The Beauty Spotlight Team is makeup central this week

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Soak up the sun with Shipra of Taneja’s Bride and the ColourPop Summer Solstice quad!

Pixi Pixi Pixi, what summer wonders have you brought?

While the PIXI BEAUTY products I have to share today are wonderful in other seasons, they totally project summer. And we are far from done with this season. Pixi by Petra is always right on with their products and these are some extremely fun items.

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Pixi Sheer Cheek Gel Stains

I admit I’m a fool for the 3 Sheer Cheek Gels that Pixi has created. I love cream blush but it’s not always convenient in hot or steamy weather. Instead using these Cheek Stains makes summer life a whole lot easier.

Pixi Sheer Cheek Gel Stains

There are 3 Cheek Gels available ($14) and I think you’re going to want them all.

Pixi Sheer Cheek Gel Stain in Natural

Natural is probably the easiest to wear, it’s a neutral that blends with ease making you look refreshed but not made up.

Pixi Sheer Cheek Gel Stain in Rosy

Rosy is a beautiful rosy stain. It’s my favorite, enough of a favorite that I even used one up completely. I apply this with my finger and at first it looks like it’s going to really stain both my finger and cheeks but it blends into a happy pink that looks like you’ve been out and about and feeling your best.

Flushed Pixi Sheer Cheek Gel Stain

Flushed is scary dark in the tube. It’s the one that I think most people will be surprised by since it looks sort of goth. But once applied and blended you’ll be surprised by the the ease of the plum stain.

Rosy Sheer Cheek Gel Stain

Things to know about these Sheer Cheek Gels: like all Pixi products they are cruelty free. These are also oil free, fragrance free and hypoallergenic. You can build these up if you want but I’d definitely start with just a little bit and blend before deciding how deep to go. They are travel friendly and need no tools. Plus you can use them as a stain on your lips. You are going to love them!

Pixi is available at Target stores and online as well as Pixi’s website. Thanks to Pixi for making sure summer is filled with summer beauty.  —  Marcia

Red lip palette perfection: The New Reds Lip Palette by Decorte

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Decorte The New Reds

I raved about the Decorte The New Nudes Lip Palette at the beginning of summer and I’ve been wearing it all season.  The colors are gorgeous and the wear is fantastic!  Today I am once again professing my profound admiration for this Japanese brand found exclusively at Saks.  They have incredible lip palettes, and I am in a mega swoon over The New Reds Lip Palette ($95).

Decorte The New Reds Lip Palette

The New Nudes Lip Palette transformed me into a lip palette fan, and now I am moving on to The New Reds Lip Palette, fall-friendly shades that have the same pluses as The New Nudes.  The shades in The New Reds range from medium pink to deep reddish-brown. They are all gorgeous, wearable, and mixable colors. They look great alone or in combination with one another. The formula has great pigmentation and lasting power. The finish is semi-matte and leave lips nicely hydrated. I’m not a huge fan of the brushes that are included in the palette, so I would recommend using your own. Otherwise, just like The New Nudes, I think this is a perfect palette just with deeper shades.

Decorte The New Reds Lip Palette

Decorte The New Reds Lip Palette

Saks says, “EXCLUSIVELY AT SAKS FIFTH AVENUE. It’s a paradox: Hyper-color and condition in one. Double-pigment technology provides extreme tonal color while helping soften delicate skin with botanicals for a most comfortable, just-matte finish. Long-wearing. Non-drying. Made in Japan.”

Decorte The New Reds Lip Palette swatched

Decorte The New Reds Lip Palette

Decorte The New Reds Lip Palette

Decorte The New Reds Lip Palette

Decorte The New Reds Lip Palette

The New Reds is a fantastic combination of brighter and deeper shades that is truly perfect for transitioning into fall.  I love mixing and matching the shades together, and sometimes mix them with The New Nudes to create ombre looks.

