Save time and whiten teeth with these winter beauty hacks from Aquis and Mira-Teeth!

Winter Beauty Hacks!

Winter means static, which causes havoc on your hair. It also means pale skin, which emphasizes yellowing teeth. How about a few winter beauty hacks to solve these problems? Sleek gorgeous hair and white beautiful teeth – yes, please!!

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To take care of frizz and static, and to also minimize the time your hair is wet and cut down your styling time you’ve got to try AQUIS Hair Towels and Turbans.

Aquis Towel Lisse Luxe in Chevron

Saving time – like 50% less time with the blow dryer – plus destroying annoying static is a major winter beauty hack. Beauty Info Zone has been using AQUIS Hair Towels and Turbans for years.  I love the Hair Turban which has been my go-to forever, but recently I’ve converted to the AQUIS Waffle Luxe Long Hair Towel (19 x 52 in – 50 x 132cm).

AQUIS Waffle Luxe Long Hair Towel

AQUIS Waffle Luxe Long Hair Towel

Aquis Lisse Luxe Towel in Chevron

Nice to have something that is specific for long hair! It’s longer than the regular size, about 25% more, which I need since my hair is about mid-back length. The towel is made with AQUITEX, which dries hair super quick and cuts down on frizz and split ends. It also has magical properties that make for static-free hair! It’s incredible.

If you have thick, course/textured hair you will want the AQUIS Waffle Luxe Hair Towel ($35/ Most hair types will do great with the AQUIS Lisse Luxe Hair Towel ($30/ And of course if you have long hair like mine, go with the AQUIS Waffle Luxe Long Hair Towel ($45/

Mira-Teeth Ultrasound Toothbrush and Ultrasound Toothpaste Gel

How about a hack for super white teeth? The Mira-Teeth Ultrasound Toothbrush and Ultrasound Toothpaste Gel is what you need, not only as a whitening hack but also as a traveling hack. This toothbrush is the answer to rotating or swiveling brush heads, providing a gentler cleaning without irritating the gums. The results are pretty powerful – a super deep antibacterial cleaner and tooth whitener within a totally transportable toothbrush.

Mira-Teeth Ultrasound Toothbrush and Ultrasound Toothpaste Gel

Mira-Teeth Ultrasound Toothbrush and Ultrasound Toothpaste Gel

First of all, this toothbrush cleans teeth FAST. The ultrasound works via air oscillations and it actually cleans teeth in just 60 to 90 seconds – talk about saving time!! Even if you have ‘deep pockets’ this is a toothbrush for you, because the ultrasound penetrates deeply and gets in even the smallest crevices with very little effort on your part.

Mira-Teeth Ultrasound Toothbrush – you know it’s on when the blue lights are on

Mira-Teeth Ultrasound Toothbrush

Mira-Teeth Ultrasound Toothbrush comes with two brush heads

It’s also extremely gentle. You don’t have to fight with plaque because the ultrasound breaks it up. It gets rid of tartar and you won’t experience bleeding gums brushing with the Mira-Teeth Ultrasound Toothbrush.

A major plus is the ultrasound really attacks stains! It takes your teeth right back to their original color while it gets rid of all that bacteria and plaque. If you smoke, drink wine, eat a lot of beets, whatever…this toothbrush (and the special toothpaste) will take care of everything for you – and quickly.

Mira-Teeth Ultrasound Toothpaste Gel

Speaking of the toothpaste, you want to use the Mira-Teeth Toothpaste for the best results. It tastes great and it’s specially formulated for use with the ultrasonic toothbrush – you don’t use the Mira-Teeth Ultrasound Toothbrush with regular toothpaste. The ultrasonic brush makes microscopic nanobubbles in this toothpaste that do all the work and keep teeth healthy, protecting enamel and reducing wear and tear on teeth.

Mira-Teeth Ultrasound Toothbrush

Brushing your teeth with the Mira-Teeth Ultrasound Toothbrush couldn’t be easier. You first brush normally with the toothbrush and toothpaste to get rid of large food particles, then you turn on the ultrasound and hold the brush head against the surface of your teeth (inside, outside, and chewing surfaces) for a few seconds. That’s it! The brush rarely needs charging and you do that with the included USB cable.

