How to get Delectable this summer!

Delectable Sweet Cream Daily Dry Oil

Delectable Sweet Cream Daily Dry Oil

Indulgent, sassy, and affordable…those are the words that come to mind when I think of Delectable by Cake Beauty. Their body products smell amazing and I can find them so easily at Kohl’s and Target. They have two FANTASTIC newly launched summer products: Daily Dry Oil ($18) and Bronzing Body Lotion ($18).

Delectable Sweet Cream Daily Dry Oil

I am a huge advocate of body oil to begin with and Delectable Daily Dry Oil is terrific. The oil has great ingredients including argan, safflower, and grape seed oils. They leave skin hydrated without wetness or stickiness. It also absorbs immediately and gives a soft sheen to skin. I prefer spraying this onto my palms then smoothing on my legs, arms, etc., but you can certainly spray it on directly. I love the softly delicious Sweet Cream scent. It’s not too foody and it plays well with all my usual summer scents. You will want to pick this up the next time you are at Kohl’s or Target.

Delectable Bronzing Body Lotion

Delectable Bronzing Body Lotion

Delectable Bronzing Body Lotion

The other huge winner in my book is the Bronzing Body Lotion. This comes in the same pretty Sweet Cream scent.  There are so many reasons to love this bronzing lotion!

1.  I can’t seem to mess up the application no matter how hard I try. It always go on evenly and looks fabulous.

2.  It never stains my clothes.

3.  It has fantastic, skin-loving ingredients like argan oil.

4.  One application and my skin looks glowy and perfect. My legs have been described as ‘dead fish white’. Of course, the person who said that was properly maimed afterward. It may be true, but geez…it didn’t need to be  pointed out. He won’t make that mistake again!

5.  It makes my arms and legs look thin. That’s worth the price alone!!

before and after...guess which leg is sans Bronzing Body Lotion??

before and after…guess which leg is sans Bronzing Body Lotion??

This pic shows one thin application on my right leg. For deeper color, just apply more coats. It’s wonderful.

There are some products I absolutely love for summer that I refuse to be without and these two are on that list.  You have to check them out!  – Lisa

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Dry Oil Ingredients: Glycine Soja ( Soybean) Oil Cyclopentasiloxane Dimethicone Argania Spinosa (Argan) Kernal Oil Vitis vinifera (grape) seed oil Carthamus tinctorius (safflower) seed oil Parfum/Fragrance

Bronzing Body Lotion Ingredients: Water/Aqua Glycerin Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil Caprylic/Capric Triglycerides Stearic Acid Triethanolamine Isopropyl Myristate Cetyl Alcohol Glyceryl Stearate Shea Butter (Butyrospermum Parkii) Argania Spinosa (Argan) Kernal Oil Rosa Rubiginosa (Rosehip) Oil Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe) Extract Camellia Sinensis (Green Tea) Extract Fragrance Cetearyl Alcohol Dehydroacetic Acid Sodium Benzoate Potassium Sorbate Trihydroxystearin Xanthan Gum Dicetyl Phosphate Ceteth-10 Phosphate Tocopherol May Contain (+/-) Mica Iron Oxide Iron Oxide Iron Oxide Titanium Dioxide

Simple Sugars Vanilla Grapefruit is a mini-vacation in a body scrub

Simply Sugars Vanilla Grapefruit Body Scrub

Simply Sugars Vanilla Grapefruit Body Scrub

I’m actually embarrassed to tell you that I never took care of the skin on my body until about 8 years ago. I’d seen stores in the mall that carried lotions, potions, scrubs etc but I never fell under their spell. That’s all changed now and I’m as wrapped up in bath and body products as my friends who’ve been raving for years. What I want though is a fragrance that I’m excited to use which is usually something in the citrus realm.

You might have heard of SIMPLE SUGARS since they have so many amazing products that I see at Beauty Brands. I received an exclusive fragrance courtesy of Beauty Brands and I am totally a new person. The exclusive scent is Vanilla Grapefruit and it’s like a slice of paradise. Imagine yourself on the island of Maui every time you step into the shower with Simple Sugars Vanilla Grapefruit Body Scrub and you’ll know what I mean.

