The five items you need to survive any holiday party! #UltaTrendAlert #StyleHunters4Ulta

The five items you need to survive any holiday party!

Holiday parties. They can be so much fun…or they can be so embarrassing thanks to unforeseen fashion emergencies. Help is here with 5 essentials to save you from potentially embarrassing situations…who wants to be the subject of the water cooler gossip on Monday? Not us, and we won’t be with these awesome situational saviors that are all available at Ulta Beauty.

Breath Treatment Crystals1.  What is worse than making small talk with someone who has nasty breath? Finding out later that YOU were the source of the nastiness. The perfect antidote to bad breath (and exactly what you need to prevent it from happening in the first place) are the EV32 Breath Treatment Crystals. My favorite flavor is Peppermint, and an 18 pack is only $15 – a small price to pay for minty-fresh, inoffensive breath you can count on. A hip alternative to gum or mints, they ‘pop’ in your mouth – sort of like Pop Rocks (those of you who grew up in the 1980’s remember those!) and they fit perfectly in your purse.

Pacifica Underarm Deodorant Wipes

 2.  Ok, bad breath is awful…but how about looking down and realizing you have a big old wet ring under your arms? I love the Pacifica Underarm Deodorant Wipes ($9). A single swipe keeps sweat at a minimum and does double duty as a deodorant as well. These are must-haves at a party, especially when you know that super cute guy from accounting is going to be there too.


3.  Look, we all know – everybody poops. However, a holiday party is the WORST place to suddenly have an emergency digestion issue, but it’s all the more likely thanks to that rich food you aren’t used to eating. What is a girl to do??? Always carry a bottle of Poo-Pourri Before You Go Toilet Spray ($10). This stuff works. Just spray it on the top of the toilet water and regardless of the intensity or duration of your toilet emergency, there will be NO lingering scent. Everyone should have one of these. I have a friend whose mother puts one in everyone’s stocking each Christmas. No joke – get this!

IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Undereye Concealer

4.  So you are at a party and happen to look into a mirror. You suddenly realize that it looks like you’ve been up for an entire week binge-watching Homeland. Oh, and you also have a big old zit that definitely wasn’t there an hour ago. Duck into the bathroom and take care of both instantly with IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Anti-Aging Concealer ($24, the travel size is only $10!). The tube is a perfect size for your purse and the concealer looks totally natural but covers even the darkest circles, the biggest zits, and the most glaring red spots.

AG Travel Size Brunette Dry Shampoo

5.  As careful as you might be getting ready, it’s inevitable – you get to the party and see gray roots that weren’t showing before. Or, your hair has gotten as oily as a 13-year-old boy who hasn’t showered in 48 hours. Or, your hairdo has fainted and become a flat, sad hair don’t. No worries if you have your travel size can of AG HAIR Travel Size Brunette Dry Shampoo (10.95)!  This handy-dandy stuff makes oily roots, flat hair, and grey roots disappear like magic.

Don’t be afraid of those holiday parties…with these 5 miracles from Ulta Beauty you can party with total confidence!!  – Lisa #UltaTrendAlert #StyleHunters4Ulta @UltaBeauty

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Meet your color match with AG Hair Dry Shampoo

So how did you meet your match…speed dating? Online website? Did you bump into him at the grocery store and then melt when he asked if he could squeeze your Charmin? amd-charmin-jpg

Prepare to meet your match – your color match, that is – with AG Hair Dry Shampoos. I found that three out of the four ‘flavours’ were matches for me, so the heck with monogamy. I am in love with the concept of a dry shampoo that actually matches my hair color, taking care of both excess oil and grey roots at the same time.

AG Hair Dry Shampoo

I am a big fan of dry shampoo in general for several reasons. First, it gives me another day or two before having to wash my hair, soaking up oil and dirt and refreshing my hairstyle. It’s great on freshly washed hair, giving it some texture and lift. AG Hair Dry Shampoos also have ingredients that add moisture and shine to hair.  The ingredients include:

  • Rice and tapioca starch – natural oil absorbers.
  • Hydrolyzed silk protein – excellent moisture binding properties with low molecular weight, allowing penetration into the hair fiber, thereby strengthening and moisturizing the hair.
  • Green tea leaf extract – powerful antioxidants protect and strengthen the hair, making it healthier and more full.

