Function and fashion of olympic proportions: Maria Shireen bittersweet Bracelet

Raised handsOK, I want to see hands — how many of you wear an elastic hair tie as a bracelet, just in case you find yourself wanting to get that hair off your shoulders and out of your eyes? My hand is definitely up.  Now, however, it’s up so I can show you my gorgeous golden bracelet that also houses my hair tie!

Maria Shireen bracelet red white blueThe bracelet accessories line Maria Shireen sent me this very chic and modern bracelet from the bittersweet collection ($45).  It is incredibly fashionable, wonderfully functional, and is perfect for working out or going out.

Maria Shireen bracelet

Maria Shireen braceletsMaria Shireen has two different collections, bittersweet and Luxury.  The bittersweet signature bracelets are made of stainless steel and come in three different finishes: silver, gold, or rose gold. The line has five different metal designs, plus two BPA-free fun-looking plastic designs for those younger fashionistas. The Luxury Collection has two sterling silver styles in three color varieties, including silver, gold, rose gold.

Each Maria Shireen bracelet is more than a statement piece – it’s very practical as it can be worn with its elastic hair tie. It takes you right from time-challenged soccer mom to chic and stylish mom. I absolutely love how you can mix and match with whatever color hair tie you happen to have.

IMG_1229IMG_1238The founder, Shireen, used to wear her hair ties around her wrist (like most of us do). Her hubby noticed that the hair ties left a dents on her arm, so he designed a bracelet that looked great and held her hair ties without cutting off her circulation. The rest is history!

With my hair tie...

With my hair tie…

...and without!

…and without!

This bracelet is a fantastic piece of jewelry that I wear all the time. And if you need a great excuse for splurging on a little something for yourself, take a look at the gorgeous USA 2016 Medals Set ($110)!

Mira Shireen USA 2016 Medals Set

I hope you will head on over to the Maria Shireen website at and go for the gold…or the silver…or the rose gold!! – Lisa


Earrings a little droopy? Levears will rescue your ears!

logo_levearsThe older I get, the more things droop…even my earrings. I never used to worry about earring weight, but now I find myself refraining from purchasing so many cute pairs because my ear piercing just won’t support anything slightly heavy. Needless to say, I was intrigued by the company Levears – I’ve tried other types of piercing support, but never anything that was simply a better made earring back. I’m so glad I was able to test Levears because they are truly life changing for those of us with weak piercings!



Levears give earrings the support they need so they don’t droop/flip/pull on your ear lobes. They work for pretty much any post earrings – the uniquely designed backs redistribute the earring weight so it’s fully supported with proper leverage.  LevearsLevears

I find the backs as easy to put on as regular earring backs…nothing complicated or fancy in any way. They are extremely comfortable and give instant gratification. I have pictured some of my heavier post earrings that I don’t even wear because they droop so badly – look at the difference!

Levears before and after

I honestly can’t recommend Levears highly enough. They make an incredible difference and couldn’t be easier to use. They come in three different types of metal – sterling silver ($49.99), 14K yellow gold ($175) and 14K white gold ($175).  With long hair, my earring backs never show so the sterling silver works with all my earrings. If you have shorter hair you might want to consider the more expensive pairs to perfectly match your earrings.

Levears was even featured on Oprah, so you know they are amazing. You can find them online at  – Lisa

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Get into the holiday spirit with SOUFEEL Jewelry

SOUFEEL JewelryYou know what is awesome about December? I have clothes and jewelry specific to this month and it is always so much fun to finally break them out! My SOUFEEL holiday charm bracelet is something that puts me right into the holiday spirit. SOUFEEL has some truly beautiful holiday charms this season that make a great gift or a fabulous addition to your own holiday wardrobe.


SOUFEEL charms are 925 sterling silver and fit Pandora and Chamilia bracelets – however, they have a much more affordable price tag.  It’s easy to go a little crazy making theme bracelets with the huge variety of charms and I had a blast when SOUFEEL let me make a holiday bracelet for this review. Delivery is extremely fast, and everything arrives in a gorgeous little box with a blue bow. They also include a gift bag, a pretty box for storing the bracelet, and a black cleaning cloth.


