Make some memories with Arquiste Florals Fragrance Stories

smelling something goodDid you know that smell is the very first sense you use when you are born? Up until you are 4 years old, nothing smells bad…just interesting. After that, your palette becomes more discriminate and you have preferences. There is no other sense that conjures up memories as quickly as scents and nothing will cheer you up as quickly as smelling a fragrance you love.

Arquiste Florals Fragrance Stories

Arquiste Florals Fragrance Stories: An awesome travel kit of fragrance that evokes memories, keeps me happy, and is truly convenient is the ARQUISTE  Florals Fragrance Stories travel kit. This kit has four beautiful fragrances that were inspired by different places throughout the world.                     (pr sample)    


Flor y Canto

Flor y Canto delivers the heat and passion of an Aztec festival in the summer of 1400, featuring intoxicating Mexican Tuberose, Plumeria, and the sacred Marigold. 
Fleur de Louis

Fleur de Louis transports the wearer to the Isle of Pheasants on the French-Spanish border in 1660, where young Louis XIV meets his bride for the first time amid a bouquet of Orange Blossom, Florentine Orris, and Jasmine.Infanta en Flor

 Infanta en Flor lets you experience the feel of the 17th century Spanish Court. This fragrance features Bright Orange Flower Water, rich Spanish leather and Immortelle.Boutonnière No. 7

 Boutonnière No. 7 embodies crisp Gardenia against the scent of Italian Mandarin, Bergamot and French Lavender, all set in the Parisian Opéra-Comique in 1899Arquiste

All four fragrances are really beautiful. While they are all floral, they are definitely different from one another.  Flor y Canto is the heaviest of the four with a strong plumeria note. Fleur de Louis is a divine mixture of orange blossom and jasmine, two of my favorite flowers. Infanta en Flor is a truly interesting marriage of orange floral and leather…fabulous! Boutonnière No. 7  is a gardenia lovers dream with elegant notes of mandarin, lavender and refreshing bergamot.  

ARQUISTE’s Travel Kits retail for $70. What an amazing idea for a graduation gift, a teacher gift, or a wedding shower gift! If you are a traveler and love your fragrance, I think this is a stellar treat for yourself.  – Lisa

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