The New Reds Lip Palette is expensive but boy, it’s wonderful.  The formula is simply elegant, the pigmentation is excellent, and the colors are fantastic.  If this fits into your budget I highly recommend it.  In fact, all the color products I’ve tried so far from Decorte are some of the best I’ve come across – take a trip to Saks just to check them out!! – Lisa

White Sands hair care revitalizes and smoothes

White Sands Revitalizing Shampoo and Conditioner, Porosity The Fix, The Cure 24/7 Serum

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It’s always interesting to me is to learn about the companies that I’m using and going to share with you. I’m not talking about the big department store brands that we are all familiar with but I am interested in the independent companies that have a story behind them.

White Sands Haircare

White Sands Hair Products were created by the Salas family with a small amount of money and one product. Once they were able to introduce their product at the Orlando Premiere Beauty Show, sell everything they brought, they began their journey from there. Their American dream had begun and now fine salons throughout the country know their story.

Lisa already reviewed the three White Sands products she received and now it’s time for me to take you back to the beginning of your shower time with White Sands Orchid Bliss Revitalizing Shampoo and Conditioner (as well as two others).

White Sands Orchid Bliss Revitalizing Shampoo and Revitalizing Conditioner

There are 3 different shampoo and conditioner lines created by White Sands and I was thrilled to receive Orchid Bliss. These two products are wonderful for hair like mine: color treated and needing frizz control. Orchid Bliss shampoo and conditioner use the anti-aging characteristics and mineral richness of the orchid flower. As someone who is averse to fragrance in products I was a little leery of what this would bring. All I can say is that it’s wonderful. The fragrance is minimal and actually one I only notice in the shower. After I dry my hair I don’t notice it all. What I do notice though is a shiny head of hair that is moisturized and soft, one that isn’t looking or feeling dried out, one that isn’t as affected by humidity.

Orchid Bliss Revitalizing Shampoo and Conditioner are sulfate free so I feel they’re safer for my hair. One ingredient I look for in haircare is Sodium and unfortunately the shampoo does contain Sodium C14-16 Olefin Sulforate and other varieties of sodium. That hasn’t been a deal killer for me now but once I get another keratin treatment I’ll have to put the Revitalizing Shampoo to the side for a few months. Luckily for me the other products I’m using, including Revitalizing Conditioner will continue to be used once the treatment is done. The conditioner is best if you leave it in for about a minute but that’s not an unusual direction.

White Sands the Cure 24/7 serum and Porosity the fix

I’m never done when my shampooing and conditioning are finished. Next is towel drying with my Aquis hair towel and a treatment product or two to work through my hair and make it easier to style.

White Sands the CURE 24/7 serum

White Sands the Cure 24/7 serum

White Sands compares The Cure 24/7 to a blur cream. I think that’s a great way to think about this product. The serum is a leave in reconstructive treatment with visible results. It is known for repairing damaged hair fibers, making your hair stronger and healthier, and restoring hair that’s been abused. As someone who uses 2 – 3 heat tools a day I need this. I’d been torturing my hair and needed this to make my hair look smoother and less flyaway. It’s done just that. While I don’t notice that I have split ends that’s one of the positives that White Sands talks about with The Cure. I spray this on and then comb through my hair prior to blow drying.

White Sands Porosity The Fix

White Sands Porosity The Fix is an old friend of mine. My hairdresser is a huge fan of White Sands and Porosity The Fix is a product she uses on me whenever I’m in for color and cut. Just like The Cure 24/7 was compared to a blur product, The Fix has been compared to makeup for hair. This is especially great for people who color treat their hair since it temporarily fills in the “blemishes” found in each strand. Porosity The Fix is wonderful prior to any heat use, especially a flat iron. My hairdresser uses this as my shine product when she’s done with my hair. I use it that way too but also prior to using my flat iron. I can use this daily without worrying about build up.

All in all I’m thrilled to have White Sands in my repertoire. The fear of fragrance was wrong wrong wrong. What little fragrance I notice is irrelevant but my great looking hair is very relevant. Something you and your hair will notice and love too.  —  Marcia

Eyeko is making us EYEMAZING in today’s Side by Side!

