Soften and nourish skin (and plant a tree!) with emerginC Coconut Argan Body Oil

Two of my favorite skin care ingredients are coconut oil and argan oil, so I was geeked when emerginC sent their scientific organics coconut-argan body oil ($54) to test. When I realized it was housed in a spray bottle, I was a bit confused…but once I tried it, my confusion turned into absolute delight. Now, a bottle of this is always on my nightstand.

emerginC Coconut-Argan Body Oil

emerginC Coconut-Argan Body Oil

The emerginC line is known for products that include cutting edge medical and cosmeceutical-grade ingredients from all over the world. Their scientific organics products feature results-oriented items that are 100% natural, paraben-free and synthetic fragrance-free. What I really love is that for every single retail-size scientific organics product sold, emerginC plants a tree. That is just cool.

The emerginC scientific organics coconut-argan body oil is a thin body oil made from 100% natural botanical extracts. This superb skin softener locks in moisture, calms irritated skin, and fights off those nasty free radicals.

full of lots of great skin softening ingredients

full of lots of great skin softening ingredients

love the spray top

love the spray top

I adore body oils and have many, but this is first one I have used that is in a spray bottle. I love it – I spray the oil on my feet at night, slip socks on, and overnight my feet transform from dry and cracked to smooth and soothed. I don’t even have to rub in the body oil, although I usually do since it is fantastic for cuticles. In fact, it is a fabulous moisturizer for any part of the body and the spray top feature makes it possible to moisturize hard to reach places like my upper back. It has a lovely light coconut scent that even those sensitive to scents will find agreeable. Unlike many natural organic oils this is super light and it absorbs very quickly.

The main ingredients include Sunflower Seed Oil, Coconut Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Jojoba Seed Oil, Olive Fruit Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil, Safflower Seed Oil, Grape Seed Oil, and Argan Oil. scientific organics coconut-argan body oil is just terrific for dry winter skin and it’s also perfect for wind or sun burned skin.

Definitely check out the scientific organics range at emerginC and remember with every product you buy you are also planting a tree!  - Lisa

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active ingredients: Sunflower Seed Oil, Coconut Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Jojoba Seed Oil, Olive Fruit Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil, Safflower Seed Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Argan Oil, Tocopheryl Acetate, Retinyl Palmitate, Tocopherol, Eucalyptus Leaf Oil, Clove Leaf Oil, Bergamot Fruit Oil, Orange Peel Oil

Arganesse Hair Treatment review and giveaway, $120 value!

The blogging world is abuzz with great things to say about Arganesse Hair Treatment and I am thrilled to be joining in all the raves! The BIZ was recently sent a bottle of Arganesse to try and it really is as good as everyone says.


What is really exciting is the great people at Arganesse have created a 10% off coupon code for BIZ readers…and they are sponsoring a giveaway! One lucky reader will win a $120 3.4 oz. bottle of Arganesse – keep reading to find out how to enter and for the coupon code.

Arganesse in it's pretty velvet bag

Arganesse in the pretty velvet bag

Gawjus bottle

Gawjus bottle


pour on some goodness

The packaging for this hair treatment is truly stunning. Enveloped in a beautiful green velvet drawstring pouch is a large glass bottle that is both striking and classic. The bottle sells for $120, which seems like a lot for an argan oil-based hair treatment oil – but  this bottle is HUGE and will probably last at least a year with daily use.

This lightweight oil has Argana Spinosa Kernel Oil, another name for argan oil, the main ingredient that makes hair amazingly silky and smooth without weighing it down.  There are only four other ingredients:

1.  Cyclopentasioxane – this is a liquid form of silicone that evaporates so it doesn’t leave your hair heavy or greasy.

2.  Dimethicone - This makes hair super smooth with its silicone-based polymer.

3.  Tocopheral Acetate (Vitamin E Acetate):  This is Vitamin E.

4.  Fragrance:  yes, this has a distinct fragrance.  I find it to be floral with some woody notes. It is extremely noticable when I pour some into my palms. I rub my palms together then distribute the oil evenly through damp hair and after about ten minutes the fragrance has almost completely dissipated. After an hour it’s completely gone for me.

