Support Bike4BreastCancer with Adventuress Vividly Restorative Skin Purifier

adventuress skin purifierAdventuress, a line designed by Michele Carter for active women who need simplified but protective skin care, is helping fight the war on breast cancer.

According to the American Cancer Society, 1 in 8 women in the US will develop invasive breast cancer during their lifetime. Though female breast cancer incidence rates are declining, there is still no cure.  

Bike4BreastCancer is a nonprofit organization that gives low-income women all the necessary things to help treat and prevent breast cancer:  pre-screenings, education, and medical treatment.

Help fight breast cancer!  From now until October, Adventuress will donate $1 from each Vividly Restorative Purifier purchase to the Bike4BreastCancer initiative.


Adventuress Vividly Restorative Skin Purifier

Adventuress carries all kinds of great skin care products but one of my personal favorites is The Vividly Restorative Purifier ($35).  Marcia loves it too, she previously reviewed it HERE. This beautifully light serum helps unblock pores, plus it leaves skin super soft and moisturized. It has quince seed and other fruit and plant extracts that help to replenish skin cells as well as reduce breakouts. Extracts include quince, willow bark, sugar maple, orange, lemon and olive leaf, all of which make for clear, glowing skin.


Simply perfect packaging


Vividly Restorative Skin Purifier serum

And the airless dispenser keeps the serum’s efficacy intact – it is perfect packaging. This serum is fragrance-free, so it will even work for you sensitive types!  Use it right after cleansing and before moisturizing in the morning and at night.

Join the fight against breast cancer and buy a Vividly Restorative Skin Purifier today. There’s only nine days left to help and you are going to love this addition to your skin care routine.

The Vividly Restorative Purifier and other Adventuress products are available at For more information on Bike4BreastCancer, please visit  – Lisa

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Adventuress Skin Purifier

Adventuress Skin Purifier (

Adventuress Skin Purifier (

I was first introduced to Adventuress when they sent me their travel set in October 2012. It was such a great kit that it made the trip to the Beauty Spotlight Zone Desert Island with me. Unfortunately most of my kit is used up though I kept the case since it’s so handy for travel.

Adventuress Intro Pack

Adventuress Intro Pack

Inside the kit was the Vividly Restorative Skin Purifer which is an almost clear serum. I have received another one for review and I’m so happy about it. This is a serum that I use at night after cleansing. I use it in addition to other products because it acts as a toner for me even though it’s considered a serum. After washing I apply this with my fingers. I tried it using a cotton pad but its better straight so that you don’t waste any of this great product. I then do the rest of my night time regime.adventuress purifier hand

The purpose of the Skin Purifier is to help hydrate, unblock pores and firm at the same time. I’m most concerned about unblocking pores since that’s one of my biggest concerns. It’s a totally refreshing serum that’s slightly cool to the touch and actually feels good any time you need a pick me up. I love that this is fragrance free.

Adventuress Skin Purifier

Adventuress Skin Purifier

Here are the key benefits to Adventuress’ Restorative Skin Purifier:

– Decongests environmentally stressed skin
– Reduce breakouts – Micronutrients replenish skin cells
– Airless dispenser keeps out contaminants
– Fragrance free and paraben free

How does it do this? It uses some unique ingredients that are all natural including extracts of quince, willow bark, sugar maple, orange, lemon and olive leaf. The Quince Seeds are what really interest me because it’s a unique, concentrated blend of five botanical extracts (bilberry, sugar cane, sugar maple, orange and lemon) that incorporates the power of natural alpha hydroxy acids. These AHAs help maximize the ability to stimulate cell renewal and gently exfoliate, all while minimizing irritation. The result is skin that appears younger, smoother and fresh.

Quince tree

Quince tree

adventuress purifier sugar mapleadventuress purifier bilberry

While I love the $85 Adventuress Intro Pack that I reviewed before, I know it’s not for everyone. All the products in it are sold separately including this 1.0 oz Skin Purifier ($35). This skin care line was created for people who like adventure but it’s meant for all of us, even if our adventure is reading beauty blogs. — Marcia

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Be an Adventuress! Fearlessly Refreshing Facial Wipes and Sunscreen Swipes

If you spend any time on the go outdoors, you definitely need to check out the Adventuress line.  Their products help bring out your inner adventuress while keeping your skin safe and healthy. 