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Eyeko was probably the first brand to make us think about having a ‘wardrobe’ of eye products. We used to think one mascara worked for every occasion – but sometimes we just need defined lashes. Sometimes we want a little more drama. Sometimes we want drama the level of a highlight reel from COPS. The same for brows and of course for eyeshadow – just one product doesn’t cut it. Basically, we love lots of options when choosing what products to wear and Eyeko has given us some excellent goodies to play with!

Lisa’s eyes are wearing Tinted Brow Gel, Black Magic Liquid Eyeliner, and Lash Alert Mascara Wake Up and Go:

It’s been super hot this summer and I have been wishing for a great brow gel to take the place of my brow wax. I have nice brows but they need a little extra color boost and they definitely need some help staying in place. They tend to droop and look shaggy.  I absolutely love the Eyeko Tinted Brow Gel ($24)!

Eyeko Tinted Brow Gel

Eyeko Tinted Brow Gel

Eyeko Tinted Brow Gel swatch

It has a shorter, fatter spoolie, and the gel is tinted. It’s a medium brown with just a hint of shimmer in it. The spoolie really grabs the hairs and puts them in place, and the tint is perfect. It gives the right amount of color and a touch of brightness which opens the eye area. I love this!!

  • Tinted Gel
  • With vitamins, antioxidants, Keratin, Ginkgo Biloba and botanical proteins to promote growth
  • Natural, long-lasting hold without flaking or stiffness

Eyeko Black Magic Liquid Eyeliner

Eyeko Black Magic Liquid Eyeliner

The Black Magic Liquid Eyeliner ($22) is a great liquid eyeliner – it was inspired by calligraphy brushes – that goes on like a thin magic marker. It creates a very thin, precise line like a liquid liner, but without the mess. You can have shaky pre-coffee morning hands and still end up with a gorgeous line. This is especially good for cats eye looks, as well as very precise thick lines.

  • Contains Widelash with a tripeptide boost to promote lash growth for up to 3x more length and volume in 15 days
  • Japanese precision brush tip for single stroke colour
  • Waterproof, long-wear, fade-proof
  • Carbon Black

Eyeko Lash Alert Mascara

Eyeko Lash Alert Mascara

Lash Alert Mascara Wake Up and Go ($26) is a fantastic mascara – this is a must have! The curved brush is excellent for picking up every single lash. It does take several coats to get the full effect, but three coats gives lots of drama that doesn’t smudge, flake, or smear. It thickens up lashes beautifully with fibers and gives tons of volume and definition. It also washes off easily, which is a big plus. I love this mascara and it’s been a heavy hitter in my mascara rotation!

  • Shea Butter to nourish
  • Caffeine to stimulate
  • Arginine to repair
  • Biotinoyl Tripepetide to regenerate
  • Biotin to thicken
  • Full contact helix brush to curl and volumise
  • Carbon Black
  • Award-winning Korean technology
  • Water-resistant tubing formula
  • Zero-waste squeezy tube
  • No running, smudging, crumbling or flaking
  • Paraben-free
  • Cruelty-free
  • Locks in colour and hold for 12hr+

Eyeko Black Magic Liner, Lash Alert Mascara, and Tinted Brow Gel

Marcia’s eyes are wearing Making Eyes 3 in 1 Brush, Me & My Shadow Waterproof Shadow Eyeliner in Topaz, Charcoal, and Bronze:

Eyeko Me & My Shadow Liners and 3-in-1 Brush

Anyone that knows my taste knows I’m a huge fan of cream eyeshadows so the shadow eyeliners from Eyeko are a big hit for me. I have 3 of the 6 shades available (Topaz, Quartz, Taupe, Chocolate, Bronze, and Charcoal) and will need to be at least one more to get myself through the summer. Taupe is calling to me right now and it’s one of the shades that Ulta carries!