There are four types, or as AG Hair calls them ‘flavours’, of Dry Shampoo. The Simply Dry Shampoo has no color, and it doesn’t leave a white cast on hair so it works for all hair types and shades. Just hold the bottle about 8 inches away from roots, spray on, let dry for a minute then fluff with fingers. Voila, fluffy clean hair with lots of body! This is a great dry shampoo for texturizing and refreshing. It has three friends that do all the same things PLUS cover up roots.

AG Hair Dry Shampoo left to right:  Blonde, Light Brown, Brunette

AG Hair Dry Shampoo left to right: Blonde, Light Brown, Brunette

The Blonde Dry Shampoo matches lighter hair shades. It not only covers greys, it also makes thinner hair look more full. This is not a match for my brown hair, but I know it will make a perfect couple for all of you blondes having so much fun out there!

The Light Brown Dry Shampoo is for those with light to medium brown hair. I have medium brown hair and it works perfectly for me. Here is a before and after comparison.

AG Hair Dry Shampoo before and after

Lucky me, the Brunette Dry Shampoo is a match as well! This works for dark brown to black hair and I really love this for covering up my weird cowlick that is like a part down the back of my head. The Brunette Dry Shampoo has less red in it than the Light Brown Dry Shampoo.

Regardless of which flavour you choose, I know it will be a successful pairing. AG Hair Dry Shampoo is an awesome product and I highly recommend it  You can find AG Hair products at Ulta and salons everywhere. Just use the Salon Locator on the AG Hair website.  – Lisa

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Meet your color match!

Meet your color match!

October Beauty that gives back: La Mer the Hand Treatment, Aveda Hand Relief, and Bumble and Bumble Pret a Powder

BCA 2014
A few days ago I posted an article called We are stronger together. Fight breast cancer all year round!  If you haven’t seen it, be sure to take a moment and check it out for all the information on Estee Lauder’s BCA Campaign, including the video now on YouTube.  Throughout October I will be reviewing some of the really terrific limited edition BCA products sent to us that are now available for purchase.  Don’t forget, Estee Lauder donates $1 for every product sold!

La Mer Limited Edition BCA the hand treatment

La Mer Limited Edition BCA the hand treatment

La Mer the hand treatment swatch...melting in after 10 seconds!

La Mer the hand treatment swatch…melting in after 10 seconds!

Today is all about hands and hair.  La Mer Limited Edition BCA the Hand Treatment ($45 for 1.7 fl.oz.) is a totally luxurious hand creme.  I love how it melts into the skin like butter – check it out, I only had the swatch on my hand for 10 seconds before it started slipping around.  It leaves my hands utterly soft and hydrated without any greasiness.  It’s especially good after using hand sanitizer, which dries my skin out like crazy.  This has the classic La Mer scent…to me it smells like money, ha!  This is one of those products that people swear by and hide so other people won’t ask for some.  Get one for yourself and one for a friend, then you won’t have to share!  La Mer is donating a whopping $10 for every tube sold to breast cancer research.

Aveda Limited Edition BCA hand relief

Aveda Limited Edition BCA hand relief

Aveda Limited Edition BCA hand relief

Aveda Limited Edition BCA hand relief

swatch of Aveda Limited Edition BCA hand relief

swatch of Aveda Limited Edition BCA hand relief

I can’t walk past an Aveda store without going in just to breathe in that awesome scent.  The Limited Edition Hand Relief Moisturizing Creme ($26) is scented with that fabulous Shampure aroma, made with 25 pure flower and plant essences.  Aveda is donating $4 per tube sold to research by the National Breast Cancer Foundation.  Not only that, but the tube is actually 19% larger than the normal size.  I have purchased and repurchased this hand creme because it is serious relief for dry skin…and it lasts through three hand washings.

Give breast cancer research a hand and buy one of these hand treatments for yourself or for a friend.

