Fabulous Fall Giveaway Hop #fabulousFALL

Here’s your chance to win a Deck of Scarlet cosmetic box on Beauty Info Zone in the Fabulous Fall Giveaway Hop. Our prize will delight makeup lovers since it contains box 06 from Deck of Scarlet and contains eyeshadows, a highlighter, a bronzer/blush, 2 lip colors and an additional liquid eyeliner. Our giveaway is open to US and Canada through October 5, 2018.

In addition there are about 2 dozen blogs in the giveaway each with their own prize and each with their own requirements.

Let’s talk about Deck of Scarlet, a monthly subscription that sells for $29.95 or a one time buy for $44.95.  Each month you’ll get a palette with lips, eyes, and face plus an extra like a gloss, lipliner or eyeliner. I have box 6 for this giveaway and here’s what they have to say about it:

Deck of Scarlet 6

The mysteries of the midnight sky inspired this ultra-elegant, darkly daring palette. It starts with greys as deep as the universe, and the subtle sparkle that escapes from Gravity. Eyes get touched with a golden Aurora; face is illuminated with pure Stardust. On lips: Venus, a bold berry so intensely captivating, nothing escapes its allure. Each ultra-pigmented shade in this curated, edgy-yet-wearable collection delivers dense, dramatic color. Go fierce. Go bold. Go dark. Just go. #DeckOfScarlet

Deck of Scarlet 6 swatches (from website)

Normally I don’t like a palette that has both eyes and lips but Deck of Scarlet makes sure you don’t mix the shades with the palette cover divided so you can use them separately.

Deck of Scarlet 6 with lips covered and liquid eyeliner pen

Lips in Deck of Scarlet 6

There are currently 11 boxes you can buy or start by subscribing for a monthly box. The nice thing about the box is that they send you a preview and you can decide if you want to buy that month’s or skip it.

GIVEAWAY INFORMATION:  You must be an email subscriber to enter any Beauty Info Zone giveaways and you must comment. There are other ways to enter that are at your discretion but the more you do, the better your chances are of winning. The #FabFallHop is open through 11:59 pm EDT on October 5th. If comments close toward the end you can email your comment to [email protected] and click I commented. All entries will be verified. Welcome to all new BIZ readers and good luck to you all.  —  Marcia

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The buzz on Burt’s Bees Liquid Lipstick – review and swatches

Burt’s Bees Liquid Lipsticks

Looking to freshen up your lippie wardrobe for fall?  Look no further than Burt’s Bees.  They have some awesome fall shades in their affordable and oh-so-wearable Liquid Lipstick ($10 at Ulta).

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The gorgeous Burt’s Bees® Liquid Lipsticks are 100% natural with Apricot and Babassu Oil, shea butter, and essential fatty acids which makes for a very moisturizing lippie.
  • 100% natural, liquid lipstick contains conditioning Apricot and Babassu Oil, Shea Butter and essential fatty acids to maintain soft lips.
  • Velvety formula that glides on smoothly and delivers all-day moisture and comfort on the lips.
  • Formulated without parabens, phthalates, petrolatum or SLS
  • 12 naturally flattering shades that provide full coverage in a lightweight texture leaving your lips incredibly lush and healthy looking in a glossy finish

Burt’s Bees® Liquid Lipsticks are glossy with tons of pigment and lots of shine.  They are opaque and you only need a thin coat – too much can lead to the dreaded oops of lip color on your teeth.  The trick to always prevent that is after applying, put your index finger in your mouth then pull it out.  The lip color that gets on your finger is the same lip color that would find its way onto your teeth.  This works every time do it and you’ll never have to worry about walking around looking like your crazy Aunt Idabelle.  The wear is good for a shiny gloss – a few hours anyway – and these also have a light, sweet scent and taste.  The colors are spot on the fall season.

Burt’s Bees Liquid Lipstick in Garnet

Burt’s Bees Liquid Lipstick in Lavender Lake

Burt’s Bees Liquid Lipstick in Peony Puddle

Burt’s Bees Liquid Lipstick

Burt’s Bees Liquid Lipstick

Burt’s Bees Liquid Lipstick

I love all six of these shades, although my favorite is Rhubarb Rapids since I tend to like a pink lip more than any other shade.  But Sunrise Cruise is a fabulous pinky peach, and Garnet  is an extremely wearable red, even for a thin-lipped gal like me.