I am extremely impressed with this toothbrush – my teeth are incredibly clean in such a short time and they are definitely whiter.  It really is amazing! And what a terrific toothbrush for travel – no worries about charging or plugging it in and every time I brush I get a whitening treatment. The Mira-Teeth Starter Kit retails for $199 and is available on

With these winter beauty hacks I am ready for another six more weeks of winter or more no problem!  – Lisa

Striking lips you’ll love from Runway Rogue

Runway Rouge Pearl Glam Metallic Lip Paint


Two of the most beautiful liquid lipsticks ever landed on my vanity all the way from RUNWAY ROUGE. In all the time I’ve been blogging (8 years!!!) I don’t think I’ve found two shades that are this beautiful. Without further ado they are RUNWAY ROUGE Pearl Glam liquid lipsticks in Soft Box and Go-See. I’m a fan of light shades in lipstick so when I saw these two I knew I was in for the lips of my life.

Runway Rouge Pearl Glam Metallic Lip Paint

There are 3 important tips to follow when using Runway Rouge Liquid Lips. And I mean important. The first time I applied Go-See I was in such a hurry that I didn’t exfoliate nor did I do my lips in one layer. Not a good idea since it didn’t last and it wasn’t smooth. One time was enough for me to learn to follow directions!

  1. Exfoliate – If you don’t have time for a fancy lip scrub, just use a washcloth. Your lips should be clean before application, with the exception of a thin layer of lip balm or primer if your lips feel dry.
  2. Line and fill – Line your lips with the precision applicator—take your time and be precise. Fill in the rest of your lips in one layer only; swiftly fill in any missed spots before product sets.
  3. Let it set! – Once you are happy with the shape and look—LEAVE YOUR LIPS ALONE FOR 2 MINS. This is the most important part. Unlike traditional “bullet” lipsticks, DO NOT smack, rub, or otherwise try to blend the product before it sets.

Runway Rouge Pearl Glam in Go-See and Soft Box

There are 6 shades of these beauties available

CALLBACK:  an earthy bronze with silver and gold shimmer

COMP CARD:  vibrant purple with pink and gold shimmer

DAY RATE:  soft earthy red with gold shimmer

ON SET:  bright coral red with gold shimmer

GO-SEE:  light pink with gold and rose shimmer

SOFT BOX:  pale nude with silver and gold shimmer

The wonderful thing about these liquid lipsticks is that if you follow directions they aren’t drying. They last well for about 8 hours (though some foods will break them down). They don’t pucker up my lips. And even though this particular collection has shimmer in the shades, they aren’t gritty. You only see the stunning color, you don’t feel it. They contain the new must-have beauty ingredient Kakadu Plum to prevent and treat lip lines!

Go-See is described as a light pink but it’s not the kind of pink that washes me out. There’s a definite rosy-pinkness to it. I see more of the shimmer in Go-See than I do in Soft Box which appears more metallic to me.

Runway Rouge Pearl Glam in Go-See

Runway Rouge Pearl Glam in Go-See and Soft Box

Soft Box is a golden nude on my lips. There’s a peach quality to it and it’s wonderfully metallic.

Runway Rouge Pearl Glam Soft Box

Runway Rouge Pearl Glam in Go-See and Soft Box

This might be too light for some people but I think it’s perfection. You can add a gloss over these Runway Rouge Pearl Glam Liquid Lipsticks without destroying their integrity. I like a clear gloss over them but I could add more color with a darker gloss.

If you are looking for a new unique and amazingly striking lip color then Runway Rouge by Patricia Hartmann is your next shopping site. I haven’t been this impressed with a liquid lipstick as I am with Pearl Glam Metallic Lip Paint.  —  Marcia


All the facts you need to know: Our lipsticks and glosses are Paraben-free, Talc-free, Sulfate-free, Gluten-free and use only Non-comedogenic ingredients. Cruelty-free. Vitamin E to combat free-radicals with potent antioxidants! Green Tea Extract to rejuvenate lips and polyphenols for sebum control! Chamomile Extract to soothe your lips! Mineral-based Pigments for vibrant color and hydration. Jojoba Oil to hydrate and soften the skin without clogging your pores. Safflower Oil to enrich your lips with hydrating Vitamin E! Aloe Vera to soothe and hydrate your pout! White Tea Extract promotes longer moisture retention for your lips and skin!

Eyes, eyes, and more eyes from Pixi!

