Join us in learning Justina’s Guilty Pleasures

guilty pleasures

Here’s a peek into Justina from Justina’s Gems guilty pleasures. We’re sure there are a lot more. Since we all have some guilty pleasures we know it’s fun to learn about other peoples. A little voyeurism isn’t so bad!

This week’s Beauty Spotlight Team has it all – giveaways, cosmetics and tips

beauty spotlight with wordsAs usual The Beauty Spotlight Team is sharing their favorite recent posts. What’s unusual is there are several giveaways and of course we want you to be a winner. Be sure to enter giveaways and read what everyone is loving these days.

Seeking a covet-worthy serum that boosts collagen production and leaves skin radiant and youthful? Then Lola’s Secret Beauty Blog recommends trying Colbert MD Stimulate The Serum because it is a truly inspiring serum.

What would you do with $350? It’s time to enter the Beauty Blogger Giveaway on Beauty Info Zone and start dreaming. This is open internationally.

Phyrra is giving away the awesome new Too Faced Stardust Palette!

15 Minute Beauty has a very busy life! She’s a beauty blogger, a full time doctor, and she has two little girls. One of them is only 9 months old, so there isn’t a lot of sleep in her house! But, she’s pretty proud of how great her under eye area looks each day despite those challenges. Check out her favorite under eye products to look awake and younger!

Let’s will Fall weather with some bold colors! 5 Tips To Rock A Bold Lip will get you started! Hairspray and Highheels shows us just how to get on the bold lip train!

Sunny from Mostly Sunny had a great time playing with the pieces from Chanel Blue Rhythm de Chanel. Find out why this collection is anything but average!

Allison from Never Say Die Beauty decided to experiment with making up a new foundation made with CoverFX Drops and with a color combo outside her comfort zone and here’s her FOTD!

Brooke from Blushing Noir shares the one high-end eyeshadow splurge you need – Burberry Pale Barley. Plays well alone and with others.

Prime Beauty takes her anti-aging products seriously and knows you do too. She has teamed with the the luxury skincare brand 3LAB to give one lucky winner an entire anti-aging skincare package worth $415! Hurry and enter!

It may be Back-to-School time already, but the heat is still full-swing in Georgia. Pammy Blogs Beauty is still loving Summer shades like these from KBShimmer for her tips and toes!

Kristina from The Feminine Files is sharing some great tips and products to help you have a comfortable yet fashionable summer!

The partnership of Rebecca Minkoff with essie has resulted in the most stunning collection of 70’s rock ‘n roll inspired shades in the essie Fall 2015 Collection. Check out all the shades and swatches on Perilously Pale!

Geniabeme tries the Foreo Luna! This is a neat device that takes your face cleansing to the next level!

Justina’s Gems is loving the new Bite Beauty Frozen Berries and Opals collection for Fall. Find out which two are her favorites from the launch.

What are Prime Beauty’s Guilty Pleasures?

prime beauty guilty pleasure

Cindy from Prime Beauty lets you in on her secret obsessions in The Beauty Spotlight Team’s newest series: Guilty Pleasures. Can you guess what some of her non-beauty related guilty pleasures are?

The Beauty Spotlight Team has it all – giveaways, blush, eyes, lips, skincare. Don’t miss!


If you need both an eyeshadow base and sultry eyes Blushing Noir has exactly what you’re looking for! Check out swatches of all six Charlotte Tilbury Eyes to Mesmerise and be sure to share your faves!

Finding the ultimate pink lipstick is no small feat, but Susan Thompson Lola’s Secret Lipstick really hits the mark perfectly, and it just so happens to have been created in celebration of Lola’s Secret Beauty Blog!

Two for the price of one and a giveaway too boot! Check out Beauty Info Zone to see what’s so wonderful about Pur Minerals Double Ego Eye Liners and enter to try them out yourself.

Futuristic molten metal is going strong in Dior’s Cosmopolite Collection for fall 2015! Check out the first impression and swatches Sunny from Mostly Sunny put together!

Summer is the perfect time to rock CORAL lips and Kristina from The Feminine Files has 10 of her favorites to share with you. From sheer to bold, there is something here for everyone!

