I am a Moody Cow or sometimes a Lazy Cow…until I use my Cowshed Bath and Body

I think this hilarious line gets my vote for cutest concept ever. The company is the British beauty brand Cowshed and they just expanded into eight Barney’s locations in the U.S. as well as Barneys online. Cowshed’s bath and body products all have a fragrance that is associated with a different mood:  Knackered Cow (relaxing), Moody Cow (balancing),
Grumpy Cow (uplifting), Horny Cow (seductive), Wild Cow (invigorating), Gorgeous Cow (blissful) and Lazy Cow (soothing).

Cowshed Moody Cow Bath and Shower Gel, Lazy Cow

Cowshed Moody Cow Bath and Shower Gel, Lazy Cow Bath and Body Oil

Cowshed sent Moody Cow Bath and Shower Gel ($25) and Lazy Cow Bath and Body Oil ($31) to try.  I can relate to Moody Cow (thank YOU perimenopause), and while I’m not usually a Lazy Cow I am a tired one, so this works!   While the names are cute the products are serious, made from organic ingredients, wildcrafted plant extracts and pure essential oils of the highest quality.

So where did the name Cowshed come from? Cowshed says, “A cow shed in the English countryside might be an unlikely place to find an array of bath, body and skincare products but that’s exactly where this beauty and lifestyle brand was born. Cowshed was established back in 1998 at Babington House, a beautiful Soho House rural retreat and private members club, in Somerset, England.  There are few things in life better than an English garden – the scents, colors and botanical ingredients are all inspiration for Cowshed’s award winning range of products. Still to this day, there is a little bit of Babington House in every bottle – a drop of Cowshed’s trademark herb and flower infusion, handpicked from its Victorian Walled Garden.”

Each fragrance is available in Bath & Shower Gel, Bath & Body Oil, Body Lotion, Room Candle, Travel Candles, and Perfume Oil Roll-Ons.

Here is what I tried:


Are you a Moody Cow?

The Moody Cow scent is meant to help you achieve mental and emotional balance. When tempted to reach for chocolate, reach for this instead and get an instant pick-me-up.

The scent is a combination of rose geranium, linden blossom, and frankincense.

Feeling moody?  This will calm you down.

Feeling moody? This will calm you down.

beautiful packaging!

sweet packaging!

The scent is wonderfully rejuvenating and it’s a terrific shower gel. It foams up beautifully, surrounding you with a warm blanket of anxiety-relieving goodness. I also love this for a nice, relaxing bubble bath.

Now when I am just done with everything and am ready to be a Lazy Cow, I hand this body oil over to my hubby and tell him to get cracking – my sore muscles need some attention!


Cowshed Lazy Cow Soothing Bath and Body Oil

The Lazy Cow scent is an olfactory party mix of jasmine, chamomile, and sandalwood.  Talk about relaxing!! After I put this on I just want to lie there and watch the first six seasons of ‘Mad Men’ all in a row.

Feeling lazy?  This will perk you up!

Feeling lazy? This will help you kick back!

more gorgeousness

more gorgeousness

Besides turning the hubby into my personal masseuse, I also put this body oil on right after my shower to make my skin baby soft and slightly fragrant. And at night I rub this onto my hands to keep my cuticles looking great, as well as my feet and heels for major moisture.

I would love to try other fragrances like the Grumpy Cow (grapefruit and neroli), although I’m sure it doesn’t ever fit my mood…ha!

So, come on, be honest…which kind of Cow are you feeling like today?? – Lisa

*pr samples