Little packs that help me be an Adventuress

Fearlessly Refreshing Facial Wipes and Sunscreen Swipes are essentials for anyone who loves being out in the sun, but that’s not say they wouldn’t also be great for bar hopping.   These wipes would certainly make a morning ‘walk of shame’ look far less shameful.  They are perfect for any sort of ‘thrill seeker’ since they work for all types of skin, including very sensitive, allergy-prone skins. 


Fearlessly Refreshing Facial Wipes

Fearlessly Refreshing Facial Wipes ($22 for 24 wipes) 

These wipes cleanse your face, remove makeup, and protect your skin from irritation.  They are also biodegradable.  They are fantastic for the beach, it’s so nice and refreshing to wipe off salt and sand.  I keep some of these in my car and some in my purse, because you never know when you’ll want to freshen up or when you’ll need an emergency makeup remover. 

They have no fragrance and are alcohol-free.  They are full of all kinds of great ingredients like Vitamin B3 and aloe vera.  I find many makeup remover wipes leave your skin dry, but these really are refreshing and moisturizing.  Nice!!


High Performance Sunscreen Swipes

Sunscreen Swipes ($24 for 24 swipes)

These wipes have the perfect amount of moisturizing sunscreen to refresh after working out or being in the sun too long.  They are individually wrapped in a ‘sealed finger pocket’, very clever!  You just open the packet, put a finger in the pocket, and swipe out the sunscreen.  These are great for your purse, just think of times you are outside longer than you thought you would be – shopping at an outdoor mall, or maybe spending the day in an amusement park and finding yourself in line for hours with no sun protection.  Any time you need more sunscreen these come in so handy.  They have no fragrance or parabens, but they do have a UVB absorber and a UVA/UVA blocker.  They also have aloe vera and Vitamin E to nourish your skin.  Like the Fearlessly Refreshing Facial Wipes, these are made so that all skin types, even the most sensitive, can use them with confidence. 


all the info you need

 I think the Adventuress Fearlessly Refreshing Facial Wipes and the High Performance Sunscreen Swipes are extremely clever and useful items.  You can find them online at  Take a look and embrace the Adventuress in you! – Lisa

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Beauty Spotlight Team takes you to a Desert Island

Packed and ready for the desert island

Welcome to the first edition of Beauty Spotlight Team On A Desert Island. The Beauty Spotlight Team has shown you our makeup bags and also a “mystery” post about things you’d never seen that we like. Now we’re deserting each of the bloggers on a “desert island” to see their interpretation of this challenge. The rules are that we can bring a bag holding only twelve items. We aren’t bringing sunscreen or lip balm because our desert island will have a stash of that. Civilization rules when it comes to beauty bloggers. We hope you will be looking forward to our future posts.

You’d think that think that this would be an easy assignment. After all finding twelve items that you love isn’t hard at all. Until you try to put it together that is. I had several dilemmas. First do I want to look glamorous? I’m not sure who I’m looking glamorous for though. Second do I need to just pamper my skin so that when the rescue ship comes to get me I won’t look like Tom Hanks or his basketball. Third this reminds me of the book “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie”. As soon as you pick one item you need more to go with it. Pick an eyeliner and you need a brush or sharpener. Pick eyeshadow or powder products and you need tools. The list could go on and you’d still want a cookie. I’ve decided to bend the rules a tiny bit. Some of these items are my Holy Grails and some are things I like a lot but could switch if needed. But they all are items I’d enjoy on my stay on the desert island.

12 items for my adventure

Here are the 12 in no particular order:

1. Anastasia’s Want You to Want Me Eye Shadow Palette– this is my cheat. This amazing set is all in one box though so I’m counting it as one even though in reality there are 4 items in it. There’s a beautiful e/s palette with 9 shades in the brown and purple families, a small liquid eyeliner in black, a mini clear brow gel and a small two sided brush. Plus the box has a nice size mirror so that crosses that off my list. This will be reviewed in full soon but believe me it’s “desert island” worthy.