Bumble and Bumble Limited Edition BCA Pret-a-Powder

Bumble and Bumble Limited Edition BCA Pret-a-Powder

Bumble and Bumble Limited Edition BCA Pret-a-Porter powder

Bumble and Bumble Limited Edition BCA Pret-a-Porter powder

I absolutely love the adorable packaging for the Bumble & Bumble Pret-a-Powder ($26 for a 2 oz. bottle), a dry shampoo in powder form.  The BCA Limited Edition bottle has a pink cap in place of the regular black one.  It is super cute, and one bottle will last forever.  Inside is a super fine white powder that soaks up oil and gives hair great texture.  Yes, the powder is white, but it works for any hair color.  You need very little powder, just pour a small amount into your palm and rub into the scalp and hair, adding only a tiny bit at a time until you get the desired effect.  This is particularly good for giving fine hair some oomph that lasts all day.  The really great news is that Bumble & Bumble is donating $5 from every sale to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

In addition to the amounts donated by each specific company, the Estee Lauder company is donating another $1 to breast cancer research.  Plus, for every uplifting message or photo shared on Instagram or Twitter that includes #BCAstrength, the Estée Lauder Companies will donate another $1 toward education and medical research, up to a maximum donation of $22,000, to BCRF.   And check out their new website where they encourage people to join with them and  “Hear our stories.  Share yours.”  – Lisa

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BCA LE products hands and hair

Drug store hair care finds for fine, flat hair: Dove Dry Shampoo and Oxygen Moisture Leave In Foam

I have very fine, flat hair.  It takes great products to make it look good.  Want proof?  Here I am on a bad hair day – meaning this is what my hair ‘naturally’ looks like:

Fine, flat hair is not so fine to have.

Fine, flat hair is not so fine to have.

Finding great hair styling products for fine, flat hair is not an easy task.  Products that work miracles on normal or thick hair leave fine hair limp and greasy looking.  Or, products that do give fine hair volume make it dry and crunchy.  The good news is help for fine hair is right at the drug store, and the price is fantastic.  Dove sent me their Refresh + Care Dry Shampoo ($3.76) and Oxygen Moisture Leave In Foam ($5.99) to test, and my hair was very, very happy.

Dove Dry Shampoo

Dove Dry Shampoo

The Refresh + Care Dry Shampoo does everything a good dry shampoo should do…it absorbs oil, makes dirty hair look clean, gives texture and volume.  It also has a very, very strong fragrance.  If your hair smells dirty, like cigarette smoke from the bar or car fumes from tailgating, the fragrance will cover that up in a jiffy.  However, if you are sensitive to fragrance, this is definitely NOT the dry shampoo for you.

Dove Dry Shampoo

Dove Dry Shampoo

It has a very powerful aerosol spray that doesn’t leave any white residue behind.  The trick is to spray it about 10 inches away from roots, then rub it in lightly and brush.  It’s a great product for those with fine or flat hair because it gives lots of volume without the heaviness and stiffness that dry shampoos can leave behind.  If it weren’t for the extremely strong fragrance, I would put this at the top of my dry shampoo list.

Dove Oxygen Moisture Leave In Foam

Dove Oxygen Moisture Leave In Foam

Dove Oxygen Moisture Leave In Foam, perfect for fine hair

Dove Oxygen Moisture Leave In Foam, perfect for fine hair

The Oxygen Moisture Leave In Foam is a styling mousse specifically for fine, flat hair.  While this is also fragranced, it has a very light fresh scent.  Only those most sensitive to fragrance would be bothered by it.

Dove Oxygen Moisture Leave In Foam

Dove Oxygen Moisture Leave In Foam

Most hair foams weigh fine down and kill any attempts at volume.  But the Oxygen Moisture Leave In Foam is a wonder, leaving my hair soft, full, and shiny.  After towel drying, I apply two to three pumps to my long hair (it’s about mid-back length) concentrating on the roots and then lightly finger-combing through the length of my hair.  It detangles, conditions, and adds lots of volume that lasts throughout the day.