There are six more shades available.  At only $10 a pop Burt’s Bees® Liquid Lipsticks are a great way to update your lippie wardrobe with some great fall colors!  – Lisa

Should you add rahua oil to your morning ritual? Yes! Rahua Body Care

I have never even heard of rahua oil before, have you? The entire Rahua line of hair and body care is centered around this fascinating Amazonian ingredient. The famous New York hair stylist/colorist Fabian Lliguin was in the Amazon doing environmental work when he realized the women all had fabulous hair that was beyond waist length.  They told him it was all because of rahua oil which their tribe had used for centuries. So Fabian brought some back to the US and was astounded at the results the oil had on his clients. He and his wife Anna Ayers created the Rahua brand and the Quechua-Shuar tribe produces the rahua oil for them in the same exact sustainable way they have for generations.

samples, affiliate links

The Rahua line has both hair and body care products and I tested three of the body care products that make for a truly transformative morning (or evening, depending on your preference!) ritual. Together they are a fabulous way to do some much needed daily self care.

Rahua Shower Gel

Rahua® Shower Gel ($30) is a lovely shower gel that smells amazing. The fragrance is a combination of lavender, eucalyptus, sweet vanilla, and Palo Santo, which is a woodsy scent. It’s also wonderfully hydrating with Sacha Inchi and Rahua oils from the rainforest which have omega-3 and omega-9 fatty acids. Another interesting ingredient is organic vanilla, which has anti-aging polyphenols that help keep skin looking younger longer. Some more specific info:

Rahua Shower Gel

Rahua Body Amazon Oil™ ($57)  A truly amazing experience is to follow your shower with the Rahua Body Amazon Oil. I can’t rave enough about this lovely light oil…it is truly divine. The bottle is beautifu, and it has a spray cap so applying the oil is easy and not messy. The oil sinks in quickly and leaves skin with a soft, glowing radiance and a beautiful scent of woodsy Palo Santo, lavender, and vanilla – so calming and relaxing you will be sneaking sniffs of yourself all day long. The super hydrating ingredients include omega-3 and omega-9 fatty acids, antioxidants, carotenoids, and vitamins C and E.

Rahua Body Amazon Oil

RAHUA (UNGURAHUA): Amazonian women have for eons depended on the oil from this tree nut to nurture and strengthen their skin. Filled with omega-9 fatty acids, it tones, calms, and smooths the skin and restores its natural moisture balance. We use Symbiotic®* Rahua.

MORETE (BURITI): Rich in vitamins A, C, and E, essential fatty acids, tocopherols, and carotenoids—especially beta-carotene—oil from this Amazonian fruit’s flesh give skin a pure, healthy glow. We use Symbiotic®* morete.

PALO SANTO: Known as “holy wood” and prized by Amazonian shamans since the Incan era for its spiritual purifying properties, the essence of this wild tree is Rahua’s signature scent. Its sophisticated, earthy aroma offers a soothing aromatherapy experience.

ORGANIC VANILLA: Original to ancient Mesoamerica, this orchid fruit provides an unmistakably warm, sweet scent and a potent source of polyphenols, which help to slow down skin and hair aging.

Rahua Palo Santo Sticks

Rahua Palo Santo Sticks

To really make your cleansing ritual complete, use one of the Palo Santo Incense Sticks ($22). One package comes with 7 Incense Sticks. If you are a fan of incense or sage you will adore these sticks. They are slow burning with low smoke, and the scent is incredible – woodsy, earthy, and warm. Shamans use Palo Santo sticks to clear energy and you will find your energy and your spirits totally uplifted after burning one of these beautiful sustainably harvested sticks.

I am so impressed with all three beautiful products from Rahua! I love using them together to create my own self care ritual that makes me feel great every single day. I really hope you will take a look at this gorgeous and environmentally conscious line. You can find Rahua online at rahua.com and at dermstore.com.  – Lisa

*Symbiotic® is Rahua®’s signature standard. In order for an ingredient to be classified as Symbiotic®, it must be rainforest grown (wild) in undisturbed virgin forest, harvested and prepared using indigenous knowledge by people indigenous to the virgin forest environment, and it must be purchased at a price that helps to grow and sustain these traditions, build economies, and empower the indigenous people.

