3 Sprays to make your day starring Static Schmatic, Touch, and Pure Brush

Static Schmatic, PUREBrush, Touch

There are 3 companies that make sprays that have enhanced my time lately. When I first received these I was looking forward to trying them but honestly didn’t expect to like them quite as much as I do. It’s great to have the opportunity to introduce you to these so that you can learn to love them too.

Statis Schmatic for hair and clothes

Let’s start with Static Schmatic because I totally love the name. This is an all natural company started by a mother and daughter team to solve the problem that static was messing with their lives whether it was their hair, their clothes, or even their pets. Once you try one of their products you’ll see why this all American company has taken off.

Static Schmatic for Hair – ooooh! smooth!

Since this is a beauty blog I’ll start with Static Schmatic for hair. This is an all natural anti-static spray that helps smooth down those flyaways whether from static, weather, or just your hair misbehaving. It’s so incredibly easy to use since all you have to do is shake it and then spray it onto a brush or comb, or even your hands, to work it through.

Static Schmatic for Hair – don’t be so clingy!!

What’s to love about it? (insert heart emoji here) There’s no fragrance, there are no ingredients to weigh your hair down, there’s no stickiness at all. I fell in love with it the first time I used it and continue to fall back in love every day that I spray this onto my hair. The ingredients are simple but effective: distilled water, plant based soap, coconut oil, glycerin & salt. The only way you’ll know this is on your hair is by the way you look without those flyaways and with extra shine! It’s become a regular in my life.

Static Schmatic for Clothes

Static Schmatic for Clothes is such an improvement on the product I used to use when teaching. There’s no aerosol to destroy the environment, there’s no disgusting plastic smell to destroy my nose. While Static Schmatic for Clothes does have a light outdoorsy fragrance at first, it’s gone in seconds. My husband didn’t notice the scent at all and the company calls it fragrance free. This is what I needed back in the days that I had to wear a slip under my skirt/dress. Oh I’m so glad those days are gone.

Static Schmatic for Clothes

There are exactly 5 ingredients and they are all natural. Anything that has layers can use a spritz of Static Schmatic in between to keep them separated. Those sexy clingy clothes can look unsexy if they cling awkardly. Just spritz and it’s your secret. Since there are no chemicals there’s nothing to build up any residue. While it won’t take the place of a washing machine, it will help your clothes look and feel fresher.


The next item that you really truly need in your life is PUREBRUSH, a dry shampoo for your cosmetic brushes. It’s genius. We use dry shampoo all the time and now there’s a product that will clean your brushes but more importantly sanitize them. This uses Germblock technology to sanitize in minutes.


Another easy peasy product to use. Shake, hold the can about 2″ from your brushes (I lay them on a towel first) and spray. You want to coat the brush fibers thoroughly but that only takes a few seconds. Then tap it onto the towel and stroke your brush to remove all the bacteria, germs, and excess color. If you haven’t washed your brushes in a while you’ll probably have to do this twice but with 250 sprays in the can that’s not a problem.


Right now it’s available on the PUREbrush website but will be available at Ulta soon. You know I have to talk about fragrance – it’s just how I am. Well it does have a very slight fragrance that’s very pleasant. I can smell it when I spray it but it doesn’t make my brushes smell at all. And you know I sniffed them a lot!

Touch Sanitizing Germblock

Speaking of Germblock Technology let’s learn about Touch Sanitizing Germblock Hand Protection. We’ve all tried Purell and other gels to help sanitize dirty hands but it’s being found out that they aren’t as effective as we were told. Touch is a unique hand sanitizing mist that is clinically proven to remove 99.9% of harmful germs, bacteria, fungi, and viruses. This gentle mist dries in seconds without your hands feeling sticky one bit.

Touch Sanitizing Germblock Unscented

Touch not only sanitizes but it has essential oils to soften your hands. There’s no alcohol in the formula so it’s safer for you and for young ones. My 3.5 year old fights me now on anything to do with the bathroom but she’s happy to open her hands for this spray.

Touch Sanitizing Germblock

With 4 fragrances to chose from (Mint Green Tea Aloe, Tropical Breeze, Ocean Mist, and Unscented) you’ll be able to find a favorite easily. This retails for $5.99 and is available at CVS, Meijer, and Walgreens so add it to your list.

Touch™ packaging

Now that you know my 3 sprays that save my day, which will you be wanting first? It’s hard to recommend just one since they all have a place in my life and routine. Great products that I know you’d love.  —  Marcia

Here’s a bonus for you. On the Static Schmatic website you can enter your email in the pop up box and you’ll receive a coupon for a free bottle of Static Schmatic for clothes. Free is always good!


  1. Never Say Die Beauty | 24th Jul 17

    The PureBrush sounds interesting. I wash my brushes after every use, but I don’t do anything to specifically kill germs. Is it necessary?

  2. Kristina | The Feminine Files | 24th Jul 17

    I really need that Static Schmatic for my hair and the PureBrush for my brushes! These all sounds really great though.

  3. Lola Seicento | 24th Jul 17

    PureBrush sound fantastic! I need to try that! How ingenious to use GermBlock technology!

  4. Stacie Hamilton | 24th Jul 17

    Such clever products! I have trouble with static all winter long so I’ll check these out.

  5. Judy | 24th Jul 17

    Oh my gosh I’m dying of the Static Schmatic saying on the second product “Don’t be so clingy” lol!!! Both their sprays sound right up my alley!

  6. Breanna Pollard | 24th Jul 17


  7. CosmetopiaDigest | 24th Jul 17

    I want both those sprays for my hair and clothes! Nice name and tagline as well!

  8. The Beauty of Life | 24th Jul 17

    These all sound awesome, especially the dry shampoo for my makeup brushes!

  9. Kathryne | 25th Jul 17

    Thanks for introducing us to those products! I am that hair product for fly aways

  10. Norah | 25th Jul 17

    These sound great! I can always use anti static in the winter months.

  11. Sandy P | 25th Jul 17

    Thanks so much for the reviews. Going to try the PureBrush for sure!

  12. betzy cuellar | 25th Jul 17

    Thank you for sharing.

  13. Anastasia | 25th Jul 17

    Girl, I hate static in my clothes! that’s one reason I rarely wear my prettiest dress.

  14. Babi | 25th Jul 17

    The dry shampoo for makeup brushes sounds SO interesting! I would love to try it!

  15. Cindy (Prime Beauty) | 26th Jul 17

    Fantastic stuff!

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