Cargo Eyes

Recently, Marcia reviewed the Cargo Essential Palette in Smoky Grey.  Today, I am going to give you the low down on my preferred Essential Palette.  My favorite is the one in Cool Neutral ($32).

This is an eyeshadow palette with some heft!!  The best thing about this palette – and all Cargo products, really – is that it’s fool-proof.  No matter what your level of ability, it is almost impossible to screw things up.

Not only are the different colors labeled within the product itself, it also comes with an overlay that illustrates where to put each color.

The colors are very rich with great pigmentation.  As you can see, the brow color is cool vanilla with a tiny bit of shimmer, the lid color is a neutral tan that is light and cool enough to make the eyes really pop (especially for those of us with deep-set eyes), the crease color is a slightly shimmery taupe, and the outer corner color is a beautiful deep brown with a touch of shimmer.  None of the colors are extremely flat, and none of them are super shimmery.  All the colors add up to a sophisticated, easy to wear daytime look that can be amped up enough to also make a smoky, evening eye look.

And I highly, highly, highly recommend the Smoky Eye Brush ($32).

Oh my gosh, I cannot believe how much I love this brush.  I don’t know if I am just uncoordinated or what, but I have always has problems doing the outer corner of my lid so that it looks good.  This brush makes it so easy!!!  I want to jump up and down and YELL, “YOU NEED THIS BRUSH!!!”  But that might get me hauled off to a place for people in need a ‘nice long rest’, so instead I will just type it in bold letters.

Look at the shape – it rests perfectly in your palm, and the other side is flat, so it doesn’t bump up against your face.  The brush itself is flat, and smudges out eyeshadow just perfectly.  The overall size is great, it gives you control and makes application a total breeze.  I use this brush every single day.  It should go right at the top of your wish list.

To finish off an eye look, consider checking out the blu_ray concealer ($28).  This reminds me of Ellis Faas products in that it has a sponge tip, and you twist the applicator for product to come through the sponge.

This concealer not only covers up flaws, but it also fights wrinkles – yay!  It has something in it called Visilox, which is an alternative to Botox, so it helps to smooth out your fine lines.  I have it in light/medium, which looks like this:

I find that it does a great job of covering imperfections, it has a medium coverage.  It doesn’t settle into fine lines, and it really lasts longer than most liquid concealers.  What I love the most is that it doesn’t just cover, it also brightens, and without looking fake.  At my age, I need something that doesn’t emphasize wrinkles by being to dry, and doesn’t call attention to my dark circles by being too obvious.  This concealer really fits the bill.

I used to recommend Trish McEvoy for great basics, easy to use items that were perfect for those starting out as well as serious collectors.  I have to say now Cargo tops my recommendation list.  It’s a great line that continues to impress me.  – Lisa

Disclosure:  Items reviewed were PR samples

Lips and cheeks by Cargo

I love Courtney Cox.  Every once in a great while, someone will tell me that I look like her – well, sort of anyway.  And I am thrilled each time I hear it!   I don’t come close to being  gorgeous like her, but I do have somewhat the same coloring, so I was excited to try Cargo‘s Plantlove lipstick ($20) named after her.  It’s called CeCe – get it?  For her initials? Mighty clever.  I am totally loving this lipstick.

Adore the container, it is so cute! Very girly and kind of ’70’s retro.

In the tube, the color looks like a very deep berry red with shimmer.

I actually find this to be sheer on the lips.  There is slight shimmer, nothing that registers texture-wise though. You can easily layer this for more intensity and brighter color. I find that this is a long-lasting lipstick, although it is on the dry side.  Pretty much every lip gloss I have tried over it looks great though, so if my lips are feeling dry I put some gloss on and it’s yet another great color combination.  I think a little dryness is a small price to pay for longer lasting color.

The PlantLove lipsticks are all 100% natural – the product, packaging, and process are all completely green, which is awesome.

For cheeks that go with my pretty lipstick, I like the Cargo Cheek Activator ($32) as a base blush.  This stuff is just plain cool.  It looks very subtle in the tube, but when you put it on, the more you rub it, the deeper and brighter the color becomes!  This is a cream, not a gel, and it’s also designed to plump up the skin wherever it’s applied.

See how it looks kind of pinkish-white in the tube? As soon as it’s applied it changes.  I got Rose Flush, I typically like cooler colors on my cheeks.  Once applied, your cheeks look lit from within, like you just stepped out into the cold Michigan weather for a few minutes.

Many people can get away with just this blush, but I have that weird skin that seems to soak everything up quickly.  So, I put on the Cheek Activator, follow that with loose powder, and then take out my Cargo secret weapon:  the Contour Palette ($34).