Vitabrid C12 Dual Mask + Face Brightening Powder = a Vitamin C Energy Mask #vitabridc12

We are always hearing about K Beauty and the virtues of it. Little did I realize that I’ve been using some K Beauty products all along. I knew there was a reason why VITABRID C¹² was so unique in my skincare world. The Vitabrid C¹² items I’m showing you today are ones I’ve used in the past and I’m happy to have them back in my life. My review of the FACE Brightening 12H Vitamin C powder can be seen here and my review of the Dual Mask, Deep Hydrating & Moisture Retention Mask is here. Now though the magic is to combine these two for even better results. Voila – a “Vitamin C Energy Mask.

Vitabrid C12 Face Brightening Powder and Dual Mask

samples, affiliate links

On January 2, 2018 I named Vitabrid C12s FACE Brightening Powder ($60; barneys.com) as my hero skincare product of 2017. As an older blogger I wasn’t brought up with sunscreens, they just weren’t around. My mother bought me products like the old Coppertone thinking that would protect me from the sun. Rather it attracted the sun and I was a little freckled child. Those freckles haven’t disappeared and many have turned into sunspots. Vitabrid C12’s FACE Brightening Powder has helped lighten my skin and made it look clearer. While my sunspots aren’t gone they are lighter and aren’t worse which is what counts most.

Vitabrid Face Brightening powder

With Vitabrid C12’s FACE Brightening Powder it’s like using a new product each time. You shake a little of the powder out of the container and mix it fresh with serum or moisturizer. It’s never compromised by sunlight since the container is opaque and you only take out what you need. Ideally it’s to be used twice a day. The powder releases its power over 12 hours. (A reminder: always use sunscreen with a Vitamin C product on your face.)

Vitabrid Face Brightening powder

Vitabrid Face Brightening powder

Now I’ve learned to put the Face Brightening Powder into the serum of the Vitabrid Dual Sheet Mask ($8 for one mask, $35 for a set of 5) and I have a “Vitamin C Energy Mask”. Double the ingredients for a dual effect of both brightening and anti-aging.

Vitabrid C12 Dual Mask

The Dual Sheet Mask is meant to give your face deep hydration and moisture retention. It’s a mask that is absolutely loaded with a serum of Vitamin C and Peptides. Even though there’s so much serum in the mask package it doesn’t slide off your face, it adheres without sliding off once you’ve adjusted it. When you are finished just remove the mask and massage the serum onto your face with your fingertips. Don’t wash it off. You want the terrific serum to continue adding the feel of collagen, vitamin C, and moisture to your complexion. Products apply easily over it and your face will feel softer for days.

Vitabrid C12 Dual Mask

Use the mask as you would any sheet mask leaving it on for 10 – 20 minutes (I use it for the full 20).  Simply dab a few small dashes of the FACE Brightening Powder over your entire face with your fingers right after you take the mask off. The leftover product from the mask allows you to mix the powder in evenly. Vitabrid C¹² recommends using all the serum from the mask but I save what doesn’t come out with the mask so that I can use it with the powder.

a scary picture with the Dual Mask

how I save the extra serum

The powder releases a proprietary form of active, stabilized Vitamin C into the skin over the course of 12 hours for a firmer, healthier, and more luminous complexion. Skin is left looking and feeling revitalized, while the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles is diminished. There’s no texture, no color or odor—it dissolves instantly once mixed in with your mask.

Vitabrid C12’s FACE Brightening Powder allows you to “boost” the essence or serum already found on your favorite sheet mask by mixing it with a proprietary form of active Vitamin C from Seoul. Neither product have a fragrance which is a major plus for me.

As a mask aficionado this combination makes my masking adventure higher and higher. It’s like sitting on the top of the mountain contemplating how much happier I am with my skin’s radiance and hydration. Try it, you’ll like it!  —  Marcia

September Fashion Flash

Join the Fashion Flash team for another emag hosted by Janise of Mama in Heels. She’s gathered together the whole group this week to share fashion, beauty and lifestyle posts that you don’t want to miss.


Favorite Fall Looks as Makeup Wars returns

The Makeup Wars team was on summer vacation but we’re back with favorites for fall. Fall fficially starts this week and depending on where you live you might see the beginnings of it. We’ve taken our first official Cider Mill trip so to us fall is here.


I’ve got some cosmetics that I think are perfect for the season and hope you will find that to be true too. The stars of my show are PROFUSION and OSMOSIS +COLOUR.

