Attention all brush lovers – Beauty Junkees has what you are looking for

We’re assuming that you are a beauty junkie since you are reading this now so we know that learning more about Beauty Junkees is perfect for you. We don’t all have makeup artist skills but we can certainly improve our skills by using the right brushes. What’s great about Beauty Junkees brushes is that they are good quality and very reasonably priced. The bristles in their brushes are synthetics that are amazingly soft yet amazingly effective. They pick up color easily, apply color smoothly, and blend like a dream. We were sent two sets that you are going to want, especially once you read about them and see the price point.

Beauty Junkiees Mini Kabuki Set

Beauty Junkiees Mini Kabuki Set

Beauty Junkees Kabuki Makeup Brush Kit

Beauty Junkees Kabuki Makeup Brush Kit


I’m so excited about this makeup brush set. These are unlike any brushes I have in my vast collection. I can’t get over these brushes and they are currently on sale for only $19.97. I’m shocked. There are 5 brushes that come in a makeup bag and they are among the most useful brushes I have. These are considered to be eye makeup brushes but I didn’t realize that at first so I used them for everything. These brushes are so versatile.

Beauty Junkees Mini Kabuki Set (Eye Makeup Brushes: 5 pc Precision Brush Set)

Beauty Junkees Mini Kabuki Set (Eye Makeup Brushes: 5 pc Precision Brush Set)

There’s a brush in this kit for every use you have: blending, contouring, application, applying concealer, and more. The brushes can be used with both cream and powder products.

Beauty Junkees Mini Kabuki Tapered Brush

Beauty Junkees Mini Kabuki Tapered Brush

Beauty Junkees Mini Kabuki Tapered Brush is my absolute favorite brush in the entire kit. This alone is worth the price of the kit. There’s a very popular brush from Sephora’s house brand that this is so similar to but this is even better since it’s more tapered. This is terrific for applying concealer under your eyes. I use it with concealer and corrector and it makes me smile every time I use it. Fabulous brush!

Beauty Junkees Mini Kabuki Flat Brush

Beauty Junkees Mini Kabuki Flat Brush

Beauty Junkees Mini Kabuki Flat Brush has a totally flat top. This is can be used for just about anything on your eyes. I’ve used it to apply all over color and blend mostly. I’ve also used it with cream blush, especially those hard to get into pots, to apply it to my cheeks.

Beauty Junkees Mini Kabuki Angled Brush

Beauty Junkees Mini Kabuki Angled Brush

Beauty Junkees Mini Kabuki Angled Brush is the one I use on my eyes the most. I like it to apply browbone color and for blending. It’s also great to apply a subtle highlighter along my upper cheekbones and above my brows.

Beauty Junkees Mini Kabuki Round Brush

Beauty Junkees Mini Kabuki Round Brush

Beauty Junkees Mini Kabuki Round Brush is a little love! The bristles are softly rounded at the top. The brush is perfect for blending in all those hard to reach places like around your nose and in the inner corner of your eyes. This applies color like it was born for that job. It probably was.

Beauty Junkees Mini Kabuki Flat Angled Brush

Beauty Junkees Mini Kabuki Flat Angled Brush

Beauty Junkees Mini Kabuki Flat Angled Brush is the 5th brush and you’ll find just as much use for this as all the others. This soft angled brush makes quick work of blending and making sure there are no sharp edges. Use this to buff your powder blush and you’ll see it glow.

I’ve got nothing but praise for this set. At $19.95 you need this to complete your brush wardrobe.


Beauty Junkies Kabuki Makeup Brush Set

Beauty Junkees Kabuki Makeup Brush Set

Beauty Junkies Kabuki Makeup Brush Set

Beauty Junkees Kabuki Makeup Brush Set

While all of Marcia’s brushes are for the eyes, mine are for the face. True to the kabuki name, all of these brushes are thick and compact with very dense bristles. The handles are long with some heft, giving more control than a traditional squat kabuki brush. These brushes are incredibly soft yet have the firmness needed to handle thicker face products, and they can all be used with powder or cream products. I am astounded at the range of finishes I can get – everything from super sheer to complete coverage.  The price is definitely right – only $39.97 for all five brushes plus the awesome brush holder, which is a normally $84.85.

Beauty Junkies Flat Kabuki Brush

Beauty Junkees Flat Kabuki Brush

The Flat Kabuki Brush is an amazing foundation brush and it also is a perfect choice for finishing powders. I’ve tried it with powdered foundation, tinted moisturizer, thick cream foundation…it works with them all and is a terrific stippling brush that creates a natural look.

Beauty Junkies Angled Kabuki Brush

Beauty Junkees Angled Kabuki Brush

The Angled Kabuki Brush is a go-to brush for applying blush, or for highlighting and contour work. This is a beautiful blending brush that is silky soft but it really grabs product, so it’s best to go light and build up intensity.