I also use this oil on dry hair for high humidity days and it immediately smooths and eliminates flyaways and frizz. I find it keeps my color-treated hair looking vibrant and shiny,and my hair is extremely soft and full of body. Arganesse is not the least bit sticky and if you are a curly girl I think this will be a life saver for you.

smooth, shiny, still full of body Arganesse hair

smooth, shiny, still full of body Arganesse hair on a super humid day

I tweeted this photo on Saturday - on my way to a wedding with my Arganesse hair!

I tweeted this photo on Saturday – on my way to a wedding with my Arganesse hair!

Arganesse Hair Treatment will protect and strengthen your hair with all that vitamin E and those essential fatty acids. I just can’t tell you how fantastic my hair feels when I use this…which is every day now!

Get yourself some Arganesse Hair Treatment (AKA liquid gold) and use this code for 10% off the purchase price:  arganesse10

Their IG page is @arganesse, and you can find them on Facebook at While you are at it enter the Arganesse giveaway! It’s super easy, be sure to enter NOW!!

The Arganesse giveaway is open through Thursday, Oct. 17, 2013 at 11:59 p.m. There are two required entries when we do a Rafflecopter and the rest are optional to give you extra chances to win. You can retweet daily too. All entries are verified before announcing the winner.   Good luck – and good hair!  - Lisa
a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Organix Smooth Hydration Argan Oil and Shea Butter Collection

I don’t think I ask for THAT much. I want my hair to be super shiny, full of body, and totally moisturized – but not so much it falls flat. Ok, I know I have very fine hair that typically either loses its curl or else goes super frizzy…but is it too much to ask for an affordable hair care line that turns my (ahem) low maintenance requests into a reality?

Organix Smooth Hydration Argan Oil & Shea Butter Collection promised me shiny, moisturized, volumized hair…and it delivered. Organix sent the BIZ four products to try, I was very happy to find that all the packaging was eco-friendly and the line does no animal testing. The products contain sulfate-free surfactants, another major plus.


Organix Smooth Hydration Argan Oil and Shea Butter Collection

I used the Shampoo, Conditioner, Moisture Restore Oil, and Curl Enhancing Yogurt…and here’s what my hair looked like:

gimme volume!

gimme volume!

Tons of volume and curls with shine and softness. Hooray!!


Organix Argan Oil and Shea Butter Shampoo

The Smooth Hydration Argan Oil and Shea Butter Shampoo ($7.99) is a huge bottle of moisturizing goodness. This foams up beautifully and leaves my hair feeling clean but not stripped. The shampoo, and in fact all of the products from this line, have a subtle but super yummy creamy milky coconut scent that I adore.


Organix Argan Oil and Shea Butter Conditioner

The Smooth Hydration Argan Oil and Shea Butter Conditioner ($7.99) is extremely moisturizing but it also is lightweight enough to not weigh my down my fine hair. It doesn’t leave my oily scalp feeling greasy and it really makes for shiny, soft, volume-filled hair.


Organix Argan Oil and Shea Butter Moisture Restore Weightless Oil

After towel drying my shampooed and conditioned hair, I take about a nickel-sized amount of the Smooth Hydration Argan Oil and Shea Butter Moisture Restore Weightless Oil ($7.99), rub my palms together, then run them through my damp strands.


restore more moisture with this weightless oil

This argan oil is truly weightless. My fine hair can be quite finicky, but this oil doesn’t weigh things down – instead, it smooths and shines and promotes beautiful volume. If it’s extremely humid out, I will use a little bit later in the day on my dry hair to brighten up the shine and smooth any flyaways.


Organix Argan Oil and Shea Butter Curl Enhancing Yogurt

Maybe it’s because of the ‘Yogurt’ in the name but for some reason when I open this jar I just want to grab a spoon and start gobbling it up.


Yummy looking Argan Oil and Shea Butter Yogurt

The Smooth Hydration Argan Oil and Shea Butter Curl Enhancing Yogurt ($7.99) is a leave-in curl defining cream that works for every hair type. The yogurt is thick and creamy but again it goes on beautifully weightless and it really hydrates my hair. I smooth a dollop on my damp hair after I apply the Weightless Oil and my hair is ready for drying and styling.

Organix hair front

My Smooth Hydration Organix hair

Organix hair back

and my Smooth Hydration Organix hair from the back

I find that every time I use my Organix products my hair is hydrated, soft, shiny, and full of volume. This drugstore line gives me everything I ask for at an extremely reasonable price – what’s not love??  - Lisa

You can find the Organix Hair Care line at places like Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, and Rite Aid.