The more I use Pixi Beauty the more I love it and today I have nothing but EYE love from this fabulously affordable and super fun line! They sell my favorite mascara – the Lengthy Fiber Mascara ($16) – but that isn’t even what I’m writing about today.  Today is all about eye liner and eyeshadow.

samples, affiliate links

Before I get into the eyeshadow palettes, I want to give a quick hello to these two pencil eyeliners – the Endless Silky Eye Pens ($12), one in MatteNude and the other in RoseGlow. They are sooo creamy and they really do glide on and the best part is that they just don’t budge. I can work out, sweat, cry, really cry, rub my eyes, it doesn’t matter – unless I am taking my eyeliner off with makeup remover, this eyeliner stays true! Plus, they are perfect for the waterline. This is holy grail stuff, my friends.

Pixi Beauty Endless Silky Eye Pens

• Gives the concentrated colour of a liquid liner in a silky, easy to apply pencil
• Stays looking flawless all day
• Hypoallergenic
• No mineral oils
• No preservatives
• No parabens
• Not tested on animals

MatteNude is perfect for the waterline. It’s a peachy shade that finishes the waterline and really opens up the eye making it look doe-eye huge. One word of caution – if this liner gets too warm it can deposit too much product, so be careful. Otherwise, perfection.

Pixi Beauty Endless Silky Eye Pens swatches in RoseGlow and MatteNude

RoseGlow is just gorgeous – a shimmery golden bronze that is so flattering, especially if you have hazel eyes. Application is truly delightful with lots of play time before it sets and I adore this shade but if it’s not your cup of tea there are 21 shades available so I’m sure you can find something that suits you perfectly.

Pixi Beauty Mesmerizing Mineral Eyeshadow Palette

Ok, now for some eyeshadow palettes. There are nine different Mesmerizing Mineral Palettes ($12) available, and we have reviewed several of them. Each palette has six shades of eyeshadow and a dual-sided sponge applicator. The eyeshadows are mineral shadows that have great pigmentation and all the palettes feature gemstone-inspired shades. My palette is Desert SunsetI didn’t think I would like this nearly as much as I do – the red shade scared me, but it’s really pretty! And you would be surprised how versatile orange really is. The other shades include a medium matte brown, a deep brown with tiny golden shimmer, a dark golden shimmery brown, and a medium shimmery brown. They are all very pretty, rich shades with a great color pay off that make this palette a great buy, especially since it often goes on sale for half off!  

On the larger palette side, the Eye Reflection Shadow Palette Mixed Metals ($24) is gorgeous! It’s a lovely combination of lighter and darker shades, some that give a creamy glow, some that give a three-dimensional metallic finish, and some with a matte finish. The twelve colors range from a light golden cream to a dark brown. I find all of the shades to be very interesting with a nice texture; beautifully blendable and heavily pigmented.

Overall, I think the Endless Silky Eye Pens are must haves – they are really perfect eyeliner pencils that apply so beautifully and easily and they come in an array of gorgeous shades. The Mesmerizing Mineral Palettes is a great buy if it’s on sale – the Desert Sunset collection is nice but it isn’t essential by any means; however, if it’s on sale for $6 it’s totally worth it. The  Eye Reflection Shadow Palette Mixed Metals is most definitely a great buy and if you are looking for some beautiful metallic shades to liven up your eyeshadow wardrobe without breaking the bank, this is a truly fantastic option! You can find Pixi by Petra at Target stores nationwide.  – Lisa

Introducing the ageLOC LumiSpa

ageLOC LumiSpa

No matter how old you are you want your skin looking youthful, healthy and refreshed. That means you start with your skin properly cleansed. It’s easy to cleanse your skin but are you doing the best job? That’s what I wanted to find out with the ageLOC LumiSpa when I was sent it to test. This is made by nuSkin so I had a lot of confidence that this cleansing tool was going to be a great addition to my skincare regime.

ageLOC LumiSpa is a dual action skin refining system. It not only helps renew your skin it gives you a deep cleaning in a gentle way. Since this is waterproof you can even use it in the shower.

ageLOC LumiSpa

The ageLOC LumiSpa will at first remind you of other cleansing tools you’ve seen or tried but I’ve found it to be very different and interesting to use. When you purchase the debut kit you’ll also receive a cleanser that’s formulated to work well with it. The best type of cleanser is one that is low foaming. I didn’t receive a cleanser so I can’t tell you about that but I did find two successful cleansers (Cerave and Ao) that worked well and I’m sure I’d find more if I’d kept searching.

ageLOC LumiSpa

There are also 2 different type heads so pick the one that suits you best. For me that’s the normal ageLOC LumiSpa head but there’s also a firm treatment head. The cleansing head is different than a brush like the Clarisonic, it’s a nonabrasive silicone that is quite gentle on my face. I consider my skin to be sensitive because if I scrub too hard I’ll find tiny broken blood vessels appear close to the surface. I’ve had none of those showing through since I started using LumiSpa. The head itself contains antimicrobial silver and is more hygenic than other brushes.

ageLOC LumiSpa

Let me go through the steps of using this. When you first receive it you’ll want to charge it for 24 hours. After that you can unplug the machine and not worry about charging it again for 7 to 10 days. I like to do a lot of spa things on Sundays so that’s when I recharge. It doesn’t take 24 hours to charge once it’s up and going.