Beauty Junkies Round Kabuki Brush

Beauty Junkees Round Kabuki Brush

The Round Kabuki is the most like a traditional kabuki brush, although the longer handle makes it easier to maneuver more carefully. I use this brush for blending  and for buffing on mineral foundation powders.

Beauty Junkies Flat Angled Kabuki Brush

Beauty Junkees Flat Angled Kabuki Brush

The Flat Angled Kabuki is awesome for contouring and for bronzer, as well as for using with tinted moisturizers, BB creams and CC creams. I think this is my favorite of the five brushes and I especially love it for contouring. It is extremely versatile and I find myself using it at all different angles for various looks.

Beauty Junkies Tapered Kabuki Brush

Beauty Junkees Tapered Kabuki Brush

The Tapered Kabuki brush is for use under the eyes and around the nose, all those odd areas that are difficult to get to with a traditional shaped brush. It’s especially good for blending out creamy concealers.

Beauty Junkies Brush Holder

Beauty Junkees Brush Holder

I can’t rave enough about how wonderfully soft the synthetic bristles are and the brushes are easy to clean. The brushes are truly fantastic, and I think the biggest surprise for me was just how much I also love the Travel Brush Holder.  It not only holds these wonderful brushes, it also provides covered storage for them.  The snap sides are particularly nice for keeping brushes safe for travel.  The Brush Cup Holder measures 3.5″ DIA X 8.75″ H and is big enough to fit even more brushes – maybe the set Marcia reviewed!

For a limited time, you can buy any 1 Kabuki Brush for $11.97, or get the set of 5 Brushes with a FREE Travel Brush Holder for $39.97 (value $84.85). This offer and these brushes are so good that if you don’t snap up a set, I will be shocked!

We love the high quality, the practicality, and the price for both brush sets.  These brush sets are ones you will want to add to your cosmetics collection!

BEAUTY JUNKEES has a special code for Beauty Info Zone readers for 25% off one purchase through 3/7/16. The code is INFOZONE and can be used on any of their products but we think one of these Kabuki sets is the way to go! Link to the face kabuki set, link to the eye kabuki set. Which will you pick?

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  1. Good brushes are so important for applying makeup properly. The price on these is really good. Thanks for the discount code, too!

  2. Great review! I’ve been looking for new brushes to try, as some of mine are quite old and need to retire. These are a good price, I’ll definitely add them to the list!

  3. I love their brushes so much! They are such great quality, and so reasonably priced!

  4. I love good quality for a good price.

  5. I’ve been reading about these brushes for a couple of months, and they are soooo appealing. I may have to go for the eye set while the 25% is still on

  6. Very interesting! Thank you for the review on both!

  7. I’ve never heard of this line, but the brushes look great! Did you wash any of them yet to see how the bristles hold up? That’s really where my test comes in.

  8. All of these brushes look amazing!

  9. These sound so nice! That big flat kabuki looks amazing!

  10. Hi Christina, I’ve washed my brushes quite a few times. Any time I use a cream product with a brush it gets washed soon after. The brushes have come clean easily and I’ve lost no fibers. Sometimes a brush can smell funny after washing but I’ve never had that with Beauty Junkees and I’m super sensitive to fragrance. — Marcia

  11. Betsy Rubendall Barnes says

    I love your review, great makeup brushes are a must! I also love the Brush Holder, neat way to store brushes 🙂

  12. I adore my beauty junkees brushes!! I use the flat top kabuki nearly everyday for foundation, I love it!

  13. I love these brushes and the added case….just perfect!!!

  14. I’ve heard so many good things about them!

  15. The mini kabukis are some of my favorite and I’m such a fan of the Beauty Junkees brushes… they really are awesome considering they are so affordable.

  16. I love these brushes, good quality for the price!

  17. Whoa, that’s an absolute steal for the price! I recently got some Morphe brushes from my sister and they seem great for the price, though I haven’t used them much yet.

  18. I keep reading raves about these brushes. In fact, I don’t believe that I have seen one negative review of this line. I have to pick these up. Soon. 😀

  19. I have only used my Bare Minerals brushes, but these look like they’re excellent quality. I love the idea of an upright brush holder/cup. That’s exactly what you need with all those brushes!

  20. I’ve heard SO many good things about these brushes. They sound amazing for the price point and I’ve been dying to get the Kabuki set.

  21. I have a smaller tapered brush similar to this, but this one from Beauty Junkees actually seems larger and much better at blending out concealer, which is always a good thing!

  22. I keep hearing the Beauty Junkie brand come out! Sounds like it’s a brand worth checking out. Thanks for the detailed pictures and review!