I decided to go with four pendant/dangling charms and one crystal charm to put in the middle.  Here are the holiday charms I chose for my bracelet:

SOUFEEL Jewelry Christmas Wreath Pendant

I love the delicate green wreath with a merry bow, the Christmas Wreath Pendant Charm.

SOUFEEL Jewelry Red Christmas Bells Dangle Charm

While they don’t actually jingle, the red enamel bells with a silver bow on the Red Christmas Bells Dangle Charm get a ‘ringing’ endorsement from me!

SOUFEEL Jewelry Christmas Coconut Leaves Pendant Charm
In the hopes that maybe I can coax someone to kiss me, I chose the Christmas Coconut Leaves Pendant Charm which I think looks just like mistletoe.
SOUFEEL Jewelry Reindeer Pendant Charm
I think my favorite is the Reindeer Pendant Charm. Isn’t this adorable??  It’s even cuter in person.
SOUFEEL Jewelry Christmas Tree Swarovski Pendant Charm
To anchor the bracelet, I chose the beautiful Christmas Tree Swarovski Crystal Charm. I love this charm because it’s two sides so it doesn’t matter if it flips around.  One side has a Christmas tree with green stones and a yellow stone star at the top.  The other side has ‘Happy Holidays’ with a little star engraved onto it.
 SOUFEEL Jewelry

There are so many more holiday charms to choose from, I know you will find the perfect picks while creating your own theme bracelet.  SOUFEEL always some great offers so be sure to check out what special is going on this minute. They also offer free shipping worldwide with orders over $50 and a 365-day return and exchange guarantee.

If you want to add to your own December wardrobe, or if you have a jewelry loving giftee on your list, SOUFEEL is a terrific option.  Take a look at their website at and give your holiday some beautiful cheer!  – Lisa

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Going for gold this month with my Wantable August 2015 Accessories Collection

Wantable August 2015 Accessories Collection*August’s collection was sent for review, we include affiliate links for Wantable personalized accessories so we can build credits for future collections*

My Wantable Accessories Collection for August showed up with some great pieces in a new and improved style of packaging.

Wantable August 2015 Accessories Collection

Wantable August 2015 Accessories Collection

The box didn’t have any of the felt pouches that Wantable has used in the past…instead I found a sleek box that held the longer pieces in place, and the bracelet was packaged separately. I think the new packaging is a better way to ship necklaces.

My preferences lean towards boho, although I also like an eclectic mix with classic items as well. While I typically wear silver pieces, lately I have been wanting more gold toned items and this month’s collection was basically a goldmine.

Wantable August 2015 Accessories Collection

Wantable August 2015 Accessories Collection

Ella Headband (retails for $14)  This headband has orange, turquoise, and brown beads in a geometric pattern that looks sort of Native American. The elastic band is excellent. I love the boho vibe and this is probably the most comfortable headband I have that actually stays in place. Big winner for me!

Wantable August 2015 Accessories Collection

Wantable August 2015 Accessories Collection

Wantable August 2015 Accessories Collection

Amy Jean Necklace (retails for $27)  This is a gorgeous pendant necklace. The turquoise beads are beautiful, and it is two-sided – one side is all beads, the other side has a cool gold wire pattern throughout the beading. A great, versatile classic piece!

Wantable August 2015 Accessories Collection

Wantable August 2015 Accessories Collection

Dream Catcher Necklace (retails for $18) I wasn’t so sure about this one at first. The dream catcher pendant is large and since it’s all gold I thought maybe it looked a little too cartoony…I mean, why not just have a real dream catcher, right? But once I put it on it won me over. I don’t have many gold necklaces and this one is fun and dresses up a simple t-shirt.

