Here comes the Easter Bunny! Lush Funny Bunny Gift

Spring has officially sprung and Easter is right around the corner. Instead of candy, do something different with the Lush Funny Bunny Gift ($45.95). Funny Bunny is a super cute way to keep the kids both clean and happy (and you will want to steal some things for yourself!).

Everyone will love to find this funny bunny in their Easter basket!

Everyone will love to find this funny bunny in their Easter basket!

Funny Bunny comes with six super fun spring treats. It all starts with the Funny Bunny himself – one of Lush’s fabulous Knot-Wraps made with organic cotton from a women’s co-operative in India. He makes for a great first look into the basket, and comes in handy later for all kinds of things from wrapping a gift to holding your hair back as a headband.

Lush Funny Bunny

Lush Funny Bunny

It doesn't get much cuter than this.

It doesn’t get much cuter than this.

Here he is again!

Here he is again!

Kids and adults will smile and giggle at all the funny bunny items found inside the Knot-Wrapped egg.

All the goodies inside the egg

All the goodies inside the egg…

...which went straight into an Easter basket!

…which went straight into an Easter basket!

As with all Lush gift sets, it comes with a handy-dandy explanation of each item, thoughtfully illustrated with a picture so it’s easy to pick out each goodie.

descriptions of everything

descriptions of everything

Honey I Washed the Kids Soap

Honey I Washed the Kids Soap

One of my favorite Lush items of all time is included – Honey I Washed the Kids Soap. This heavenly soap smells like buttery caramel, and it is full of honey water and aloe to leave skin deliciously soft. I don’t care if this gift came from the Easter Bunny for the kids…Honey I Washed the Kids Soap is MINE.

How about some FUN?

How about some FUN?

Bet you didn't know that FUN was made of this.

Bet you didn’t know that FUN was made of this.

FUN is awesome, a huge favorite of my daughter, so it was great to find a mini version inside Funny Bunny. FUN is soap, shampoo, bubble bath, and modeling clay all in one. Talk about the perfect bath time treat. The cellophane wrap is actually biodegradable. Just peel back the wrapper but keep it, and it creates the perfect storage for FUN until the next play time. Funny Bunny comes with Green FUN,  which has a beautifully springy lemon/lime scent.

Fluffy Egg Bath Bomb

Fluffy Egg Bath Bomb



And color me happy! The Funny Bunny Gift includes the limited edition Fluffy Egg Bath Bomb, which is only found at Easter time!! I love the bright pink bubbles this makes in the tub and the scent is a rich and yummy vanilla.

Bunch of Carrots Reusable Bubble Bars

Bunch of Carrots Reusable Bubble Bars

I have been buying the Carrot Reusable Bubble Bars for years, and let me tell you these veggies are the perfect persuasion to get my kids to take a bath. Typically they aren’t thrilled with vegetables but everyone seems to want some of this carrot. This is a collection of smaller bubble bars than the normal big Carrot and it takes about half a small carrot to make a bath. You hold the carrot by the top and swish it around the tub for frothy, lemony scented bubbles.

Two beyond cute Bunny Bubble Bars

Two beyond cute Bunny Bubble Bars

Bunny Bubble Bars bottom

Bunny Bubble Bars bottom

So sweet!

So sweet!

My favorites in the Funny Bunny Gift are the Bunny Bubble Bars. I mean, come on! These are so sweet they almost make my teeth ache. One bunny is good for about two baths. They make some serious foam that is full of coconut oil and shea butter. They smell a lot like another of my favorites, Rock Star Soap. And inside each bunny’s tummy are teeny blue cornflower petals that makes for a cute surprise as they float around in the water. These two little bunnies are simply adorable.

Skip the Easter candy this year and go with fun, sweet-smelling treats that will satisfy the sweet tooth. Get yourself a Funny Bunny Gift or two before they run out!  - Lisa

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Lush Funny Bunny 5

Celebrating all moms! Lush for Mother’s Day


That’s right. Your mom was right about EVERYTHING. So make her feel special on Mother’s Day with something really cool from Lush. The BIZ was sent some of the best Lush options to honor Mom for all she does.

