Makeup Wars introduces our personal Holiday Wishlist items

“I want nothing for Christmas” said me NEVER! Of course I want a gift. I may not get anything beauty but I can dream can’t I?? The Makeup Wars bloggers have decided to put together our wishlists of what we’d like to see under our menorah or Christmas tree this year. My wishlist is 100% beauty related which comes as no surprise at all. The good news is that these are all pretty easy to get, the bad news is that I bought some of it while waiting to publish.

Let’s start with what I bought! After our Favorite Metallic Makeup Wars I was terribly tempted by the Laura Mercier Art Deco shadows that so many of the bloggers put on their list. They were sold out at Sephora which made it even more important for me to buy them. So and my reward certificates came in handy and now I own some of these. While they aren’t on my wishlist since they are on a UPS truck coming to me, they should be on yours!

Laura Mercier Art Deco eyeshadows

What I also bought was one (I promise only one) of the new Burberry Complete Eyeshadow Palettes. I just kept looking at this picture and had to wipe the drool off my face several times. I bought Smokey Grey No. 1 because I have been buying brown shadows galore in 2012. On my wishlist though are more of these. Luckily these are permanent ($59 each). Take a gander:

Burberry Complete Eye Palettes

  • Smokey Grey No. 01 Grays
  • Mocha No. 02 Warm neutrals
  • Pale Nude No. 03 Cool neutrals
  • Dark Spice No. 05 Smoky neutrals
  • Plum Pink No. 06 Plums
  • Pink Taupe No. 07 Pink neutrals

Next on my wishlist is more Too Faced, in particular the Too Faced Bon Bons Set. There’s something so girly and appealing about this $42 box set. Their description makes it even more appealing to me: “As enticing as a box of scrumptious sweets, Shadow Bon Bons features a delicious range of shadows from soft vanillas to rich coffee, an ultra-black LashGASM mascara, a built-in mirror, and a shimmering gold Candlelight shadow primer, making it easy to create bountiful looks. Go from sweet and sassy to subtle to dramatic with this one versatile set.”

Too Faced Bon Bons

Prime Beauty introduced me to the Eye Candy Full Face Collection from Lorac on her blog and I’ve been thinking about it ever since. Doesn’t this sound like fun for $59??

– 4 x 0.68 oz Eye Shadow Palette in Ooh La La Vanilla (Nude Eye Shadow Palette), Caramel Love Affair (Golden Eye Shadow Palette), Tantilizing Cocoa (Bronze Eye Shadow Palette), Blackberry Truffle Seduction (Smoky Eye Shadow Palette)
– 0.17 oz Cream Eye Liner Palette in Mesmerizing Dark Chocolate
– 0.17 oz Cheek & Lip Tint Palette in Indulge in Berry Kisses

Lorac Eye Candy

Let’s move away from the eyes (which is difficult for me). When Lola’s Secret Beauty Blog reviewed the Armani Nude Lip Set ($49) I suddenly had a desire for it.   The set includes Rouge d’Armani #103 and Gloss d’Armani #103. I love my light shades of lipstick and even though I probably have dozens of similar shades there’s just something I like about this.

Armani Nude Lip Set

I have the Chantecaille Rose Petals Highlighter ($74) on my wishlist because it’s just so pretty. I’d probably never use it, I’d just look at it.  Read this and weep: “A kaleidoscope of colorful powders blend together beautifully to impart a sheer, flattering glow on all skin tones. Unique light-perfecting powders provide a veil of subtle radiance, while flexible polymers ensure long-lasting, comfortable wear. Innovative technology allows the soft, iridescent pigments to be evenly sprinkled throughout the entire powder.”

Chantecaille Rose Petals Highlighter

On the practical side I’d love the Le Metier de Beaute CHEM60 Pro-Peel & GLOW10ai Mask Set ($265). After seeing it work in person I’d love to have that glowy skin.

