Pixi Pixi Pixi, what summer wonders have you brought?

While the PIXI BEAUTY products I have to share today are wonderful in other seasons, they totally project summer. And we are far from done with this season. Pixi by Petra is always right on with their products and these are some extremely fun items.

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Pixi Sheer Cheek Gel Stains

I admit I’m a fool for the 3 Sheer Cheek Gels that Pixi has created. I love cream blush but it’s not always convenient in hot or steamy weather. Instead using these Cheek Stains makes summer life a whole lot easier.

Pixi Sheer Cheek Gel Stains

There are 3 Cheek Gels available ($14) and I think you’re going to want them all.

Pixi Sheer Cheek Gel Stain in Natural

Natural is probably the easiest to wear, it’s a neutral that blends with ease making you look refreshed but not made up.

Pixi Sheer Cheek Gel Stain in Rosy

Rosy is a beautiful rosy stain. It’s my favorite, enough of a favorite that I even used one up completely. I apply this with my finger and at first it looks like it’s going to really stain both my finger and cheeks but it blends into a happy pink that looks like you’ve been out and about and feeling your best.

Flushed Pixi Sheer Cheek Gel Stain

Flushed is scary dark in the tube. It’s the one that I think most people will be surprised by since it looks sort of goth. But once applied and blended you’ll be surprised by the the ease of the plum stain.

Rosy Sheer Cheek Gel Stain

Things to know about these Sheer Cheek Gels: like all Pixi products they are cruelty free. These are also oil free, fragrance free and hypoallergenic. You can build these up if you want but I’d definitely start with just a little bit and blend before deciding how deep to go. They are travel friendly and need no tools. Plus you can use them as a stain on your lips. You are going to love them!

Pixi is available at Target stores and online as well as Pixi’s website. Thanks to Pixi for making sure summer is filled with summer beauty.  —  Marcia

Wondering about Wander? Wander Beauty 4 Piece Paris Collection

Nothing makes me as happy as a new cosmetics line and Wander Beauty, creation of supermodel Lindsay Ellingson, has definitely put a big huge smile on my face. QVC sells this really cool line and I have to say that it’s true…not all who wander are lost. (All you Lord of the Rings fans out there know exactly what I mean!)

Wander Cosmetics 4 Piece Paris Collection

Wander Beauty 4 Piece Paris Collection

Wander Beauty sent me the QVC exclusive 4 Piece Paris Collection ($49.96) which includes:

  • 0.22-oz Exquisite Eye Liquid Shadow in Dove Gray
  • 0.07-oz Catch the Light Highlighter in Ivory
  • 0.07-oz Love Lock Hydrating Lip Gel in Parisian Red
  • 0.20-oz Wanderess Cheek Tint in Dusty Rose
 Wander Beauty Four-Piece Paris Collection
The colors and formulas were created to capture the spirit of Paris.   have to admit, I haven’t been to Paris so I can’t say if the collection accomplishes that goal…but I can say it’s a set well worth a shopping trip to QVC.
Catch the Light Hydrator

Catch the Light Highlighter in Ivory

The Catch the Light Highlighter in Ivory is a lipstick-sized cream-to-powder highlighter. Just sweep it on then blend with a sponge for a beautiful luminescence. I wear this on my cheeks, the inner corner of my eyes, and my favorite trick – straight down the bridge of my nose. It is very pretty and wears well, even with my rather OCD nose powdering habit.

Exquisite Eye Liquid Shadow

Exquisite Eye Liquid Shadow in Dove Gray

First let me say that the Exquisite Eye Liquid Shadow truly is absolutely exquisite – I am very, very picky about cream eyeshadows and this is one of my favorites of all time. It is just as beautiful at the end of the day as it is when first applie, and it doesn’t crease at all…a minor miracle for me since I have oily lids. Ingredients include green tea, aloe extracts, and vitamins C and E  The doe-foot applicator is fine for application, although I blend it out using a MAC 242 brush.

You may have noticed that my Exquisite Eye Liquid Shadow pictured above is called Dove Gray. Don’t let the name fool you – this eyeshadow is definitely not gray.  It’s a beautiful champagne taupe. It’s my favorite item in the set.

Wanderess Cheek Tint in Dusty Rose

Wanderess Cheek Tint in Dusty Rose

Wanderess Cheek Tint fooled me at first…I would have sworn this was a lip gloss. But it’s a creamy cheek tint that dries into a light stain that doesn’t accentuate pores. It also has great lasting power. I love the Dusty Rose color, which is a very natural shade that makes you look healthy.