Eyeko Me & My Shadow in Topaz, Bronze, and Charcoal

While I will adore the Eyeko Me & My Shadow Waterproof Shadow Eyeliners all year it’s in summer that these really make their mark. They are truly waterproof. These last all day and night until you remove them with eye makeup remover. Water doesn’t take off the color unless you scrub and scrub which you don’t want to do. Putting some remover on a cotton pad removes them so that tomorrow you can try a new combination. To test out these shadow liners I’ve used eyeshadow primer on one eye and left my skin alone on the other. There’s no creasing or fading either way so that saves a step.

Eyeko Me & My Shadow in Charcoal, Bronze, and Topaz

Topaz is a champagne shade that is on the verge of being metallic. It brightens my eyes whether I wear it on the lid or on my browbone. I crave this type of color so it’s #1 with me. Bronze is a bright shade that plays so nicely with my brown eyes. It seems to bring out my eye color. The blending of these is amazing since they are soft and silky. Charcoal can be worn sooty or you can blend it down to a softer gray and that’s where the beauty lies. It has teeny bits of sparkle that don’t travel but livens up your smokey eye look.

Eyeko Me & My Shadow Brush

What makes the Eyeko eyeshadow crayons stand out from the crowd is the brush on the opposite end. It is a great tool to blend these out or to smoke the colors out. The brush makes these liners so much more versatile and a great travel companion.

Eyeko Making Eyes 3-in-1 Brush

I am totally blown away with the Eyeko Making Eyes 3-IN-1 Brush. This is the best travel tool I’ve found in all my searching. Brushes are my thing and I never travel without favorites but Eyeko is going to replace that huge brush set in its compactness. I am loving not only the simplicity of this tool but the way it works. “Travel-friendly packaging ensures each brush is covered and hygienically capped to keep your makeup bag pristine.”

Measuring almost 6 inches long there are 3 brushes and all work beautifully. For the eyeliner brush you just pull out and there’s a nicely angled brush that works well with gel liner as well as the shadow liners. Pull off the the first cap and there’s a rounded blending brush that does its job like a pro. One more pull and you’ll find the define brush that reminds me of the MAC 242 that I use constantly. But this gives me everything I need for only $20. I can’t tell you how great I think this is. There aren’t enough words!

It’s pretty obvious that both of us are thrilled with our Eyeko treasures but what we didn’t tell you yet is about the brand. “Created by beauty veterans Max and Nina Leykind, their mascaras and liners are favored by celebs and hotshot make-up artists alike. With style icon Alexa Chung on board as Creative Consultant – she credits them with creating her favorite look – Eyeko give the definitive edit for eyes.” You can find Eyeko at Ulta as well as their own website (free shipping) and it’s a brand well worth seeking out.


Beautiful! Osmosis+ Colour Body Shimmer Powder in Opal

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These days everyone wants to be a unicorn – the more ethereal and iridescent, the better. Garish disco ball glitter is out – soft, floaty, fairy dust loveliness is IN. A fabulous way to find your magic is with the Osmosis Colour Body Shimmer Powder in Opal ($30). Not only is this magical fairy dust gorgeous, it’s also good for your skin.

Osmosis+ Colour Body Shimmer Powder in Opal

The Osmosis Colour Body Shimmer Powder in Opal is infused with Moringa Oil, which is an antioxidant that fights off free radicals. It has a very light scent that is pleasantly floral and not at all overpowering. The powder is in a jar that has a brush attached and the brush twists to allow the powder to come through. The powder can be used anywhere on the body and face.

Osmosis+ Colour Body Shimmer Powder in Opal

Osmosis+ Colour Body Shimmer Powder in Opal

Initially, the Body Shimmer Powder in Opal goes on lightly for soft, sheer metallic iridescence. A quick swipe is all that is needed for a some glimmer on cheekbones.

Before shaking through some color

And after!