Le Metier Ready, Set, Glow

And one more for the road – I am a Swarovski crystal nut. I love those crystals so when I saw this Tweezerman Swarovski Crystal Mirror ($150) I fell in lust. “Add some glam to your beauty routine while isolating even the finest hair for precise, easy tweezing. The optically correct 1X/10X magnifying mirror is clear from edge-to-edge with no distortion. This gorgeously decorated two-sided vanity mirror will be a beautiful addition to any household. *Made with Swarovski® Elements

Tweezerman Swarovski crystal mirror

Thanks for reading my very long wishlist. My address is available upon request (LOL). Let me know if any of these would be on your wishlist too. Curious minds want to know. Now I’m going to read the rest of the Makeup Wars Holiday Wishlists and probably add many more items to mine just like I did after the metallics. — Marcia

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Makeup Wars wants to know what your favorite mascara is

Makeup Wars Favortie Mascara 1 Makeup Wars Favortie Mascara Last Makeup Wars Favortie Mascara Next
If only all wars were like Makeup Wars! Life would be so civilized. The bloggers involved in this series of Makeup War articles are as excited to see and buy each others choices as they are to pick and share their own.
This week’s version is our favorite mascara. You’ve got to know that for me, and most likely my comrades in this, that means “of the moment”. Fickle is my middle name. I have a mascara that I love but that doesn’t mean I can’t love more than one (or two or three or ten).  I finally narrowed my favorites down to Armani Eyes To Kill and IT Cosmetics Hello Lashes. I was so excited to have an easy war to take part in. Two fabulous mascaras that I love wearing.

Armani Eyes to Kill

Armani Eyes to Kill Wand

It Cosmetics Hello Lashes (

It Cosmetics Hello Lashes wand

But ….. Cue the music….. Along comes Mary. And as a woman’s prerogative the situation changes. Mary aka Dior Iconic Mascara is now on my lashes and I like it, I really like it. But do I like it enough to win this challenge?

Dior Iconic (from

Dior Iconic wand

Dior Iconic is the newest addition to their line of mascaras. Just about everyone knows of DiorShow since that’s their most famous. One of my favorites is Dior Extase but I don’t have one at the moment so it didn’t make the cut. Iconic gives me lashes that stay curled all day long. I don’t find a lot of volume from it but I do find I get definition and curl. Plus I can layer it and it never smudges or flakes. I put a few coats on in the morning and then if I’m going out at night, I comb through my lashes and add a few more coats for some va-va voom.

Wearing Dior Iconic Mascara

Here’s what Dior has to say about this brush: “the Iconic brush features soft silicone bristles that spiral around the stem to lift, curl, and separate every lash.” The brush is plastic and comb like. The formula makes this mascara very long lasting.

the winner

So here’s the dilemma after all – do I go for definition with Armani Eyes to Kill or do I go for volume and definition with It Cosmetics Hello Lashes or do I go for curl and definition with Dior Iconic? Which would you pick? Would you pick It Cosmetics Hello Lashes like I’m picking? When I look at current pictures of my eyes and put on my memory cap I realize that the most striking lashes are It Cosmetics Hello Lashes. — Marcia

Come see what my fellow warriors are wearing – either click through with “previous” or “next” or click on their icons. Which is your favorite?


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Mystery Make Up Bag: What’s inside Lisa’s bag?

I must admit, my makeup bag never stays the same.  I always have waaaay too much stuff in it, and I am constantly changing things out and rotating colors.  Here’s my latest bag, and it’s filled with most of the ‘regulars’ as well as a few ‘guest stars’ for the week.

Lisa's Mystery Make Up Bag

I love my make up bag, I think it’s so pretty with that sweet flower.  This was a special from Sephora, although I got this one as a gift from an amazing friend.  And you would not believe how much stuff I can cram in there:

I never realized how much I had jammed in there until I put it all together for the family photo!!

I always have some primers, loose powder, and concealer with me.  Here I have my favorite primer, Reviva Makeup Primer.  It’s perfect under any type of foundation.  I also have Eye Rescue, an eyelid primer from Make Me SmoothMMS quit carrying this a few years ago, but I totally stocked up before that happened.  It’s the best eyelid primer there is.  I also have a pot of concealer by Cinema Secrets for quick touch ups, and a little jar of Make Up For Ever HD Finishing Powder.

I always carry these two foundations with me, because both last forever and conceal any flaw without looking fake.  On the left is my trusty Dan Read Silver Screen Series Foundation, the best cream foundation ever.  On the right is a can of ERA everyday foundation by Classified Cosmetics.  This is a spray on foundation, remember how Carmindy used to use this on What Not to Wear?  It’s fantastic, quick, and easy.

