What a wonderful weekend with The Beauty Spotlight Team posts

Lola’s Secret Beauty Blog revisits the magnificence of Pai Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil because it is so good that it warrants repurchase. The antioxidant-rich oil is formulated to combat dull skin, to fade hyperpigmentation, and to heal scars, sun damage, flaky skin and blemishes. In a word, it’s incredible– plus it is affordable!

Stacie from The Makeup Obsessed Mom has an amazing giveaway from the Fashion Flash Group happening now over on her blog. Giveaway prizes include a self improvement type book, a mind and body workout dvd and a $50 Amazon gift card. What are you waiting for? Go enter now.

Are you trying to eliminate chemicals in your home? Prime Beauty is with the help of the Grove Collaborative that features natural and cruelty-free household products!

Summer may be winding down, but there are still plenty of chances to make the most of what’s left. I Know all the Words is chatting Summer Survival Supplies with a few key products to wrap up the summer beautifully.

Have you always wondered what sort of things you would discover at a business-to-business trade show? This summer, Jen from Laugh, Love, Contour had the opportunity to attend Cosmoprof North America (not to be confused with the popular beauty professional store CosmoProf). This week, she shared her top product picks in the category of skin care, ranging from affordable to luxury prices as well as including some more simple and green options. Be sure to check it out and see if you may have a new favorite for your own beauty routine!

It’s all about organization on Beauty Info Zone. Check out the Bollie Acrylic Organizer to see how it helps organizing and just plain finding things.

Pammy Blogs Beauty has found a unique and totally organized way to travel with your cosmetics. Introducing Beauty and the Box!

White eyeliner is having another moment. Who doesn’t want bright, dramatic eyes? Never Say Die Beauty has been using Kat Von D’s uber creamy, waterproof Cake Pencil Liner to draw her long-lasting lines even on the waterline!

Are you curious about seasonal beauty, lifestyle, fashion and fitness subscription boxes? Erika of Notes from My Dressing Table got the chance to try Fab Fit Fun for fall , a box that has it all in one and she’s a fan. Come check it out, see if it would be right for you, too.

Back to School Giveaway Blog Hop #btsHOP

It’s definitely back to school time. As a former teacher I spent more of my life in school than out of it and that’s not counting the years I went to school. Having something new to enjoy for back to school is always fun. I still feel I should be doing my back to school shopping!

For this blog hop I’m staying with cosmetics – something teens and adults can enjoy. If you are the winner of this #btsHOP you’ll win the August Boxycharm with all of its goodies plus some extras.

Let’s see the prize:

1) BECCA Hydra Mist & Refresh Powder ($39) in Translucent: “The weightless powder sets and refreshes makeup for a silky smooth invisible finish. Formulated with 50% water and glycerin this powder creates a mist-like sensation on the skin for a seamless finish and comfortable feel.” I have this powder already or I’d never have put it in the giveaway. It’s a gem.

BECCA Hydra Mist & Refresh Powder

BECCA Hydra Mist & Refresh Powder

2) WANDER Glow Ahead Illuminating Oil ($42); “This multitasking beauty elixir hydrates and absorbs into the skin no matter what skin type you have.

Wander Glow Ahead Illuminating Oil and PUR Pink Glitter Mask

3) PUR Pink Glitter Mask ($26): “Created in celebration of the 60th anniversary of Barbie this mask is packed with licorice extract, skin nourishing green tea, vitamin B, ginseng and 26 key botanicals to help brighten the skin’s appearance.”

4) TARTE Big Ego Mascara ($23): “An ultra black vegan mascara that lifts your lashes and delivers a fully loaded flutter”.

TARTE Big Ego Mascara

5) LASHAHOLICS Instaglam False Eyelashes ($15): “Elevate your eye look with you new Lashaholics lashes. These 100% vegan falsies made from premium silk fibers give your lashes dimension, natural looking length and volume.”

LASHAHOLICS Instaglam False Eyelashes

Total value of $145!! And some surprises in the box.

