What you need for a perfect Memorial Day Weekend Getaway with IT Cosmetics!

Essentials for Memorial DayMemorial Day weekend is wonderful for many reasons – we have that extra day to remember our loved ones who aren’t physically with us anymore. We have a little more time to spend with the people we love who are still here, and we have some precious time to relax and rest. If you are lucky, you get to spend that time at the pool or the beach.

Aaahhhh....rest and relaxation!!

Aaahhhh….rest and relaxation!!

I’m heading to the pool! I have a few must-have’s that are absolutely essential for my Memorial Day pool getaway…I wonder how they compare to your list?IT Cosmetics Beach BagIT Cosmetics

First, a great beach bag is essential. I was sent the ultimate beach bag from IT Cosmetics – it’s big, it has a waterproof and sand-proof bottom, and it has a zippered top.  It really is perfection.  They also sent a wonderful round towel.  Love it!!

J Crew Panama Hat

J Crew Panama Hat

Hopefully the sun is out, which means sun protection is in order. I always wear a hat, and I love my J Crew Panama Hat. I also always wear sunglasses, and the coolest sunglasses in existence are the Garrett Leight Wilson Sunglasses that I bought from Shopbop.

Garrett Leight Wilson Sunglasses and Samsung Galaxy

Garrett Leight Wilson Sunglasses and Samsung Galaxy

For real – they are the COOLEST. No exaggeration. I also always have my phone with me. I love my Samsung Galaxy, although I have the S6 and I think it’s time for an upgrade, don’t you? Come on, enable me!!

Shoshanna Bikini

Shoshanna Bikini

It can’t be called a pool party without the perfect bikini. I favor Shoshanna bikinis.  They are bra sized and I always love the sweet, feminine prints. You can find her swimwear at Shopbop at incredible prices.

Eliza Flat Halogen Sandals

Eliza Flat Halogen Sandals

Of course, the perfect sandals are necessary. I got these Eliza Flat Halogen Sandals through Trunk Club. Have you heard of Trunk Club yet??  It’s a personal shopping service that is run through Nordstrom. You get a personal shopper who works with you. He or she picks out TEN pieces that you actually get to preview and approve online before they are sent to you in a big old trunk. Then you get five days to try on everything and decide if you want to keep anything. My personal shopper is incredible. Her name is Paulina and I swear, she is psychic. She knows what I want even when I have no idea. The only drawback is I have spent so much money that if my hubby knew he would probably leave me. But my wardrobe is rocking. If you try this service, go with Paulina – use this link and it will give me a credit, for which I will be forever thankful!

BKR Glass and Silicone Water Bottle

BKR Glass and Silicone Water Bottle

Another Memorial Day pool party essential is a water bottle. I am still raving about my BKR Glass and Silicone Water Bottle that came with my Zoe Report Box of Style Spring 2017. The newest Box of Style is out now…I am hoping it arrives soon.

IT Cosmetics recently sent me some fantastic travel size products that are really terrific for taking to the pool and the beach. Pop these into your beach bag along with a little travel mirror and you will have everything you need for looking great and feeling wonderful.

IT Cosmetics...travel sized and beach party ready!

IT Cosmetics…travel sized and beach party ready!

Confidence in a Cream Travel Size ($16)  Skin gets dry thanks to sun, wind, and chlorine, so a little bit of moisture every so often is the perfect answer. I adore IT Confidence in a Cream because it moisturizes thirsty skin, giving it a nice glow; it tackles skin texture and leaves it feeling smooth; it evens out skin tone; and it reduces the look of pores. Plus the travel size jar is perfect for a beach bag or a purse.

Confidence in a Cream Travel Size

Confidence in a Cream Travel Size

CC+ Cream with SPF 50+ Travel Size ($15)  Spending the day outside, a full coverage foundation doesn’t sound right…but neither does going bare-faced. I love the travel size version of IT Cosmetics CC+ Cream with SPF 50+ which has more coverage than a BB cream, but is still lighter than a foundation. It doesn’t get any better than this anti-aging serum and broad-spectrum UVA/UVB SPF 50+ protection all in one fabulous package.