For blush, I have my trusty Paula Dorf applicator which smooths out both foundation and blush.  I also have two Origins Pinch Your Cheeks liquid blushes, one in Raspberry and one in Coralberry.  These are flipping amazing – the best natural color that just doesn’t fade.  I also have a Suqqu powder blush in 02, which is a super pretty peachy/pink (I think was a gift from Lydia!).

Lately I have been using Dior Extase mascara, although this tube is just about ready for the trash.  I also always have one pencil liner and one brow liner with me.  In this bag, I have Make Up For Ever’s Gypsy Aqua Eyes pencil, the perfect matte brown, and a new addition to my bag, Senna’s Sketch-A-Brow.

I always have two eyeshadow palettes with me, one with cool colors and one with warm.  In this bag I have Kevyn Aucoin’s Palette #2, which never lets me down for an amazing cool eye look.  The black eyeshadow works as a great black eyeliner, and as you can see this is one palette where the applicators are actually fabulous and get a lot of use from me.  Next to it is a Shu Uemura Holiday Palette in Dignified Grace, with a gorgeous selection of warm colors plus a pretty peach blush.

And finally, my lip products.  These probably get the most rotation, I grab different lippies almost every day.  Here I have Armani Lipstick Mania 14, a sweet peachy-pink, then Lipstick Queen Butterfly Ball in Goodbye, a deep shimmery mauve, and then Armani Shine/Brilliant 13, a sheer medium pink.  My lip gloss is Le Metier Sweet Cream, which makes every color look even better.

Whew, that’s it!  I hope you enjoyed this quick peek into my make up bag – well, this week’s version anyway!  – Lisa

L’Oreal Infallible Eyeshadows – the “call it love” review!

My heart skipped a beat. My breathing became rapid. My eyes glazed over. And why is that? I found L’Oreal Color Infaillible Eyeshadows! I’ve read about them on non-US blogs but they haven’t quite made it into the US unless you are lucky enough to find them at a Harmon’s Drugs inside Bed, Bath & Beyond. Mine though came from Canada at Shoppers Drug Mart and I couldn’t wait to write about these eyeshadows.

L'Oreal Infaillible eyeshadows

If you know anything about the Infallible Eyeshadows, they are being compared to Armani’s Eyes to Kill Intense Eyeshadows. I’ve previously reviewed several of the Armani so I was eager to see the difference between a $32 Armani and a $10 L’Oreal.

Shoppers Drug Mart didn’t have all of the colors in stock when I was there and the two that I thought I wanted most weren’t available. My eye though instantly went to the green shade, Permanent Kaki (009) and I knew that I wasn’t going home without it. I also picked out All Night Blue (006) and Burning Black (013). There was no tester of Burning Black but it looked fascinating – a reddish black. BTW there seems to be two spellings for these: Color Infaillible and also Infallible without a second “I”.

When I was searching for these eyeshadows online the first site I came to was L’Oreal’s Australian site which shows 9 of these shadows but I have seen from other websites that there are more than these 9. According to a picture on Nouveau Cheap there appear to be 12 shades ($8.79) and the packaging is somewhat different than I purchased in Canada.

The description is quite similar to Armani’s though not exact. Considering that L’Oreal owns Armani I’m not surprised.

Infallible Eyeshadows contain ultra concentrated colour pigments, for an intense colour finish. Additional binders (oils) coat and magnify the colour pigments revealing beautiful shimmer and maximized colour. The colour adheres to the eyelid as durably and comfortably as a second skin and lasts for up to 24hrs.

With a formulation that lies between the comfort of a cream and the ease of application of a powder, infallible eyeshadow melts gently from the fingertips to the eye lid on application. The result is a luxurious, velvety texture.

Now let’s talk about what I’ve found!! They both have that same hybrid texture, not quite a cream, not a powder.

Permanent Kaki (Khaki on some sites) – I wouldn’t describe this as a khaki shade, it’s a much brighter green than khaki normally is. It’s the most metallic of my three when worn.

Permanent Kaki swatch

Permanent Kaki worn

All Night Blue – This is a deep navy that’s absolutely gorgeous. It can be blended down but it’s still going to be dark. I love this particular kind of navy. It works beautifully as an eyeliner.

All Night Blue

All Night Blue

Burning Black – I’ve seen this described as deep blackened plum with some red shimmer. On my eyes I see more black than plum but in certain lights (and if blended a lot) I do see a dark plum. This too makes an outstanding eyeliner.

