Forget duck face – try the Beauty Junkees Contour Kit instead

Mona Lisa Duckface
Who needs to do a duck face when you can contour instead?

Beauty Junkees Contour Kit
Beauty Junkees Contour Kit

Contouring takes some great cosmetics and some great brushes. Marcia and I have reviewed quite a few Beauty Junkee brushes over the past few months – read the reviews HERE – and today I am very excited to tell you about the latest set we sent to review, the Contour Kit.

I’m going to jump right to the price – right now it’s on sale for 50% off – just $25 right now on Amazon. That is one heck of a sale for a really terrific set.

This set comes in a sleek brush case 9.25″ W X 4.5″ H X 0.5″ D (expandable) that will fit up to 15 makeup brushes. It’s perfect for storing your brushes as well as for travel.

All of the brushes work with both cream and powder contour products. I am impressed with the quality of the brushes, particularly at that price!  The brushes have copper ferrules with dual crimps, and the handles are wood. They feel substantial but not too heavy.

Here are the brushes included:

Beauty Junkees Contour Kit proSculptor Brush
Beauty Junkees Contour Kit proSculptor Brush

pro Sculptor Brush This brush has narrow, dense bristles with dome shape for perfect application and blending; flat sculpting brushes apply a harsh line and do not blend. I love this brush for powder blush and bronzer. It’s soft but firm and it blends like a dream.

Beauty Junkees Contour Kit proDuo Fiber Brush
Beauty Junkees Contour Kit proDuo Fiber Brush

pro Duo Fiber Brush This brush has short and long bristles for feather like application that allows for buildable color. Where this brush excels is with powder highlighters. It’s great for creating a soft glow.

Beauty Junkees Contour Kit proHighlighter Brush
Beauty Junkees Contour Kit proHighlighter Brush

pro Highlighter Brush This brush has soft bristles with a small taper point for applying highlighter to narrow facial features. I find I use this most on my nose – lighter highlighter down the bridge of my nose and darker contour on the sides.

Beauty Junkees Contour Kit proDetailer Brush
Beauty Junkees Contour Kit proDetailer Brush

pro Detailer Brush This is a small precision eye shadow brush with narrow dome shaped bristles for applying to small features, such as nose, under lower lip, and inner corner of eye. Yup, it works great, and of course it’s also terrific for applying eyeshadow.

Beauty Junkees Contour Kit Makeup Sponge
Beauty Junkees Contour Kit Makeup Sponge

pro Contour Sponge  Ok, so this isn’t a brush – it’s a makeup sponge that is a latex free and flat angled blending sponge that creates an airbrushed finish with cream contours. This sponge is nice and soft, and the flat edge is very handy, particularly for contouring cheeks.

The bottom line?  This is a wonderful brush collection that you will use for far more than contouring and highlighting. Be sure to pick this up while on Amazon it’s still on sale!  – Lisa

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  1. Rosie Areola (Heather) | 10th Jun 16

    Really nice collection & I almost spat my coffee out when I seen the Mona Lisa picture lol.

  2. Never Say Die Beauty | 10th Jun 16

    Love your pix of this terrific brush set! I think BJ brushes and sponges are just fabulous

  3. Carleen | 10th Jun 16

    I should get one of those sponges!

  4. Brooke @ Blushing Noir | 10th Jun 16

    Ok I love the look of that Pro Sculptor!

  5. Lola Seicento | 10th Jun 16

    I love this set so much! The quality is great, they work really well, and they are so affordable!

  6. Cindy (Prime Beauty) | 10th Jun 16

    That’s a great set!

  7. Terri Irvin | 10th Jun 16

    They look like good quality brushes and the Pro detailer brush is very cool! m Perfect for eye makeup

  8. Julie | 10th Jun 16

    I love this kit! The black sponge is fantastic!

  9. Kath TheFabZilla | 11th Jun 16

    I love all of these brushes!

  10. Phyrra | 11th Jun 16

    I need all the duofiber brushes!

  11. Leelo | 11th Jun 16

    The more I read about these brushes, the more I want to try them 😛

  12. Babi | 11th Jun 16

    Your opening pic made me laugh! I keep reading about these sets and I love how affordable they are!

  13. Bailey | 11th Jun 16

    These look so great! I love that the set includes a sponge.

  14. Lisa Heath | 12th Jun 16

    These look great! I’ve been looking into these brushes and think I might finally grab some!

  15. MyNewestAddiction | 13th Jun 16

    I have and love this set!

  16. Nidia - Lit From Within | 13th Jun 16

    I’ve heard nothing but good things about this brand. I love the look of that highlighting brush especially – so delicate, and that pointed tip can help me put that highlighter on my cupid’s bow or brow bone, or lightly on my cheeks.. I love highlighter….

  17. Anastasia | 13th Jun 16

    Ahaha, that picture of Mona Lisa is cracking me up 🙂

  18. Stacie | 14th Jun 16

    I haven’t tried brushes from this brand yet. They all look beautiful though!!

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