CC+ Cream with SPF 50+ Travel Size

CC+ Cream with SPF 50+ Travel Size

Bye Bye Under Eye Full-Coverage Waterproof Concealer Travel Size ($10) Ok, somehow my computer ate my photo of Bye Bye Under Eye Full-Coverage Concealer…but your skin won’t do the same, because this concealer lasts and lasts, even if you are swimming in a chlorine-filled pool. For those of you with decent skin, you probably just need a few little dots blended in under your eyes and maybe under your nose for fabulous coverage that looks natural and stays all day. This is my go-to concealer and has been for years and years.

IT Cosmetics travel size Bye Bye Undereye

IT Cosmetics travel size Bye Bye Undereye

Brow Power Universal Brow Pencil Mini ($12)  When my secretary when to Mexico for vacation, she asked me which brow pencil to get so she could comfortably lay by the pool knowing she had eyebrows safely in place. Without hesitation I recommended the Brow Power Universal Brow Pencil Mini, which I knew would work for her – and she is a strawberry redhead. It works for pretty much everyone and the spoolie and formula makes sure those brows are well-groomed and stay in place!

Brow Powder Universal Brow Pencil Mini

Brow Powder Universal Brow Pencil Mini

Brow Powder Universal Brow Pencil Mini

Brow Powder Universal Brow Pencil Mini

Brow Powder Universal Brow Pencil Mini

Brow Powder Universal Brow Pencil Mini

IT’s Your Brush Love Mini ($12)  The perfect mini-solution for quick cleaning lip brushes, eyeshadow brushes, powder brushes…I even use it to touch up overzealous lipstick or eyeliner application. It works like a dream and the size is truly perfect.

IT's Your Brush Love Mini

IT’s Your Brush Love Mini

With the perfect towel, bikini, sunglasses, hat, sandals, and cosmetics tucked into a fabulous beach bag I am totally ready for my pool party this weekend. Oh wait, I forgot my phone…that’s ok, I need to upgrade anyway!!!  Come on ladies, tell me…what did I leave off my list that YOU consider to be an essential for a perfect day at the pool or beach?  – Lisa

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MelodySusie delights us with Makeup Brush Cleaners and a giveaway


Beauty Info Zone is always thrilled when we learn about new products from MelodySusie. Today we have 3 different Makeup Brush Cleaners that we were sent and that we are eager to teach you about them. MelodySusie always creates well made and reasonably priced products and today’s trio is one of the best we’ve tried from them. These are the perfect treat for all of us who use makeup brushes and want them cleansed thoroughly.

The MelodySusie Brush Egg duo is just $6.29 though it’s on sale through 11/15 with the code MSEGG202. If you want a brush cleaner that’s a little bigger and more versatile then you want the MelodySusie Beautiple, aka apple, that’s currently $8.99 (promotional code MSBEAPLE to save $2). But if you want the big kahuna then you’ve got to check out the MelodySusie Butterfly with 7 cleaning options for $10.99. There’s a promotional code through 11/15 for the butterfly MSBEAFLY that will bring the price down to $8.99. We don’t think you should wait since you’ll love them as will anyone you decide to gift with them.

Now let’s see these up close.


MelodySusie Makeup Brush Cleaner eggs and apple

MelodySusie Makeup Brush Cleaner eggs and apple

MELODYSUSIE BEAUTIEG  –  You might have seen Beauty Eggs for a much higher cost but MelodySusie has brought the cost down and improved the quality immensely. Years ago I bought something similar and paid $8 plus shipping for just one. Now MelodySusie has a set of two (pink and blue) with 2 different surfaces for cleansing. These eggs are a sturdy silicon and wider so it’s easier to use.

MelodySusie pink egg brush cleaner

MelodySusie pink egg brush cleaner

The easiest way to use a Beautieg is to put two fingers into the opening to hold your egg and then use your opposite hand for the brush. The bottom of the egg (about 2/3 the size) are cleaning boards and that’s what I start with. I wet my brush, put the cleanser of choice on the brush, and then swirl the brush onto the boards to get all the color out of my brush. The top section is smaller and for even more precise cleansing. I rinse my brush under running water and keep running it on the egg until there’s no residue.