Wantable August 2015 Accessories Collection

Wantable August 2015 Accessories Collection

Stefania Bracelet: My whole box is full of gold pieces, which is good because I need them.  This classic bracelet nicely rounds out my Accessories Box. It’s very modern and chic, and I love how it can be worn loose at the wrist or as more of a cuff further up on my arm.

Overall I am very pleased with this month’s accessories collection. It’s a beautiful mix of styles with lots of gold, exactly what I wanted.  – Lisa

*August’s collection was sent for review, we include affiliate links for Wantable personalized accessories so we can build credits for future collections*

Wantable July 2015 Accessories Collection is here!

Wantable July 2015 Accessories Collection

*July’s collection was sent for review, we include affiliate links for Wantable personalized accessories so we can build credits for future collections*

I love the days I find a Wantable package on my front porch. I never have any doubt that what’s inside will either be items soon to become a staple in my wardrobe, or else ones that go a little outside my comfort zone and challenge me to take a risk. This month, all my items are staples…nothing outrageous, but lots that fit right into my accessories wardrobe, rounding it out nicely and adding versatility.

Wantable July 2015 Accesorries Collection Ellen Scarf

Wantable July 2015 Accessories Collection Ellen Scarf

The Ellen Scarf (retail value $28) is a beautiful light scarf with paisley grey print on an off-white background. I love it because it is so versatile. It works great paired with everything from denim to a summer dress. I brought it with me to the movies because the cinema is always so cold and it was a perfect weight to carry and also give me a little warmth.

Wantable July 2015 Accesories Collection Caroline Bracelet

Wantable July 2015 Accessories Collection Caroline Bracelet

The Caroline Bracelet (retail value $19) is simple yet beautiful. This cuff bracelet is made of brass and has stunning chain link accents. Again, versatile is the word – I wear it with jeans shorts and a white t-shirt or with a summer maxi dress.

Wantable July 2015 Accessories Collection Pamela Necklace

Wantable July 2015 Accessories Collection Pamela Necklace

I can never have enough long necklaces, so I was happy to find the Pamela Necklace (retail value $17). This is a silver necklace with gold bead accents and a double chain. The longer chain ends with a coin pendant.

Wantable July Accessories Collection Earring Trio

Wantable July Accessories Collection Nala Earring Set

The Nala Earring Set (retail value $19) was actually a mistake in my collection! I was supposed to get the Shanny Ring, but got this fabulous earring trio instead. I think I got lucky! I love the little golden feathers and the other two stud earrings are really pretty when worn together.

Lots of staples that add versatility to my wardrobe in this collection! I am once again a happy camper. With a retail value of $83 this month, Wantable continues to be a subscription service well worth the monthly price. If you decide to subscribe, please use our link HERE which will help us earn credits toward other boxes for review.  – Lisa

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Get some lucky charms with our SOUFEEL Jewelry Giveaway!

SOUFEEL charm braceletIt’s time to jump onto the charm bracelet bandwagon! Enter today to win $70 to spend on your own charm bracelet from SOUFEEL. What kind of bracelet will you create??

SOUFEEL charms are 925 sterling silver and can fit Pandora and Chamilia bracelets and they have much more affordable price tag.   am extremely impressed with the huge variety of types of charms. I could go crazy making different theme bracelets for myself.

The creativity options are tremendous. How about making a traveling bracelet, complete with a ‘Wanderlust’ charm and a darling red suitcase charm? Take a look at the options here:

I decided to make a ‘spirit animal’ bracelet. I chose five charms and a black leather cord bracelet. Everything arrived in a gorgeous little box with a blue bow.

SOUFEEL packaging

SOUFEEL Leather Bracelet and cleaning cloth

SOUFEEL Leather Bracelet and cleaning cloth

My package also contained a pretty box with a black velvet pillow to store my bracelet, as well as a handy cleaning cloth.

When choosing my charms, I went through the new arrival items  here – – and chose these charms:


The peacock, which symbolizes self-expression and confidence.


The horse, which symbolizes personal drive and passion.


The dolphin, which symbolizes harmony and balance.

