Christina Choi and Le Metier de Beaute Face of the Day

christina choi FOD2

I used a combination of mostly Le Metier and Christina Choi products one day last week and I loved the results.  Here’s what I used:

For this face of the day, I used Le Metier de Beaute Classic Finish Foundation in V applied with a Beauty Blender. Next, I smoothed It Cosmetics Bye Bye Undereye Concealer under my eyes and on any dark or red areas.  After that, I applied Inglot Cream Blush in 81, followed by It Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores loose powder and It Cosmetics Hello Light Powder Illumizer, plus a little bit of Le Metier Sun Kissed Bronzer.

CC eyes

Christina Choi Glitz & Glamour eyes

cc eyes

On my eyes, I used Christina Choi Glitz and Glamour which I reviewed HERE.  I used Chandelier on the lid, then I used the Glamour cake liner dry on the crease.  I followed with Glitz on the crease and down onto the lid.  Then I wet the cake liner with Face Atelier Transforming Gel and lined my upper lid.  I used Make Up For Ever Kohl Liner in black on my waterline.

cc eye

I used the cake liner as an eyeshadow – love multitaskers!

I used my Joey Healy Brow Architect Stylo in Molasses for my eyebrows.



My LM/CC FOD…love acronyms!

Lips were Clarins 01 Bay Rose Lip Definer, Guerlain Levres Lips 02 gloss, and I used my Verge One Spiral Wand on my hair.  Wow, sounds like a lot of products, but it didn’t take long to apply and I was totally ready for my day.  I loved my combination of favorite go-to products, it’s always great when things turn out even better than you had hoped!  – Lisa

*some items received from PR

Lisa vs. Marcia – Clarins

Ok, Marcia, I know this line can be challenging for you because many products have fragrance, but I also know you love some items.  I dare you to come up with something that beats my choice – Clarins Truly Matte Foundation SPF 15 ($38),  a great foundation that I am very happy to have in my arsenal of favorites! I have combination skin, and my forehead, nose, and chin shine like the sun if I don’t do something about it. This foundation is terrific at keeping that oily shine away.
What else do I love about this foundation? It doesn’t oxidize, the color stays true. It lasts all day. There is no overpowering fragrance. It comes in a sanitary squeeze tube, it’s a liquid foundation that dries relatively quickly, leaving enough play time to work with the product yet it doesn’t take forever to dry. The coverage is buildable – it is basically medium, but it looks very natural. It gives a fabulous finish especially when applied using the Beauty Blender, AKA the pink egg.

What do I not love about this foundation? Well, it’s a little TOO matte for me. I do love it mixed with Armani #10 fluid sheer – otherwise, it’s so matte that it’s a bit too ‘flat’ of a look for me. I also think the shade choice can be tricky, it’s a good idea to go in person and have an MA pick with you.
I love this foundation, and when mixed with a little liquid highlighter, it becomes perfect for a gal who HATES to have a shiny nose.  – Lisa

Lisa my friend, our readers need to know that that you made me buy this foundation so I know all about it. (I will admit you didn’t have to push too hard though.) I have it but I don’t think it’s the best thing that Clarins makes. Instead I’ll pick Bright Plus Exfoliating Cream. You, my dear, were the one that turned me on to their Gentle Facial Peeling product but of course as soon as I went to replace it, they changed it. But the Bright Plus Exfoliating Cream is very similar.

Why do I like it? Because it’s fun!! Yes skincare that’s fun. You apply a fine layer on dry cleansed skin, let it set and then you rub it off. It reminds me of the fun I had playing with the rubber cement my dad always had in his art studio. Except this is gentle and good for my face. It removes dead surface skin and impurities leaving your skin ready for cellular renewal. My face is incredibly soft after using this. The next morning my products just seem to work better. Like all Clarins products it’s gentle and contains plant extracts.

So I think I win because I can play with mine and you can’t!! — Marcia

Sunday Spotlight – Clarins

For our Sunday roundup of reviews from Emakemeup we’d like to feature Clarins today. Clarins is a well known department store brand with an amazing array of skincare and cosmetics. There are currently 48 reviews of Clarins on emakemeup ranging from 1 flower (star) to 5 flowers (stars).

If you are interested in Beauty Flash Balm there are 2 reviews:

Connie loves it and you can read why on this review.

Find out why it just didn’t work for Marta here.

A Clarins product that Lisaannie (our Lisa) does like though is Truly Matte Foundation with SPF 15. She likes it so much that she convinced Marcia to buy it too.