The Mum

The Mum

How about The Mum ($9.95), the reusable bubble bar on a stick? It’s a never-ending bubble bath with the best sort of packaging ever. I don’t know why, but everything always seems better when it’s on a stick!



Draw her a nice warm bath, then swirl this pretty yellow and orange flower around to create tons of bubbles that smell amazing. The Mum is full of lime, bergamot, and juniper berry oils, resulting in a fresh, springy, citrusy scent that will put a huge smile on her face.

Moms come in all shapes and sizes

Moms come in all shapes and sizes, like this non-traditional family

Or check out the Mumkin ($6.95) – Lush’s hybrid of a pumpkin and your mom.


My Mumkin is staring at you…

top of the Mumkin

top of the Mumkin

The Mumkin, just like your mom, is very special – it’s only available around Mother’s Day. Crumble up the Mumkin and hold the pieces under running water to create mounds of velvety bubbles. It smells like raspberry, bergamot, lemon, and violets – pretty amazing. The eyes are chocolate drops, and the stick is a candy stalk. It’s tempting to try to eat this one, but it makes a much better bubble bath than a candy treat!

There are many definitons of 'Mom' - don't forget the ones who didn't give birth to you, but still took care of you.

There are many definitons of ‘Mom’ – don’t forget the ones who didn’t give birth to you, but still took care of you.

Or perhaps a bath bomb is more her style. If so, The Secret Garden ($5.25) may be the perfect option for her.

Secret Garden

The Secret Garden

What is so secret about this bath bomb? The inside is stuffed with flower petals. Drop this in the tub for a garden scented volcanic eruption, as rose absolute, sweet wild orange, and rosewood oils waft about the room. The top of the water is covered with foamy goodness, as the flower petals swirl underneath to soften the skin. This one requires some tub cleaning afterward, but your mom will think it’s no problem while she is in the zen state of bliss after a Secret Garden bath.

there is nothing better than love from your mom

there is nothing better than love from your mom

If your mom is a hard-working, practical sort, go for The Dish Fairy ($7.95).

The Dish Fairy

The Dish Fairy

What could be better than giving your mom clean dishes?? This cute little fairy is a wand for dirty dishes. Fill the sink with water, then cast on a spell on it by swirling the wand about, creating cleaning water full of lemon and gardenia oils.

promise on a stick

promise on a stick

Even better when the Dish Fairy is gone, the stick is a free pass out of doing dishes!!

up close she really does look like mom!

up close she really does look like mom!

I love how this is a bubble bar but for dirty dishes. I got one of these last year and it actually lasted about 7 months. I kept this cute little angel in a cup next to the sink and anytime dishes needed to be washed, I just swirled this in the water and my dishes – not to mention my hands – got squeaky clean.

There are so many great, unique options for moms at Lush this year. Get some for your mom, for your adoptive moms, and then for yourself.  We all deserve a little Lush!  - Lisa

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“Hoppy” Easter from Lush

easterSometimes I think the best part about holidays are the special goodies that are only available during that time.  It’s so important to remember to take care of yourself and treating yourself with a ‘limited edition’ product seems even more satisfying.

My Lush-ious Easter basket

My Lush-ious Easter basket

a closer look...

a closer look…

Easter is just around the corner and Lush sent Beauty Info Zone some of their limited edition treats – here is what I want in MY Easter basket!

The Immaculate Eggception ($12.95)

Immaculate Eggception

Immaculate Eggception

This is so darn sweet and cute it almost hurts my teeth. The outer shell is the fizzy bath bomb, you can find it in either Bright Pink or Buttercream Yellow.  When you shake it, you hear the secret treat bouncing around inside…just crack it on the side of the tub to find out what’s inside. This bath bomb smells of ylang ylang, grapefruit, and vanilla and it’s good for at least three baths. It is extremely moisturizing…in fact, it makes the water ‘thick’, almost like a luxurious lotion.