Profusion Mixed Metals Set in Peach, Osmosis + Colour Crushed Coral Blush and Navy eye pencil

For $9.99 you really will be thrilled with Profusion Cosmetics Mixed Metals Eyes & Lips in Peach. The price is unreal but what’s even more unreal is the quality of these Profusion products. They make one want to grab them all up and run home with them.

Profusion Cosmetics Mixed Metals Eyes & Lips in Peach

The set contains a palette with 9 shadows, a lip liner (Matte Peach), a Metal Matte Lip Cream (Metal Peach), and an eyeshadow brush. Profusion also makes this in Nude and Glam. While the Metal Peach Lip Cream is a matte shade, it’s really a metallic. If you read my review of the Nude Mixed Metals Lip Set then you know that it’s an incredible set that doesn’t dry out my lips. This is a peach version that is just as great.

Profusion Matte Peach lipliner and Matte Metal Lip Cream

Profusion Matte Peach lipliner and Matte Metal Lip Cream

Profusion Mixed Metals Peach set brush and lips

It’s the palette that I’m most excited about for fall. I’m sure you know about Too Faced peach collections but why spend $40 when you can get this entire set for $10?

Profusion Mixed Metals Peach palette

9 shadows that are mostly matte with a smattering of satin and metallic. There’s a good amount of pigment to these especially to Certain and Bordeaux the metallic shades (and my favorites).

Profusion Mixed Metals Peach palette swatches

  1. Polite – cream matte   2. Wannabee – light peach matte  3. Ecstatic – darker peach satin  4.  Outgoing – light tan matte  5. Certain – metallic copper  6.  Outspoken – matte light sienna shade  7.  Crimson  – matte light reddish brown  8.  Bordeaux  – metallic dark chocolate  9. Special – matte milk chocolate

There are many combinations to use making this very versatile. I like the brush for blending as well as applying some (but not all) of the colors.

OSMOSIS + COLOUR finishes my fall look with the most wonderful blush and a lovely eyeliner. My all time favorite blush is from OSMOSIS. I am on my third one and I so rarely finish color products but Pink Pearl looks so great with the color palette I usually wear. Now though I also have Crushed Coral which is amazing for cooler weather. It has a peach undertone but with the coral it has more depth to it.

Osmosis Colour Crushed Coral blush

Osmosis Colour Crushed Coral blush

While it looks dark in the pan it applies as a radiant light coral. Applied lightly it works wonders on my fair skin but it can be applied with more pressure for darker skin tones. It’s so smooth and so flattering. Osmosis Colour blushes are “formulated with moringa seed oil, zinc oxide, and green tea extract, promoting soft, blendable application while feeding the skin with nourishment for thriving complexion.” There are 9 shades total from Osmosis and I can’t rave about this enough.

Osmosis Colour Crushed Coral blush

One last pop of color before you apply your brows and mascara is the Osmosis Eye Pencil in Navy. What a great look to have an unexpected brighter color with these shades. Navy isn’t a black blue, instead it’s more of an ultramarine blue so it really shows up on your eyes.

Osmosis Colour Crushed Coral blush and Navy Eye Pencil

But there’s more to know about the pencil. First it’s a twist up liner so no sharpening is needed. Second there’s a brush at the opposite end meaning you can smudge this before it dries down completely. Next the smooth formula features vitamin E and jojoba oil to nourish, hydrate and condition for a comfortable, eye-popping dimension. And like most Osmosis products it’s cruelty free, oncology friendly, gluten free, and vegan.

Here’s to more looks that break the nude paradigm! What are you looking forward to wearing these days?

Be sure to click on the icons from the rest of the team to see how they can tempt you too.  —  Marcia

The Sunday Scoop has scoured the internet for giveaways for you

Sending vibes to all we know affected by Florence. I hope you and your loved ones are safe. I also hope you’ve been a winner lately with all the giveaways there are. If you are ever a winner I hope you’ll report to us on our Sunday Scoop page so we can cheer for you.  —  Marcia


9/18  $25 AMAZON GIFT CARD  – 1 US/Can winner

9/24  7TH HEAVEN PEEL-OFF FACIAL MASKS  –  4 winners win 2 masks each, US

9/25  BOXYCHARM SEPTEMBER 2018  –  2 winners, one of the September box, one with a variety of products from previous boxes, US

New giveaway coming this week!