Jungle Owl

The owl, which symbolizes wisdom and intuition.


And a round February charm with purple stones, which isn’t an animal but it’s pretty and purple and I was born in February. So I took a little creative license!!

SOUFEEL animal charms

SOUFEEL bracelet

I love the way my ‘spirit animal’ bracelet turned out!  You’ve got to take a look at this website, but be prepared to get lost for hours as you find one awesome theme after another for some fabulous personalized jewelry for yourself or a loved one.

SOUFEEL has some great current offers. When you spend $59, $79 or $99, you will get a pair of free earrings, a free charm and a free sterling silver bracelet!  They offer free shipping worldwide with orders over $50 and a 365-day return and exchange guarantee.

Also, SOUFEEL has a special coupon code just for BIZ readers for 5% off any order:  5Lisa


SOUFEEL bracelet

SOUFEEL is pairing up with us to give away $70 worth of jewelry from their site. The winner gets to select whatever charms or jewelry she wants!  This giveaway is open to the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico. The required entry is leaving a comment indicating what your three favorite items are from the website.   The giveaway ends on 7/6/15 at 11:59 pm, so hurry and enter now.  Wishing you good luck so you can win some lucky charms!!  – Lisa

*items reviewed and giveaway courtesy of SOUFEEL Jewelry
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When in doubt, accessorize. June 2015 Wantable Accessories Collection

Wantable June 2015 Accessories Collection

Wantable June 2015 Accessories Collection

*June’s collection was sent for review, we include affiliate links for Wantable so we can build credits for future collections*

One of my mottos has always been ‘when in doubt…accessorize!’  For June, my Wantable Accessories Collection brought me accessories that suit a gamut of situations.  There’s a necklace that classes things up, a bracelet that brings good vibes, some sunglasses that ensure anonymity, and a ring that instantly makes me feel younger.

Wantable Issy Necklace

Wantable Issy Necklace

The Issy Necklace (retail value $18) is a gorgeous silver multi-strand necklace with beautiful fleur-de-lis detailing. The strands don’t get all tangled together, and any time I am not quite sure if my outfit is dressy enough, this necklace adds just the right amount of class.

Wantable Dani Bracelet G

Wantable Dani Bracelet G

Wow, this is one gorgeous bracelet!  The Dani Bracelet G (retail value $36) is a stunning gold brass cuff with a large crystal that definitely gets some good vibes flowing.  My daughters and I were instantly fighting over who got to wear this beauty first.  It’s a fabulous, unusual piece.

Wantable Dani Bracelet G

Wantable Jennifer Sunglasses

pretty details...but only on the inside of the frame!

pretty details…but only on the inside of the frame!

Which makes the Jennifer Sunglasses (retail value $7.90) really stand out for being so…NOT unique.  If I want to blend into the crowd, these the are the perfect sunglasses.  There is nothing about them that draws attention.  However, the inside of the frames have pretty detailing so I feel special wearing them even though they give me the anonymity I want.

Wantable Becky Ring S

Wantable Becky Ring S

The last item in my June Accessories Collection is the Becky Ring S (retail value $11).  This is a fun, funky midi ring that combines silver and turquoise.  I instantly feel younger when I wear it, so any age-related doubts I have go right out the window.

Wantable June 2015 Accessories Collection

The overall retail value of the June Accessories Collection this month?  $81, and I have accessories that fit every possible situation.  I just love this subscription box and I know you will too.

On a side note, Wantable has a new service called the Style Edit.  It’s similar to the popular Fitness Edit.   You pay a $20 styling fee for 5 hand-picked products to try on at home. If you decide to keep all 5 items, you get a very nice 25% discount!  (The Fitness Edit is slightly different, where you get a 20% discount for keeping 3 items and a 30% discount if you keep all 5.)  Wantable is focused on quality products with established brands as wells as amazing customer service, so you might want to give this a try!  – Lisa

*June’s collection was sent for review, we include affiliate links for Wantable so we can build credits for future collections*