While it’s charging the light will pulse and once it’s stopped you know it’s ready for you.

ageLOC LumiSpa charging

Now wet the treatment head and press the on/off button. Take your time and slowly glide the treatment head back and forth over your entire face using broad strokes. Don’t use a scrubbing motion and don’t press too hard. If I press too hard the LumiSpa pauses until I let up. The device actually stops for a little bit after 30 seconds to remind you to move to a new part of your face. Their literature shows 4 zones to cleanse: forehead, each cheek area, and mouth/chin area. If you follow the 4 pauses it will just take you 2 minutes for the cleansing to be complete.

ageLOC LumiSpa normal treatment head

But why is this different? That’s what is so important. The treatment head is counter-rotating. The inner circle moves clockwise and the outer circle moves counter-clockwise. It feels so great on my face because while it’s cleansing it’s also stimulating and massaging my face. But it’s so gentle with the normal head.

The head removes easily for washing off the soap residue, let it dry and then replace it on your device so it’s ready for the next cleansing period.

The ageLOC LumiSpa by Nu Skin has surpassed what I’d hoped for. I feel that my face is cleaner, especially around my nose that never feels cleansed properly, and it feels good with its massaging action. They say it helps reduce the appearance of pores too and it definitely helps with that since I’ve gotten them so well cleansed. I give a thumbs up to the LumiSpa. When I need to replace the treatment head I’ll buy the cleanser for it too so I can try that.

ageLOC LumiSpa delivers seven skin benefits that intensify over time:

  • Skin renewal
  • Purified skin
  • Minimized appearance of pores
  • Smoothness
  • Radiance
  • More refreshed look
  • Increased appearance of volume and density

What do you think about cleansing devices? Have they helped your skin look clearer? If not then your next step is to try the ageLOC LumiSpa by Nu Skin. —  Marcia



Makeup Wars takes on Wet n’ Wild

Wet n Wild Nude Awakening and Blossom Glow

If you’ve been looking at Wet n‘ Wild in stores you’ll find that the line is revamping. It’s out with the old and in with the new. This time around Makeup Wars wanted to talk about favorite WnW products and I’m sure there are many. Since my favorite, the original Comfort Zone eyeshadow palette isn’t really around anymore, I decided to write about two of the newer products that can be found instead.

I bought two products over the last 2 months – one is a hit and one sadly is a miss. I’ll start with the hit: Nude Awakening coloricon 10 pan eyeshadow palette. I chose this because I haven’t bought the more expensive peach palettes that have been a hit for the last year. At $4.99 I thought this was more my style.

Nude Awakening has 10 shades in it: 2 matte transition shades, 3 more mattes, 5 satin finish. The formula of the Coloricon shadows have all been reformulated and I’ve seen several reviews that give a thumbs down to the formula but I think that Nude Awakening’s shades are for the most part nicely done.

Wet n Wild Nude Awakening

There’s a nice illustration on the back of the palette to help guide you in creating a day look and a night look. I personally ignore those.

Wet n Wild Nude Awakening

Now about the colors. Let’s take a few looks:

Wet n Wild Nude Awakening

Wet n Wild Nude Awakening

No. 1 is a light tan transition shade while No. 10 is a dark brown transition. I’ve gotten fallout from #10 but I’m aware of it now and it’s easy to clean.

Wet n Wild Nude Awakening – transition shades

No. 2 is a nude matte that doesn’t show up much on me but is fine for filling in the browbone area. I find it to be chalky though. #3 looks like a beige in the palette but on me it’s a pretty peach with a satin finish. #4 is also a peach but it’s a little lighter and has some shimmer to it. While #5 is a darker peach satin and one of my favorites. I like to wear #5 with either 3 or 4.

Wet n Wild Nude Awakening

No. 6 is a shimmery peach that to me is like #2 but with more shimmer. #7 is a matte reddish brown while #8 is a favorite dark brown with a touch of shimmer to it. Last is #9, a matte black, with a good formula.

