Must-Haves for the Dog Days of Summer from Jane Iredale

In the summer, I like my beauty products to be portable.  I go to the beach but I stay out of the sun, so I like things I can take with me – and I like things that make me look like I WAS in the sun.  Summer may be winding down, but we still have a good month left.  Jane Iredale has some products that I consider my summer must-haves.

I love the look that loose powder gives me.  I hate to have a shiny nose – in fact, I think I am a little obsessive about this.  I have combination skin with a t-zone, and my nose and forehead can get shinier than Mr. Clean’s head.  So I am constantly blotting.  I always use loose powder in the mornings, but then throughout the day I use pressed powder.  Jane Iredale came up with a great way to have your loose powder and be able to take it with you, too.

Brush Me Matte Loose Finish Powder ($46) comes in a portable package with a brush attached, so you just tip the container and loose powder comes through the brush.

Ingenious – portable loose powder!  I was concerned that the brush would get caught in the top when putting it back on, and then I discovered the brush twists so it becomes half the size, plus it  closes off the loose powder.  Twist the brush, and the top goes on easily without bending bristles, and no powder leaks out.  I toss this into my bag and I am able to get that soft, loose powder look any time I want.

Jane Iredale also really excels in bronzers.  I have two favorites.  Both have the same packaging, they are large round pans with a screw off top.  The size is great, large enough to swirl my biggest brush over, and thin enough to travel easily.  My first favorite is the So-Bronze 3 ($41), which is half shimmering blush and have matte bronzer.

The blush side is a gorgeous shimmery peachy-pink that does not leave any obvious sparkle on your face, just a beautiful glow.  The bronzer side is a medium matte brown that is very natural looking, no orange tones here.  I take a bronzer brush and sweep over the whole thing then apply like blush, and it gives such a great, summery look.  Here it is swatched on my arm:

My other favorite bronzer is the Moonglow Golden Bronzer ($46).

This can be used as a highlighter, bronzer, blush, or eyeshadow.  It’s a large compact divided into four quadrants – one is a peachy-pink, one is a taupe brown color, one is a shimmery light gold, and one is a shimmery light copper.  Here they are swatched on my arm – I applied them heavily so they would show up:

The powder is extremely finely milled, and while all the colors have shimmer, it does not leave anything obvious on your face – just a gorgeous glow.  I am assuming that comes from the mica and the 24 karat gold it contains.  Because it is so versatile, it’s perfect for travel.  You could just about do your whole face with this – eyes, cheeks, lips, and then all over as a bronzer.

And of course, you need some hydration for those lips.  I absolutely adore Jane Iredale’s Lip Drink ($11.60).

There’s no petroleum products in this, instead it has macadamia nut oil.  Petroleum actually dries out the lips, causing that evil cycle of dry lips so you need to put on lip balm, which causes dry lips, so you need to put more on, etc. Lip Drink truly does hydrate your lips, plus it protects with SPF 15.  It’s has a light citrus scent and taste, nothing overpowering.  I think it’s an absolute must-have for the dog days of summer…and any day all year, for that matter.

Summer may almost be over, but these items are great ones to have for the last days of gorgeous weather!  – Lisa

Disclosure:  Some items were PR samples provided by Jane Iredale


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