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Beauty Junkees Duo Fiber brushes, part two

Beauty Junkees Duo Fiber Makeup Brush Set

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Just yesterday my blog partner shared her Beauty Junkees Powder Makeup Brush Set and today it’s my turn to share the new Duo Fiber Makeup Brush Set from Beauty Junkees. But I have something that Lisa didn’t and that’s a discount code for you. Whatever your heart desires from Beauty Junkees at either Amazon or the Beauty Junkees website you can breathe a little easier with this code!

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Now let’s get to the good stuff. Beauty Junkees 6 brush Duo Fiber set is already a bargain at $29.97 so it’s even more of a find at $22.47. You’ll be amazed at the soft and efficient brushes in this set. Like other Beauty Junkees brush sets this comes in a cosmetic case for storage or travel. You do have to air out the case at first though because it has a small plastic odor but it’s gone within days once opened.

This 6 Piece Professional Quality Makeup Brush Set Includes: Pro Duo Fiber Eye Blending Brush, Pro Duo Fiber Blush Brush, Pro Duo Fiber Fan Highlighter Brush, Pro mini Duo Fiber Stippling Brush for Concealing, Pro Duo Fiber Large Powder Brush, Pro Duo Fiber Large Stippling Brush for Foundation, plus a large makeup brush case to protect your brushes in travel.

Beauty Junkees Duo Fiber Makeup Brush Set

Beauty Junkee brushes are synthetic brushes with solid wood handles, copper ferules, and dual crimping to make the brushes last longer. I don’t get any shedding with these brushes.

Why do you want a duo fiber brush you ask… (you did ask, didn’t you?) The short bristles hold the product, while the long bristles blend to a featherweight finish. That’s what you call the best of both worlds. They work beautifully with powders, liquids and creams.

Duo Fiber Eye Blending Brush

Pro Duo Fiber Eye Blending Brush:Best used for a sheer application and smooth blending of loose powder and cream eye shadows.” I use this brush for applying cream shadows, not for powder application. I have some new shadows from Inglot that I adore (review upcoming) that are perfect for this eye blending brush. It buffs the shadow on smoothly and evenly leaving my fingers clean.

Beauty Junkees Duo Fiber Blush

Pro Duo Fiber Blush:  Best used to apply blush to your cheekbones, evenly and lightly distributing and blending the product for a sheer flawless finish.” I like separate brushes for cream blush and powder blush but this works so well on both types that I’d love an extra of this one. It’s just the right size for my cheeks and the softness is luxurious.

Beauty Junkees Duo Fiber Fan Brush

Duo Fiber Fan Brush

Pro Duo Fiber Fan Brush: “Best used for quick and easy highlighting! Just a few easy sweeps on the top of the cheekbones, down the bridge of your nose, above the lip.” Do you like to highlight? If so you need this Fan Brush. It surpasses my much more expensive Smashbox one with ease. It’s great for all over powder too. You’ll get so much more use out of this brush than you think you will.

Beauty Junkees mini stippling brush and large stippling brush

Pro Duo Fiber Large Stippling Brush: Works great to stipple liquid foundation, blends evenly and flawlessly for an airbrushed finish. Also used with BB/CC creams and tinted moisturizers. Applies cream blush like a dream.” Pro mini Duo Fiber Stippling Brush: Perfectly blends concealer and color corrector into the skin for a sheer flawless finish.” Yes you need two Stippling Brushes. You don’t think you do as you are reading this but once these brushes are in your hands you’ll wonder how you got along without two sizes. It’s the mini that gets used by me the most since it’s unlike the other brushes in my vast collection. It’s a great size with a head that’s 2.5 cm wide compared to the 3.25 cm large stippling brush and it fits in where a larger brush won’t.

Beauty Junkees mini Duo Fiber Stippling Brush

Pro Duo Fiber Large Powder Brush: Blends and diffuses powder for a softer, more natural and flawless finish.’ This is the largest brush in the set and reminds me of my first duo fiber brush from Prescriptives and later MAC. The fibers are looser on this and the Fan Brush than the others in the set. It’s wonderful for loose powders as well as pressed powders. When you want to highlight your shoulders or decolletage this or the fan brush are what you should reach for.