Carrot Top ($7.95)
Carrot Top

Carrot Top

I bought one of these last year and let me tell you this carrot was the perfect persuasion to get my kids to take a bath. Normally they aren’t thrilled with vegetables but everyone seems to want some of this carrot. It’s a reusable bubble bar, good for about 10 baths. You hold the carrot by the top and swish it around the tub for frothy, lemony scented bubbles.  It’s really awesome.
Henata Bath Bomb ($7.95)
Henata Pinata

Henata Pinata!

A pinata for bathtime!! And hey, it’s shaped like a hen, sooooo….Henata! Love it. Burst open this hen pinata to find soap paper flower petals and a beautifully scented egg that really makes bath time super fun  It smells of citrus and bergamot and is just delightful. This is one big bath bomb…you can get several baths out of this, if you can hold yourself back from dropping the whole hen pinata in the tub then watching it explode. Get one while you can!
The Brightside Bubble Bar ($8.95)
Brightside Bubble Bar

Brightside Bubble Bar

This bubble bar is a vision of beautiful weather to come. The huge bar is scented with Sicilian Mandarin, tangerine, and bergamot. This lasted me through about 10 baths, you don’t need much – just crumble a bit into your  bath for red and orange water and bubbles that look just like a sunset.
Lush Easter 2013

Lush Easter 2013

I love Lush’s limited edition products, and Easter 2013 is a real winner. Some products aren’t even available on the website anymore so get yourself to a Lush Store stat for a very hoppy Easter.  - Lisa
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Yule Love This! A box of bubble bars from Lush

Ahhhh bubbles!!!

I can’t think of a better way to relax after the holidays than with a warm, foamy bubble bath, and no one does bubbles like LushLush has many appealing holidays sets out right now, and my personal favorite is the Yule Love This ($59.95) set.

Yule love this!

Yule Love This is a cute, retro-Christmas reusable tin that any bath lover would be thrilled to find under the tree.  Inside are seven different bubble bars, three of them limited edition.

even the packing material is festive!

I can get about four amazingly bubbly baths from one bar, so this gift is worth at least 28 perfect baths.  For those who aren’t seasoned Lush-aholics, there is a handy product guide inside, along with a list of the contents (with helpful drawings) on the bottom of the tin.

so you know what you got…

Here is what you will find inside:

Karma Bubble Bar

Karma Bubble Bar smells of incense and patchouli, but it’s not overwhelming.  It’s a sensual scent, and Karma makes tremendous bubbles.  Use this one when you have some romantic plans for later.

Christmas Eve Bubble Bar

Isn’t the Christmas Eve Bubble Bar adorable?  It smells even better than it looks.  This limited edition bubble bar has an aroma of gorgeous jasmine, it is truly intoxicating.  It has Irish moss powder in it to leave your skin amazingly soft.  I wish it wasn’t limited edition, I would love to have this bubble bar available year round.

The Comforter

The Comforter Bubble Bar smells fruity, like warm blackberry pie.  Yum!!  It is very comforting, you just snuggle into your bath water and feel all cozy inside.

Candy Mountain Bubble Bar

Candy Mountain is a limited edition bubble bar.  I love the look of this one, it’s very festive!  This is actually the Creamy Candy Bubble Bar but dressed in her holiday outfit.  It’s full of pure vanilla absolute, and to me it smells just like bubble gum.  Use this one when you are in a playful mood.

Santa’s Sack – actually three bubble bars in one

Santa’s Sack is obviously a limited edition bubble bar for the holidays.  It smells like fresh-baked spice cookies.

check out the presents!

The really cool thing is the presents are actually reusable bubble bars!  They are meant to be removed from the sack and used separately.   The sack is a bubble bar to crumble under the water.  The presents are extra baths – it’s the bubble bar that keeps on giving.  Very clever!

Rose Jam Bubbleroon

Rose Jam Bubbleroon looks like a macaroon cookie and smells like roses.  It has coconut oil in it to make your skin beautifully soft and moisturized.  I love how easily this breaks apart, and you can definitely get four baths out of it.  It is a marvelous bubble bar.