My Dove hair

My happy Dove hair

If you don’t mind the strong scent, Dove Refresh + Care Dry Shampoo is a wonderful way to give fine hair volume and texture, not to mention getting extra mileage from your last shampoo.  Dove Moisture Leave In Foam is a winner on all counts; anyone with fine hair should give it a try.  At these prices, everyone can afford to take a hair care trip to the drug store.  – Lisa

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Dove Dry Shampoo ingredients:  Isobutane, Propane, SD Alcohol 40-B (Alcohol Denat.), Aluminum Starch Octenylsuccinate, Butane, Fragrance (Parfum), Isopropyl Myristate, Silica, Cyclopentasiloxane.

Oxygen Moisture Leave In Foam ingredients:  Water (Aqua), Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Sodium Chloride, Glycerin, Fragrance (Parfum), Dimethiconol, Glycol Distearate, Carbomer, TEA-Dodecylbenzenesulfonate, Citric Acid, Guar Hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride, Tetrasodium EDTA, DMDM Hydantoin, Gluconolactone, PEG-45M, Benzophenone-4, Adipic Acid, Trehalose, Methylchloroisothiazolinone, Methylisothiazolinone, PPG-9, Mica (CI 77019), Titanium Dioxide, (CI 77891).

Instant clean hair with Klorane Dry Shampoo

washing hairHow many times a week do you wash your hair? When I was younger I washed it every single day. Now in order to help preserve my hair color – not to mention my sanity – I wash my hair every other day. Sometimes I can get away with third day hair. (Just to reassure you, I still shower every single day!!)

For second and third day hair, I need dry shampoo. I have been on this quest lately to find the perfect dry shampoo and one of my absolute favorites was sent to the BIZ by Klorane, their Dry Shampoo with Nettle ($18).


Klorane Dry Shampoo

The secret ingredient?  Nettle.

The secret ingredient? Nettle.

Dry shampoo is a cleansing alternative to shampoo and water. It absorbs oil and dirt while also giving hair great texture, so flat hair gets its body back. My hair gets oily at the scalp after a day or two and Klorane Dry Shampoo brings it right back to normal. The nettle is fantastic for absorbing oil, which is why this one of my favorite dry shampoos. It’s also excellent for giving hair the texture needed for updos.

Spray on to roots...

Spray on to roots…

Then after two minutes, brush out for texturized, clean hair.

Then after two minutes, brush out for texturized, clean hair.

This is really easy to use. Just shake the can well first, then spray onto the root area. It works best when you leave it alone for about two minutes to thoroughly dry then brush through. I also like to brush hair first, spray on the shampoo, then in two minutes put my hair up in a messy bun without combing. It’s a sexy, effortless look that takes about 30 seconds.

You can find this terrific dry shampoo at and in local drugstores. Pick up a can as insurance for a good hair day every day.  – Lisa

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Ingredients:  Butane, Propane, Isobutane, Oryza Sativa (Rice) Starch (Oryza Sativa Starch), SD Alcohol 39-C (Alcohol Denat), Aluminum Starch Octenylsuccinate, Cetrimonium Chloride, Cyclodextrin, Cyclomethicone, Fragrance (Parfum), Isopropyl Myristate, Polysorbate 20, Propylene Glycol, Silica, Urtica Dioica (Nettle) Extract (Urtica Dioica Extract), Water (Aqua).

Aveeno shares some beautiful hairstyles along with a giveaway

AVEENO® has worked with the celebrity hairdresser Patrick Melville for years. This year he came up with some beautiful hairstyles with the latest trends and the tricks for getting them. When you read about these you’ll see one of my favorite AVEENO® hair products in this post and that’s what we’re giving away.