MelodySusie blue brush egg makeup brush cleaner

MelodySusie blue brush egg makeup brush cleaner

MELODYSUSIE BEAUTIPLE, aka Apple Shape Makeup Brush Cleaner, has 4 sections on the cutest pink apple shaped design. The apple’s 4 different sections to help you with different types of brushes. Slip your 4 fingers in to hold the apple. On the right side there are two types of designs we don’t find on the eggs. The little X on the bottom right are perfect for washing face brushes. The bigger columns above are great for eye brushes since you can really get into the brushes. Not only do they cleanse your powders away but they are great for cream shadows which are harder to wash off. The right side is considered best for washing and swirling.

Melody Susie Apple Makeup Brush Cleaner

Melody Susie Apple Makeup Brush Cleaner

On the left there are the boards like on the egg and smaller granules for smaller brushes. This side is best for deep cleaning and refining. With the tiny granules on the top you can really get into the brush for deeper cleaning. This would be so awesome in a holiday stocking!

Melody Susie Apple Makeup Brush Cleaner

Melody Susie Apple Makeup Brush Cleaner

Melody Susie Apple Makeup Brush Cleaner

Melody Susie Apple Makeup Brush Cleaner

Melody Susie Apple Makeup Brush Cleaner

Melody Susie Apple Makeup Brush Cleaner

Melody Susie Apple Makeup Brush Cleaner

Melody Susie Apple Makeup Brush Cleaner


MelodySusie Beautifly
Isn’t the Beautifly pretty? I think it’s a great gadget for cleaning makeup brushes – lots of different options and no need to memorize anything because the directions are printed right on the matt. Marcia’s cleaners are hand held, while mine is one that suctions itself to the countertop. This holds it in place even if you get a little over enthusiastic in your brush cleaning.

MelodySusie Beautifly
MelodySusie BeautiflyThe Beautifly is made of soft pink silicon material and has seven different cleaning areas. It does everything. The wash section gets the dirt and makeup moving out of the brush, and for an even deeper clean use the refine areas. For those very stubborn jobs – which for me is always my foundation brush and my blush brushes – the refine plus area makes short work of even the most tenacious makeup.

MelodySusie Beautifly Wash section

MelodySusie Beautifly Wash section

MelodySusie Beautifly Refine section

MelodySusie Beautifly Refine section

MelodySusie Beautifly Refine Plus section

MelodySusie Beautifly Refine Plus section

MelodySusie Beautifly Refine Plus section

MelodySusie Beautifly Refine Plus section

The one job that I always put off is cleaning my brushes, but it’s actually pretty fun with this bright and happy matt. After cleaning my brushes I just put the matt under running water then store it suction cup side up to dry. This is a practical and easy to use gift that would be perfect as a stocking stuffer!

GIVEAWAY INFORMATION:  We were sent an extra set of Brush Eggs and want one of our US subscribers to win this great duo. The giveaway is open through 11/28 at 11:59 p.m. ET. If our comments stop working please email us at [email protected] and label it EGG with your comment, click I commented, and continue. Be sure you’ve clicked the I Commented part of your entry or it won’t go into the Rafflecopter. Good luck and happy brush cleaning.

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Thumbs up or down for e.l.f. Brush Shampoo?

woman shows signs yes and no, hand fingers

When I get in the mood to buy something I’ll often look to E.L.F. Cosmetics since I can get my fix for very little money and I’ve learned that their products are great quality. I bought the e.l.f. Brush Shampoo ($3) online when I needed another product to reach free shipping. Which would you rather do? Own something or pay the post office?

E.L.F. Brush Shampoo

E.L.F. Brush Shampoo

e.l.f. has two different products for brush cleansing so it was an eeny meeny kind of situation. Both the Brush Shampoo and Daily Brush Cleaner are anti-bacterial cleansers. They both disinfect brushes and wash away the makeup and oils on your brushes. The main difference as far as I can tell is that this Brush Shampoo also conditions the fibers on your brush.

So how did this fare compared to the MAC Brush Cleanser that I use most often? First is price: $3 for 4.1 fl oz of e.l.f. compared to $16 for 7.9 fl oz of MAC. That’s an impressive savings.

E.L.F. Brush Shampoo

E.L.F. Brush Shampoo

Second is how to use these two. With the e.l.f. it is recommended that you massage a small amount of the shampoo with water and work it through the bristles from the base of the brush; rinse thoroughly; squeeze out the excess water; and lay flat on a clean cloth or surface to dry. With the MAC water isn’t really recommended. Instead apply the cleanser directly to the brush or a towel; then rub the brush along the towel until no color remains. What I actually do though with the MAC is pour a small amount over my brushes which are in a plastic cup; I swish it around trying to get color out of the brush, then add water and do it over again until the water runs clean.