Sunnyside Bubble Bar

Sunny Side Bubble Bar smells like oranges and is full of celebratory glitter.  Use this one on New Years Eve!  This is a great one to pair up with any other bubble bar, it’s like adding liquid gold to your bath water.

Together, all of these bubble bars are a beautiful sight!

Yule Love This!!

If you have a bath lover on your list, get this set.  If you love baths yourself, make sure Santa knows you want this.

Trust me, Yule love it!!  – Lisa

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Mother’s Day gift ideas part three: lavish her with Lush!

 Moms work hard, there’s no doubt about that.  A gift shows appreciation, but a truly unique and thoughtful gift says even more.  Lush is a great place for unique and thoughtful – I was at a wedding shower last weekend and the gift that got all the attention was the basket full of Lush items!

Lush has some great ideas for Mother’s Day, including the Mama Mia ($39.95) wrapped gift set.  I am completely enamored of this option from Lush, it’s perfect for moms who love bath time and a little pampering.

How about a box of total pampering for mom?

To decorate the bigger gift, put a few limited edition reusable ‘bubble bars on a stick’ on the top of the package.

Everything is better on a stick

My picks are Madame Butterfly ($8.95) and The Dish Fairy ($6.95).  They totally complement the Mama Mia packaging, and are cute beyond belief.  Madame Butterfly smells of roses and lemon, you swirl this around in the bath and the water is magically full of bubbles.  Wrap it up and save it for future baths – one of these bubble bars lasts through about 6 baths.

because your mom is such an angel...

 And how cute is the Dish Fairy??  What I love about this is it’s a bubble bar…for your dirty dishes!!  Mom can keep this cute little angel in a cup next to the sink, and anytime dishes need to be washed, just swirl this in the water and  your dishes get squeaky clean.

The stick says, "Relax! I'll do the dishes, Mum!!"

Even better, when the Dish Fairy is gone, the stick is a free pass out of doing dishes!!  The Dish Fairy smells of lemon and it leaves your dishes clean and your hands beautifully soft.
When you open the Mama Mia gift, here’s what you see first:

The first peek - even the packaging is colorful and happy!

And then after digging through the colorful packing:

And then a second look...

Isn’t is pretty?  Plus there’s more:
Voucher for more pampering

Inside the Mama Mia package is a voucher for an in-store face treatment and a custom sample set, so your gift can keep on giving.

So much good stuff inside!

And there’s a list of products with ingredients, as well as an explanation on how to use each item.  Mama Mia is full of pampering shower and bath products, plus moisturizers that take care of softening you from head to toe.  Here’s what’s inside:

Lush The Olive Branch shower gel

The Olive Branch Shower Gel:  This is a pretty orange shower gel that smells of mandarin oranges and lemons.  You have to shake it up, it definitely separates in the bottle.  But once shaken, the gel is a soft liquid that creates a nice rich foam.  The olive oil really softens your skin.

Lush Sultana of Soap

Sultana of Soap:  Yummm, this soap actually looks like a big old slice of cake to me.  It smells fruity and spicy at the same time, and it gives the most creamy lather.  It’s very moisturizing and great for dry skin.

Lush Buffy!

Buffy:  I have LONG been a huge fan of Buffy!  This soap has ground almonds, rice, and beans, so it exfoliates rough patches.  It’s also super moisturizing, with tons of cocoa and shea butter.  Best place to use this?  Your rear end!!  It makes your backside so unbelievably smooth and soft you will be completely amazed.

Ro's Argan

 Ro’s Argan:  This is a body conditioner made with cocoa butter, cupuacu butter, almond oil and Argan oils.  It’s meant to do for your body what conditioner does for your hair.  At the end of your shower, slather this on, then rinse.  Towel dry and your body is ultra smooth and baby soft.

inside Ro's Argan

 Ro’s Argan smells lightly of rose – it’s not heavy or old-fashioned.  You don’t need a moisturizer after using this.  It’s great for days you shave your legs, or any time you are feeling dry.  After toweling off there is no tacky feel, it’s just soft, soft, soft.

