black-Brown, Black Magic

Box two contains the 4 Maracuja Divine Shine Lip Glosses. These 4 glosses are perfect shades for this set that will give you a variety of looks. Tarte lipglosses come in a wand that clicks up and comes out through the brush. They start off a little sticky but that changes as they meld with your lips. There’s a delicious peppermint scent with these that I personally love. It’s the same scent as in their LipSurgence lip crayons that are my favorite lip product. The fragrance fades quickly but it’s refreshing while it lasts. These have a small plumping action that comes naturally from the maracuja. The color range is wonderful since you can change your look entirely by whichever lipgloss you choose.

Tarte Brazen lipgloss

Darling is a soft pink with subtle gold shimmer


Genuine is a sheer, creamy pink that has a pinky-nude tone


Giddy is a beautiful soft coral pink


Brazen is a sheer bright rose


Brazen sheer and more full coverage

Now to the eyeshadows, Amazonian clay infused silky-smooth eyeshadows – sigh – 20 elegant eyeshadows  that are mostly new for Tarte.

Tarte Treat Yourself to Gorgeous eyeshadow box

The names are fabulous and make you realize that there are 20 ways to treat yourself: Bubble Bath, Gossip, Ice Wine, Velvet, Frozen Hot Chocolate, Stiletto just to name a few. These shadow shades span seasons too. You might prefer the light shades like Privacy Please, Macaroon, or Skinny Dip in the summer; Safari, Bellini, Cabana in the fall; and Tiramisu, Tahitian Pearl and 24 Carats in the winter. Or you may just prefer to use them all any time of day or night, any season! There’s so much to choose from that each day you’ll feel like you are Treating Yourself.

Upper left: Macaroon, Privacy Please, Bellini, 24 Carats

Macaroon, Privacy Please, Bellini, 24 Carats

Lower left: Bubble Bath, Ice Wine, Gossip, Skinny Dip

top:Bubble Bath, Ice Wine, bottom: Frozen Hot Chocolate, Skinny Dip

top right: Canary Diamond, Truffle, Tiramisu; underneath: Safari, Cabana, Locket

Bottom right: top: Sailboat, Match Point, Stilleto; underneath: Frozen Hot Chocolate, Velvet, Tahitian Pearl

top: Sailboat, Match Point, Stilleto; underneath: Frozen Hot Chocolate, Velvet, Tahitian Pearl

Whether you ask for this as a gift, buy it for yourself, or choose it for your makeup loving crew you won’t be sorry. This is a one day special on QVC that will be presented on 11/28/2012. The number to order on that day is A226316. Or you can do yourself a favor and go directly to QVC now and use the pre-order number, A230738, and order a set (or more) to be sure they aren’t sold out. (Plus it’s on easy pay!!) Gorgeous is gorgeous and when it’s at a special QVC price like this it makes it that much more appealing. Treat Yourself to Gorgeous – a perfect name! — Marcia

Side by Side: It Cosmetics Hello Bright Eyes lights up our way

Who doesn’t need a little lift now and then?  It Cosmetics Hello Bright Eyes Silk Anti-Aging Waterproof Brighteners lift and illuminate your eyes and any other area of your face that could use a little lift.  These brightening pencils are waterproof even after 8 hours, and have tons of great ingredients for your skin.

It Cosmetics Hello Bright Eyes

Inside the box are two brightening pencils, one matte and one pearl, plus a handy pencil sharpener.

These pencils have great stuff in them, including hydrolyzed collagen, silk proteins, and vitamins C and E.  They have ‘micro-illuminating pigments of light’ to brighten the eyes, give lips the illusion of fullness, and dimish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Let’s see what Lisa and Marcia think about these anti-aging waterproof pencils.

Lisa’s Side:

Oooooh, I like these!  These two pencils are extremely versatile, wonderful highlighters.

matte and pearl brightening pencils

I love using these on my waterline and underneath my lash line, it really opens up my eyes and makes them look brighter and younger.  I have had some real issues with allergies this fall, my eyes have been so puffy and swollen it’s ridiculous.  So I’ve turned to these magic pencils time and again to help conceal the damage the pollen has been doing to my eyes.

matte and pearl

I don’t really have a favorite between the two.  The matte shade looks extremely natural and just helps make the eyes look wider.  The pearl shade is very pretty and it gives a little more brightness to the look.

matte and pearl, swatched

While I typically use the matte shade just on the waterline, I use the pearl shade on the waterline and along the lower lash line.  These are very handy pencils that definitely help me look far more rested than I do without them!

 Marcia’s Side:

I’ve been enjoying using these Hello Bright Eyes Silk Anti-Aging Waterproof Brighteners so much. Just picture me with Hello Lashes, Hello Bright Eyes and a giant smile on my face. I’m ready to say Hello to the world with these.

The first one of these pencils I tried was the Pearl one since I love to add just a touch of non-glittery, non-shimmery color to my browbone. My eyes are getting a little more hooded and I need more opening up and Pearl absolutely does that for me.

Matte and Pearl

As you can see by the pictures the two pencils are different. Pearl has a light peach tinge to it that translates to a subtle color once on my browbone. Plus you can add a little to your lips to make them look fuller! Either define your cupid’s bow or put it in the center of your lips to give yourself a subtle pout.

Matte is a more nude skin tone. I’ve used the matte in the inner corner of my eye as well as on my waterline. I don’t look natural with a glowy white in the inner corner, I think it accentuates the lines in my eyes but the matte shade of this pencil gives me that lighter look while being more natural. After a night like I had serving a houseful of people on Thanksgiving you can be assured that this was needed the next two days. It’s so effortless and opens up my eyes, making the whites look much brighter.

At Beauty Info Zone we think It Cosmetics are IT! These two pencils again prove to us that they can do no wrong. Hello Bright Eyes Silk Anti-Aging Waterproof Brighteners are a set you definitely need for this holiday season (and any season). You can find them at QVC for $24 or on the IT Cosmetics site for $29 and free shipping.

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