GIVEAWAY INFORMATION: The #btsHOP is open through August 30, 2019 at 11:59 pm. All giveaways in the hop are separate so you can enter as many as you wish and win as many as luck will allow you. Beauty Info Zone’s giveaway is for US/Can email subscribers. You must be a subscriber and comment. The other entries are to give you a better chance to win. Be sure you enter the other giveaways when done with ours.  —  Marcia

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Celebrate National Relaxation Day with Mer-Sea Coconut Sugar Shea Lotion and Coconut Sugar Sandbag Candle

Today is National Relaxation Day and what better way to celebrate than by pampering yourself with a luxurious body lotion while burning a beautiful candle?  There are countless brand and fragrance options, but my choice for today is a no-brainer. I know many of you are eagerly awaiting the arrival of fall, but me…I am hanging onto summer with every ounce of my being. I really do wish summer never ended and I think I have come across the ultimate summer scent and products that will still convince me it’s still summer even in a blizzard – Mer-Sea Coconut Sugar Shea Lotion and Coconut Sugar Sandbag Candle.

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Mer-Sea Coconut Sugar Shea Lotion and Sandbag Candle

I love love love coconut scents and I am always on the lookout for that perfect fragrance, the one that immediately transports me to the place I find the most relaxing – the beach. I have found my bliss in Mer-Sea’s Coconut Sugar fragrance.  This scent has a cult following and it’s a cult that I am happy to join. The Coconut Sugar scent is a mixture of coconut, vanilla, and musk that is designed to make you think of warm summer nights after a day at the beach. Coconut Sugar has an almost buttery burnt caramel note; it makes me think of warm suntan lotion and late night bonfires on the beach.

The Coconut Sugar Shea Lotion ($22.00) takes the beautiful Coconut Sugar scent and wraps it in a thick, creamy shea lotion that features avocado oil, jojoba oil, and sweet almond oil. The packaging is divine with an 8 oz. glass bottle adorned with a Mer-Sea charm.

Mer-Sea Coconut Sugar Shea Lotion

Mer-Sea Coconut Sugar Shea Lotion

It’s so pretty it will look perfect displayed anywhere in your house and it also makes a great gift. I am very impressed with the fragrance lasting power. Slather the Coconut Sugar Shea Lotion on in the morning and people will still be commenting how great you smell in the afternoon.

To really set the mood, light up the Coconut Sugar Sandbag Candle ($28.00). It has the perfect Coconut Sugar fragrance and the candle is adorable. It comes in a reusable canvas bag that you can also use to store the beautiful seashells and stones that you collect at the beach.

Mer-Sea Coconut Sugar Sandbag Candle

Mer-Sea Coconut Sugar Sandbag Candle

The super cute bag houses matches and a 7 oz. candle in a sheer, luminescent glass votive that will hold other candles when this one has been enjoyed to the end (a good 45 hours of burn time)  Mer-Sea candles are hand-poured in the US, and have a clean-burning soy wax blend with an all cotton, lead-free wick. The candle also comes with a gift tag, making it a fabulous gift – but believe me, you also want one for yourself.

Mer-Sea Coconut Sugar Sandbag Candle

Mer-Sea Coconut Sugar Sandbag Candle

Mer-Sea Coconut Sugar Sandbag Candle

I am a very happy Coconut Sugar cult member now, and am spending time today relaxing in my instant endless summer with my Coconut Sugar Shea Lotion and Sandbag Candle. You can find this amazing scent (which also comes in other types of candles, Reed Diffuser, Room Spray, and Liquid Hand Soap…but sadly no spray on perfume!) at the beautiful Mer-Sea website. And if coconut isn’t your thing (really?  What is wrong with you??) then check out Mer-Sea’s other fragrances like Fog’s lavender, black currant and amber; Summer Day’s fresh, grassy scent; or Voyager’s fiery black pepper, tangerine, citrus flowers and a hint of oak moss.

Happy National Relaxation Day!  – Lisa


Less hips, less thighs with Phytomer Lotion P5

Some of us want more hips and thighs, some of us want less.  I am definitely in the less column – I’ll try anything that promises me a slimmer lower half!  I’ve actually tested many fat shrinking potions, and the ones that have consistently given me great results are from Phytomer.  Phytomer’s LOTION P5 TARGETED CURVE CONCENTRATE ($115 for 5 oz) is their latest entry into the slimming market, and I’m happy to say it didn’t disappoint.


Phytomer Lotion P5

Phytomer’s Lotion P5 promises ‘overall slimming for less unwanted curves’.  The P5 refers to the five main ingredients, which are marine based like everything in Phytomer’s line up.  OLIGOMER® is a seawater concentrate that acts as a fat burner, and then there are four extracts of algae that assist by supporting the fat burning and firming up skin structure.