Winner’s circle:  Monat was won by Hesper F, Marilyn N, Debbie Y, Buddy G.


9/16  Dave Lackie  –  Versace Bright Crystal 3-Piece Gift set. This three piece set includes an eau de toilette, roller ball, and shower gel featuring the Versace Bright Crystal fragrance.  WW

9/16  Dave Lackie  –  Bvlgari fragrances. The famed Roman jewellery house is launching Bvlgari Man Wood Essence for him and Goldea The Roman Night Absolute. WW

9/17 but at noon  –  Simon & Schuster  –  We’re giving one lucky winner the chance to win a Madewell gift card, a pack of Essie nail polish, and a finished copy of The Stylist. US

Beauty Undercover  ||  Covergirl Flourish mascara, US  ||  Deck of Scarlet palette, US  ||

9/17  Prize Wise  –  Burt’s Bees Lip Balms

9/17  Beauty Care Choices  –   Glo Skin beauty Conditioning Milk Cleanser, Glo Skin Beauty Balancing Moisture Remedy, Glo Skin Beauty Solar Shade SPF 50, Glo Skin Beauty Retinol Smoothing Serum, plus a beautiful Cosmetic Bag. US

9/18  Dave Lackie  –  We’re celebrating the launch of Dave’s NEW digital beauty magazine Beauty Departure (magazine.beautydeparture.com) with a blockbuster giveaway of some of his favourite brands and products. Here are prestige makeup, skincare and fragrances to make your Autumn one to remember. WW   

9/18  Intense Polish Therapy  –  First place: 79 items & $255 in gift cards Second Place: 35 items & $180 in gift cards.  US/Can

9/19  Prime Beauty  –  Fashion Flash Beauty & Book giveaway with $50 Ulta GC, US

9/19  Prize Wise  –  The Body Shop Wild Argan Oil Treats Cube Gift Set. US

9/19  Razzle Dazzle Styles  –  Professional Face Lift Serum Beauty Tool Kit Valued at $95.00, US

9/19  She Finds  –  50 winners, Lancer Skin Polish, US

9/19  Ice Fairy Treasure Chest  –  Moroccan Gold Series Haircare Travel Kit, US

9/19 (9/20 at noon ET)  My Subscription Addiction  –  curated box of beauty products, US

9/20  Mommies With Cents  –  Dove Dry Shampoos, US

9/20  Whimsy Soul  –  $500 Sephora gc, US

9/20  Dave Lackie  –   Elizabeth Arden Prevage Anti-Aging Skin Solutions Set. WW

9/21 She Finds  –  Erno Laszlo’s Pore Refining Detox Double Cleanse, 20 winners, US

9/21  Hello Glow  –  2 Edens Garden Salt Soaks, US

9/22  Fashionista Budget  –  Fenty Beauty Bomb Mini Lip & Face Set, WW

9/23  A Very Sweet Blog  –  Molton Brown London Jasmine & Sun Rose 1.7 fl oz Eau De Toilette Perfume, US


9/16  Organic Aromas  –  Magnificent – Nebulizing Diffuser by Organic Aromas. US

9/17  One Smiley Monkey  –  Blendtec Designer 725, Canada

9/17  Baie Maison  –  Gotham Steel 20 Piece All in One Kitchen Cookware + Bakeware Set, US

9/17  Giveaway Guy  –  Brita water pitcher with filter, US

9/18  Frog Reviews and Ramblings  –  Year Subscription To Audiobooks.com, US

9/18  Leite’s Culinaria  –  Cuisinart Classic Food Processor, US/Can

9/18  Boss Video –  iPad, US

9/18  Teak Times  –  light teak wood watch, WW w/exceptions

9/19  iDrop News  –  HomePod Giveaway, WW

9/19  The Review Wire  –  outfit of choice from Ruby Ribbon, US

9/19  Tuck  –  Helix mattress in the size/firmness of your choice. US

9/19  Food Envee  –  Nespresso Inissia Coffee Machine, WW

9/19  Hungry Hobby  –  6 QT Programmable Slow Cooker, US

9/20  Leite’s Culinaria  –  Calphalon Contemporary Nonstick Multi-pot, US/Can

9/20  Stay At Home Mom  –  Polaroid Snap Touch Camera, US

9/20  Cryptodisrupt  –  Amazon Echo, WW

9/20  Georgia Rose Books  –  Enter for a chance to win a Kindle Fire 7 with Alexa, a Sherbetbox, paperbacks and more, worth over $200. WW