For extra unicorn magic, give arms, legs, decolletage, or even hair a few more passes.   It still looks demure until you step into the sun, and then wow – it really does become magical, shimmering and shining like crazy.

Wearing my Osmosis+ Colour Body Shimmer Powder in Opal

Like all proper unicorns, the Osmosis Colour Body Shimmer Powder in Opal is gluten-free and vegan. I just love this for summer. It looks great on bare legs and arms, and if you are going out dancing it couldn’t be any more fun. And don’t forget, while you are bringing out your inner unicorn, you are also fighting off free radicals! It just doesn’t get any better than that.  – Lisa

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Make your own moisturizer with The Ktchn Apothecary Revitalizing Facial Cream Kit


The Kitchen Apothecary Revitalizing Kit

My family jokes that while I am not very handy in the kitchen there are two things that I do very well: I make excellent ice and I can boil water with the best of them. If you can boil water, you can make your own moisturizer! I just had an absolute blast with the Revitalizing Facial Cream Kit ($45) from The Ktchn Apothecary.

This wonderful kit has everything you need to make a 2 month supply of face cream that hydrates skin, reduces the look of fine lines, brightens the complexion, and improves elasticity. And it’s a ton of fun to make, even if you are a klutz in the kitchen like me. The kit comes with:

  • Perfectly-Measured Extracts
  • Plant-Based, All-Natural Preservative
  • Heat-Safe Glass Beaker
  • Stainless Steel Whisk
  • Cobalt Blue Glass Jar
  • Flawless Mixing Guide

    The Beeswax

    The Facial Oil

    The Aloe

    The package of oats

You just need to supply a pot, some tap water, and a stove. That’s all. The ingredients are terrific. The Ktchn Apothecary says, “Our fresh-made Revitalizing Facial Cream has up to 3x higher concentration of powerful extracts to transform skin’s texture & appearance to a youthful glow in just 3 days. Naturally.” The ingredients include beeswax to fortify the moisture barrier and retain hydration; aloe to replenish hydration and renew skin surface; 7 restorative facial oils to restore elasticity and reduce fine lines; and powdered oats to improve skin texture and brighten complexion.

Making the Revitalizing Facial Cream is quick, fun, and easy. Here’s what I did:

Such a cute beaker! I am cleaning it here with the alcohol pad.

First I used the Alcohol Sterilizing Pad to wipe out the reusable beaker so it was ready to use. I put about an inch of water into a pan and got the water boiling, then put the water on low.

The Kitchen Apothecary Revitalizing Kit – it’s good for 2 months now

I wrote a date 60 days from the day of my big skin care creation experiment, since that’s how long the all-natural moisturizer lasts.


In goes the beeswax!

Pouring in the facial oil

The facial oil and the beeswax

The hardest part – boiling water.

That’s all the prep work that is needed! The rest took under ten minutes and I ended up with beautiful, silky moisturizer that was super special because, well…I made it myself. I poured the Beeswax and Facial Oil into the glass beaker and put the beaker into the hot water, mixing it with the cute little whisk until the beeswax was melted.

Pouring in the aloe

Next, I poured in the Aloe and whisked until it was fully combined. Then I removed the beaker from the water and poured in the packet of Oats, which thickened the moisturizer right up.

About to add in the oats

Mixing in the oats….

Mixing it all up….

The finished product!

And that was it!! This is a thick, creamy, lovely moisturizer that soaks right in. It is wonderfully hydrating and has a lovely herbal scent. The beaker and whisk are reusable and you can order new supplies from The Ktchn Apothecary to make more moisturizer when you run out. The Ktchn Apothecary is so confident you will love your moisturizer they will give you your money back if you don’t, including shipping costs!

Bottom line – this is a hoot. The ingredients are fantastic, the tools are great, and the cobalt jar is excellent for keeping the integrity of the moisturizer (just use a scoop to get your product out, not your fingers!). I highly recommend The Revitalizing Kit for something fun and different.  – Lisa

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