Half Up:
2010 Breakthrough Of The Year Awards
1) Tease the hair on the root to create a little volume (not too much just enough to add a little boost)
2) Use the AVEENO® Pure Renewal™ Dry Shampoo to add hold
3) Flip hair upside down spray a little more dry shampoo to add texture to the hair
4) Flip the hair back, breaking up the strands with your fingers
5) Grab the hair from the ears and secure at the crown with a bobby pin
6) Once secured you will have height on top and break up with your fingers

High Bun: New Balance Experience Store Opening

1) Pull hair away from the face and put into a very high ponytail

2) Take a tail comb and tease the sections of the ponytail

3) Smooth over the top of the hair with a brush and twist into a top bun

4) Pin in with bobby pins to secure

5) Break up the hair with your fingers so it isn’t a “perfect look” (this look is great with a high collar top…a nice combo of loose and sleek)

Date night, bar night, out with the girls – you want to look your best and with AVEENO® hair care you will. AVEENO® has offered to send one US subscriber AVEENO® Pure Renewal™ Dry Shampoo. aveeno dry shampoo drugstore

This giveaway is open until 3/1/13 at 11:59 p.m. EST to US subscribers only. Enter through the Rafflecopter. — Marcia

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Get full, volumized hair this fall with Marc Anthony

full volume hair for fall!

Ok, so my eyes look horrible, all puffed up with fall allergies…but at least my hair looks pretty good.  I went for a full, natural look that you can get with a big round brush and three Marc Anthony products:  Bye Bye Frizz Blow Dry Cream ($7.99), Oil of Morocco Argan Oil Treatment ($7.99), and 2nd Day Clear Dry Shampoo ($7.99).

Beautiful fall hair

I have never used dry shampoo on freshly washed hair – that seems pretty counter intuitive.  But it’s actually a really cool tip that gives you wonderful, soft volume.  This trio of products will create a fabulous hair day for you, and they are all easily available in the U.S. at Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid, Duane Reade,, and  In Canada, you can find this volumizing trio at Shoppers Drug Mart, Pharmaprix, Loblaw Stores, Maxi Stores, and Walmart Canada.

Here’s how to get the look:

Bye Bye Frizz Blow Dry Cream

Towel dry your hair, and smooth a dollop of Bye Bye Frizz Blow Dry Cream from the crown to the ends of your hair.  This cream really makes your hair super smooth.   Blow dry your hair using a large round brush for volume and a little ‘bend’ at the ends.  I love the Marilyn Brush for super smooth volume.

It’s the best brush for smooth hair full of body

I get the best results when I section my hair and pin it up with clips, blowing it dry one section at a time from the bottom to the top.  I like these Colortrak Duckbill Clips ($4.29) from Sally Beauty Supply:

Colortrak Duckbill Clips

It takes a little longer, but the results are definitely worth it.

Oil of Morocco Argan Oil Treatment

After it’s dry, add some Oil of Morocco Argan Oil Treatment.  Put some in your palms, rub your hands together, and then run your hands through your hair.  Don’t overdo this or it will weigh your hair down.  Just enough adds super shine and softness.  You can also put this on damp hair before blow drying, I like to use it both ways.

2nd Day Clear Dry Shampoo

Here is my favorite tip – take the 2nd Day Clear Dry Shampoo and spray it about 6 inches from your roots.  Lift up sections of your hair and do this all around your head.  Let it set for a few minutes, then kind of shake it out for incredible volume.  It really works!!

The next day, use a little more of the dry shampoo to refresh your hair and soak up any oil.  This is a wonderful trio of products from Marc Anthony that will give you va-va-voom fullness for fall.  – Lisa

*pr samples

 Some quick info on Marc Anthony:

Owner of Toronto’s trend-setting Marc Anthony Salons and winner of numerous international awards, celebrity hairstylist Marc Anthony is the creator of the comprehensive Marc Anthony True Professional® line of premium stylers, shampoos and conditioners that can be found worldwide. Today, Marc Anthony and his roster of Celebrity Stylists have become the definitive Team to the Stars for television features, trends and celebrity hair styling. They can be seen regularly at such prestigious events as the Oscars, Emmy’s, Grammy’s and Toronto’s International Film Festival; styling the manes of Royalty to A-list celebrities like the Duchess of York, Fergie, Tilda Swinton, Ellen Page, Freida Pinto, Harrison Ford, Eva Longoria, Hilary Swank, Kevin Spacey, Justin Bieber, Keanu Reeves and Jeremy Renner to name a few.