9/20  JV Law Firm  –  Apple 10.5″ 64GB iPad Pro with Keyboard and Pen, WW

9/20  Go Ninety 7  –  Enter for a chance to win an Amazon Echo 2 and a portable battery base worth $160. US

9/20  Edible Communities  –  Lodge Cast Iron 6-Piece Wildlife Series, US

9/20  Easter Babe’s Theory  –  3 win, Sugar Bowl Baker Brownie Bites & Madeleines, US

9/21  Leite’s Culinaria  –  Breville Crystal Clear Electric Tea Kettle, US/Can

9/21  Moms Medpedia  –  Essential Oil Necklace Gift Set, Tree of Life Aromatherapy Diffuser Necklace Giveaway, US

9/21  Amy Waeschle  –  Kindle Paperwhite, US

9/21  Prize Wise  –  Aromatherapy Diffuser. Canada

9/21  Elf Share  –  Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 instant camera, matching carrying case and extra accessories including a double pack of film, picture frames, and frame stickers. Available in 5 cute pastel colors. US/Can

9/22  Leite’s Culinaria  –  Breville No Mess Waffle Maker, US/Can

9/22  Mommyhood Chronicles  –  Princess Moderna glass lnfuser, worth $189, US

9/23  Rasa Malaysia  –  Farberware High Performance Nonstick Aluminum 17 piece cookware set, US

9/23  Rasa Malaysia  –  T Fal Nonstick 18 piece cookware set, US

9/23  Leite’s Culinaria  –  Cuisinart Cook Central Multi Cooker, US/Can

9/23  Produce for Kids  –  a Ninja Cooking system and a Ninja IntelliSense Kitchen system with Auto-Spiralizer, worth $350. US

9/23  Cookstr  –  Ayesha Steel Cookware Set, US/Can

9/23  Recipe Lion  –  Braun MultiMix Hand Mixer, US/Can

9/23  Fave Southern Recipes  –  Good Cooking Spice Container Set, US

9/23  Fave Healthy Recipes  –  RevaBlend Smoothie Blender, US/Can

9/23  Mattress Clarity  –  Nectar mattress in the size of your choosing, US/Can

9/23  Recipe Lion  –  Foodie Gift Basket. US/Can

9/23  Razzle Dazzle Styles  –  Win either Sono One, Google Home Home Mini, WW

9/23  Copy Cat Recipes  –  Farberware Luminescence Set, US

9/23  Slow Cooker Recipes  –  Rachael Ray Oval Pasta Pot, US/Can

9/23  Kudosz  –  Harry and David pumpkin shaped gift basket filled including a pumpkin Bundt cake, US


9/17  Whiskey In A Teacup  –  Grand Prize: 2-night trip fpr two to Nashville, TN; includes $1,000 VIP shopping spree at the Draper James flagship store, $100 gift card for dinner, $250 ElizabethArden.com shopping spree, Parnassus Books tote bag, signed Ann Patchett book, Whiskey in a Teacup tote bag with Reese’s book club books, and autographed copy of Whiskey in a Teacup by Reese Witherspoon (ARV $3,350).
First Prizes (5): Limited-edition Draper James Whiskey in a Teacup tote bag, $50 Draper James gift card, Elizabeth Arden Grand Entrance Mascara, and autographed copy of Whiskey in a Teacup by Reese Witherspoon (ARV $110).
Second Prizes (15): Whiskey in a Teacup tote bag and Elizabeth Arden Grand Entrance Mascara (ARV $50). US

9/18  Queen Bee Latina  –  Complete Set Of Disney Villains Books and a “Perfect Hair Day” Bundle Pack from Sephora, US


9/16  ||  Victoria Pinder, $25 Starbucks gc and Snowflake Necklace, US  || from last week: 9/16  ||  Iowa Egg Farmers, $200 grocery store gc, US  ||  Southern Mom Loves, $50 gc of choice or paypal, WW  ||  Silver Dagger, $50 Amazon  ||  American Dairy Association, $200 grocery store gc, US  ||  Todd and Erin, $100 Target gc, WW  ||  Silver Dagger 2, $25 paypal  ||  Utah Giveaway, $100 Amazon, US  ||

9/17  ||  Gasoline Tequila, $100 Amazon and branded swag, US  ||  Silver Dagger, $20 Amazon  ||