OLIGOMER®: Fat burner. This signature seawater concentrate brings together all the active compounds of seawater to replenish cells with trace elements and minerals. Thanks to its unique composition, it stimulates cellular metabolism in all cells, including fat cells.
POLYSIPHONIA RED ALGAE: Boosts fat burning process by countering the effects of cortisol which slows down the natural elimination of fat. Inhibits the production of proteins that act as protective shields of lipid droplets.
LAMINARIA DIGITATA BROWN ALGAE: Limits the amount of fat entering the fat cells and actively helps burn it.
PALMARIA PALMATA RED ALGAE: Can activate the micro-circulation of the skin to improve drainage and eliminate fat
CHLORELLA GREEN MICROALGAE: Stimulates skin structure proteins for a firming effect.

Phytomer always conducts clinical trials, and according to their results, when used twice a day the fat-burning process is boosted and 66% more fat is broken down.  So not only does it break down current fat deposits, it also slows down the production of new fat.

Phytomer Lotion P5

The lotion is thin and clear, and it soaks into skin quickly.  You apply it twice a day, morning and night, and massage it in with and upward circular motion to whatever areas you want to address.  I went for thighs, hips, and abdomen this summer.

Phytomer Lotion P5

The lotion is heavily scented, so if you aren’t fond of fragrance this would not be a good product for you.  The scent is clean and oceanic, with lots of ozone thrown in.  It’s pleasant, and it lingers.  I used the Lotion P5 for about six weeks, and I am impressed.  It works.  Now, you aren’t going to lose 20 pounds…but for sure my lower half lost inches, and my skin looks and feels better.  It took about two weeks before I felt some results and could tell the difference on my legs and stomach.

It’s been six weeks and I have about an inch of lotion left in the bottle.  I am not sure what will happen once I stop using my Lotion P5, but I’ll bet that my fat burning goes back to normal.  The Phytomer Lotion P5 is expensive, but if it’s in your budget it is a great slimming product.  I found it on Lovelyskin.com for $92, and Dermstore also carries Phytomer and often has great sales.  Otherwise, you can find this magical hip and thigh shrinker online at phytomerusa.com.  – Lisa

You don’t want to continue summer without Tattoo Junkee

Tattoo Junkee

Oh how I wish I’d known about Tattoo Junkee Cosmetics earlier this summer but it’s not stopping me from enjoying the brand now that I know about it. I have nothing but raves for the products that I’ve been trying recently. This is not a brand that I would have stopped for in a store. It looks too young for me but now that I know what it’s all about I’d stop dead in my tracks to pick some up.


It’s not just the price that’s amazing about Tattoo Junkee but it’s the texture that had me at first swipe. I don’t think I’ve felt powder cosmetics as soft as these. They’ve just blown me away.

Tattoo Junkee Space Dust Eyeshadows and Brushes

I’ve been using Tattoo Junkee Space Dust Eyeshadows ($5.99) in the 4 available colors. First surprise is that they aren’t a loose pigment eyeshadow which is what I thought from the name.

Tattoo Junkee Space Dust Eyeshadows

Second surprise is that as bright as they look they are totally wearable. The colors aren’t for the shy but they aren’t going to scare people away either. They are very wearable though you can go as bold as you like with them.

Tattoo Junkee Space Dust in Moonwalk

The cute compact fits in the palm of my hand with domed pressed powder that is spongy to the touch. The Space Dust shadows go on so smoothly and don’t kick back powder. When you try them you’ll question that price! They seem like they’d be so much more expensive.

Tattoo Junkee Space Dust Eyeshadows

MOONWALK is a bright metallic gold that can also be a lemonade shade which is so popular this summer.

Tattoo Junkee Moon Dance

MAGIC DANCE is the purple you’ve been craving ever since everything became nude. Tattoo Junkee says it’s a prismatic purple. I say it’s a fabulous blue based purple that is my new favorite. My hygenist saw me in this and thought it had a burgundy tone when paired with Cosmic Queen.

COSMIC QUEEN is another hot hot color of late. It’s a hot pink metallic that will take your eyes to the next level.

LIFE ON MARS is another metallic, this time in a teal leaning midnight blue.

Tattoo Junkee Space Dust Eyeshadows

Even if these appear too bright for you, they are worth a try since they will surprise you with their beautiful pigment and versatility.

