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I had a rude awakening when I bought my last car. The car seats didn’t fit properly behind the driver. Unfortunately the salesman had no clue and when we went to pick out the car the back seat seemed roomy. Imagine our surprise when my husband went to pick up our 3 and 5 year old grandchildren for the day and there was no room at all for either one’s legs. Not what you want to find out! He somehow got home and in a panic called the dealer to discuss this. (Luckily the situation was resolved quickly with a different model.)

We had picked out a small SUV for the express purpose of being able to fit 2 car seats in the back. The kids weren’t getting smaller obviously and even a booster seat for a 5 year old takes up as much room as a car seat. If only we’d gone to someplace like to learn more about a helpful dealership in our area.

My own children are adults now and I remember how difficult it was to get them to buckle up. They weren’t started from an early age like children nowadays. My two munchkins never fuss about their seats and seatbelts. It’s a given that they’ve known for their whole lives. It amazes me that even with the laws we have mandating car seats there are parents who ignore the necessity of this. I hope parents and grandparents are reminded of this during this week’s Car Seat Safety Week.

credit cars. com even has a free car seat clinic to make sure yours are installed correctly. If you can’t get to one their website has the information to help you as well as recommendations on the best automobiles and car seats.

Let’s allow Car Seat Safety Week be a reminder to us and our loved ones that you can’t take safety for granted. In the “old” days Smokey the Bear would say “Only you can prevent a forest fire” but nowadays is reminding us that ‘Only you can prevent a car seat disaster’.

my new sedan, credit lincoln. com

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