La Fresh – better than baby wipes and perfect for removing Halloween makeup

la fresh logoOn a recent car trip to Florida, I found myself buying baby wipes for the first time in about 7 years. I have a new car and I didn’t want anything to get sticky or messy on the way. I ended up regretting my purchase – I didn’t get unscented and I found the wipes to be heavy and unpleasant. Icky, really. Then La Fresh sent the BIZ some different wipes to try out, and boy was that a V-8 moment.  I think these individually packages wet wipes are genius.

All of these wipes are available in individual packets, or in larger packages, and be sure to check out the excellent combo packs. Believe me, whatever your needs are, La Fresh Travel-Lite has a wipe for you!

The wet wipes that La Fresh makes are for adults, not for babies (well, except for their baby wipes, lol! And they do have some just for dogs!). The variety is mind-boggling – so are the amount of ideas I have for gifting them!

La Fresh constantly continues to do research and to develop more products – all of which are environmentally responsible – to try to meet every need you may have. Here are some of my favorites:

La Fresh

La Fresh Facial Cleansing Wipes and Makeup Remover Wipes

La Fresh

La Fresh Antibacterial Wipes and Nail Polish Remover Pads

There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t need these four wipes! Of course they are perfect for travel and I keep some in my glove box at all times. I also keep some at work just in case. And with Halloween coming up, what could be better? If you are going to a party or hosting one, your guests will be grateful to find a basket of these goodies available in the rest room. And think of how handy these will be to get rid of sticky candy fingers…just perfect.

La Fresh

La Fresh Antiperspirant Wipes for Men…and for Women

La Fresh

La Fresh Hygiene Wipes for Women…and for Men

Nothing smells worse than stress sweat. But you can duck into the restroom, use one of the La Fresh Antiperspirant Wipes and be back to good smelling in no time. I absolutely love that they have specific wipes for women and specific ones for men. And the Hygiene Wipes? Look, it’s not comfortable to talk about, but everyone at some time will need one of these. Better to be safe than sorry and have a few of these tucked away in your purse, gym bag, or in your desk drawer.

La Fresh

La Fresh Insect Repellent Wipes

These work great! I love how the Insect Repellent Wipes are chemical-free and I tested them right after a big rain when the air was full of mosquitos. You never know when you’ll need one of these so I always have some handy.

La Fresh

La Fresh Lens & Cleaning Wipe and Shoe Shine Wipe

Now here are two excellent ideas for wipes!! A tissue often can’t really clean glasses properly, and boy if you can’t see you are in trouble. It also works great for mirrors and for computer screens. And I love the Shoe Shine Wipes! These make scuffs disappear and shoes look soft and brand new again.

Every wipe I tried worked like a charm. See for yourself – here is a clip,  Zombie vs. La Fresh Makeup Remover, that shows how terrific the Makeup Wipe is.

I absolutely think you should invest in some wipes for yourself – they aren’t expensive, and having these on hand in your car, at work, and in your purse can make any super stressful situation much, much easier. They are fantastic for trips and think of all the great gifting ideas – I am putting together a collection for my son at college. My daughters are going to find some of them in their stockings at Christmas. And every time I have people over, a basket of these will be in every bathroom just in case. There are so many possibilities it’s terrific! Head on over to La Fresh to take a look for yourself.  – Lisa

*pr samples

Keeping it dry with Drysol

Today I am going to tell you about one of my very best secret weapons.  It’s extremely effective, super inexpensive, and can potentially be life changing.  I am talking about Drysol, the absolute end to sweaty, smelly armpits.

I inherited a fabulous tendency to sweat VERY heavily under my arms.  It never mattered what kind of antiperspirants I used, I would sweat through it in about ten minutes.  I ruined countless blouses, shirts, sweaters…it was absolutely the most embarrassing thing EVER.   One day I mentioned it to my dermatologist, and he magically cured me from all underarm issues with the stroke of a pen.  He wrote me a prescription for Drysol, and I haven’t had any underarm sweat – or smell – since.  And that was ten years ago.

Here’s what it looks like.  Drysol is actually Aluminum Chloride.  The packaging is similar to a regular antiperspirants, and you ‘dab’ it on instead of rolling it on.  Also, you apply it at night.  My big caution is DON’T use this right after you shave – it will sting like putting salt in a wound.  At first, you apply this each night until you notice all perspiration is gone.  After that, you only need to apply once or twice a week.    If you forget to apply it, the perspiration and smell will come back.

The only negative side effect is the stinging I mentioned if you have recently shaved.  Otherwise, it’s totally safe and easy to use.  And the price is amazing.  With a prescription, it costs me about $5 for a year’s supply.  It looks like you can also buy it online without a prescription.  It even comes in a lower strength for other areas of the body like the toes, back, and face.  I found it at , although I have to caution that I’ve never bought it from there so I can’t vouch for the site.

Sweaty, smelly armpits may not be the nicest topic of conversation…but I had to share, since Drysol has been such a terrific ‘secret weapon’ in my beauty arsenal for years.  – Lisa