Wet n Wild Nude Awakening

There are just 4 Coloricon 10 pan palettes and one is a redone Comfort Zone but when I saw that one it just made me want to dig out my original and pass that one by.

Wet n Wild Comfort Zone

Next I have a beautiful Wet n‘ Wild megaglo Highlighter Powder in Blossom Glow. There are 5 of these ($4.99) and all look so pretty with their floral design BUT  …

Wet n Wild Highlighting Powder in Blossom Glow

when I opened it this is what happened

Wet n Wild Highlighting Powder in Blossom Glow

It had come apart in the palette and is so fragile that it’s hard to use. I certainly can’t keep it anywhere it might fall or it will be shattered to bits. When I was shopping this week I noticed all the Megaglo Highlighting Powders that were left in the display had smashed so it wasn’t that I got a bad one. Blossom Glow is a light peach that gives me a small glow. It’s not shimmery and it is glowy. I couldn’t come close to getting a swatch picture of it since it shows up so lightly.

Wet n Wild Highlighting Powder in Blossom Glow

My recommendation is to buy Nude Awakening if you don’t have these shades in your collection. I have to use an eyeshadow primer with it but that’s what I prefer anyway. Plus I now have some pretty peaches that didn’t break the bank. I can’t really recommend the megaglo Highlighting Powder unless you only need it for a short time, I just don’t think it’s going to live long enough for me to get many uses from it.

What’s your favorite from Wet n‘ Wild? Check out the Makeup Wars ladies to see what you might want.  —  Marcia

The Sunday Scoop Giveaway page is chock full of fun

I hope you’ve had a lovely week especially health wise since there’s so much going around. Our hearts are heavy on the BIZ over another shooting so I’m sending all those little hearts in my image to the people whose lives will never be the same. It’s not enough but I’ll show what I believe when I vote. Have a great week as February starts winding down.  —  Marcia


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Winner’s circle:  Vivienne Sabo lip giveaway winners are Laurie N, Susan P, and Gabrielle.  Winners for Macaron brushes are Sarah S, Paula C, and Amy S. BE SURE YOUR ENTRY EMAIL IS ONE YOU CHECK OFTEN.


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What comes to your mind when you hear the name TIGI?

TIGI is mostly known for their hair care. If you’ve been around for any length of time the first thing that probably comes to your mind is BedHead since that’s what made TIGI famous. It’s doubtful that cosmetics come to mind first since the line just doesn’t get the attention that it used to. Well the Beauty Info Zone team is here to change that for you and show you some of the beautiful cosmetics that TIGI creates and let you know why you need to change your mind and think TIGI Cosmetics.

If you are lucky enough to live near a CVS Beauty Store you’ll find TIGI available for you there on their Trend Wall. For those of us not lucky to be near one we can order online at as well as Tigi’s Cosmetic site.


Whatever you like when you shop cosmetics can be found from TIGI – concealer, eyeshadows, foundation, lipstick and lipglosses, bronzer. Even basics like foundation primer, eye makeup remover, micellar water are available.

MARCIA loves eye makeup

At one point in my life you could look under my sink and see it loaded with TIGI BedHead products. I had so many and either used that or Vidal Sassoon. I wouldn’t budge from those. Times have changed and while I would use those products again I’ve moved on. I was excited to learn that TIGI Cosmetics was back and even though times have changed, I’m not going to stop using these.

TIGI has 4 variations of High Density Eyeshadow Quads ($24) and all are beautiful. I was very happy to receive one in Love Affair since they are the colors I crave.

TIGI High Density Eyeshadow Quad in Love Affair

Just look at those colors! Those shades are what I want to wear day in and day out. But I’d only wear them if the quality of the quad was great. And it is! I’m stoked about the intensity of the shades, how smoothly they apply, and the way they seamlessly blend.

TIGI High Density Eyeshadow Quad in Love Affair


The colors are wonderful and I’ve been wearing this quad at least once a week for the last several months. I know you are looking at it and thinking “I have that already” but you really don’t because what you don’t have is a quad that works together so perfectly that you don’t need much else in your life. What you don’t have are colors that blend so well that there are no lines of demarcation. What you don’t have is a quad that has minimal shadow fallout because the colors are so silky. What you don’t have are silky soft shades that last the entire day.

TIGI High Density Eyeshadow Quad in Love Affair

Shade 1 is a soft creamy beige. It’s a great base shade and works perfectly on my browbone especially. Shade 4 is the one you don’t expect in a neutral palette but it adds a pop of color that takes it beyond boring basics. I have often mixed shades 1 and 4 together to get a softer pink or I’ll use 4 in the crease above shade 3. This mauve-pink is a great shade.