Simple Sugars

Simple Sugars

What’s especially fun is that the owner, Lani Lazzari, is just barely out of her teens. She built her business up from the time she was 11 years old and at 18 she was featured on Shark Tank. I love Shark Tank and I love seeing women make it on the show. She was scooped up by Mark Cuban and her business became a success.  She keeps adding new items to her line and now you can find Body Scrubs, Facial Scrubs, Foot Scrubs plus she’s created a men’s line. You can see Lani’s experience in this you tube video.

Beauty Brands carries 18 of her products at this time and is the only one to sell the Vanilla Grapefruit scent. This body scrub has to be experienced to know why I want to wake up for my shower each day.

Simple Sugars is an all natural brand that is made by hand. The ingredients are good enough to eat! They include pure cane sugar, organic soybean oil, grapeseed oil, cherry kernel oil, apricot kernel oil and organic grapefruit zest. When you open the jar and smell the deliciousness you just won’t believe it.

Simple Sugars body scrub

Simple Sugars body scrub

Now to make it even more exciting for me is that you don’t really need a moisturizer or body lotion after using this. My skin is so well hydrated that it’s totally optional if I decide to use one. I’m not oily, I’m just soft and silky.

inside Simple Sugars body scrub

inside Simple Sugars body scrub

Upon opening my jar I noticed a separation of products with the abundant amount of pure can sugar mounding up over the organic oils. Simple Sugars comes with a perfect size plastic spoon so you can mix these up and then scoop out enough for your legs, arms, back, feet, or wherever you can reach. Add some water and smooth this over your body and watch it melt away leaving behind perfection.

Simple Sugar Vanilla Grapefruit Body Scrub

Simple Sugar Vanilla Grapefruit Body Scrub

Do I sound like a commercial? I think I got a little carried away with my description but when I get into the shower I’m also carried away. I’ve started using it right away since I don’t want to run out of my hot water and have to miss this moisturizing step.

Vanilla Grapefruit can be found for $15 for 5 oz or $22 for 8 oz. If this deliciously sweet light grapefruit scent doesn’t grab you then how about a strawberry or a coconut or even a little almond? Grab one for yourself and one or more for a great graduation gift. I’d pair it with a beach towel or a university towel and know I’d be giving something special.

Have you heard of Simple Sugars? Have I really been out of the loop before this discovery? — Marcia

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You can follow Simple Sugars at Twitter @simplesugars Hashtag #simplesugars, instagram @simplesugars and Facebook

Smell yummy with Farmhouse Fresh Agave Nectar Body Oil

I have converted many, many friends to body oil! It’s great for the skin and fragranced oils leave your body smelling wonderful all day long. I had been dying to try Farmhouse Fresh Agave Nectar Body Oil ($18) forever, so I was extremely happy when they sent it to us for review. I was even happier after I tried it!

Farmhouse Fresh Agave Nectar Body Oil

Farmhouse Fresh Agave Nectar Body Oil

Agave Nectar Body Oil is the number one selling product at Farmhouse Fresh. It didn’t take me long to understand why. This is a fantastic body oil that moisturizes skin without leaving an oily or greasy residue. However, it does leave skin with a subtle glistening glow. In fact, this is a favorite of celebrity makeup artists because it makes skin photograph so well.

Backcountry Caramel

Backcountry Caramel

It has a light scent that is described as ‘oat/milk’, which is warm and comforting. (I also like to layer the Backcountry Caramel Body Milk Lotion over it for a truly delicious scent that makes people just want to eat you up.)

Farmhouse Fresh Agave Nectar Body Oil

So not only does this oil smell fantastic and make skin look amazing, it’s also really good for you. The ingredients include a blend of extracts that reduce skin’s water loss, which is exactly what is needed to slow down the aging process. Farmhouse Fresh Agave Nectar Body Oil gets a major glistening thumbs up from me.  You’ve got to try this.  – Lisa

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Sweet Bee Magic from Medicine Mama’s Apothecary

photo from

photo from

Have you ever heard of power animals or animal totems? Shamans, also known as healers, have known through the ages that power animals are spirit guides in animal form. When a power animal shows up it is communicating a message and helping you find peace and bliss on your life’s path. Lately the bumble bee has been popping up constantly for me, so when Medicine Mama’s Apothecary sent us some products to try I was not surprised to see even more bees.  The bumble bee symbolizes abundance, personal power, love and community. What a great message from the fantastic organic skin care line, Medicine Mama’s Apothecary.

