IT Cosmetics has your eyes covered with a new liner and brow products

IT Cosmetics Brow and Eyeliner Solutions

The most important products for my eyes are eyeliner and brow products. I don’t leave the house without. Add a coat of mascara (IT Superhero of course) and I’m ready to face the world, even if they aren’t ready for me.

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IT Cosmetics has created a new line of products that they call their solutions and they hit it right with all of these.  As a dedicated liquid eyelash liner fan this was the first of all the products that I needed to use. Then when I saw they had new brow goodies I was right there and grabbing for them.

IT Cosmetics Superhero liner, Brow Power Pomade, Brow Power Powder, Heavenly Luxe #21 brush

If you have sparse brows then IT has your beauty problem solved with new Brow Power Powder, New Brow Power Pomade, and a new Heavenly Luxe Brow Power Brush #21.

IT Cosmetics Brow Power Pomade, Brow Power Powder and Heavenly Luxe Brow Power Brush #21.

IT’s new Brow Power Powder is available in one shade: Universal Transforming Taupe ($24). Even though when I swatch it the color doesn’t seem to show up, when I put it on my brows it fills in all my sparse areas and looks very natural at the same time.

IT Cosmetics Brow Power Powder

I asked myself how one shade could be universal and the answer is in the pressure you use to apply it. With the wonderful new Heavenly Luxe Brow Power Transformer Brush No. 21 you decide how much color you need. My hair is dark so I apply the creamy powder with a heavy hand to build it up to the right shade.

Like all IT Cosmetics products this contains anti-aging ingredients: brow enhancing biotin, peptides, saw palmetto, argan and jojoba oils. That’s one of the main reasons I love using this so much.

The Heavenly Luxe Brow Power Transformer Brush No. 21 is a wonderful tool that I’m thrilled to have in my collection ($24).

IT Cosmetics Heavenly Luxe Brow Power Transformer Brush No. 21

The bristles give me the exact amount of control that I need. The brush is custom cut to allow you to precisely shape and define your brows. The spoolie brush end has a dual purpose. Use it prior to the powder to brush up your brows and smooth them out. Use it after to give your brows their finishing touch. As with all IT Cosmetic brushes it’s cruelty-free, animal-free and pro-hygenic. Since I started using it I haven’t touched any other brow brush in my collection.

Brow Power Pomade has the cutest little brush. It’s the perfect size for your eyebrows. I never realized before how big the other brow gels’ brushes were until I started using Brow Power Pomade. It’s the least messy gel I’ve ever used.

IT Cosmetics Brow Power Pomade brush

This 4 in 1 pomade is a budge proof brow gel, a brow lifting mousse, a brow sculpting pomade and has a brow defining brush applicator. There’s no color to it so it works on all brows. IT says it’s waterproof and alcohol-free. And since it’s a treatment it contains biotin, saw palmetto, argan and jojoba oils. Why not treat as well as beautify?

Now that my brows are ready I’ve got the item I’ve been waiting forever for from IT. Superhero Liner!! I love liquid liners and that’s almost all I use. IT Superhero Liner has the place of honor on my vanity these days. ($24)

IT Cosmetics Superhero Liner

This black eyeliner is waterproof and is said to last for 24 hours. I can’t vouch for that considering I don’t leave anything on that long nor am I in the water often. But I can vouch for how great this liner applies and lasts for a normal day.

IT Cosmetics Superhero Liner

I’ve used a lot of liquid liners over the years and this is just about the easiest one to apply. It really glides on easily without skipping. They call the brush an “easy glide brush” which makes sense. As a brush aficionado I give the brush tip on this liner an A+. Most liners that look like this are felt tips but IT uses a brush tip that doesn’t fray.

IT Cosmetics Superhero Liner

It’s easy to create a thick or thin line with the liner and if you love a cat eye then this is your friend. It’s also good for your eyes since it contains peptides, biotin, collagen, keratin, and kaolin clay to absorb oil on your lids. I LOVE THIS LINER!

Superhero liner

While these are all available at Ulta Beauty, and right now has a gift with purchase with a $45 IT purchase. FREE Discover IT Kit with any $45 IT Cosmetics purchase (offer valid 9/3/17-9/23/17 or while supplies last)

I’ve made no secret of my love for IT Cosmetics and it just keeps getting better and better. The new products that we’ll be sharing really do get to the root of any problems and just plain make you look and feel better.  —  Marcia


  1. Helga | 5th Sep 17

    I use eyeliner so I may try this one, I like the ingredients.

  2. Shilpa | 6th Sep 17

    The IT Cosmetics Superhero Liner looks nice,.. I need to check this,.. thank you for the mini review,..

  3. The Jedi Wife | 6th Sep 17

    A liner that can absorb oil? Sign my oily lids up!

  4. Judy | 6th Sep 17

    I definitely want to try these Brow products!!! And that liner looks great!

  5. Krystal E. | 6th Sep 17

    Ooh I definitely want to check out that liner. I love that precision tip! I had one that everyone else said was a holy grail but my lids couldn’t handle it. Need to head to my nearest Ulta now!

  6. Fairytalesnails | 6th Sep 17

    Oooh loving the look of that eye liner x

  7. Lola Seicento | 6th Sep 17

    These look amazing! I want that brow kit!

  8. Never Say Die Beauty | 6th Sep 17

    I’m an IT fan but other than Super Hero Mascara I haven’t tried the liners or Brow products yet. I’ll take a look!

  9. Leelo | 6th Sep 17

    That liner looks promising! I have to give it a try!

  10. Painted Fingertips | 6th Sep 17

    I should try that pomade!

  11. Courtney | 6th Sep 17

    I love felt eyeliners. I’m going to have to add this to my “to try” list.

  12. Kathryne | 6th Sep 17

    Glad to know the liquid eyeliner is easyto use. I’m interested to try it. I hope it won’t smudge

  13. Cindy (Prime Beauty) | 6th Sep 17

    I’d love to try the brow powder and that brush!

  14. Linda M | 6th Sep 17

    This eyeliner looks like the one I’ve been waiting for. Most eyeliners smudge or disappear on me a few hours into the day. It’s a definite try for me.

  15. Kristi V BeginNails | 6th Sep 17

    What a great concept especially for those with oily skin. Great review! (Now I need to take a trip to Ulta! )

  16. Miranda | Slashed Beauty | 6th Sep 17

    Oh I need the superhero liner!! I just got the mascara!!

  17. Bailey | 7th Sep 17

    Um, I’m going to need one of everything! It seems to be killing it lately.

  18. CosmetopiaDigest | 7th Sep 17

    I want to try the Brow Pomade. I prefer this kind of brow gel in a tube, as it’s least messy!

  19. Ehmkay nails | 7th Sep 17

    I keep hearing about this brand so it’s time I try it! Ulta calls my name this weekend!

  20. Katie Marie | 7th Sep 17

    I’ve been eyeing that superhero liner SO hard since it released! I love liner pens, too, and this brush looks fantastic!!

  21. Polished Hippy | 7th Sep 17

    I definitely have better luck with brow powder than pencils. It looks much more natural for me.

  22. My Nail Polish Obsession | 8th Sep 17

    The brush/spoolie tool looks like it works great!

  23. Emily Draher | 8th Sep 17

    I’d love to try that Pomade!

  24. Naked Without Polish | 12th Sep 17

    I really like the shape of the liner tube.

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