Burning Black

Burning Black swatch

Burning Black showing more purple

How does L’Oreal Infalliable compare to Armani Eyes to Kill Intense?

-These come in a pot form with the same stopper that Armani’s have. The purpose of the stopper is to keep them fresher so don’t toss it.

-There doesn’t appear to be any dupes between the darker shades. There might with the lighter shades but I didn’t pay much attention to those.

-When you look at the Armani you see a variety of color blended together to form the shade. Actually you can’t be really sure what the Armani is going to look like on your eye by what it appears to be in the pot. But with the L’Oreal what you see is what you get. That’s not a complaint, just a comment.

-L’Oreal Permanent Kaki is green whereas Armani Khaki Pulse is a truer khaki shade.

L'Oreal Permanent Kaki vs Armani Khaki Pulse

L'Oreal Kaki vs Armani Khaki

-Both brands last and last. They are said to give 24 hour wear. While I remove eye makeup every night I have worn two of the shades for 12 hours and they looked as vibrant and true at the end of the day as at the beginning.

-Both are creaseproof on me when wearing an eyeshadow base.

-My favorite brush to apply these is the MAC 217. Mine is old and quite fluffy which works in picking up the shadows and laying them down well for me.

I’m looking forward to these showing up in US drugstores. I know I’ll buy the chocolate one for sure and probably more. My heart still skips a beat when I take these out to apply them and I’m still breathless with excitement. Keep your eye open for these beautiful bargains! — Marcia

Side by Side – 10 top color items for 2011

Beauty Info Zone hasn’t done any top 10 lists lately and we’re way overdue. It was super hard to pick out of all the reviews we’ve done and narrow it down to only 10 products each so if we cheat a little, don’t be mad. We’ve both reviewed so many products that we reach for all the time. Here’s what’s standing out to Marcia and Lisa’s Top Ten for the first half of 2011.


  1. Rouge Bunny Rouge: Oh how I love my Rouge Bunny Rouge eyeshadows. Here are two reviews that I’ve written about them. There will be more to come! Start with my first RBR post and then read this post.
  2. Illamasqua nail polish: I love my nail polishes and I have used so many that have won my heart. But Illamasqua are the ones I’m lusting after.
  3. Face Stockholm: All the Face Stockholm products I’ve tried have been absolutely wonderful but if I have to pick one to live with forever after it would be the Rio cream blush.
  4. Billion Dollar Brows: Here’s where I cheated. I know I said 10 items but I use the BDB brow powder and tweezers every single day so I have to include them both. I would be lost without these now. 
  5. Tarte Inner Rim Brightener: Another product I use every single day; I even have two since I don’t want to be without this.
  6. Le Métier de Beaute’ Fresh Creme Tints: I have all of these and I love them to pieces. I’m a cream girl/lady/woman and these are so creamy. They double as blush and lip tints.
  7. Tarte Amazonian Clay Blushes: Cheating again, more Tarte but I can’t help it. These are the longest lasting powder blushes I’ve ever tried. Every color is fabulous too.
  8. Armani Intense Eyes to Kill eyeshadows:  These are unique on the market and I love using them. I’m so sad I didn’t buy more which means I will be buying more!
  9. Face Atelier Lip Putty: I picked this over all the other great Face Atelier products because I use it constantly. It’s the best product I own to prime my lips.
  10. Dan Read foundation: I know Lisa is going to mention this but the more I thought about the list, the more I realized I couldn’t write my top ten without it.