Inside Lemony Flutter

Lemony Flutter:  This is a cuticle cream that can also be used on any part of the body that needs softening, like heels, knees, and elbows.  It has beeswax and cold-pressed avocado oil in it, so it’s super moisturizing.  Like the name suggests, it smells of lemons.  I find this to be an extremely rich and effective moisturizer, you need a very small amount to get maximum results.  If you use too much, it could feel greasy – use the right amount and it soaks right in.

If your mom is a bath and shower junkie, the Mama Mia set is perfect for her.  And do think about throwing in a few bubble bars for fun, too!!  – Lisa
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Fill those Easter baskets with Lush!

My Lush filled Easter basket

Lush continues to amaze me.  I’ll bet being on the creation team is the most fun job in the world, wiling away the hours coming up with super cute and wonderful bath and body items for each holiday.  Easter at Lush is just as fun as the winter holidays – there are so many fabulous products I almost don’t know where to begin.

I haven’t tried the Hippie Chick bath bomb, but it sure is adorable!

Hippy Chick
Hippy Chick ($4.95) is scented with grapefruit, bergamot and frankincense, and it fizzes like Alka Seltzer when you drop it in the tub.  I would LOVE to find this in my Easter basket!!
Inside the Immaculate Eggception

I have tried the Immaculate Eggception ($12.95) and it is over the top in its cuteness.  The outer shell is a fizzy bath bomb, and inside is a secret surprise!!  You can crack open the egg to get the prize, or you can drop the egg into the bath and wait for it to dissolve to get the extra treat.  Either way, it’s tons of fun, and the ylang ylang, grapefruit, and vanilla scent is gorgeous.

Donkey Oaty: best name for a bath bomb EVER

I haven’t tried Donkey Oaty ($4.95) but the story behind it is fascinating.  Lush was trying to create a bath bomb that was like a pinata, hence the donkey shape.  But they couldn’t decide what the heck would be inside a donkey – a bunch of eggs?  A tiny little donkey???  So they just made the shape a bit smaller and called it a donkey bath bomb.  It gets my vote for best product name of the season.  And the scent is their Charity Pot fragrance, which is a fresh floral.

Carrot Top

I have totally flipped over the new Carrot Top ($7.95), which is a reusable bubble bar.  I love bubble bars, but one is way too much bubble for one bath.  Carrot Top helps get around this problem by being reusable – just hold the carrot by the top and swish around the tub for lots of bubbles.  Then, take it out and save the rest for future baths!  You get between 7 and 10 lemon and buchu scented, super bubbly baths with this.  Genius!!

Fluffy Egg

And don’t forget Fluffy Egg ($6.95), a Lush Easter favorite.  Talk about candy, this smells so sweet it will almost give you a cavity.  Do you remember Candy Fluff Dusting Powder?  That’s what this smells like, all vanilla and cotton candy.  A bath with this bomb makes you feel like you are surrounded by Peeps.   It’s limited edition, so stock up now.

Chicken Knot Wrap

And to wrap it all up, check out the super cute Knot Wraps.  The Chicken Knot Wrap ($4.95, pictured above) is big enough for one Lush Easter treat, and the Bunny Knot Wrap ($5.95, pictured below) is big enough for two.  Both are made from recycled plastic bottles, so you can be an eco-chick as well as the best Easter Bunny of all time.

Bunny Knot Wrap

Here is my version of an Easter basket with some of my favorite Lush items and few candy treats.

You get both the bubble bath and the bon bons with this Easter basket!

Here's Fluffy Egg, surrounded by more sweetness.


Just the edge of Immaculate Eggception and Carrot Top (the Lush bubble bar, NOT the comedian!)

This year’s Lush Easter collection is way too cute to pass up.  Order online or get to your nearest Lush store to stock up on some fantastic Easter themed goodness!  – Lisa

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