Third is texture. E.L.F. Brush Shampoo has a thick texture like a shampoo. It’s hard to squeeze out of the bottle since it’s thick so I usually just pour it. MAC Brush Cleaner is a watery pink liquid.

ELF and MAC and two dirty brushes

ELF and MAC and two dirty brushes

Fourth is fragrance which is very important to me. I’ve given away many brush cleaners if they make my brushes smell. Surprisingly e.l.f. has no fragrance. I was a bit worried about that. With MAC I don’t notice a fragrance but then again I’ve been using it for over a dozen years so I’m used to it.

Last is performance. In order to compare apples to apples I used the e.l.f. in the way I always do with MAC but I did use my hands more with the e.l.f. the first time I used it. Now I pretty much just use the side of the cup.

before brushes

before brushes

The top brush was washed in E.L.F. for this picture and the bottom in MAC. I used the same exact method. The top kabuki brush is used more with cream blush so the color is pretty set in there.

after pictures - ELF on top, MAC on bottom

after pictures – ELF on top, MAC on bottom

I think the performance is about the same. Both cleansers removed the amount of color from the brushes that I expected. I no longer care if my brushes come out perfectly white every time. I just want them clean with no product left behind, the staining happens.

After all this the E.L.F. Brush Shampoo gets a Businesswoman with thumbs up, on whiteHave you tried this? How would you rate it?  — Marcia

Water(Aqua), Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Cocamide MEA, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Sodium Chloride, Methylparaben.

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Vadae Everyday Makeup Kit includes the brushes you’ll appreciate

Vadae Everyday Makeup Kit brushes and cleaner

Vadae Everyday Makeup Kit brushes and cleaner

As a dedicated and devout cosmetic junkie, I need/want/desire quality tools in my life. VADAE Beauty has created several brushes and kits to solve that problem. The kit I was sent is the Everyday Makeup Kit which contains 8 brushes and the amazing VADAE pro brush cleaner. It arrives in a see through plastic pouch to store your brushes and to take them with you wherever you go. This post is going to be picture heavy so you can see for yourself just how nice the brushes in this kit are!

Vadae Face brushes

Vadae Face brushes

Vadae eye and lip brushes

Vadae eye and lip brushes

V403 – Jumbo Powder

Vadae  V403 - Jumbo Powder

Vadae V403 – Jumbo Powder

“Create a beautiful finish with this dome-shaped powder makeup brush. Ideal for applying loose powder on the face.” My assessment – this is soft and does the exact job it’s meant to do. Be sure to tap off the excess and then use the brush to buff loose powder to your face to set your makeup.

V406 – Large Angled Blush

V406 - Large Angled Blush from Vadae

V406 – Large Angled Blush from Vadae

“This angle-shaped makeup brush is ideal for contouring cheeks and cheekbones.”  My assessment – I love how soft this is and I wish I could have kept it pristine like this but I just have to use this. It’s a little larger than I like for a blush brush but it has so many uses since I can use it for powder, bronzer, highlighting powders and an all over blending brush for my cheeks.

V407 – Duo Fiber Face

VADAE V407 - Duo Fiber Face

VADAE V407 – Duo Fiber Face

“Use this makeup brush to give a nice even distribution of product. The combination of goat hair and synthetic bristles give an airbrushed finish look.” My assessment – I love a duo fiber (skunk brush) and get a lot of use out of this brush. It’s perfect for highly pigmented powders on my face. I like it to brush a light coating of a highlighting powder since it gives it a diffused look.

V408 – Deluxe Foundation

Vadae  V408 - Deluxe Foundation

Vadae V408 – Deluxe Foundation

“The layered, tapered bristles of the Deluxe Foundation makeup brush help your makeup blend into a flawless finish. The large head makes application quick and easy to apply over the entire face.”  My assessment – this is a great foundation brush. It’s soft and never scratches, it makes liquid and cream foundations look flawless.

