Tips and toes and in between with Tweezerman and Alessandro

Tweezerman and Alessandro

Tweezerman and Alessandro

It’s particularly nice to come home to a package from a brand you love and have been using for dozens of years. When Tweezerman sent a package with their brand and some Alessandro products I didn’t know what to use first. All of these are pretty amazing.

My most used product is the PRECISION FOLDING BROW RAZOR ($12.00) which is available in both black and lavender. (Yea for lavender). At first I thought this was like my wonderful folding eyelash comb from Tweezerman until I realized that one side is a wire covered razor. This is a great tool to clean up above your brows and I also have used it on my upper lip to get those stubborn ‘stach’ hairs. Since it’s so portable it’s easy to stick in a makeup bag and have with me for emergencies. This is a very gentle razor, you’re not going to cut yourself on it. Plus I don’t need a 10X magnifying mirror to use it.

Tweezerman Precision Folding Razor

Tweezerman Precision Folding Razor

Since I’m obsessed with my nails I was very pleased to see the NEON HOT 4-IN-1 FILE, BUFF, SMOOTH & SHINE BLOCK ($10) which is great for at home manicures. This block will last you forever since it has 4 replacement pads for each side. Changing pads is easy since you peel off the old side and stick on a new one on. This block is great because of its gentleness. Sometimes my nails just need to breathe so I remove my polish, buff them and let them look natural for a day or so before my manicure.

Tweezerman neon hot 4-in-1 file, buff, smooth & shine block

Tweezerman neon hot 4-in-1 file, buff, smooth & shine block

ALESSANDRO PEDIX FEET ONE MINUTE PEDICURE ($25) is the product you need for your at home spa day. You can save a lot of money by using this exfoliating foot scrub on yourself. This is made up of sea salt and essential oils. It’s a very subtle aromatic scent that reminds me of the one my nail tech uses. I have a bench in my shower so I sit and rub this on, until it melts gently away. It’s a little slippery after so be sure you have a washcloth to make sure it’s all off. Your feet will feel so much smoother and look a whole lot better. I find this is gentle enough to use several times a week. It’s good for my ankles as well as my tootsies.

Alessandro Pedix Feet

Alessandro Pedix Feet

ALESSANDRO NEON PINK NAIL POLISH ($9.50) is my first experience with this offshoot of Tweezerman and it won’t be my last. I actually was surprised when I saw the name was Neon Pink since it’s softer than what my mind thinks a neon polish looks like. It’s just this pretty pink that dried super fast and had great shine. While it looked thin in the bottle, the second coat leveled it out perfectly and made it opaque. I made it through a week without any changes in the polish. Since this has a UV Absorber I think that’s why it doesn’t fade at all.  With 99 colors I won’t have trouble finding more.

Alessandro Neon Pink Nail Polish

Alessandro Neon Pink Nail Polish

Last is a tool that still confounds me. TWEEZERMAN SMOOTH FINISH FACIAL HAIR REMOVER ($20) is absolutely fascinating if you have a lot of facial hair and don’t want to have a lot of facial hair. At the same time it’s a bit scary. It has a spiral spring that grabs the hair by the root to remove it. At the side, just above the red handle there are rotating handles to move to get the hairs.

Tweezerman smooth finish facial hair remover

Tweezerman smooth finish facial hair remover

tweezerman facial hair remover 1  Step one says “Holding the colored handles, center-align the top of coil tip on the area where you want hair removed. Place the flatter side of the coil tip against the skin”.tweezerman facial hair remover 2  Step two says “Rotate the silver knobs on each side of the handles in the direction the arrows are pointing, enabling the coils to directly grab the hair from the root to remove it.”tweezerman facial hair remover 3  Step 3 says “Gently move the tool away from the area and repeat on other areas as needed.”

I tend to shy away from this at times. Where I have the most hair is obviously where I need it but when it starts to hurt I pull away. I wish I had someone to do this to me and make me sit still. I think once I got really used to it that I’d use it more. I’ve tried so many hair removal methods and this is an inexpensive one that I think will work on those who aren’t squeamish about pain.

All in all I’m thrilled with these products. I’m covered head to toe and in between with at home items from both Tweezerman and Alessandro. I even have a mini Tweezerman tweezers that was in the Facial Hair Remover package. I’m a tried and true fan of Tweezerman tweezers and now I have more to love.

Which of these do you need in your arsenal of goodies? — Marcia

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A peek inside the July Glossybox

Did you get your July Glossybox?  There was lots of fun inside.  I love Glossybox, it’s always awesome to be surprised, and *spoiler alert* this one came with a full-sized Senna eyeshadow trio!

Here is everything that came in mine:

I love surprises!

Before I get into the specific items, I can’t forget the Glossybox magazine.

Glossybox Mag

It has summer must-haves, travel tips, and a gorgeous star look with Olivia Palermo.

And then there’s the super fun beauty items.  The July box was all about ‘Summer Nights’, essentials for sun-kissed skin and summery eyes.  Every month you get five travel sized items, although this time there were four travel size, one full size, plus a sample sized extra.

The smallest item was a fragrance packet, ‘Blushed’ by Ruddy Water.

This is a very pretty, summery scent.  “Bright red currant and rich vanilla, wrapped around subtle sweet lemon, slightly spicy ginger, and kissed with a hint of sugar.”  Yummy!

To help protect your hair from the summer sun, there is a deluxe size shampoo and conditioner from Sebastian.

Sebastian Color Ignite Multi Tone Shampoo and Conditioner

The conditioner is especially cool, it’s a foam which makes it that much more fun!

To soothe your heels from all that beach volleyball, there’s Alessandro Pedix Feet Heel Rescue Balm.

This is a creamy, minty smelling balm that makes your feet baby soft and is very soothing.

For soft lips (plus face and body!), there’s the simply gorgeously packaged Sweet Geranium Figs & Rouge Balm.

Sweet Geranim Figs & Rouge Balm

I am a total sucker for vintage packaging, and my heart literally skipped a beat when I saw this.  And I was even more thrilled to see that it doesn’t have petroleum in it.  Total love!!

But the real icing on the cake was the Senna Mineral Eyes Shadow Trio in Medallion.

Senna Mineral Eyes Shadow Trio in Medallion

What perfect shades for a beautiful, sexy summer eye!  This goes for $24, so it’s worth more than the cost of the Glossybox (which is $21 for one month, you can save more by subscribing for 6 months or a year).

I love the themes of these boxes, the products are interesting and always perfect for travel.  Don’t forget, Beauty Info Zone has a Glossybox giveaway going on right now.  Click HERE to enter for a chance to win the June Glossybox!  – Lisa

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