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Medicine Mama logo

Medicine Mama’s Apothecary features organic skin care products made from the highest quality medicinally active raw materials. They use ingredients from around the globe and their products are made with loving care in small batches at their boutique apothecary. Two of my favorites are the Sweet Bee Magic All in One Healing Skin Cream ($19.99) and the Sweet Bee Magic Wand ($12.99).

Medicine Mama All in One Secret Skin Cream

The Sweet Bee Magic All-in-One Enhanced Healing Cream is not really a cream, it’s more like a balm that moisturizes, revitalizes, and protects the skin. You can use this everywhere – face, hands, feet, and body. It has a healing compound called Melexylem™ that is an antioxidant and an anti-inflammatory. This is a household multi-tasker for sure – check out everything it does:

Maintain healthy, radiant, youthful-looking skin
Moisturize dry, cracked or irritated skin
Heal rashes, burns, scars & intense skin irritation
Soothe cold sores and chapped lips
Reduce inflammation
Relieve sunburns & insect bites

This is a terrific facial moisturizer that doesn’t clog pores or make me break out. I also love it for cracked and peeling hands, and it’s great for soothing rashes and burns.

Ingredients include healing Melexylem™, purifying propolis, antimicrobial honey, nourishing royal jelly, revitalizing bee pollen, moisturizing extra virgin olive oil, protective beeswax. It is also free of dyes, fragrances, artificial preservatives, parabens, soy, etc.

Medicine Mama All in One Lip and Face Balm

For some transportable bee magic, the Sweet Bee Magic Wand ($12.99) is perfection. This is a Propolis & Honey Lip & Face Balm for Healing On the Go. It comes in a tube that is about twice the size of a regular chapstick. It’s still small enough to be purse-friendly and my lips absolutely love the healing hydration that the Sweet Bee Magic Wand provides. Here is what else it can be used for:

Moisturize skin daily
Heal chapped lips
Nourish skin overnight
Repair rashes, burns & scars
Soothe cold sores
Relieve cuts, scrapes & insect bites
Gloss eyelashes

Ingredients include healing Melexylem™, purifying propolis & honey blend, protective beeswax, nourishing extra virgin avocado oil, moisturizing extra virgin olive oil. Sweet Bee Magic is certified organic by the CCOF and is free of synthetic dyes, fragrances, preservatives, parabens, sulfates, soy and petroleum.

After using my Sweet Bee Magic products for several weeks, I have to say I believe in the magic of bees. Just use the Store Locator on the website to find Medicine Mama’s Apothecary products near you.  – Lisa

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Beating the polar vortex with Repechage Vita Cura Triple Action Nutri Cream

I never ever use a body cream on my face…but it has been soooo cold here (negative 30 degrees this morning!) that my face has been in need of serious moisture. I’ve been slathering on the Repechage Vita Cura Triple Action Nutri Cream ($36) that we were sent a while back and I was so desperate for mega moisture I used it as a face cream, too. My results?

Repechage Vita Cura Triple Action Nutri Cream

Repechage Vita Cura Triple Action Nutri Cream

Repechage Vita Cura Nutri Cream

Repechage Vita Cura Nutri Cream


The cream is super rich, but it isn’t the least bit greasy. It does wonders for painfully dry hands, cuticles, and elbows. It has fantastic ingredients. Repechage says, “EcoCert seaweed extracts contain 18 amino acids, 12 vitamins and 42 trace elements and minerals that enrich the skin to help smooth the appearance of wrinkles. Glycolic Acid reveals younger looking skin while organic Aloe Vera soothes and calms. Rich, natural fruit oils derived from Karite, Mufura and Coconut trees help restore the skin’s moisture barrier. Rooibos and Vanilla indulge the senses.”