V409 – Tapered Concealer

Vadae  V409 - Tapered Concealer

Vadae V409 – Tapered Concealer

“This small concealer makeup brush is perfect for applying and blending concealer under eyes or for small area coverage.”  My assessment – they got it right when they described this as being great for small area coverage. The best use for me with this concealer brush is to get up close to my eyelashes and to use this in the inner corner of my eye.

V307 – Eye Shader

Vadae  V307 - Eye Shader

Vadae V307 – Eye Shader

“Used for applying cream eyeshadows, this medium-sized makeup brush allows for quick application and blending on the eyelid. It can be used with creams as well as loose and pressed powders.”  My assessment – I didn’t even realize this was meant for cream shadows until I started writing the review so I instantly used it that way and it’s great. I like using this for my everyday powder shadows and it’s actually my favorite brush in the kit that way.

V310 – Angle Shadow

Vadae  V310 - Angle Shadow

Vadae V310 – Angle Shadow

“The angled tip of the Angle Shadow makeup brush easily sweeps color over your eye lid. Work color onto your brow and under the orbital bone.” My assessment – I use this angled eyeshadow brush for my browbone area. It fits in perfectly and is big enough to cover that whole area. Later I use it to blend the light brow shade with my crease color to remove harsh lines.

V101 – Lip Definer

Vadae  V101 - Lip Definer

Vadae V101 – Lip Definer

“The rounded edge of the Lip Definer makeup brush allows for controlled application along the lip line while the flat side is ideal for filling in. It features flexible fibers and may be used to blend lip pencils, lip gloss, or lipsticks with ease to create definition or modify lip shape.”  My assessment – I like a firmer and slightly larger brush for lipstick when I decide to use a brush. The way I’ve been using this a lot though is to soften the line that my lipliner makes after my lipstick is applied. It blends the liner into the lipstick without having that obvious liner look that is so passe.

Vadae  VBS200 - Pro Brush Cleaner

Vadae VBS200 – Pro Brush Cleaner

“One 40 gram professional makeup brush cleaner with brush scrubbing compact and storage bag.”  My assessment – WOW!!! Lisa reviewed this before and I was curious but until I actually started using this I didn’t know what I was missing. This works great for all brushes but it’s perfect for brushes you use with cream products especially. It gets out gunk I thought was long gone yet keeps my brushes (from any brand) in perfect shape.

• Packaging: Includes Cosmetic Storage Bag

Vadae Everyday Brush Kit in the carrying case

Vadae Everyday Brush Kit in the carrying case

This kit is a great way to either start your brush collection or add to it. There’s one brush I’d add which is the V302 – Blending Fluff 

Vadae  V302 Blending Fluff

Vadae V302 Blending Fluff

The Blending Fluff makeup brush will blend harsh lines of color into soft fading gradients. The natural goat hair bristles help apply pigment with ease for beautiful results.” I love this kind of brush and think all collections should have a blending brush like this.

For $98 ($110 if you add the Blending Fluff) you’ll be complete for your cosmetic needs. A little bit of everything and the best brush cleaner I’ve tried. What brushes are necessities for you? What brush cleaner do you use? — Marcia

Lisa’s complete Pro Brush Cleanser review which will sell you on this!!

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You want this…VADAE Beauty Professional Brush Cleaner

pro-brush-cleanerWhen was the last time you cleaned your makeup brushes? I know that cleaning my brushes is something I put off until I have about 15 minutes at night to do them all, giving them time to dry overnight. But the VADAE Professional Brush Cleaner ($18) has changed my routine since it is so easy and quick. It gets my brushes astoundingly clean in just seconds and is perfect for home or travel.

VADAE Professional Brush Cleanser

The VADAE Professional Brush Cleaner is a compact with a soap disc on one side and a circular washboard on the other. It comes in a handy cosmetic storage bag.

VADAE Professional Brush Cleaner 2This little gem is so easy to use – just get your brush wet, then swirl around on the soap disc. The soap gently but thoroughly cleans bristles. Then, use the washboard to really get the brush clean! I am astonished at what comes out of my brushes. I find that it cleans all types of bristles and both water and oil-based makeup equally well.

