Find your inspiration! Dionis Inspire Goat Milk Hand Cream Collection

Dionis Inspire Goat Milk Hand Cream Collection

Think about what inspires you. How about the scent of sweet vanilla wafting through your kitchen as you bake for your family? Or perhaps a rolling blue and green sea? Maybe fields of soft smelling jasmine flowers? Or it might be the pure love you feel from your child? Or maybe, just maybe it’s something as simple as soft hands. Believe it or not, you can get all of these inspirations from the gorgeous Dionis Inspire Goat Milk Hand Collection ($15)!

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Dionis Inspire Goat Milk Hand Cream Collection

The Dionis Goat Milk Hand Milk Hand Cream is fabulous hand cream that leaves hands super soft and supple. Goat milk has a pH level that is close to human skin pH, so our skin loves it. The vitamins are a bonus too, of course. I’m a hand cream junkie and a Dionis fan since way back and the Inspire Collection, a set of five 1 oz. goat milk hand creams, has me absolutely swooning. I love the 1 oz sizes that are perfect for purses, desks, and luggage, and I love the variety of scents. It’s a great set at a wonderful price!

Dionis Vanilla Bean

  • Vanilla Bean is probably my favorite. This is my go-to hand cream – it’s not too foody, just a lovely, warm, creamy vanilla that never lets me (or my hands!) down.

Dionis White Jasmine and Shea Hand Cream

  • White Jasmine & Shea is a beautiful floral that is tempered by vanilla bean and a hint of coconut. I love jasmine and this is fantastic, very different from your typical jasmine scents.

Dionis Sea Treasures Hand Cream

  • Sea Treasures is a new Dionis scent for me. I had read raves for this but it’s the first I’d tried it, and I love it. The scent is Sweet Pea mixed with a beachy scent, like a warm ocean breeze. It is gorgeous – very different and just lovely!

Dionis Love Hand Cream

  • Love is another Dionis fragrance that has a huge following and now I understand why. It has two of my favorite scents – jasmine and vanilla – plus black currant extract, which gives it even more depth and intrigue. This is a very grown up scent that is bound to become one of your favorites.

Dionis Verbena and Cream Hand Cream

  • Verbena & Cream pairs two scents that I would never put together for a different fragrance – it’s got that clean, citrusy thing thanks to the lemon verbena which is then tempered by the milky cream. Together it’s a mellow yet also fresh combination that I am totally digging.

Dionis Goat Milk Hand Cream

All of these beautiful hand creams in such handy 1 ounce sizes (yes, pun intended!) for only $15! Seriously, if you don’t get this for yourself, buy one as a gift for a lucky someone – or for five lucky someones! You can find this set at Ulta and I also recently discovered Cracker Barrel carries the Dionis line at their stores too. Happy shopping and happy hands!  – Lisa

The perfect products for the hazy days of summer and you can find them at Cracker Barrel!

Tons of goodies from Cracker Barrel!

I can’t be the only one. I love Cracker Barrel, and it’s not just for the food. In fact, as much as I love the biscuits and gravy, the yummy green beans, and the to-die-for dumplings, I actually eat pretty quickly so I can get to the real highlight – the shopping afterwards! I have a number of beautiful picture frames and angels (I collect angels and Cracker Barrel always has some fabulous ones) that I bought there, not to mention several clothing items. The old-time candy is always fun too, but the real highlight is of course the body products!! Today I have a few goodies that Cracker Barrel sent me that are just perfect for celebrating these last hazy days of summer.

I love the Burt’s Bees line, and am always perusing it at Cracker Barrel. A few of my favorites include the Garden Tomato Toner which is very refreshing particularly if you tend toward oily skin. I also always pick up the Eye Makeup Remover Pads, which are cool because they are soaked in kiwi water. They are also a unique shape that reaches all corners of the eye and these pads remove even the most stubborn waterproof eye makeup.  I’m also a big fan of the Res-Q Ointment which saves dry, damaged skin. Plant oils and vitamin E are so soothing and I always keep a tin of this around particularly when I’m doing lots of gardening.With the summer heat, lips and hands need attention. You can find J.R. Watkins Beeswax Lip Balm at Cracker Barrel and I love all the flavors. Peppermint is a wonderfully cooling one that is great for summertime. I also adore the Dionis line and always buy some when I am there. I can never have enough hand cream.  The Goat Milk Hand Cream is really fantastic. This one is Mediterranean Blue Tea, which is new for me – I usually go for the Vanilla Bean – and this is a wonderful mix of blue tea leaves, iris, and cardamom. It’s a subtle and sophisticated scent that has totally won me over.

Did you know that you can shop all the wonderful lines that Cracker Barrel carries online?  I didn’t either. Check out their website at for Burt’s Bees, J.R. Watkins, Dionis, and plenty more – including the decor, clothing, and nostalgia candy items. You can even buy those amazing rocking chairs that are outside every Cracker Barrel. Of course, it’s not as fun as eating a big plate of dumplings then wandering about in a food coma and shopping in person…but it is the next best thing. And if you can get to Cracker Barrel in person, be sure to take a look at all the great items they have to get you through the last lazy, hazy days of summer.  – Lisa