Pixi does brows and lashes right with the Eye Accents Kit!

Pixi Eye Accents Kit

Pixi Beauty is such a great line…affordable, excellent products that I chose over their more expensive counterparts day after day. I was recently at a conference in Florida, and of course the topic of conversation turned to makeup. The line I immediately recommended for everyone was Pixi. My most recent obsession is the Eye Accents Kit ($16) they sent – I just can’t get enough.  Pixi Eye Accents KitThis great little duo was created in collaboration with the awesome blogger Apyn Ovard. The Eye Accent kit is all about defining the eye with a brow gel for beautiful brows and a fantastic mascara just for lower lashes.

Pixi Brow Tamer

First, the Brow Tamer is a clear gel that holds brows in place. You always want to brush brows UP and OUT – not sideways – to really open the eye area. The Pixi Brow Tamer is an excellent brow gel that holds brows in place without flaking or making them stiff or sticky. Awesome.Pixi Lower Lash MascaraPixi Lower Lash Mascara

Putting the Brow Tamer with the Lower Lash Mascara is a perfect partnership, like peanut butter and jelly. The Lower Lash Mascara is the absolute bomb. I rarely wear mascara on my lower lashes because they are really long, which makes pretty much every mascara smear on me. But the Lower Lash Mascara has a very cool thin wand so overdoing it isn’t an issue and the mascara really coats each lash, truly defining the eye. Other pluses? It’s water-resistant, stays put until you want to remove it, and removal is easy peasy. Ingredients include Vitamin E and panthenol.

Pixi Lower Lash Mascara and Brow Tamer

I love love love the Eye Accents Kit and I can’t recommend it highly enough. You can find Pixi online and at Target stores.  – Lisa

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  1. Never Say Die Beauty | 15th Mar 17

    I don’t need brow gel so I wish they sold the lower lash mascara separately!

  2. Sarah | 15th Mar 17

    What a great addition to the brand, they seem to do it all now don’t they


  3. Lola Seicento | 15th Mar 17

    What a great kit!

  4. Kathryne | 15th Mar 17

    I am in love with that lower lash mascara!

  5. Honeygirlk | 16th Mar 17

    I am such a fan of the lower lash mascara. It is a great little tool for my lower lashes.

  6. Stephanie Louise Telford | 17th Mar 17

    I really like dedicated lower lash mascaras!

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