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Total luxury with Unite U Luxury Shampoo, Conditioner, and Argan Oil



U Luxury Shampoo

One of my favorite quotes is from Frank Lloyd Wright.  He said, “Give me the luxuries of life and I will willingly do without the necessities.”

When it comes to hair care, Unite has all the luxury you could ask for – crushed pearls, organic honey, and pure Argan Oil.  How much fun to find such luxury inside of a necessity!


My U Luxury Shampoo is a necessity

The U Luxury Shampoo, Conditioner, and Pure Argan Oil work for all hair types including color treated.  Inside each you will find totally luxurious ingredients.  Crushed Pearls provide minerals for your hair like calcium, magnesium and amino acids.  And then there’s Organic Hawaiian White Honey that comes from a particular forest of Kiawe trees, the honey moisturizes hair.   U Luxury Shampoo ($34.95) has those ingredients, plus argan oil and coconut cleansers.  It’s free of sulfates and parebens, and it leaves hair super shiny and healthy looking.

ulux conditioner

U Luxury Conditioner

 The U Luxury Conditioner ($38.95) is a gorgeous creamy white conditioner that is super thick and rich.


conditioning luxuriously

It also has the Crushed Pearl, Hawaiian White Honey and Pure Argan Oil, plus it has Shea Butter for super moisture and Apple, Orange, Lemon and Sugar Cane extracts.  The extracts seal the hair cuticle, preventing frizz and split ends and making your hair smooth and full of body.


U Luxury shampoo on the right, conditioner on the left

I don’t normally do swatches of shampoo and conditioner, but the formula of both is so beautiful I had to do it this time!  The shampoo is thick with a gorgeous pearlescence, and the conditioner is such a creamy white it looks absolutely delicious.

U Luxury Oil

U Luxury Oil

Don’t forget the U Luxury Oil!    U Luxury Oil ($47.95) is a gorgeous argan oil that gives insane moisture, plus it acts as a thermal protector and it shortens the amount of time it takes to dry your hair.  I use one pump before drying my hair, then about a half pump after for super smooth hair.

The U Luxury line is definitely hair care at its most luxurious.  I agree with Frank Lloyd Wright, but it’s even better getting both my luxury and my necessity at the same time!    - Lisa

Shampoo and Conditioner are available at specialty salons nationwide and at

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shampoo ingredients

conditioner ingredients

conditioner ingredients


argan oil ingredients

AG Hair Frizzproof Argan Anti-Humidity Spray is going side by side with us

It’s always exciting for Beauty Info Zone to be able to introduce a brand new product to our readers and today we have an absolutely amazing one to share with you. We’ve previously reviewed Beach Bomb from AG Hair which was a big hit. Now AG Hair has added a brand new product for 2013 in their Smooth line and we’ve been previewing it for the last 6 weeks. We’ve fallen in love with it and want you to know all about it too. Introducing AG Hair Smooth Frizzproof Argan Anti-Humidity Spray.


AG Frizzproof

Frizzproof does what it says it’s going to do. It keeps hair frizz free but it’s unlike anything you’ve called a spray before. This has extremely light hold since the purpose is to weather protect your hair without adding layers of unnecessary product. No matter the season, frizz attacks when it wants to. Rain, snow, humidity all conspire to beat our hair into submission. With AG Hair Smooth Frizzproof Argan Anti-Humidity Spray you won’t be worrying about the effects of weather.

AG frizz proof

Here’s what we learned about what’s in Frizzproof:

  • Copolymers – add light hold, high shine and humidity resistance, yet rinse out of hair easily without residue or build-up
  • CFC-free (ozone safe) – fast-drying, low-alcohol formulation doesn’t dry out hair
  • Argan oil – sustainably sourced fair-trade organic Moroccan argan oil is rich in antioxidants and vitamin E keeping hair

You can find AG Products at many salons and at Ulta. On their website you can also put in your zip code to find where their products are sold near you. This 8 oz/237 ml can is $24. Now read on to see Marcia and Lisa’s experiences with Frizzproof.

Works for Phyllis Diller, but not really for anyone else...