Beauty Junkees has so many brush sets that are just amazing. The quality vs the prices will thrill you. One of my favorites ever is the Mini Kabuki set that has brushes that are normally only found in expensive sets. In my opinion, you can’t go wrong with a Beauty Junkees set. They even have a 30 day guarantee. I can guarantee though that you’ll love this set.  —  Marcia

Beauty Junkees Mini Kabuki Set

Exp: 10.31.2017
1 Redemption per customer
25% Off your order


IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Breakout Full-Coverage Treatment Concealer and Bye Bye Breakout Powder

IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Breakcout Full Coverage Concealer and Powder

It doesn’t seem to matter how old I get. Wrinkles? Check. Oily skin? Check. Blemishes? Check. Yes, someone up there has one heck of a sense of humor. I thought by this age I would at least be done with the zits. But nooooo. My blogging partner Marcia was blessed with much nicer skin than I have, so she happily gave me the Bye Bye Breakout products to test – the Bye Bye Breakout Full-Coverage Treatment Concealer and the Bye Bye Breakout Powder.

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IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Breakcout Full Coverage Concealer

The Bye Bye Breakout Full-Coverage Treatment Concealer ($28) is a creamy concealer in a jar with a doe foot applicator. This isn’t a concealer for dark undereye circles, although I will make a major confession – I am forever running late so I have been known to use this to conceal whatever needs covering up at the moment. It certainly does conceal, but it’s more of a medium concealer, not full coverage.

IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Breakout Full Coverage Concealer in Fair

IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Breakout Full Coverage Concealer in Fair

IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Breakout Full Coverage Concealer swatches, left to right:  Fair, Light, Medium, Medium Tan, Tan, Rich, Deep

It also doesn’t make those blemishes super dry and cracked, which is what I was a little afraid of – ever try drying lotion? I was wary, thinking it might be similar and I thought how in the world could I go through the day with something like that on my skin for everyone to see?? But it’s nothing like that. Ingredients include anti-aging peptides and hydrolyzed collagen, plus oil-absorbing zinc oxide, kaolin clay, witch hazel, tea tree, sulfur and a gentle AHA/BHA complex.

There are seven different shades from which to choose. I like Bye Bye Breakout Full-Coverage Concealer for my localized breakouts, and I think it works even better in tandem with Bye Bye Breakout Powder.

IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Breakout Powder

The sister product to the Bye Bye Breakout Full-Coverage Treatment Concealer is the It Cosmetics Bye Bye Breakout Powder ($28), a loose powder that absorbs oil and keeps you shine-free while also preventing new breakouts. There are lots of great ingredients for doing so, including zinc oxide, kaolin clay, witch hazel, colloidal oatmeal, tea tree, sulfur as well as an AHA/BHA complex.

My breakouts are typically localized – I will get one or two on my chin or by my nose. The loose powder is meant to go over the concealer to really finish it and give an airbrushed look, as well as provide more treatment for the inflamed area. Hence, the price – $28 is rather expensive for a loose powder, especially for one that is relatively small when you compare it to the jars offered by other lines, which are about twice the size. But the ones from other lines are basically cornstarch and filler, not treatment, which is why they are cheaper and you get lots more. Now, if you are very blemish prone you can certainly use this as a full face finishing powder and it will do a beautiful job. Just know that since it’s also a treatment product, it’s going to be a bit more expensive for you.

IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Breakout Powder swatches, left to right:  Translucent, Light/Medium, Tan/Rich

The shades available are Translucent, Light/Medium, and Tan/Rich. I had to swatch them quite heavily because the shades are actually quite forgiving. Basically, Translucent will work for anyone up to slightly darker than medium skin. If you have medium skin you will probably want the medium shade, and anyone darker than medium should go with the Tan/Rich shade.

I am a huge believer in multi-tasking. If I am going to have products on my face while they are covering up blemishes why not also be treating them and preventing new ones from popping up? That sort of logic definitely speaks to me! You can find Bye Bye Breakout Full-Coverage Treatment Concealer , Bye Bye Breakout Powder, and other IT Cosmetics products online and at Ulta stores.  – Lisa

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More beauty from Hikari Cosmetics – eyes, lips, and cheeks, oh my!