  1. Dan Read eyeshadows:  Everything about Dan Read makes me happy, especially his foundation, but I’m in an eyeshadow kind of mood lately and these have won my heart.
  2. Vasanti Eye Products: Every single eye product that I use from Vasanti is wonderful. Eye Wonder is a fabulous eye cream and Vasanti’s Moon Dust Shimmer Powder is amazing.
  3. OCC pigments:  I have always loved pigments and my collection is huge. OCC pigments stand out though because they are top notch and I love them all but Artifact is the very best. 
  4. Cargo eyeshadow palettes: I’m obviously on an eyeshadow kick lately and Cargo started this kick. Once I tried their palettes I became more obsessed with eyes than ever. Cool Neutral has gotten me through many work days because I know that even if I wake up late I’ll end up with a polished eye.
  5. Unii palettes: I’m in love with the amazing colors of Unii palettes. They bring a smile to the face of this serial depotter. Anyone who likes their eyeshadows and blushes in palette form needs a collection of these.
  6. Cargo Magic Brush: This is the brush I choose if I can only have one brush. It’s so soft and does such a magical job on my face.
  7. Face Stockholm color correcting foundation: I’ve been amazed with the Matte Foundation in Lilac. I never thought something like this would work but oh my goodness, it’s a fabulous addition to your foundations.
  8. Face Stockholm blush: Shambella matte blush has been my most used blush lately. The quality is terrific, so incredibly smooth and easy to blend.
  9. Illuminare eyeliner: I never thought that I’d fall so in love with an eyeliner but Illuminare Beyond Black has stolen my heart.
  10. Illuminare foundation: Illuminare makes several formulas of foundation and I refuse to pick a favorite; I can’t help but love Extra Coverage foundation/concealer and Mattifying Mineral foundation. Add in their Fast Application Pad and you have perfection.

We hope you’ve gotten to the end of this very long article. We each could have done a list of 20 but we have to stop at some point. We will be following up with another Side by Side with our top 10 on other types of products.

Did we hit any of your favorites in this list? — Marcia and Lisa

Armani Eyes to Kill Intense eyeshadows

I’m not going down without a fight. I don’t care how old I am. When I see a beautiful eyeshadow that makes my heart go pitter patter it doesn’t matter if it’s metallic or a little frosty, it needs to be mine. This is just a warning about what you’ll see in this review: gorgeous colors but metallic and sometimes frosty and sometimes shimmery. But I don’t care. I bought them anyway.

For the 2010 holidays Armani brought out 3 new cream/powder eyeshadows. I studied the blogs looked at all the pictures and swore I wasn’t going to buy them. Of course you know if I’m writing about this it means I did buy one. Armani has recently come out with 11 more of these shadows and instead of buying just one I bought three. Now you get to see these in all their glory. The stock pictures don’t do them justice.

Armani Eyes to Kill Intense eyeshadow ($32) is a new formula. I called them a cream/powder but they are somewhere in between. They feel creamy to the touch and can be applied with your fingers but they aren’t like any cream shadow I own. They also feel powdery. While I don’t know the science behind them I do know it’s a new technology for Armani. You can wear these alone or wear them along with powder eyeshadows. I find that they last and last. They are as gorgeous at the end of a long day as they are at the beginning. Actually I think they look even better as the day goes on. Even though they don’t crease on me at all, I believe that the natural oils from my skin gives them a softer sheen throughout the day. When you look at the Armani website you can see that the colors aren’t just one straight up shade, instead they are a combination of different shades to create that perfect color.

I started with #15 which is still available on the Armani Website.  This is a beautiful metallic bronze gold shade. The shades that are visible when you open this are black and gold which blend into the bronze. The website describes this as copper/black grey but mine doesn’t appear to have grey and it’s not as light as it appears online in the pot.

#4 is named Pulp Fiction online but the names doesn’t appear on the packaging, just the numbers. My Pulp Fiction is mostly a silvery grey with a blue undertone, the color blended into it is reddish but that’s not the predominant shade. I’ve worn this shade with charcoal liner and with purple liner and both look great with it. 

#8 (Champagne) and #9 (Rock Sand) are the two light shades I bought, these are the ones I think of when I think of them being frosty. I like to wear them very close to my lashline with a darker shadow in the crease and a subtle browbone. #8 Champagne’s predominant shade is coppery with a light blue/grey variation throughout and has a pinkish cast on my lids. #9 Rock Sand has a peachy base. Mine doesn’t have a lot of tones running through it though the website shows gold swirled through. While 8 and 9 aren’t terribly different they do have enough of a difference (cool tones vs warm tones) to justify my purchase (of course I’d find a way to justify them anyway).

Number 8 Champagne

Number 9 Rock Sand:

I like to apply these eyeshadows with a sponge tip applicator. I went to Sally’s Beauty Supply and bought some containers of these and they are great for me. I don’t want to wash a sponge tip so after a use or two I just toss them without guilt. Be sure you keep the inner lid to keep these moist and close the pots tightly.