Love Lock Hydrating Lip Gel in Parisian Red

Love Lock Hydrating Lip Gel in Parisian Red

The Love Lock Hydrating Lip Gel is certainly interesting. It has a unique gel texture that applies with lots of slip, but then dries down to almost a stain. Ingredients include rose extract and vitamins C and E.  I like this…can’t say I love it though. The Parisian Red is a beautiful shade, just not really on me. I also find that when I reapply it after the initial application it ends up looking uneven and rather spotty. I know people rave about the Love Lock Hydrating Lip Gel so maybe it’s just me and my particular body chemistry.

Overall, I think the set is a keeper. If you are wondering about Wander, the 4 Piece Paris Collection is a perfect introduction to the line.  – Lisa

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Refresh your beauty products with Vincent Longo

It’s six months into 2014 – time to clean out your cosmetics stash! Get rid of all your old, expired items and then stock back up with new exciting shades. Where to go? How about Vincent Longo. Now is the perfect time since we have a promotional code for Beauty Info Zone readers. Use BSBZ6WO for 15% off through Labor Day!

Get great new summer colors from Vincent Longo

Get great new summer colors from Vincent Longo

BeautyStat sent us some awesome Vincent Longo products to try and I can’t wait to tell you about them. I think it’s really exciting that VL has several gluten-free products available. Plus, there are great shades that are wearable yet still unique enough to expand your stash.

Vincent Longo Danae Lipstick

Vincent Longo Silk Velour Lipstick in Danae

The Silk Velour Lipstick ($23) is a long-wearing yet moisturizing lipstick. It has tons of pigment with tone-on-tone pearl, which reflects light and makes lips look lush. It has Vitamins A, C and E for optimal lip health. Pictured above is the shade Danae, a beautiful rose brown. It leans more rose than brown, bringing lips to life while also staying wonderfully neutral. This is a gluten-free product.

Vincent Longo Cupid's Breath Lip and Cheek Gel Stain

Vincent Longo Cupid’s Breath Lip and Cheek Gel Stain

The Lip/Cheek Gel Stain ($24) is a multi-tasking tinted gel that is both gluten and paraben-free. There is good reason why this is Vincent Longo’s number one selling product.  The stain is waterproof and won’t transfer to clothing…or to his lips when you kiss him! A great shade for summer is Cupid’s Breath, which is a true peach. It makes for a natural, glowy blush, and is a terrific lip stain shade. I put this on my lips, let it dry for 30 seconds, then cover with a little clear gloss for a pretty summer look. I have issues with gel blushes disappearing in about twenty minutes on me, but this stain sticks around all day. I just dot this on using the doe foot applicator and then blend with my fingertips.

Vincent Longo

Vincent Longo Creme Gel Eyeliner in Velvet Plum

The Crème Gel Eyeliner ($25) is really cool. It is definitely creamier than any other gel eyeliner I have tried. The creaminess makes it a dream to apply and it works fabulous as either a precise, thin line or completely smoked out. Once it sets, it stays in place and is waterproof. This stunning shade is Velvet Plum, a deep purple with blue pearl.  It’s a winner and it’s also gluten-free.

swatched top to bottom:

swatched top to bottom:  Creme Gel Eyeliner in Velvet Plum; Silk Velour Lipstick in Danae; Lip/Cheek Gelstain in Cupid’s Breath

There is one more Vincent Longo product I think is a must-have for your stash:  the Dew Drop Radiant Blush ($30). Just check out how gorgeous this is.

Vincent Longo Dew Drop Radiant Blush in Misty Blossom

Vincent Longo Dew Drop Radiant Blush in Misty Blossom

Misty Blossom

Misty Blossom

Misty Blossom is a medium pink with tiny drops of varying champagne shades. It is a demi-matte powder with pearl, so once applied it gives a beautiful youthful glow. I love this lightly dusted all over my face and neck for a quick glow. I also layer it on my cheeks for a pretty pink flush.

Misty Blossom swatch

Misty Blossom swatch

My Vincent Longo face of the day

My Vincent Longo face of the day

Here is my Vincent Longo face of the day, with Velvet Plum Creme Gel Eyeliner, Misty Blossom Dew Drop Radiant Blush, and Danae Silk Velour Lipstick.

Clean out your cosmetics stash and give yourself a great reason to buy new, updated replacements! And don’t forget the promotional code for Beauty Info Zone readers – BSBZ6WO for 15% off through Labor Day.  – Lisa

*sent for editorial review by BeautyStat


Revive your glow with It Cosmetics Vitality Flush Reviver Color Stain Stick Duo

It Cosmetics Vitality Flush Reviver Color Stain Stick Duo

It Cosmetics Vitality Flush Reviver Color Stain Stick Duo

We’re back again, side by side, to tell you of the latest and greatest from IT Cosmetics. It’s true that we get sent these items often and it’s true that we rave about them constantly. But that’s because we truly love this line. When the two of us get together and talk cosmetics, of course, we are constantly talking about how wonderful the products from IT Cosmetics are. Today’s wonderful raves are for the IT Cosmetics Vitality Flush Reviver Color Stain Stick Duo. This duo is a QVC exclusive for now. The number is A234861 and the price is $29 for these.

