Real Techniques (Pixi Woo) Travel Set brush review

Sometimes I am just late to the party.  There will be a huge discovery, like the Armani Eyes to Kill Intense Eyeshadows, that somehow get past me while I live in oblivion about the amazing discovery I am missing.  PixiWoo (Samantha Chapman) and her brushes are another perfect example.  I rarely watch YouTube, and I had no idea who she was or what she did.  And then my bestest friend Marcia gave me the Real Techniques Travel Set ($17.99) for my birthday.  (She also got me a few other uh-mazing items that will be in future reviews…she is a great shopper!!!)

Little did Marcia know she was both enlightening me and creating a monster at the same time.  I am now officially obsessed with PixiWoo videos.  I adore her – she is beautiful, humble, and amazingly talented.  I watch her YouTube videos and take furious notes, then run to my makeup vanity to try to duplicate the looks.

My fascination doesn’t stop with her videos.  Thanks to Miss Marcia, I have PixiWoo’s brushes to obsess over and play with for hours.  The set has a Panoramic Case and three makeup brushes.  Do I love this set?  Yes.  Do I love some brushes more than others?  For sure.  Here are my thoughts:

one way to store the brushes...

One of the best parts of this set is the case.  It’s truly versatile, and lets you store brushes in your own particular favorite way.  Pictured above is my personal preference – with the brushes set like this, it’s easy to pull them out and put them back in, and the long side down keeps the set very stable so it doesn’t fall over.

and another way to store them...

Of course, there is also this way, which is nice because it’s easy to see the tops so there’s no fumbling for the right one.  Notice how there’s space for more brushes?  I like to add other brushes to make up my ‘arsenal’ for the day, and usually also include a flat eyeshadow brush, a highlighter brush, and a liner brush.

and yet another way to store them!!

And there’s also this way, which is my least favorite because it’s easy to knock over – but it’s great if your space is limited.

This is a travel set, so PixiWoo included what she felt were ‘essentials’.  I prefer a set of fewer full size brushes to a wider selection of smaller size brushes.  Some travel sets, especially some past sets from MAC and Trish McEvoy, have small brushes of less quality than the regular ones.  Plus I just feel like I can’t do as good of a job with mini-brushes.

Essential Foundation Brush

Pictured above is the Essential Foundation Brush.  It’s a flat brush with taklon bristles, so it handles liquid and cream products with ease.

Essential Foundation Brush side view

Here is a side view.  This is my least favorite of the three, not because it doesn’t work well, but because I prefer to buff my foundation and concealer in with a thicker, kabuki-style brush for an airbrushed look.  However, for a flat foundation brush it’s pretty sweet.  It blends foundation in very nicely, and the tapered shape makes it good for getting concealer into harder to reach areas like right under the eyelashes.

Domed Shadow Brush

Pictured above is the Domed Shadow Brush.  Oh my goodness, do I love this brush!!!   It is a perfect crease brush.  It’s just right amount of softness, and the domed top makes it fit exactly right in the crease.

Domed Shadow Brush side view

In the picture above, you can see how the side is just a bit thinner so it doesn’t have a perfectly round circumference.  This means you can easily use the sides to also lay down color on your lids and/or brow.  Somehow it seems to pick up exactly the right amount of color, and it blends like a dream.  I use this brush pretty much every day, and I think it’s worth more than the price of the entire set.

Multi-Task Brush

The last (and largest) brush in the set is the Multi-Task Brush.  This is a beautifully soft brush that is perfect for powder application – loose or pressed powder, bronzer, or blush.

Multi-Task Brush side view

Again, you can see it’s slightly flat so you can use the top for blending and the sides for application.  At first I was really excited because I thought it was dense enough for liquid and cream foundations — but it’s not.  It’s really just for powder products and it does a wonderful job with them.

Overall, this is a great set at an unbelievable price.  I’ve paid way more for one crap brush than it costs for these three brushes plus the case.  Are the three brushes all you need for a trip?  Um…not the way I do my makeup!!  But as noted above, there are extra spaces to store other brushes, so it’s easy to make up a perfect travel set inside the carrying case.  It’s a great set that is totally worth every penny…so thank you again Marcia!!  – Lisa


  1. I love Pixiwoo brushes! I have the eye kit, the blush brush and the powder brush and love them all. I’m also a HUGE fan of that domed crease brush. I use it every day!

  2. These brushes are amazing and it’s no wonder they’ve got such a great reputation.

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARCIA!!!! YOU AREN’T GETTING ANY OLDER: JUST MORE BEAUTIFUL! Love, Suzanne (a/k/a “Lipglosslover” from the Vine)

  4. Suzanne, I’m sure Marcia thanks you…but it was actually MY birthday!! I’ll take the well wishes for both of us. :^D Lisa

  5. These sound amazing, I need to check them out!

  6. The brushes are amazing especially at that price.

  7. I love Real Techniques brushes! I have the eye set. They work so well and make so much sense, and they only sell the ones that people actually need. Nothing more confusing than trying to choose between 7 types of eyeliner brushes or 4 different blush brush sizes, ya know? The crease brush surprised me, as I was sure it would be too big but it worked perfectly.

    These brushes look like a definite must-have. I’ll need to pick them up soon!


  8. Chatterbox says:

    I have recently bought the Core Brush set in the UK and also, separately, the stipple brush. All of the brushes are just the right length for the bristles, without flaring out and becoming uselessly fluffy. They remain compact, wash easily and return to their shape.
    My only complaint is that the core set case has a very narrow spine so that when you add extra brushes in the spaces provided, it is difficult to close with the velcro fastener. I have added my own brushes to this carrier and they are now too bulky. Either a wider spine or an extra length on the velco please

  9. Chatterbox says:

    P.S. As a 60 plus,(totally youthful in my mind ….50 plus, wishful and blissful) I have to say, I love Pixiwoo and the You Tube videos, have been so down to earth for me to follow. The real techniques brushes have been a genuine addition. I am still just as vain now as I was in my youth.

    Perfection or the achievement of it, has always been my goal, whether it be with the above or within my own field, specialising in patisserie and cakes.



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  2. […] seems to be universal love for Real Techniques brushes that Pixiwoo created. Lisa from Beauty Info Zone totally agrees with that and shows you just how […]

  3. […] seems to be universal love for Real Techniques brushes that Pixiwoo created. Lisa from Beauty Info Zone totally agrees with that and shows you just how […]

  4. […] seems to be universal love for Real Techniques brushes that Pixiwoo created. Lisa from Beauty Info Zone totally agrees with that and shows you just how […]