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pixi april inside box

For some reason I never noticed the inside of the box when I receive a package from Pixi Beauty for consideration. While the box itself is the same each time, the month’s products are always a delightful surprise. And the quote from Petra, the founder of Pixi Beauty, hit home this time “I can help women capture their natural beauty effortlessly.” That’s more fitting for this trio of products than others I use from Pixi.

April's newest product from Pixi Beauty
April’s newest product from Pixi Beauty

These three products help give me a minimal makeup look if I want. They work together perfectly together or alone.

Let’s start with H2O Skintint ($24) which is a water based gel that is available in 3 shades. I have the middle shade Nude which is a little too dark for me but I am able to tone it down with a drop of a lighter BB Cream to make it blend in well on my skin. The lightest shade, Cream, would probably work perfectly for me so I’ll have to check Target to see if this is in stock.

Pixi H2O Skintint
Pixi H2O Skintint
Pixi H2O Skintint
Pixi H2O Skintint

The ingredients in this are soothing as well as moisturizing. The finish is considered to be a semi-matte. I love that it’s fragrance free.

Pixi Full Cover Foundation Brush
Pixi Full Cover Foundation Brush

Pixi’s FULL COVER FOUNDATION BRUSH is my favorite product in this review. It’s fabulous whether you want it for full coverage or for a lighter coverage like the H2O Skintint. This brush is a bargain at only $15 and it’s one you need in your collection, even if you already own a foundation brush.

Pixi Full Cover Foundation Brush
Pixi Full Cover Foundation Brush

The head on this brush is what makes it such a delight to use. It’s fuller than the typical foundation brush and very dense. It’s so soft that I want to use it all the time. Foundation practically blends itself with the use of this brush. It can be used for powder, especially a powder foundation, or concealer on larger areas too. This never leaves my face with brush strokes, just with natural looking foundation.

Pixi Full Cover Foundation Brush
Pixi Full Cover Foundation Brush

The last delight is one I was really excited to see in the box. In a previous Pixi review I wrote about how much I love the Correction Concentrate in Brightening Peach because it covers my dark circles. Well it now has a friend that’s so much easier for me to use because it’s in crayon form. UNDERCOVER CRAYON in PERK-UP PEACH is the baby sister of Correction Concentrate. This is a new product from Pixi Beauty and comes in 4 shades. Perk-Up Peach ($14) is for brightening and neutralizing redness and dark circles.


The peach crayon applies lighter than my purposely darker swatch and blends in well with either my finger, a sponge or Pixi’s foundation brush. I like to use it in a V shape under my eyes using the side of the crayon, not the tip. I also use it at the corners of my nose to neutralize the redness that I usually have there. Here are the details from Pixi: “Youth-preserving formula with peptides to plump lines, wild rose to nourish & liquorice root to fade darkness. Dries matte, stays put and looks super natural.”  Youth preserving? They had me at that one!!

As usual Pixi and their cruelty free products make me sit up and take notice. Products I need at affordable prices that are easy to use. What are your favorites from Pixi? — Marcia

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  1. [email protected] | 12th May 15

    Oh, you had me at “water-based gel”! And that crayon, yes!

  2. BeautyJudy | 12th May 15

    Skintint has a perma place in my stash. I just recently purchased a new Cream shade after running out of the pr sample I had. I got the Nude, and I will mix it with Cream this summer. It’s such a light coverage = and I LOVE that brush too!

  3. Anne | 12th May 15

    I actually haven’t tried any Pixi products, despite constantly looking at them in Target. Your post may have been the final push I needed to finally try this brand out!

  4. Anastasia | 12th May 15

    I am very intrigued about the brush! I’ll have to touch it in person to know for sure if I really need it, though.

  5. Heather | 12th May 15

    I love the brush and I use it for my acne cover up. Pixi is amazing, these little crayons come in a few colors for all of my skin issues. I have also added them to my PRO kit because I get such great results!

  6. Phyrra | 12th May 15

    Their foundation brush looks great!

  7. Lola Seicento | 12th May 15

    That foundation brush looks amazing, Marcia!

  8. Kristina | The Feminine Files | 12th May 15

    These products look so light and perfect for summer! That brush looks amazingly soft and its great that it doesn’t leave brush stroke marks, thats a big pet peeve of mine!

  9. Cindy Ingalls | 12th May 15

    I love Pixi Products. Their primer is my favorite. I’ve heard great things about their Toner as well. I think I need to try the brush.

  10. Leelo R | 12th May 15

    That brush looks and sounds promising.

  11. Aprill | 12th May 15

    The brush looks so soft and fluffy!

  12. Color Me So Crazy | 12th May 15

    I really like the looks of the head of the brush. The short thick bristles are always my favorites because you can always work out the most coverage and it blends the best for me.

  13. Kendra | 12th May 15

    I have several things from Pixi, it’s a great brand!

  14. Miranda Mendoza | 13th May 15

    The h20 skin tint has been my travel go-to face makeup lately. It held up really well on my 11 hour plane ride to Europe. Very light and comfortable.

  15. Kath TheFabZilla | 13th May 15

    I think that shade you got for skin tint will match my medium skin tone better

  16. Nidia - Lit From Within | 13th May 15

    Oh, that brush looks so plush! And I want to try that crayon.

  17. Jess | 13th May 15

    The brush is AMAZING! I’ll have to check my Target for a lighter shade of BB cream – Mine was way too dark 🙁

  18. Laura MyNewestAddiction | 14th May 15

    Pixi makes great stuff! Love it!

  19. Natalie Brown | 17th May 15

    I’ve been looking for a good foundation brush and this one sounds like the one! The eye crayon is nice too. It’d be a great corrector. Thanks!

  20. Chelsea | 20th May 15

    I need to try that Undercover Crayon! I am new to Pixi products but am liking what I’ve just started using 🙂

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