These are totally versatile since they are a cream blush, cheek stain, lip balm, lip stain and lip gloss. However you want to use these is perfectly fine. You are getting hydration from anti-aging formulas that IT Cosmetics always use in their products. The two shades are Je Ne Sais Quoi, a sheer pink flush and Rose Flush, a sheer rose flush. Je Ne Sais Quoi is the original and some of you may have it from a wonderful TSV once offered; Rose Flush is the new addition.

The one thing to remember with these is that they are activated by your skin’s chemistry so it’s a “your mileage may vary” situation. Off to the reviews!!

IT Vitality Flush Color Stain swatches from QVC.

IT Vitality Flush Color Stain swatches from QVC.


I’ve owned the Vitality Stain in Je Ne Sais Quoi for a while so when these arrived I begged asked Lisa if I could review the newer one, Rose Flush. I’m really glad I did since it’s a great shade for me.  The above picture shows Rose Flush to be warmer than Je Ne Sais Quoi but it doesn’t appear that way on my skin. It turns into a very cool pink once I apply it.

It Cosmetics Vitality Flush Color Stain in Rose

It Cosmetics Vitality Flush Color Stain in Rose

It Cosmetics Vitality Flush Color Stain in Rose

It Cosmetics Vitality Flush Color Stain in Rose

You can see in my photos above that the tube shade looks like a warm shade but look at my swatches below:

It Cosmetics Vitality Flush Color Stain in Rose when first applied

It Cosmetics Vitality Flush Color Stain in Rose when first applied

It Cosmetics Vitality Flush Color Stain in Rose after about 10 minutes

It Cosmetics Vitality Flush Color Stain in Rose after about 10 minutes

This is exactly how it shows up on my cheeks. It’s a beautiful cherry shade on me. As some of you know, I’m a big fan of cream blush and that’s how I prefer to use this. I have to use just a small amount though because it develops into a deeper shade once it’s on. It was hard at first for me to gauge how much to apply but I’ve learned that less is best. I can always apply more. I find it so easy to use since I apply it directly from the tube onto the apples of my cheek and then use my finger to blend. Because it originally has a tacky feel to it, I let it settle in and then use my IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores powder over it to set. I have color for the entire day this way. This smells like cherries for about the amount of time it takes to dry down for me.

This is a great new addition to my IT Cosmetics family.It Vitality Rose Flush packaging



I remember back in the ’80’s I had a blue lipstick. Guys would gawk when I twisted that lippie up and watch with amazement as I applied it and my lips turned….dark pink. It was a great party trick – like a mood ring for lips! Ah, back in the bar-going days….I also could take a cherry stem, pop it in my mouth, and pull it out tied in a perfect knot. I’m not sure why, but that blue lipstick and my cherry stem trick got me all kinds of free drinks and offers for dates!

Remembering my wild blue lippie days, I was more than happy to try the Je Ne Sais Quoi Vitality Flush. It’s like a magic trick on a stick and it makes me giggle every time I use it.


It Cosmetics Vitality Flush – it’s going to last you a long time


Je Ne Sais Quoi

In the tube, Je Ne Sais Quoi looks like it will apply clear.  But it magically turns into a light cool pink when first applied…

first applied

Je Ne Sais Quoi first applied

after ten minutes

Je Ne Sais Quoi after ten minutes

…and after ten minutes it becomes a deeper cool pink.  I love this cool shade on my neutral skin.  I usually don’t do well with cream blushes because I have an oily t-zone, but while this goes on rather wet, it dries down beautifully and has great lasting power.

sonia kashuk (2)I apply it right from the tube, then buff with a brush that has a flat synthetic brush head to get proper placement.  It gives lots of play time before drying down, so I really enjoy this blush – my magic trick on a stick!

This truly innovative formula contains IT Cosmetics Hydra-Luxe Technology, which includes ingredients such as plum oil, cherry oil, shea butter, aloe, and jojoba that all work together to help hydrate, condition, and nourish your lips and cheeks. Plus, Vitality Flush Anti-Aging Color Reviver Stain is packed with antiaging antioxidants.

Buy the set for you or to share with a pal. Just imagine the joy on a makeup lover’s face if they found this in their stocking or in a small gift bag. It Cosmetics comes through again with interesting new products that are anti-aging as well as beautiful.

*sent for review purposes