VADAE Professional Brush Cleaner

VADAE Beauty is known for their Professional Makeup Brush Kits, which certainly look awesome – but you want to visit their website to buy a Professional Brush Cleaner.  This is a must-have for everyone!!  – Lisa

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Giveaway alert! The Brush Guard Cleaning kit review…and win one for yourself, too.

brush guard logoWhat lives in your makeup brushes? You would probably be completely grossed out if you knew the amount of old makeup, dead skin cells, bacteria, oil, and dirt that has accumulated in them. Who doesn’t need a quick, easy system for cleaning brushes as incentive to wash those brushes more often? Your skin will thank you with less breakouts and your brushes will thank you and last much longer.

The Brush Guard Cleaning Kit

The Brush Guard Cleaning Kit

The Brush Guard sent the BIZ a Cleaning Kit ($19.95) to try, and even better they just might send you one too.  Read on to find out how to enter the giveaway for a Cleaning Kit for yourself.

Look at all the goodies inside!

Look at all the goodies inside!

Inside each brush kit is a Squeaky Clean Brush Shampoo, a Blotting Cloth, a Washing Cup, a Drying Vase, and Brush Sleeves. Here’s how to use it:

Squeaky Clean Brush Shampoo

Squeaky Clean Brush Shampoo

First, pour some of the Squeaky Clean Brush Shampoo into the green Washing Cup (pictured below inside the Drying Vase). The Brush Shampoo has organic oils to cleanse and treat brushes and it has a light, pleasant scent.

Green Washing Cup is inside the brown Drying Vase

Green Washing Cup is inside the brown Drying Vase

The Washing Cup has a textured bottom so as you you swirl your brushes the little bumps gently massage dirt and oil out of your brushes. I even washed what I thought were my ‘clean’ brushes and was astounded at the amount of dirt that came out.  This is a truly terrific brush cleanser.



Then rinse the brush under running water and blot with the super soft Bamboo Cloth. Once blotted, brushes are ready for their cute little storage jackets called The Brush Guard Sleeves.


Variety Pack of Sleeves

The Brush Guard Cleaning Kit comes with a Variety Pack of sleeves including 1 extra small (shadow/liner brush), 2 small (blush), 2 medium (foundation), and one large (powder/kabuki).


You need these!

The Sleeves not only help brushes keep their original shape, they also keep them safe from dust while they aren’t in use.



Slip the Sleeve up over the freshly washed and slightly damp bristles and then store brushes sleeve side down in the ventilated Drying Vase. I keep my brushes in the vase on my vanity and they are always in terrific shape and ready to use.

I have bought quite a few Variety Packs of sleeves to make sure all my brushes have one at all times. These have literally saved my brushes, in particular my MAC 275 brush. The Brush Guard Cleaning Kit is an absolute winner, I think everyone should have one!

Here is your chance to win a Cleaning Kit.  Entering is easy, just follow the Rafflecopter directions.  This is only available for US and is open through Tues., Aug. 13th at 11:59 p.m. EST. Good luck!!  – Lisa

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Lisa’s top favorites of 2010

Inevitably, the looming new year sparks reflection upon the one passing…and in the world of Beauty Info Zone, that means only one thing – what were my favorite cosmetic discoveries of 2010??

I had a great year in terms of holy grails.  Normally I might find one or two, but this was a banner year – I found so many things I can’t live without that I couldn’t even limit it to my ‘top ten for 2010’.  After some heavy duty soul searching and major editing, I came up with my most favorites.

My vote for coolest cosmetics lines new to me this year:

Vanitymark – super high quality products with a really neat variety of items.

Darac Beauty – all together, lovely products that form a complete system so it’s almost one stop shopping.

Julie Hewett – gorgeous colors, wonderful items…I find myself stalking the website just to drool over the possibilities.

Covermark – amazing full coverage products, plus a whole lot more.  This is a line with surprising depth.

My vote for best overall lines I was already familiar with, and  from which I discovered more great new things this year:

Senna – love the brows, the lips, the bronzers…my list of ‘loves’ goes on and on.

Tarte Cosmetics – fabulous line with truly amazing palettes and holiday sets.

Trish McEvoy – this line is especially perfect for someone just starting their makeup collection.

Jane Iredale – this line is constantly coming out with great new products, and has some real must-haves in many categories.

Favorite skin care discoveries for this year:

Beautisol – really terrific products that work.

Simply Divine Botanicals – my favorite organic line.

Lisa Hoffman – best products for travel, in my book.

