Top ten beauty essentials for summer!

Ten Summer Beauty EssentialsI don’t know about you, but for me Memorial Day Weekend is the official start to summer.  I have ten products that I’ve tested throughout the years that I won’t be without in the summer – either they get me beach ready, travel with me to the beach, or save me afterwards at home.  (By the way, they are pictured on my beachTuff Lazee Move Chair, the best beach chair EVER.  Read my review HERE).

Ten summer beauty essentials in beach chair

1.  Clearista Retexturizing Gel:  This is the perfect way to prep for the beach.  It’s a fabulous exfoliator for face and body, getting rid of rough, dry patches and tiny bumps.

Clearista Retexturizing Gel

2.  Dancing with the Stars Precision Disposable Self Tanning Mitt:  This season of Dancing with the Stars might be over, but it’s still possible to get a TV-worthy tan!  This one use disposable mitt has bronzers for an instant tan, and the lotion develops into a faux tan for the next four hours after application.  You can look great and get a tan while sitting under that beach umbrella!

DWTS Self Tanner Mitt

3.  Kiss My Face Sunscreen:  I particularly love the Cool Sport Air Powered Spray Lotion and the Cool Sport for Face and Neck.  They both have a broad spectrum SPF of 30.  The Spray Lotion is fantastic for body protection and has a yummy coconut fragrance, soothing aloe and cucumber, and it’s mineral protection!!  The Face and Neck has the same great protection and it has no fragrance.  Both are water-resistant for about an hour.  Update your sunscreen for this summer with these two for sure.

Kiss My Face Cool Sport

4.  Scunci Effortless Beauty Head Bands:  a 5-pack of these colorful, super comfy headbands keeps your hair in place no matter what the weather.  I always have two of them in my beach bag.

Scunci Headbands

5. Clean Cool Cotton Roller Ball Fragrance:  All of the Clean fragrances are available in rollerballs, which are just so perfect for your beach bag.  Clean Cotton smells like the outdoors, only better.  It’s a great way to beat the lake water smell!

Clean Cool Cotton

6.  Ban Total Refresh Cooling Body Cloths:  Speaking of smelling better, I never go on a picnic or to the beach without these babies.  They are instant freshness, and they have a silky, powdery finish that help keep you from sweating.

Ban Total Refresh Body Cloths

7.  Hard Candy Plumping Serum Volumizing Lip Gloss:  This is an awesome lip gloss for the beach bag.  It has a tiny amount of tint, lots of shine, and it plumps lips for an even sexier look.  I have the shade Cake Walk.

Hard Candy Lip Gloss

8.  Klorane Natural Tint Dry Shampoo:  Salt water makes for some great hair, and this dry shampoo gives it even more texture.  The Natural Tint matches hair color and covers up any burgeoning gray spots.  Plus it gets rid of dirt, so hair is ready for a night out on the town.

Klorane Natural Tint Dry Shampoo

9.  Molton Brown travel size body products:  Get the travel sizes of Ylang-Ylang and Pink Pepperpod Body Wash.  They both have fabulous, energizing scents, are the perfect size for weekend getaways, and leave skin feeling great after washing off that sand and dirt.  I also love the Pink Pepperpod Body Lotion, and the Orange and Bergamot Replenishing Hand Cream is to die for.

Molton Brown body products

10.  Bausch and Lomb Therapearl Eye Mask:  There is nothing better after a day in the sun than relaxing at home with this beautiful eye mask.  Keep it in the freezer, and when you get home it is just perfect for soothing and cooling.

Bausch and Lomb Therapearl Eye Mask

That’s my list of ten summer beauty essentials that I am never without!  What’s on your list?  – Lisa

*items received for editorial consideration

Thera Pearl Eye Mask by Bausch + Lomb is going for big time eye relief

Thera Pearl Eye Mask by Bausch + Lomb

Thera Pearl Eye Mask by Bausch + Lomb

Thera Pearl Eye Mask is the answer to your tired eyes, it’s the answer to relief from a cold, it’s the answer to a headache (especially a migraine), and it’s the answer to your allergy look.

Thera Pearl Eye Mask in action

Thera Pearl Eye Mask in action

While this picture isn’t me it does show how wonderfully relaxed I feel when using the Thera Pearl Eye Mask by Bausch + Lomb. When this was sent to test I didn’t realize just how much I needed this.

I’ve got several types of eye masks but Thera Pearl is different than the others for a number of reasons.

1. You can reuse this as many times as you want.

2. The eye mask can be used hot or cold.

3. It’s carried by most of the big drugstore chains or you can find it on (only $3 with $4.99 shipping) or ($8.99)

4.  It gives you 20 minutes to remove yourself from the world around you, into comfort and bliss.

5.  There’s no dripping or mess.

Thera Pearl Eye Mask from Baush + Lomb

Thera Pearl Eye Mask from Baush + Lomb

To use this cold you need to think in advance. Cold use is great for dry, puffy eyes and for sinus relief. Put it in the fridge or freezer for 2 hours or more. It’s amazing to come home from work and pull this out.

If you want to use it hot then it takes very little time:

  • 700 Watt Microwave: 15 seconds
  • 1000 Watt Microwave: 12 seconds
  • 1250 Watt Microwave: 10 seconds

You can always pop it back in for 5 more seconds if you don’t think you got it right. Using it hot is best to reduce nasal congestion and relieves soreness. After you have a brow wax this is a great tool to use since it will relieve any swelling and redness that might occur.thera pearl mask box backOne of the great things about the mask is that the strap is adjustable. There are white buttons on the side so you have the opportunity to wrap the elastic strap around it to tighten it. You don’t want it too tight, just enough to rest comfortably without falling down. It works for me perfectly as it came but I think the more I use it, the more the elastic might stretch. So far no problems though.

Thera Pearl adjustable strap

Thera Pearl adjustable strap

Thera Pearl Eye Mask

Thera Pearl Eye Mask

I have mostly used it heated up because I don’t remember to stick it in the fridge. I am just getting over a cold and the first two days were miserable so using the heated mask was one way to make myself feel a little better. I used it before all my company came on Christmas Eve so I didn’t look as ragged as I felt.

If you want 20 minutes of “me” time that will make you look and feel better then I suggest you finding a Thera Pearl Eye Mask for yourself. — Marcia

*received for editorial consideration

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