It all adds up to a very thick and effective body cream that is also great for super dry facial skin. Repechage is having a buy four, get two free sale right now, so if you have dry skin – or are experiencing this polar vortex – stock up now!  – Lisa

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Will you BEE mine? Savannah Bee Mini Body Butter Gift Set

savannah bee mini body buttersSavannah Bee Mini Body Butter Gift Set
I have a soft spot for Royal Jelly…my fascination with this ingredient is what initially led me into becoming a skin care and cosmetics fanatic many years ago. I am a sucker for products that have this ingredient, which means I am bewitched and enthralled with the Savannah Bee line. Their Mini Body Butter Gift Set ($26) was a perfect introduction to the line and it makes for a fantastic gift for anyone you love.

Savannah Bee Body Butter Set 2

The Savannah Bee Royal Jelly Body Butter is one of the best-selling products in the line, and for good reason. The Body Butter has beeswax, propolis, honey, and royal jelly, all ingredients that skin simply loves. Combine that with the fabulously cute packaging of two little boxes holding quaint glass jars, all wrapped up in a burlap style bag and it makes for a perfect present.

Savannah Bee Body Butter Set

Savannah Bee

This super cute set has a mini Royal Jelly Body Butter and a mini Sensitive Skin Royal Jelly Body Butter. The original Royal Jelly Body Butter smells of wild berries, vanilla, rose, and gardenia. One whiff and I am instantly transported to a beautiful southern plantation on a breezy summer afternoon.

Savannah Bee Royal Jelly Body Butter

Savannah Bee Royal Jelly Body Butter 2

Savannah Bee Royal Jelly Body Butter inside

The Sensitive Skin Royal Jelly Body Butter smells of chamomile and myrrh and is wonderfully calming. I can’t decide which one is my favorite. The little glass jars are so darn cute…I also can’t decide whether to leave them in the adorable boxes or set them out on their own! Guess I am just going to do both.

Savannah Bee is on my list as a line that is definitely worth checking out. ‘Bee’ sure to take a look, either online at or at their retail stores in Georgia and South Carolina.  – Lisa

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Take a romantic trip with Teadora Rainforest Spa Love Ritual Set


A perfect set for Valentine’s Day or any day you want to get close to your sweetie, the Teadora Rainforest Spa Love Ritual Set ($69, an $88 value), is exactly what the love doctor ordered.

Teadora Spa Love Ritual Set

This beautiful set includes a 6 oz Body Polish, a 2 oz Bath & Body Oil, and an 8 oz Body Butter…everything you need for clean, soft, pampered skin. All of the products include ingredients straight from the Amazon for an exotic and powerful experience.

Teadora Spa Love Ritual Set Exfoliant

The Body Polish is a huge tube of exfoliating mud that has Açaí Seeds and Amazonian White Clay. It gently exfoliates skin and has a raw, earthy scent that is very romantic.

Teadora Spa Love Ritual Set Bath and Body Oil

Follow this with the fantastic Bath & Body Oil that is infused with Teadora’s RainforestHydration ElixirTM, a nutritious rainforest serum with rich Amazon Superfruit oils. I have two friends who swear by this body oil and wear it every single day. It not only hydrates and gently scents the skin, it also makes for some killer massages!

Teadora Spa Love Ritual Set Body Butter

Finally, end by slathering one another with the Body Butter infused with Teadora’s exclusive RainforestRestoration ElixirTM + Argan Plant Stem Cells. This thick, beautiful body cream penetrates all the way to the skin’s middle layer, healing from the inside out. It melts into skin like butter and the results are pretty amazing.

Teadora Spa Love Ritual Set soaps

If that isn’t enough, right now this set also comes with three more gifts that have a $45 value. You get a Kayapo makeup bag, plus two travel-sized soaps, the Beauty Bar with Coffee Butter and  Patauá Oil and Exfoliating Bar with Açaí Seeds and Amazonian Clay. I actually have the full size versions of these bars, which I have pictured here.  They are both really fantastic and are the perfect reason to get take a shower for two!

This fabulous Teadora set is only available through today, so hurry and get one now.  You and your sweetie are going to love it!  – Lisa

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