9/18  ||  The Simple Parent, $25 Amazon, US  ||  Crayons and Cravings, $100 Starbucks, WW  ||  Mama’s Mission, $25 Starbucks, US/Can  ||  Christy’s Cozy Corners, $250 paypal or e gc of choice  ||  Silver Dagger, $25 Amazon or Barnes & Noble  ||

9/19  || Sonya’s Happenings, $25 Amazon or paypal, WW  ||  Everything Mouse, 2 winners, $50 Disney gc, US  ||  Mama’s Mission, $75 g.c. to MyGiftStop.com, WW  ||  Silver Dagger, $25 Amazon  ||  Stacking My Bookshelves, $20 Amazon, US  ||

9/20  ||  Landmark Theaters, $250 Landmark Theater g.c. and autographed copy of The Wife, US  ||  Mail 4 Rosey, $25 Visa gc, US  ||  Raising Three Savvy Ladies, $50 Visa, US  ||

9/21  ||  Hello Veggie, $250 Amazon, US  ||  Crayons and Cravings, $200 Amazon, US  ||  Horseshoes n Handgrenades, $100 Visa, US  ||  A Rup Life, $25 Fandango gc, US  ||

9/22  ||  Best Viral Videos, $200 Amazon, WW  ||  The Beat, $250 Walmart, US/Can  ||

9/23  ||  Paulette’s Papers, $50 Amazon or paypal, WW  ||  The Beat, $500 Mastercard, US/Can  ||


Note: Not all 80 giveaways are listed here. I’m stretching the money ones to go down to $15 this time but I won’t go lower. Baby items or products that I don’t think you’d be interested in aren’t included either. These all end on 9/18 EST.


Angie’s Angels  –  Two Bath Bombs, A mini size of Sweet Escape Strawberry Picnic (3oz) by Bath & Body Works, Hand Sanitizer in Frozen Sugared Berry, Stress Relief – Cedarwood & Sage Body Cream (8oz), Two Facial Mask Sheets (Clear Skin & Nutrition), US

My Style Spot  –  beauty products from IT Cosmetics, Grande Lash, ELF, No. 7, US

Erica Ever After  –  MR BUBBLE Sweet & Clean Ladies Night In Gift set. US


Reviewz and Newz  –  Carver 4 drawer dresser, US

Celebrate Women  –  odor resistant leggings, Brut Force Leggings. US

My Silly Little Gang  –  40 count package of Two Rivers Decaf Coffee Sampler packs and a 30 K cup tray, US

Everyday Gizmos  –  Deiss Pro Digital Meat Thermometer, US

Ice Fairy’s Treasure Chest  –  Studio in a Box Art Supply Kit, US

Luv Saving Money  –  1 US winner will be able to choose one item $25 or less from My La La Leggings site. There is no cash or prize alternative.

Eclectic Evelyn  –  Glasstic water bottle of their choice. US

Rita Reviews  –  one year subscription to Amazon Prime, US

Style on Main  –  Boho jewelry collection, US

How Was Your Day  –  HomeHawk Front Door Camera System, US

Chronically Content  –  Pair of Earrings from Lauren Conrad, US


||  Still Blonde, $40 paypal, US  ||  Shopping Kim, $30 to ShopTheStyle, US  ||  Beauty Info Zone, $25 Amazon plus beauty samples, US/Can  ||  Lindsey Blogs, $20 Walmart, US  ||  Stacking My Bookshelves, $25 Amazon, US  ||  The Review Wire, $50 eGift Card to Uncommon Goods, US  ||  Tizzy Says, $20 Amazon  ||  Mom the Magnificent, $25 Amazon, US/Can  || Calm the Ford Down, $30 Old Navy/Gap g.c., WW  || Candid Mama, $25 paypal, US  ||  Practical Frugality, $25 Amazon, US/Can  ||  The Jersey Mama, $20 Walmart, US  || A Lucky Grace, $100 Walmart, US  || Lady in Read, Choice of 2 Handmade Lotion Bars OR a $15 Amazon Gift Card, US  ||  The Moody Blonde, $15 Amazon, US  ||  Miss Molly Says, $15 paypal or Office Depot gc, WW  ||  Freebies Steals and Deals, $15 paypal or Amazon, WW  ||  It’s Free at Last, $15 Amazon, WW  ||