Anastasia Want You to Want Me

Anastasia Want You to Want Me open

2. 3Lab Perfect BB Cream – this was one of my choices in the recent Makeup Wars. The reason I picked this particular BB cream is that the tube is easier to travel with than the Skin79 cylinder and I don’t notice any lingering fragrance. I figured that a BB cream is everything I need for my skin during the day and it’s light enough that it won’t be melting off in the sun.

3. Mally Evercolor Poreless Face Defender – which is a Holy Grail item for me. I use this almost every day (on the other days I’ll use powder especially IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores). The problem with the Mally is “if you give a mouse a cookie”…

Mally Poreless Face Defender

Mally Performance Sponge (just 1)

4. then you need the applicator. So number 4 is the Mally Ultimate Performance Sponge applicator which is perfect for the Pore Defender.

5. MAC 217 brush is next. I have a ton of brushes but this is the most versatile and reliable for the way I apply eyeshadow.

MAC 217 is on the right

6. Tarte Maracuja Creaseless Waterproof Concealer, another HG item. It’s perfect for my undereye area and I rely on this to hide the dark circles daily.

Tarte Maracuja Creaseless Waterproof Concealer in Fair

7. Tarte Lipsurgence Lip Tint in Sweet for my lip product. I love the color and the feel plus it winds up so I don’t need to worry about sharpening this lip crayon.

8. Tweezerman Pro Curl Eyelash Curler is going with me but I don’t have room for mascara. I love the eyelash curler and if I at least curl my lashes it’s not too bad plus I’d probably cheat and use the Anastasia Clear Brow Gel on my lashes instead since my eyebrows aren’t great.

Tweezerman Pro Curl Lash Curler

9.  Youngblood Luminous Cream blush in Taffeta which is very close to being a Holy Grail blush. I wear this more than any other blush I own. The color works well too with my Tarte Lipsurgence and the Anastasia eyeshadow colors.

Youngblood Cream blush in Taffeta

10. Algenist Eye Renewal Balm- this is my current favorite. I’m a slut when it comes to eye creams and this eye balm is one of my favorite “customers”.

Algenist Eye Renewal Balm

11. Tweezerman tweezers– if I didn’t take this I’d look like Santa Claus when I was picked up. I’d have a beard! My Tweezerman tweezers are absolute HG material.

Cynthia Rowley tweezers for Tweezerman

12.  Another cheat is coming – my Adventuress Skin Care travel set. I just reviewed this and while I was debating what my 12th item would be I realized that this kit is perfect – cleanser, SPF that is good for my face, skin purifier and a moisturizer I’d use at night especially.

Adventuress Intro Offer Collection

Adventuress interior

This sounds like a lot but think of everything I left out: shampoo, conditioner, a comb or brush, eye makeup remover, body lotion, tooth brush and toothpaste etc. I just hope I have a Twistband in my hair when I’m taken away to the island since that will at least keep my hair a little tidy. I wonder if the mouse will be a stowaway in my bag! Are any of these on your Desert Island list? — Marcia

Which of these would you take?

*several items were PR samples, others were personally purchased

Traveling? Then you need Adventuress Skincare on your journey

Intro Offer Collection (image from

Anyone up for taking me on a vacation? If you are I’ll share my skincare with you! Adventuress skincare has the best travel pack ever and is perfect for a trip though you will want to use it at home too. Let me backtrack though and introduce you to the creator of Adventuress, Michele Carter.  She’s a tomboy at heart but she’s a girly girl (woman) at the same time.  She worked with a scientist (Masoomeh) who’d previously worked with big brands like Estee Lauder and L’Oreal. With Masoomeh’s connections and knowledge of raw materials together they created a naturally derived collection with vital ingredients designed for varying degrees of skin sensitivities and allergies.