Tattoo Junkee 2 Piece Eyeshadow Brush Set

Tattoo Junkee also offers a 2 piece eyeshadow set with one rounded and one angled brush ($7.99). These are very soft; actually a little too soft for picking up a lot of shadow but work well if you like a light look.

TATTOO JUNKEE has two highlight collections with the same soft lovely texture.  I have the Summer Sun Collection Glo-Lite ($12.99) which looks more glitzy in the palette than it does on my face.

Tattoo Junkie Glo-Lite Summer Sun Collection

Keep your skin in a summer daydream with these warm, bronzy highlighting powders that give off a sweet, sun-kissed glow. The three shades vary from a light peachy bronze to an ethereal metallic cream to a warm light bronze. The metallic shades are just beautiful and live up to their name. They glow but with a subtleness that you’ll appreciate. Their names even glow: Naked, Blaze, and Tease.

Tattoo Junkie Glo-Lite Summer Sun Collection

Tattoo Junkie Glo-Lite Summer Sun Collection

The Glo-Lite Brush ($8.99) is a wonderful accompaniment for application. The brush is angled and picks up the pigment evenly. I use it lightly on my skin and the effect is beautiful.

Tattoo Junkee Glo-Lite palette and Glo-Lite brush

This highlighter palette is my new favorite and one I use a lot more than my more expensive highlighters.

Finish up your summer and start your fall with these fun, pigmented cosmetics. You won’t be sorry.  —  Marcia

I haven’t seen TATTOO JUNKEE at Target, Walmart or Walgreens but they are available at some stores. TATTOO JUNKEE is cruelty free with some of their products being vegan.



Fashion Flash is here to educate us

This week my good friend Cindy from Prime Beauty is hosting the great posts from our “flashers”. She has gathered posts about the cosmetic world, the health world, and the fashion world. Be sure to click for Fashion Flash to read and learn.

Organize your life with the Bollie Acrylic Beauty Case


BOLLIE Acrylic Organizer

What part of your life needs organization? Is it your makeup, arts and craft supplies, sewing items, skincare, kids items? And how do you organize them? For me it’s all about cosmetics and skincare. I have more than the average person since I love buying new items and I’m lucky enough to receive some for review. So I’m overflowing at times.


my nighttime skincare collection

The products you see above are on the ledge between my shower and sink. My husband got to the point of hating seeing them there so when Bollie sent me their acrylic organizer case I knew what was going there. I went from that to below and it’s so much neater looking.

After organizing with my Bollie

The BOLLIE Acrylic Beauty Case is a gem to have and has helped me achieve neatness in my redone bathroom. Everything I’m using or about to use is now housed in the 13.2″x14.4″x15.4″ acrylic case with removable drawers. I can fill it however I want. I’m in the midst of gathering up all of my sheet masks to add to it now.

BOLLIE Acrylic Case filled with my skincare

The well made box has 1 larger drawer (3″ tall), 3 medium drawers (2″ tall) and a flip top with a lip of 2″. I keep mine open since I have so many tall items that I want to be at hand.

BOLLIE Acrylic Case empty

BOLLIE Acrylic Case top drawer

BOLLIE Acrylic Case second drawer

BOLLIE Acrylic Case third drawer with eyes and serums

BOLLIE Acrylic Case bottom drawer with current use products

It makes my morning and especially my night routines so much easier since there’s no searching. It’s all organized and on hand as soon as I need it. I can pull out a few products at night to use, put them back and then grab some for morning when I’m a little groggy. Plus it reminds me of what I have.

I luckily have a large enough counter for this but I don’t find it takes up as much room as I first thought. Because it’s tall it’s like a highrise and takes up less real estate in my bathroom.

If I were using this for cosmetics I’d keep the top closed and fill it with palettes. Then I’d still have the closed lid for some taller items.

Other uses:

BOLLIE Acrylic Organizer kids organization

BOLLIE Acrylic Organizer craft organization

BOLLIE Acrylic Organizer cosmetics

BOLLIE is mostly known as a clothing retailer but adding this Acrylic Case ($114.99) has made me aware of all they have. Having this in my bathroom or on my vanity has helped me to Marie Kondo my life too. I found items that were past their prime when filling this and even a few products I’d forgotten I have. Now I’m prettily organized and can allow my bathroom to be seen by others.  —  Marcia

BOLLIE Acrylic Organizer