Here’s a picture of some swatches I made when I was at Nordstrom:

Top: #8, #9, #13 (black), #4, #16 (moonlight)

Bottom: #5 (Gold Blitz), #11 (White Pulse), #7 (Sweet Fire)

I didn’t see #2 Lust Red or #6 Khaki Pulse unfortunately

I’m crazy about these shadows (and crazy in general). I just wonder if I’ll end up with #6 Khaki Pulse. I wouldn’t take bets against myself. — Marcia

Marcia vs Lisa – Armani Cosmetics

I’ve been driving myself crazy trying to think about what I was going to pick for my favorite Armani Cosmetics item. We talked about doing this brand so long ago but I just couldn’t decide. I think LSF foundation is a terrific foundation but I’ve already used foundation in our “vs” reviews. I also love Armani lipsticks and lipglosses but I haven’t bought any in so long so I don’t even know if the ones I use are current. But now Lisa I have found the crème de la crème of recent Armani (in my opinion) and I’m convinced I shall win this challenge.

My choice is Eyes to Kill Mascara. Actually we were shopping together the day I bought this. Plus it was the day that we decided we should write a blog so I think it stands out just for that reason. We were at Saks for an event and Armani had a gwp. You know me and gifts with purchase! If I love the brand it’s very hard for me to resist them. But that’s beside the point. The point is that I finally got around to wearing the mascara almost 7 months after I bought it.

Eyes to Kill really are “eyes to kill”. I am loving this mascara. Lush lashes – check! Lengthy lashes – check! Smudgefree lashes – check! Clump free lashes – check! Eyes to Kill – check! Reading the description of this online they talk a lot about volume. While I think the volume is good I wouldn’t consider this the tops in volumizing. Then again I often find that a mascara that gives me too much volume usually looks clumpy on me so it’s not usually on my list of choices. Definition, length and smudgeless are Marcia choices.

At $30 a mascara better be amazing and this one is. The tube is nice and hefty, the brush is full and easy to use, the mascara is a very dark steel black (it also comes in copper brown though). I didn’t think I’d like a mascara better than Dior Extase but this one just might be the one. Even if it’s not, it’s definitely a mascara to try out.  My vote for the best of Armani goes to – ta da – Eyes to Kill Mascara. — Marcia

Ah, interesting choice Marcia!  I do love this mascara too, it’s excellent.  And I love Armani lipsticks, I have tons and wear them often.  I also love the Armani eyeshadows…but I have to say, my MOST favorite items are the Fluid Sheers ($59).

Ok, I will admit, they are ridiculously expensive.  And the opaque bottles make it impossible to know when you are about to run out of product.  But they are so versatile!  And they last forever!!  And I use at least one fluid sheer every single day!!!  There aren’t many items about which I can make that claim.  I have every color Armani has ever come out with.  It is maddening that they seem to drop colors without warning, but then they always add new ones so I don’t complain much.  Some of the colors, like #8 and #3, are terrific liquid bronzers.  Other colors like #7 (pictured above) and #2 are great for highlighting and livening up liquid foundations.  Some are fabulous blushes, like #4.  And then there’s #0, which is a sheer white with a golden cast, perfect for lightening up foundations that are a shade or two too dark.

Here is a pic of some of my fluid sheers on a steel palette.  The top row, from left to right, is #0, 2, 4, then 7.

Bottom row, left to right, is #10, 11, 12, 13, then 14.

Here they are swatched on my arm:

Again, left to right, #0 (this is a color corrector for foundations that are too dark for your skin), #2 (great mixed into matte foundations to jazz them up), #4 (swatched heavy for color purposes, it makes a fabulous blush), and #7 (cool toned highlighter also great for jazzing up foundation).

Swatched here from left to right are #10, 11, 12, 13, and 14.

I am not super thrilled at the way this bunch swatched – the first two, #10 and #11, are not actually that orange toned. #10 is amazing added to foundation, it gives you a fabulous healthy glow. It’s a warm golden with shimmers that don’t even begin to show up well in pictures.  #11 is essentially #10 with a rosy tone added to it. My very most favorite is #12, which is a cool light purple.  I find it color corrects my skin perfectly, and adds just the right amount of sheen to any foundation.  After that is #13, more brown than #3 and I find it’s best used as a bronzer.  Finally, #14 is a color correcting apricot with a bit of shimmer, so interesting and believe it or not it makes your skin look  glowy and gorgeous.

Check these out when you are at the Armani counter – I’ll bet you will find one – or five – that you just can’t live without.  – Lisa