You want this…VADAE Beauty Professional Brush Cleaner

pro-brush-cleanerWhen was the last time you cleaned your makeup brushes? I know that cleaning my brushes is something I put off until I have about 15 minutes at night to do them all, giving them time to dry overnight. But the VADAE Professional Brush Cleaner ($18) has changed my routine since it is so easy and quick. It gets my brushes astoundingly clean in just seconds and is perfect for home or travel.

VADAE Professional Brush Cleanser

The VADAE Professional Brush Cleaner is a compact with a soap disc on one side and a circular washboard on the other. It comes in a handy cosmetic storage bag.

VADAE Professional Brush Cleaner 2This little gem is so easy to use – just get your brush wet, then swirl around on the soap disc. The soap gently but thoroughly cleans bristles. Then, use the washboard to really get the brush clean! I am astonished at what comes out of my brushes. I find that it cleans all types of bristles and both water and oil-based makeup equally well.

VADAE Professional Brush Cleaner

VADAE Beauty is known for their Professional Makeup Brush Kits, which certainly look awesome – but you want to visit their website to buy a Professional Brush Cleaner.  This is a must-have for everyone!!  – Lisa

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  1. Zelda Rolands | 18th Feb 15

    Wow! This is something completely new! I hate when it is time to clean my make up brushes because let’s face it, it is boring activity! Thank you for this post! I will definitely get one of these cleaners! Regards! Cann Hall Carpet Cleaners Ltd.

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