Prime Beauty reviews ColourPop’s Tie Dye Eyeshadow Collection and it’s to DYE for!

Never Say Die Beauty is in love with the luxe YSL Beauty Touche Eclat Blur Primer and Perfector that are good for now and perhaps even better for the cooler weather!

Phyrra brings you a quick and easy Darkly Sparkly Purple Tutorial. It’s perfect for hooded eyes, but anyone can wear it!

Ready to jump into Co-Washing but not sure where to start… Hairspray and Highheels shares the perfect products to get you started!

Christa from Perilously Pale reveals the new Dior Diorblush Cheek Sticks for Fall 2015. You’ll want to see these beauties!

Win It!!! Head over to Pammy Blogs Beauty to hear about the new Michael Todd Soniclear Elite and enter to WIN!

What secrets is Lola sharing in her Guilty Pleasures post?



The Beauty Spotlight Team decided that it was time for its members to reveal some of their GUILTY PLEASURES, and since they didn’t have to be beauty related we were given considerable latitude about our choices. Helen, from Lola’s Secret Beauty Blog, certainly reveals many of her beauty product obsessions, but can you guess some of the other things about which she obsesses? Click here to learn what guilty pleasures delight her.

Sniff around the Beauty Spotlight Team links for giveaways and beauty favorites

A stage with colorful spotlightsWho doesn’t want to have perfect skin and blur out imperfections? Brooke from Blushing Noir has found the perfect duo in the Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat Blur Primer & Blur Perfector. Worth the splurge? Absolutely.

Summer means great vacations and the need for great skincare products in convenient travel sizes. That’s precisely why Lola’s Secret Beauty Blog suggests stocking up on TATCHA’s TSA Compliant Titans of Travel!

Do you love Korean inspired makeup? You need to see the new Too Faced Love Palette! Plus, Phyrra has an awesome giveaway with it!

Do you need to perk up your late-Summer shoe wardrobe? Pammy Blogs Beauty shares her recent picks from JustFab. Such cute sandals!

Prime Beauty joins the beauty army and gets muddy with Miracle Skin Transformer Miracle Mud Mask!

Are you looking for some serious sparkle and fun? That’s exactly what MAC Claretluxe Veluxe Pearlfusion Shadow Trio is! Sunny from Mostly Sunny had a great time with it. She thinks you just might, too!

15 Minute Beauty is finally sharing her favorite, holy grail eye shadow palettes. Have you tried these neutral colors yet?

Beachy hair waves can be a look you rock without even going to the beach! Geniabeme shows you how!

Smelling good has never been better with the newest Summer Fragrances shared by Lisa on Beauty Info Zone.

Is the Tria Hair Removal Laser 4x worth $499? Check out if it’s helping Justina’s Gems achieve her goal of hair free by the end of summer!

It’s the age old question…Ipsy or Birchbox? Well wonder no more, because Kristina from The Feminine Files has compared both of her July boxes for you. Stop on by to see which one she liked better!

Perilously Pale shows us why the new Dior Addict Fluid Shadows are a must for Fall 2015 along with application tips that will ensure you love them as much as she does!

Never Say Die Beauty has teamed up with Skincare by Alana, a fabulous retail website with a huge selection of natural and organic skincare and makeup, to offer a giveaway of Glo-Minerals Illuminating Highlighter and TokyoMilk Excess Eau de Parfum.

Have a getaway planned? Check out these 6 Travel Beauty Essentials with Hairspray and Highheels to get your packing list started!

The Beauty Spotlight Team introduces Guilty Pleasures

beauty spotlight team Marcia guilty pleasures

Welcome to our new Beauty Spotlight Team series: GUILTY PLEASURES. The Modus Operandi of the Beauty Spotlight Team is to do alternate weeks with links of posts we think you’ll enjoy and the next week to be a special series. After much brainstorming we decided to let you in on some of our secrets, aka Guilty Pleasures. Someone had to go first so I volunteered (actually they twisted my arm and it still hurts). Here is Marcia from Beauty Info Zone and her guilty pleasures!