Works for Phyllis Diller, but not really for anyone else…


Whenever you see beautiful hair on Beauty Info Zone it’s usually Lisa’s. While I like my hair it’s not that pretty lush hair that can be shown off. Instead I have to tame my hair and that’s usually with a keratin treatment. I’ve had a Brazilian Blowout procedure done on my hair several times because frizz is my enemy!! That’s why AG Hair Frizzproof is my companion lately.

Looks like a hairspray...but does it act like one??

Looks like a hairspray…but does it act like one??

When this first arrived for review I put off trying it because I’m really not a hairspray person. My experience with hair spray is “helmet head” that would make me cry when I was a teenager. My mother lives for her hairspray and the more the better. Thinking she was doing me a favor if there was a special occasion, she’d spray the crap out of my hair. I honestly would cry. So spray is rarely used on my head.

But Frizzproof is totally different. No nasty smell, no helmet head, but lots of shine and just the right amount of control. More important these little frizzy hairs aren’t on display. Even with a major hot flash it’s pretty well under control and that’s saying a lot. I love that it is argan infused and I love that it’s protecting my hair from my frizz enemy.


You’ve already read the particulars, so here are some pics of my ‘experiment’.  Here is my hair before the start of a humid, rainy, nasty day:


Before some typical Michigan weather…

What usually happens is my curls become fuzzy, frizzy strands that look pretty awful. Without a professional smoothing treatment, my hair isn’t even close to being smooth. It takes a lot of product, and that usually fails me on really wet humid days.


After, my hair looks a little tired…but no frizz!

And here it is after – I actually ended up having to run through the rain three times this particular day. I didn’t have an umbrella, which I totally told everyone was because of the blog…but really I just forgot it. There, now I won’t burn in hell for lying.

There was a total of 12 wet, humid, frizz-inducing hours between my before and after pics.  I have used it every day for the past 6 weeks with the same results every time.  AG Frizzproof works.  I love it!!

BOTH SIDES: We both highly recommend AG Hair Smooth Frizzproof Argan Anti-Humidity Spray. Rainy, humid days don’t frighten us anymore.

*sent for an honest review


‘Tis the season to be glossy with December Glossybox

The latest box ‘o goodies from Glossybox is here, and it’s called ‘Tis the season to be glossy’ in celebration of the month of December.  Inside are items chosen to leave you hydrated, fragranced, and adorned for the holidays.  Here’s what I found inside my Glossybox:

hydration for your hair

Arganics by NuMe Argan Oil:  a deluxe size of argan oil for your hair.  Argan oil is super nourishing for you hair, leaving it shiny and healthy looking.  This has a slight perfumey fragrance.

hydration for your face

Skin & Co Roma Truffle Serum:  a deluxe size serum for your face.  It brightens your skin with peptides, Tuber Melansoporum and hyaluronic acid.  It smells like coconuts.  I don’t know if I got a bum one, but mine was only about 1/4 full.

hydration for your hands

Epionce Restorative Hand Cream:  a full size item.

love the full size items!

I found this to be a creamy, thick lotion that does an excellent job of hydrating my hands and leaving them super soft.

Illamasqua Medium Pencil

Illamasqua Lip & Eye Medium Pencil:  a full size item.  It’s a crap shoot in terms of the color you get, and I didn’t get one that I am thrilled about although I’m sure it’s the right color for somebody!

Mine is Thrash, and it’s orange.  More specifically, warm burnt orange.  Bummer.

Thrash swatched (try saying that five times fast!)

Looking at all the colors available, this would be last on my list.  But that’s part of the beauty box experience, you never know what you are going to get.  Maybe I should try this as an eyeliner…

Perfumies in Cloud Nine

Perfumies Solid Perfume Stick:  I think this is pretty cool.  It’s a small solid perfume stick that is great for your purse and for traveling.  My scent is Cloud Nine, which has notes of cedar, apple, bluebells, jasmine, bamboo, white rose, cedarwood, amber, and musk.  That’s a lot of notes for a small perfume stick!  It smells pretty, it’s a grown-up but outdoorsy scent.

I think my favorite item in this box is the hand cream, which is truly lovely and from a line I have never tried.  I wish I had gotten a different color pencil from Illamasqua, but you win some, you lose some!

