How does Prime Beauty organize her collection?

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The Beauty Spotlight Team is focusing on how we beauty bloggers store our makeup collections and it’s Prime Beauty’s turn. See what she has re-purposed to store her makeup collection!

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The organization of a disorganized beauty blogger

I am the most disorganized person around. It’s not something I happily admit but when The Beauty Spotlight Team decided to spotlight each of the blogger’s way of organizing, I had to own up to it. I’m a pack rat though, not a hoarder or at least I hope not a hoarder. Even though I knew this post was coming up for months I still procrastinated putting it together – the truth can hurt after all. But there are some ways I organize that I’m proud of and that’s what’s being shared.

The newest addition to my organization needs is the Acrylic Palette Organizer from byAlegory. I like this so much that I recently bought a second one to hold the overflow ($29.95).

byAlegory Acrylic Palette Organizer

byAlegory Acrylic Palette Organizer

This acylic organizer is the perfect size for palettes from Urban Decay (the Naked series), Lorac, Too Faced, and more. I have 4 large drawers in my bathroom but these were getting forgotten and taking up a lot of space. Now that they are out in the open I’m using them more and I’ve gained back some drawer space. The second one I have is filled with shorter palettes and often I can put two on a shelf. On that one I have my NYC Lovatics palette, some Tom Ford, Olivia Palermo Ciate, CoverGirl, the new smaller Viseart, Hourglass, Buxom, and BareMinerals. I can’t believe how much I like these Acrylic Palette Organizers and how they’ve transformed some of my space.

byAlegory Acrylic Palette Organizer

byAlegory Acrylic Palette Organizer

Acrylic organizers are my favorite. My large drawer of lip products is held together by other organizers from byAlegory including their Acrylic Lip Gloss storage that holds 24 lip products and their Acrylic Lipstick organizer that also holds 24 lipsticks. Over the years I’ve collected about 8 different ones to hold the majority of my lip products.

my lipstick drawer

my lipstick drawer

byAlegory Acrylic Lipstick organizer

byAlegory Acrylic Lipstick organizer

When you are looking to organize check out office supply stores. You can find so many things that translate well to cosmetic storage. I bought this set of drawers years and years ago at a store called Organized Living. It’s sort of back storage now but it was my main storage for a long time.

eyeshadow storage from Organized Living

eyeshadow storage from Organized Living

From Staples and Target I’ve bought pencil cups that hold my brushes as well as lip and eye pencils. It’s easier to flip through those than when they are lying in a drawer. For about $5 or less they are great to have. I used to be enamored with Stila’s cans too and have collected at least a dozen different designs.

Mesh cups and Stila cups for brush and pencil storage

Mesh cups and Stila cans for brush and pencil storage

Sadly the Stila cans and the great Zen Cosmetics organizer are not to be found because these are fabulous. I did find one affordable Quirky Zen one on ebay though. I have several of these and they are great for holding easy to lose items as well as items I use all the time like my liquid eyeliners, tweezers, and eyebrow pencils.

Zen Cosmetics makeup organizer

Zen Cosmetics makeup organizer

Quirky holder by Zen

Quirky holder by Zen

organization quirky and acrylic

Oh my nail polish! I’m spilling over with nail polish. I would love to have one of the Ikea holders but I can’t persuade (aka force) anyone to go there and get me one, let alone put it together. I do have two professional wall holders that are hiding in a closet though. I need to rearrange these to make sure all the polishes I love best are easy to find. These hold about 60 bottles each but the ones made byAlegory hold up to 100 bottles and are reasonably priced. If I had more wall space, I’d have more of these.

Nail polish wall holder

Nail polish wall holder

I’ve saved the best for last. But please don’t hate me since I’ve searched the internet and haven’t found these for sale.

thin drawer file

thin drawer file

I bought this at an office supply store that was an amazing place with out of the ordinary products. It came in a lot of colors but the red was on sale making it semi-affordable for me. While it was still about $250 on sale, it’s a treasure to me. It will go with me wherever I move. I labeled the 10 drawers. The bottom three drawers need to be reorganized since those are things I don’t use often. I probably could fill 5 of the 10 with eyeshadows if I didn’t have other organizers. It sits under my vanity with a Sterlite 4 drawer organizer to its right. After all these years (I’ve had it about 15 years) I still look for something like it when shopping.

This is my abbreviated organization for my disorganized self. I haven’t share either the great MelodySusie or the amazing Sherrieblossom ICEbox but you can see those and more about my file cabinet and storage cups in THIS post. Thanks for reading about my organization. I am still in need of help with all the skincare and haircare products in my life. Maybe the Beauty Spotlight Team will force me into that too.

What’s your organization like? Can you help me????? — Marcia

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