NUMBER 1 isn’t a secret if you read Beauty Info Zone. It’s my love of eyeshadows in singles and palettes. I’m obsessed with them. So why is this a guilty pleasure you ask? Because I don’t blog about most of them. I buy them, use them (or often forget about them) but I absolutely hate to take swatch pictures so I don’t share with you. Well today I have 20 palettes that I’ve bought over the last 18 months or so that I’ve never blogged about. I didn’t count how many actual shadows there are but you can see by some of my pictures that there are a lot!

YSL Couture Palette, Bare Minerals Ready Convertible Eye Palette, BareMinerals An Affair to Remember, Hard Candy Natural Palette, Make Up For Ever 9 Artist Shadow Palette, Marc Jacobs The Lover

YSL Couture Palette, Bare Minerals Ready Convertible Eye Palette, BareMinerals An Affair to Remember, Hard Candy Natural Palette, Make Up For Ever 9 Artist Shadow Palette, Marc Jacobs The Lover

Urban Decay Smoky nude, BareMinerals Convertible Eyeshadow Palette (different than first), Kat Von D Interstellar, Too Faced Love Palette, Lorac Mega Pro, Too Faced Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar, Urban Decay Nude 3

Urban Decay Smoky nude, BareMinerals Convertible Eyeshadow Palette (different than first), Kat Von D Interstellar, Too Faced Love Palette, Lorac Mega Pro, Too Faced Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar, Urban Decay Nude 3

Too Faced Chocolate Bare, Kat Von D Spellbinding Eyeshadow Book, Too Faced The Return of Sexy, Tory Burch Pas du Tout, Urban Decay Vice 2, Lorac Pro

Too Faced Chocolate Bare, Kat Von D Spellbinding Eyeshadow Book, Too Faced The Return of Sexy, Tory Burch Pas du Tout, Urban Decay Vice 2, Lorac Pro

This isn’t all I’ve bought and not shared but it’s 90%. This is a guilty pleasure which I doubt I’ll stop for a very long time.

NUMBER 2 is my love of solitaire and crossword puzzles on my computer and iPad. I’m obsessed with both. I learned the game of Solitaire from my mom since she’d sit at our kitchen counter playing it for hours. Even when she was in declining health she had that ratty old deck of cards and played. She also loved crossword puzzles but she never understood the computer so she had subscriptions to crossword magazines. The reason these are guilty pleasures is that I spend so much time doing them and ignoring other things. I’m a procrastinator and these two things are how I procrastinate.

beauty spotlight team guilty pleasures

NUMBER 3 has to do with what TV shows I’ll follow and only tell a few people. Now here I am blabbing it to my friends and family and readers. Well I love The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. I haven’t watched every single season but once I get sucked into it, I just can’t stop. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is another guilty pleasure. I’ve never watched the others more than a few times but Beverly Hills is wonderful – I get all my aggressions out hating on Brandi etc.

My pick for the next Bachelor - Ben Higgins

My pick for the next Bachelor – Ben Higgins

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

NUMBER 4 is candy. CANDY. c.a.n.d.y. candy. I am a chocoholic and a candyholic. I crave it. Growing up we had a candy cupboard that everyone knew about. Our friends would come over and ask what was in the candy cupboard. This guilty pleasure was forced on me by my parents. And the interesting thing is that not only do I have a candy cupboard but so do my siblings. They know where to look at my house and I know where to look at theirs. It’s genetic so I shouldn’t feel guilty! So what do I like?butterfingerhershey_twizzlers_strawberry_16oz




hot tamales

And the list goes on and on. Don’t get me started on things like brownies, chocolate chip cookies, hot fudge sundaes. Oh I’m in trouble now!

NUMBER 5 is just a pleasure and not one I feel guilty about. It’s buying toys and books for my precious grandchildren. Nate is 4 and Talia is 20 months and there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for them. I can’t resist buying new things for them even though I know it’s my company they should crave. But those smiles of delight when they open something new is worth it all. As is typical I have a million pictures of my grandson and few of my second grandchild.

My grandson at 2 1/2

My grandson at 2 1/2

Now that I’ve spilled the beans which of these are you guilty of also? I’m sure there are a few that will feel familiar. — Marcia