There are a few ways to start with Adventuress in case you want to ease into the line or in case you are looking for terrific products packaged perfectly for travel. The one I’m reviewing is the Intro Offer Collection that contains 1.7 oz of cleanser, 1.0 oz of skin purifier, 1.0 oz of moisturizer, 2.0 oz of sunscreen plus 5 individual wipes. The kit costs $85 but its retail value is over $111. Or you could pick up the Sample Tin for only $10 that has enough for a day or two. These would both fit in your carry-on, a back pack or if you were a rider it would fit in your saddle bag.

Adventuress Travel Tin (image from

Booklet cover that comes with Adventuress

Here are my favorite things about Adventuress:

*fragrance free and paraben free

*airless containers that keep contaminants out

*the products seal so they don’t leak

*the great reusable packaging for the kit that keeps your products safe from dripping and ruining your clothes

*all products in the kit are travel size safe

*my face has not rebelled – no clogged pores, no dryness

*the creator is from Northern Michigan (my home state!)

Because I’m long winded here’s a little about each product. I must admit first of all that I could NOT figure out how to get the actual product out of the containers. I knew that they were self sealing but I couldn’t figure out how. What I learned is that it winds up to release product and then winds down to seal. Duh. Remember: Lefty loosey, righty tighty. Nothing like feeling less adventurous just opening a product.

Adventuress Naturally Liberating Cleanser

information about Adventuress Liberating Cleanser

Adventuress Liberating Cleanser

Naturally Liberating Cleanser: this white creamy cleanser is moisturizing and doesn’t leave my skin feeling dry. Apply to your skin, add a little water and let it foam, then rinse off. I like using a muslin cloth to rinse off. The kit has the full size cleanser ($18 separately). The key ingredients are – Boswellian bark tears which soothes the skin and Spanish Castile Soap that cleanses and calms.

Adventuress Skin Purifier

information on Adventuress Skin Purifier

Adventuress Skin Purifier


Vividly Restorative Skin Purifier: the skin purifier is a clear light serum. Apply it to dry skin after cleansing. It absorbs really quickly and helps hydrate, unblock pores and firm. You can use this any time you want a refreshing feel on your skin. The key ingredients are extracts including quince, willow bark, sugar maple, orange, lemon and olive leaf. This is the full size and retails for $35.

Adventuress Boldly Nourishing Moisturizer

information about Boldly Nourishing Moisturizer

Adventuress Boldly Nourishing Moisturizer

Boldly Nourishing Moisturizer: this is a very soothing moisturizer that is lightweight but very effective. Not only does it calm skin but it protects against environmental damage. “An exclusive, targeted delivery system with essential emollients including French Rose Hip and Evening Primrose oils provides intense moisturization and results in exceptional hydration for your skin.” Also full size which retails for $32.

High Performance Sunscreen

High Performance Sunscreen: we never want to be without our sunscreen!! If you are a tomboy like one of my daughter-in-laws you’ll find that out the hard way. She was diagnosed with skin cancer this past summer. I was constantly telling her to use sunscreen but she felt like she didn’t need it. She is now a convert and I don’t have to be a nagging MIL. This lightweight spray is perfect for all of us. It doesn’t irritate at all, it’s water resistant and moisturizes your skin while protecting it with SPF 30.The key ingredients are Aloe Vera and Vitamin E to soothe exposed skin and protect against free radical damage plus micronized titanium dioxide that will protect against both UVA and UVB rays. This full size SPF retails for $26.

Adventuress Fearlessly Refreshing Facial Wipe

information about Facial Wipes

Adventuress Fiercely Refreshing Facial Wipes

Fearlessly Refreshing Facial Wipes: I love these, they are biodegradable and revitalizing. Look at all the benefits: – Seven plant extracts protect against Rosacea, rash and itchiness; – Reduces melanin (age spot) production, prevents pigmentation; – Anti-inflammatory; – Soothes and hydrates. You can use these at any time. They are great to carry with you on a daily basis. A box of 24 would cost $22, there are 5 in the kit.

While I’m not an outdoor enthusiast like Michele Carter, I am a person that appreciates quality skincare. My favorite sport happens to be eating but hey, you gotta look good eating too. Now where are you taking me so you can share my skincare? I’m game for an adventure with Adventuress if you are. — Marcia

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