Now that summer is here we all really need to know about better sunscreen. Brenda has some raves about Clarins UV Plus 40 sunscreen that we’d love for you to read about in her review.

There’s 4 of the 48. We hope that whets your interest in the others!

My Favorite Pencil Eyeliners Part 1: Black, Blue, and Brown

For a while I had completely given up on pencil liners.  They were, in my opinion, far to difficult to use in comparison with gel liners.  The lead was usually super hard, and it was such a chore to try to get an even line. I also found that the colors were never as intense as gel liners.

Now, however, it’s a different story.  Gone are the days when one had to light the colored end with a lighter to get it soft enough to apply!!  Today’s pencils glide one, have fabulous multi-dimensional color,  and the colors stay true all day.  Here are some of my favorites.

For black, I have four pencils that I love.

1.  The first swatch on the far left is the Kevyn Aucoin The Eye Pencil Primatif in Basic Black. As you can see, it’s a matte black that is not as intense as #2, which makes it perfect for those days I am looking for a black eyeliner that is not super dramatic.  This pencil has a great spongy smudger on the other end that has a pointed shape, it’s very unique and quite useful.  This pencil is probably the hardest of the four, so I do warm it up a bit by drawing a line on my hand first. $24.00 at

2.  Second on my black eyeliner hit parade is MAC Kohl Power Eye Pencil in Feline. This is an LE pencil that is often repromoted, and you can also find it on Ebay.  I adore this eyeliner – I have to say it’s my MOST favorite black pencil.  The color is super intense, it glides on like silk, and it lasts and lasts on me.  I will caution that if you use it under the eyes it has a tendency to smudge, but I rarely line under my eyes with black – I just put in on the waterline.  $14.50 at when they are repromoting it.  I wrote an entire review of this pencil at Emakemeup, check it out when you get a chance.

3.  Third is another MAC pencil, PearlGlide  Eye Liner in Black Russian, which is not available at the moment – but again, with all the repromotes, I am sure it will come out again.  Like all PearlGlides, it applies like butter.  Black Russian is a deep black with silvery blue glitter.  It is absolutely gorgeous, and I don’t find the glitter irritates my eyes at all when I use it on the waterline.  $14.50 at when it’s available.

4.  Number four is, surprise surprise, MAC again – PearlGlide Intense Eyeliner in Black Line. This is out now, so pick it up right away – it’s LE and it’s toward the end of this promotion.  Black Line is completely different from any other black eyeliner I have ever tried – it’s black with an antique-y golden glitter, and it is just lovely.  I have no problems wearing this on the waterline.  It’s a great, unique black eyeliner to have in your collection.  $14.50 at

Next are my favorite blue and brown pencil eyeliners:

1.  First is Clarins 03 Grey Eyeliner Pencil. This one has a smudger at one end that is very similar to the Kevyn Aucoin pencils, just a tad smaller.  I adore this eyeliner.  It is really amazing on brown eyes, and it would work fabulously on any other color as well.  It’s matte, and it leans more toward blue than grey to me.  It’s a great way to get definition and yet be a little more subtle, it’s perfect for daytime and work.  $23.00 at

2.  For a little more oomph, check out MAC PearlGlide Intense Eyeliner in Petrol Blue!!  This is a recent addition to my pencil collection, and I just can’t quit staring at it cause it’s so beautiful.  If you are looking for blue, get the Clarins pencil for day, and the MAC for night.  It is stunning.  Again, it’s LE and toward the end of this collection, so time is running out!  $14.50 at

3.  Getting into brown pencils, I love this one by Shu Uemura.  Drawing Pencil in  ME Khaki 09 is just a gorgeous khaki color with golden shimmer.  It looks stunning on, and this baby doesn’t budge, even after a 12 hour day.  It’s a very unique color and I just love it.  $20.00 at

4.  Number four is just an amazing pencil – it’s Dolce and Gabbana the Eyeliner in #2, Coffee.  It’s a deep brown shimmer, this pencil taught me that shimmer could actually show up in an eyeliner pencil!  This is another one that I felt deserved its own review at  It has an angled sponge tip smudger at one end, and is my go-to eye pencil when I am looking for a pretty brown that isn’t matte, but also isn’t too over the top.  Love it.  This goes for $29.00 at

Well, there you have it – my favorite black, blue, and brown eyeliners.  Stay tuned for the next list of my favorite purple, green, white, and gold eyeliners!  – Lisa