Dear Diary – Cat Cosmetics Eye Sharpie

Dear Diary –

I bought some Cat Cosmetics today. I ordered some of my favorite lip colors from the line and added in some new shades. She had a sale on her new Eye Sharpie and I added two into my cart. Marcia’s been talking about liquid liners so much that I might as well surprise her with one.


Dear Diary,

Lately I’ve been so taken with liquid eyeliners. I was a true gel eyeliner fan for years but I think a piece of my heart has been stolen away with liquid. I’m mostly obsessed with the pen type liners like MAC Superslick that I’ve reviewed.

My friend Ammie knows about this obsession (and my many others) and surprised me with a package. It holds CAT Cosmetics’ felt tip eyeliner – Cat’s Eye Sharpie. What a terrific liquid liner this is. I can’t believe how smoothly and easily this applies. I’ve got to investigate this to find out if it comes in more colors.

Dear Diary-

You know how I bad I am at using gel eyeliners.  I can barely manage pencils so I don’t know what even made me try Cat Cosmetic’s Eye Sharpie.  Maybe it was the fine point at the end of the component.  I mean, it really looks goof-proof.

And, it is goof-proof!!!!  Yes, even I can draw a straight line with this.  I can make the line thin or make it thicker by drawing multiple lines close together.  I don’t know how it works but there’s always product on the end of the brush and it never clumps or comes out too quickly.

It stays on me all day and doesn’t flake off.  Yet it comes off easily with a liquid eye makeup remover.  If Cat ever brings out more colors, I’m going to scoop them all up!


Dear Diary,

Investigation shows me that Cat only has this one shade at the moment. It’s a true dark black. This lasts so well yet it comes off so easily. When I wear MAC Superslick I end up with little pieces of eyeliner on my face when I’m removing it but Cat’s Eye Sharpie removes in one stroke with a cotton pad and eye makeup remover. Yet it never smudges or disappears on me. The tip of the eyeliner isn’t too hard but it’s not soft either – it’s just right (says Goldielocks).

I wish that Cat Cosmetics would come out with more colors because I’d buy them for sure (or wait until Ammie takes pity on me and buys them for me!!).


Tip comparison with MAC Superslick

Thanks to guest blogger Ammie for her Diary and for the gift.


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