TIGI High Density Eyeshadow Quad in Love Affair

Shades 2 and 3 are the workhorses of the quad. 2 is a beautiful taupe that I just love on my lid. Shade 3 is a darker brown but it’s not too dark. Shades 2 and 3 blend together like a dream. They were made for each other.

TIGI High Density Eyeshadow Quad in Love Affair

TIGI High Density Eyeshadow Quad in Love Affair

I also have a TIGI Precision Black Eyeliner Pen ($17) that is terrific. I know that a black liner is a black liner is a black liner. But the tip on this TIGI liquid liner is excellent. I love a thin line, especially when I’m wearing black, and that’s what I get with this liner. I can even do a flip for a cat eye which is pretty amazing since I’m not good at that normally.

TIGI Precision Black Eyeliner Pen and Love Affair eyeshadow quad

TIGI Precision Black Eyeliner Pen

If only this eyeliner pen came in brown I’d marry it. In the meantime I’m enjoying both of these eye products and want to explore more from TIGI Cosmetics. I hope more CVS stores start carrying the line.

LISA loves lipstick and gloss

I am always looking for a beautiful new lippie and TIGI Cosmetics has lots of them! I love the packaging…the lipsticks come in these gorgeous geometric silver tubes that shiny enough to work as a mirror. The lip gloss is no slouch in the packaging department either with a cool see-through cap and one of the best applicators I’ve tried.

Tigi Diamond Lipstick and Luxe Lipgloss

The TIGI Diamond Lipstick ($19) comes in eight shades. I love the texture of this lipstick – it’s super smooth and feels fantastic on the lips, lovely and buttery. Ingredients feature Shea butter, vitamin E and rose hip seed oil so it’s a very moisturizing lipstick but it still has a great wear time.

The shape of the lipstick is angled – diamond-shaped, just like the name, which helps for a more precise application. I actually wish all lipsticks were this shape. I was very pleasantly surprised at what a difference it made – I always end up flattening out the traditional bullet shaped lipstick anyway and this flat diamond shape makes precise application a piece of cake.

Tigi Diamond Lipstick in Loyalty

Tigi Diamond Lipstick in Astonish

Tigi Diamond Lipstick swatches top to bottom: Loyalty and Astonish

Loyalty is a medium matte brick-red that is truly lovely. I often have a tough time with reds turning pink on me, but this one stays true and is wonderfully wearable. I love it by itself and with the TIGI Luxe Lipgloss in Foxy over it, but I am getting ahead of myself! Astonish is a cherry red shade that has a bit of shimmer in it. I love to wear this one straight from the tube because it’s a pretty glamorous shade; or sometimes I blot it and it makes for a delightful stain that is more subtle and pretty. I want more of these lipsticks for sure – the packaging is fantastic and I am a huge fan of the texture and wear.

Tigi Luxe Lipgloss in Foxy

I am just as impressed with the Luxe Lipgloss ($17.00) as I am with the Diamond Lipstick. Luxe Lipgloss comes in eight shades and is a very hydrating and super shiny lipgloss. It has a fabulous slip – not sticky at all, and it lasts a decent amount of time for a lip gloss. This is a lip plumping gloss although it doesn’t have the ‘lip tingle’ that you get from other lip plumpers.  

Luxe Lipgloss gets extremely high marks from me for the packaging. The tube is a very sturdy plastic with a super cool see-through cap. I adore the hourglass shaped applicator – it somehow hugs the lips and makes for a fabulous application.  Genius!  The Luxe Lipglosses have a vanilla scent and taste – almost like a cookie or baked good, although it’s very mild and pleasant.

Tigi Luxe Lipgloss in Foxy

Tigi Luxe Lipgloss in Foxy

Foxy is a shimmery, shiny peach. I love it. For my lips, it’s best over a lip liner or lipstick – I adore it over my Loyalty Diamond Lipstick. The contrast of the red lipstick and the peach lip gloss makes for an amazing combination. If you have pigmented lips, Foxy will be fine on its own.

So there you have it. From now on, when you think about TIGI, don’t let your mind stop at great hair care – remember the awesome cosmetics and check out these fantastic eye and lip products. We promise you won’t be sorry!!

Visit or get social with the brand on Facebook (@TIGICosmeticsUS), Twitter (@TIGI_Cosmetics) and Instagram (@tigicosmetics).