Last Sunday, Marcia shared her beautiful Hikari products with you – the Jennifer Eyeshadow Palette, Iris Liquid Eyeliner, and Final Touch HD Powder.  This week I have more Hikari to love!  I tested the Jahren Eyeshadow Quad ($15), the Island Glow Blush ($15) and the Fireside Lip Crayon ($13).

Hikari Jahren Eyeshadow Quad

Hikari Jahren Eyeshadow Quad swatches

Jahren Eyeshadow Quad has two satin shadows and two matte shadows.  The names are Sage, Almond, Sable, and Magnetic.  I know which one is Sage, but the others I am not sure about – so I will just go in order top to bottom clockwise!  Top left is Sage, which is a gorgeous satin sage green.  This is a beautiful shade that is especially nice with hazel eyes.  I love it swept underneath bottom lashes – actually a trick Scott Barnes taught me many years ago with a similar shade of green he used to carry.  Next to the green shade is a pretty satin taupe shade.  Love this as a crease or lid shade.  The bottom row has the matte shades, first a light cream that is a great brow shade.  I also use it as an all over wash on days I am in a hurry.  Next to it is a deep chocolate-brown that is perfect for the crease or as a liner.

Hikari Island Glow Blush

Hikari Island Glow Blush swatch

The Hikari Island Glow Blush is a beautiful blush or bronzer.  I wear it as a blush on my low maintenance days, but typically I use it more as a contour.  I sweep it under my cheekbones then put a peachy/pink shade on the apples of my cheeks.  In the FOD pic below I am wearing only Island Glow.  It does give skin a nice glow and it’s tough to overdo this flattering peachy brown.  The Hikari blushes come in nine different shades and I would love to try some of the other shades because I find the texture is great and it really wears well.

Hiraki Fireside Lip Crayon

Hiraki Fireside Lip Crayon swatch

The Hikari Fireside Lip Crayon is really beautiful.  I wasn’t sure I could pull off such a bright color, but I just love this!  Fireside is a matte reddish pink that has some slip.  I put this on and it lasts quite a while.  Most reds turn pink on me, and this is no exception – it leans pink quickly.  It might be different for you based on your body chemistry.  I love the formula, the pigmentation, and the wear.  The Lip Crayons come in ten different shades and I am totally up for trying more of these!

Swatches of Hikari Island Glow Blush, Jahren Eyeshadow Quad, Fireside Lip Crayon

Wearing Hikari Jahren Eyeshadow Quad, Island Glow Blush, Fireside Lip Crayon

Marcia and I both are very impressed with this cruelty free and PETA certified line.  We are looking forward to checking out more from Hikari, and we hope you are too.  – Lisa

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Just dreamy! Decorte Creme Concealer and Powder Foundation

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By now you know that I am completely obsessed with Decorte Cosmetics.  This is a fabulous Japanese line that is available exclusively at Saks Fifth Avenue.  The color cosmetics are incredible.  I’ve previously written about their lip palettes – The New Nudes and The New Reds, both gorgeous lippie collections that have totally converted me into a lip palette lover.  I’ve also written about the Priming Essence, which is a beautiful opalescent primer that I am now using sparingly because I am dreading running out of it.  My other favorite is the Soft Creme Foundation, a fantastic foundation that will forever be in my top five foundations of all time.

Decorte The New Reds Lip Palette

Decorte The New Nudes Lip Palette

Decorte Priming Essence

DECORTE Cosmetics Soft Creme Foundation in Cool Ivory

Today I have one more fab foundation find from Decorte, as well as a truly impressive concealer!  This line just gets better and better.

Decorte Creme Concealer

I have the Creme Concealer ($60) in Light, and it also comes in Light Medium and Medium. Saks says, “It’s a paradox: Hyper-color and condition in one. Double-pigment technology provides extreme tonal color while helping soften delicate skin with botanicals for a most comfortable, just-matte finish. Long-wearing. Non-drying.