Just look at this gorgeousness.  It is absolutely foolproof.  This is Malibu, which has a shimmery highlighter, a medium pink blush, and a soft brown contour color.  I put the highlighter on top of the cheek bone, the blush on the apple of the cheek, and sweep the contour color underneath the cheek bone. Voila! Sculpted, yet natural looking cheeks.  What amazes me is that you really can’t overdo this – the shades are extremely forgiving, so even a total novice can get a sophisticated look the first time.

Every day I wear Cargo I love it even more.  It’s a great line with extremely user-friendly, high quality products.  What’s your favorite from Cargo? – Lisa

Disclosure:  items reviewed were PR samples

Welcome back to my life Cargo Cosmetics

It’s nice to welcome back an old love into the fold. I’ve bought a lot of Cargo over the years but when it was removed from Sephora it wasn’t on my radar and I lost touch with them. Now that my local Ulta carries the line (as well as CVS’s Beauty 360 stores and JC Penney Sephora stores) the line is easier to find and love begins again.

You know me and eyeshadows and Cargo’s were always ones I enjoyed. I mostly have had single colors though so their eyeshadow palettes are new to me. I’ve now got the Essential Palette in Smoky Grey and it’s a whole new generation! There are 5 Essential Palettes ($32) and each have the same layout but the colors differ. Besides Smoky Grey there’s also Bronze, Cool Neutral, Warm Neutral, and Dark Neutral. The layout is Browbone, Lid, Crease and Outer Corner. When you open your palette there’s a clear plastic cover sheet that shows how and where to use the colors. Don’t be like me and drop it and think it’s nothing. I’m glad I picked it up and have it to demonstrate a great way to use this palette.

Smoky Grey contains a white that has a light grey undertone for the browbone; a lightly shimmered medium gray for the lid; a beautiful brown toned taupe to be used in the crease; and for the outer corner a dark smoky charcoal. Of course you don’t HAVE to use the colors exactly this way. Since I love taupes on my lid I’ve worn that shade as a lid shade (that’s what I did in the photos of my eyes). I promise no one is going to come into your bathroom to tell you did something wrong! But if you follow their directions you have a foolproof way of doing your eyes.

I used a sponge tip applicator to show you swatches and applied them heavily. The texture of these shadows is great. No chalkiness and there’s no shadow fallout. The finish of these shadows is great too because they aren’t flat and they aren’t too shimmery. If I have any complaint at all it’s that even though the Outer Corner color looks super dark, it’s not as dark as it looks. I don’t like black eyeshadows for the most part so it’s really not a complaint, I guess it’s more of a comment. Great price, very nicely designed palette and quality eyeshadows.

I also have been using Cargo’s Triple Action Mascara ($20). I chose this mascara since it seemed different than their others and from ones I’ve used. Even though it was created for High-Def filming and the last thing I want is for someone to film me in any definition, I still wanted the mascara that would give me superstar eyes. The wand is a thin rubber one that is great for definition and lengthening especially. You can build it up for volume too. My pictures show the amazing definition of this mascara. I’m quite impressed with that aspect of the mascara. I find that the mascara lasts me throughout the day without giving me those dreaded raccoon eyes. There’s never any flaking with this either.

Both of these Cargo Cosmetics eye products are winners to me. Winners on my eyes and also in my mind’s eye. — Marcia

Disclosure: items were provided by PR for review consideration.

Light up your eyes with Cargo

I don’t know why, but I haven’t ever tried much from the Cargo line.  I always heard it was great, and I did have one blush from them that I loved, but I never really explored the line.  Recently Cargo sent some things to the BIZ for us to try, and I am finding some truly great products.  I just adore the Eyelighter ($18.00).

It’s a dual ended highlighter for the eye area.  I have very dark coloring on the inside part of the eyes, you know, that area on either side of your nose.  The side of the Eyeligher that you use on this inner area looks like this:

It has a rounded sponge tip, with a shimmery white powder that glows when you apply it.  To get more product, you just push the sponge tip down.  Here is the inner side powder swatched:

The other side is for the outer corner of the eye.  I especially appreciate this, because my eyes are deep-set with hooded lids.  For some reason, the outer area gets very dark, so the highlighter really brightens my eyes and makes them look wider.  Here is the outer side of the Eyelighter:

The product on this side is a matte white color that blends out beautifully, so the outer area looks bright but not obviously white.  As with the other side, to get more product you just push down the sponge applicator.  Here it is swatched- the inner corner is on top, outer corner beneath:

So you can see how the inner corner product has some shimmer, and the outer corner is a truly matte white.  Here are my eyes with the Eyelighter applied to inner and outer corners:

I found that my eyes looked much brighter, and the Eyelighter product wasn’t obvious so it really worked.  You can also use the outer corner side under the brows to highlight.  It’s a great, unique product that is definitely worth checking out!  – Lisa

Disclosure:  Product reviewed was a PR sample.  See our disclosure statement for more information.