As a side note, the box that holds those Glossybox goodies is awesome for repurposing.  It makes a pretty package for a gift, just put a ribbon around it and you are all set!  – Lisa

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Side by Side: MAIJAN Pure Moroccan Organic Argan Oil

Today Beauty Info Zone is happy to introduce Maijan Argan Oil to our readers. We know that Argan Oil and Moroccan Oil aren’t new products in your vocabulary so we want to tell you what sets Maijan apart and what we love about it.

Maijan Pure Moraccan Argan Oil

First thing to know is that Maijan is made only with the purest organic Argan Oil from Morocco. It’s been naturally infused with omega-6, antioxidants and vitamin E to provide both hair and skin with complete hydration plus luxurious healing powers. Both our skin and hair crave moisture and the best way to give it that is to find products with as few chemicals as possible. Maijan Pure Argan Oil is instantly absorbed into your hair and skin leaving behind no residue.

There are two versions of Maijan Argan Oil – a fragrance free one as well as Maijan Organic Argan Oil with Essential Oils which has a light floral fragrance. You’ll find both reviewed today.


I was very excited when the MAIJAN Moroccan Organic Argan Oil (2 fl oz. on sale for $25) arrived in my mailbox for several reasons. Number one it’s Fragrance Free, that’s a big yes in my life. Number two it’s organic and pure. And number three is that it’s the first Argan Oil that I’ve ever had with a dropper in it. I love that dropper. I was so thrilled when I went to use it the first time and didn’t have to take a chance on wasting it because I poured out too much. Lisa and I divided up who would describe the uses and I “won” hair and nails.

The wonderful dropper!

Maijan Moroccan Organic Argan Oil, fragrance free

This is perfectly safe for keratin straightened hair and also for color-treated hair which is a must for me. Happily it’s sulfate free. I use just a few drops and apply it on my wet hair, raking it through with my fingers, and then blowing dry. I find that it makes my hair easier to comb after applying plus my hair is so shiny and swingy after blow drying. The Maijan Argan Oil absorbs quickly and doesn’t make my hair feel weighted down or oily. I find that it takes just a little bit to make my hair look good.

This is all that I need for my hair

I wash my hair every other day and my hair looks just as good on day 2 as it does on day 1. I use Aveeno’s new dry shampoo if I have to go a 3rd day and the combination works fine.

If your hair needs deep conditioning then Maijan is highly recommended for that too. Take a few full droppers and massage it onto your scalp and hair from roots to ends. Leave it on about 15 minutes and then shampoo and condition as you usually would. You’ll find that your hair is so easy to manage and any frizziness will disappear. Not only that but your scalp will be conditioned at the same time.

Because the Maijan is loaded with vitamin enriched oils you’ll find it softens your hands and cuticles too. I like to take a little bit and massage it onto my cuticles and let it soak in while I’m finishing my hair. It can also be used to moisturize your hands which is something I need to remember to do more often.

Ingredients:  Organic Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil (Organic Argan Oil), Trace amount of Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E) used as a natural preservative


Yes, believe it or not Maijan Pure Moroccan Organic Argan Oil with Essential Oils is not just for hair, it’s also great for your skin!  It fights both acne and wrinkles, a nasty combination of skin ailments that is particularly troubling for those of us in our forties.  My version has grapeseed oil, ylang ylang, and rosewood oil in addition to the Argan Oil.  It has tons of vitamins and anti-oxidents, and it makes dry patches simply disappear.

You only need a few drops for your whole face.  I also like to mix in a few drops with my regular moisturizer.  I use this every morning and every night, and it’s really terrific.

It’s not the least bit greasy and it sinks right in to skin – lovely!

The benefits aren’t limited to your face and hair – this is a fantastic neck treatment.  It’s fabulous for dry elbows and knees.  It also reduces the appearance of stretch marks!  And as Marcia noted, it’s simply terrific for hands and cuticles. I also love it for making my feet super soft and hydrated.

My version has a very light, woodsy, herbally scent.  I find it to be pleasant, and it does linger.  If you are sensitive to fragrance go with the fragrance-free version.

Talk about an amazing multi-tasker.  A bottle of Maijan Pure Moroccan Organic Argan Oil takes care of you from head to toe.  It’s a real winner!

Ingredients:  Organic Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil (Organic Argan Oil), Vitis Vinifera (Grapeseed Oil), Cananga Odorata (Ylang Ylang) Flower Oil, Aniba Roseaedora (Rosewood) Oil, Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E)

*pr sample