Juara Skincare – ok, a bit of a cheat, as this is one of my favorite discoveries in both skin care and body products.  My favorite loves?  The Avocado Banana Moisture Mask ($37), a fabulous hydrating mask that somehow also brightens the complexion.  Also the candlenut fragranced products, in particular the Candlenut Hydrating Shower Gel ($28), a beautiful shower gel that foams up wonderfully and smells divine, and the Candlenut Body Polish ($35), a perfect exfoliator that doesn’t scratch but still gets rid of dead skin and leave you smelling amazing.

Best hair product discoveries:

nTrance – my first encounter with argan oil, I will never be without this hair serum.

Sedu Anti-Frizz Polishing Treatment- another amazing hair serum, it’s really terrific.

Best hair tools discoveries:

Sedu hair dryer and flat irons – how did I ever live without these??

Curl-Ease hair towel – I love how it gives me frizz-free hair every single time, regardless of the weather conditions.

Coolest new electronic products:

Luminess Air Brush system – so much fun!!!  I feel like an artist when I use this.

Honeybelle Body Buffer ($325) – this is a little pricey, but take my word for it – it WORKS.  It really does reduce the appearance of cellulite.  And the Apre Contouring Creme that comes with the set is FABULOUS.

Best body product lines:

Hampton Sun – amazing sunscreen and I adore the fragrances in this line’s products.

Whish – everything is super retro cool, I want one of each!  I am especially digging the Lavender Three Whishes Body Wash ($22) – super scent, just the right amount of suds, and it leaves your skin so soft and hydrated.

Hand Perfection – hands down, best hand products of the year.  No contest.

Best beauty tools of the year:

Hollywood Fashion Tape – love, love, love every single thing.  Just check out the Hollywood Hangover Kit pictured above!!  Every item is hilarious, retro, and unbelievably useful.

Crown Brushes – amazing brushes at a super affordable price.

Best brow discovery:

Senna– sick of me talking about this yet?  I just cannot live with out my Form-A-Brow Kit.

Best eyeshadows of the year:

Tarte Cosmetics – fabulous pigmentation and the sets are amazing.

Le Metier – gorgeous, unusual colors that you can actually layer without creating a muddy mess.  See a demonstration here.

Best foundation discovery:

FACE atelier Ultra Foundation – simply amazing foundation.  True love at first wear.

Best concealer discoveries:

It Cosmetics – Marcia introduced me to this amazing concealer that really covers imperfections with the tiniest bit of product.

Covermark – particularly the Under Eye Cover Kit, which covers anything that might be wrong, and has a great loose powder for setting the concealer.

Best self-tanner:

Pur Minerals Get a Little – such a wonderful creamy self-tanner that leaves you looking thin, tan, and happy.

Tan Towels – amazing little towels that give you a super natural, streak-free tan.  I will be expounding on these gems more in my upcoming review.

Best blush discovery:

Mai Couture – I still can’t believe that fabulous blush – and bronzer, too – can be so portable.  Blush in little papers?  Ingenious!

Best mascara discovery:

Revitalash – thick, long, super black lashes that don’t fade, flake, or smear.  What else could a girl ask for?

Best lip discoveries:

Le Metier Creme de la Creme lip gloss – a fabulous neutral that makes any kind of ugly lip color look gorgeous, it’s one of my secret weapons.

Beaute Cosmetics – every single lip product is unique and genius.

FACE atelier lip glaze – I am never without Lip Glaze in Ice…and now I will never be without Lip Glaze in Dianthus, the perfect shimmery pink.

Besame Sweetheart Balm lip gloss pots – gorgeous colors, amazing slip and texture, and a red that looks terrific even on me!

Best mineral makeup line:

Purely Cosmetics – fabulous, high quality, affordable minerals.

Favorite makeup up artist:

Victoria Stiles – she is amazing, just love her work and her website!!

A variety of items I simply cannot live without:

Jane Iredale Botanical Brush Cleaner

Vanitymark Duo Brush and Ultra-Tweeze Tweezers

Urban Decay Grind House Pencil Sharpener

Hard Candy Moon Glow Pressed Powder

Z Palette palettes

The year 2010 was simply amazing for me in terms of finding new loves and favorites.  I cannot wait for what 2011 is going to bring!

Happy New Year everyone!!  Warmly, Lisa