Decorte Creme Concealer in Light

Decorte Creme Concealer in Light

Decorte Creme Concealer in Light

This stick foundation reminds me of the stick Cle de Peau concealer, although it isn’t as thick and it blends so much better.  It provides the same sort of coverage, though.  Dark undereye circles are gone, gone, gone and the concealer lasts all day long.  I have a big problem with deep blue under my eyes so I need coverage, and the Creme Concealer really takes care of everything.  Color me impressed!

Decorte Powder Foundation Compact

The Decorte Powder Foundation Compact ($95) is so lovely I can’t even sit still as I write this.  Oh is this good!!!  Saks says, “Experience the unexpected. Velvety to the touch, this compact foundation combines a soft-crystal texture with a cascade of hydrating and conditioning benefits. Uber-antioxidant Shirakaba Tonic infuses skin with calm and renewal. Washi Paper Optics create a low-definition look for a luxe new luminosity. Layers weightlessly for individual, medium coverage. Long-wearing.

Decorte Powder Foundation Compact

Decorte Powder Foundation Compact 351 Cool Ivory

Decorte Powder Foundation Compact 351 Cool Ivory

Decorte Powder Foundation Compact 351 Cool Ivory

The Powder Foundation Compact comes in a sleek black case with the square of powder foundation on one side and an application sponge on the other.  The application sponge is quite nice, and works well for initial application and for touch ups.  The foundation is just lovely.  It gives great coverage so easily and effortlessly – it just glides right on without any need for blending or buffing.  The finish is soft and natural and not powdery at all.  I am so in love with this!

Decorte Powder Foundation Compact 351 Cool Ivory before and after

Wearing Decorte Powder Foundation Compact 351 Cool Ivory and Concealer

My shade is 351 Cool Ivory.  There is a great array of shades, 12 in all, although I must say the shades seem pretty off on my computer monitor.  I deduced my foundation shade, but if you aren’t sure you can always head on over to Saks and check this out in person.  Believe me, it is WORTH IT.  If you haven’t tried Decorte yet, please do yourself a favor and check it out!!  I haven’t been so impressed with a line in a very long time.  You will have a ball and I know you’ll find lots of things you’ll never want to live without.  – Lisa

Need volume and texture? Try the Chi Onyx Euroshine 1″ Crimping Iron

Chi Onyx Euroshine 1″ Crimping Iron

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Crimped hair? Why in the world would I ever want to do that, short of maybe the Depeche Mode concert this weekend?? Well, actually, there are some really great reasons – like volume and texture! And much to my surprise I am loving the CHI Onyx Euroshine 1” Crimping Iron ($149.99 from, a hair styling tool that I was sure was only going to collect dust in my bathroom. I am very happy to be proven wrong.

Chi Onyx Euroshine 1″ Crimping Iron

Chi Onyx Euroshine 1″ Crimping Iron

The CHI Onyx Euroshine 1” Crimping Iron gives a very tight crimp that is pretty cool – it’s a unique texture that makes for a very different hairstyle if you want to go all out and give yourself some full on crimping. Where I think this tool truly shines, however, is with discriminating use. A few well placed accents are adorable. Some crimping at the roots gives great volume to finer hair.

Chi Onyx Euroshine 1″ Crimping Iron

Chi Onyx Euroshine 1″ Crimping Iron

Chi Onyx Euroshine 1″ Crimping Iron

This is a high quality tool with tons of great features, particularly the customizable temperature selection that varies by hair type.

Key Features:

• 1” Onyx ceramic plates for impeccable shine creation

• Micro-ridges produce instant volume and texture

• Preset temperature settings for various hair types

• 370°F – Fine

• 395°F – Medium

• 425°F – Coarse

• 30 second heat up

• Max temperature of up to 425°F

The CHI Onyx Euroshine 1” Crimping Iron is a beautiful hair styling tool that doesn’t take up much room and is getting a lot of play from me – I am especially loving it for giving my long hair some added volume at my roots. Here are a few videos that show how to use this really cool tool.  I hope you pick this up – it’s way more than a throw back to the 1980’s! – Lisa