Fun and affordable summer color from Hard Candy!

Summer means fun, bright, shimmery color…and Hard Candy has all that at the best prices you can find! You really can’t go wrong with such affordable cosmetics. This is the line for going out of your comfort zone and trying some things you normally wouldn’t reach for at the store.

Hard Candy sent us some items to try and these are the ones that put me right into a party mood.

Hard Candy So Baked Bronzer in Tropics
Hard Candy So Baked Bronzer in Tropics

SO BAKED BRONZER in Tropic is a huge shimmery golden baked bronzer. This works great as a highlighter, creating a perfect ‘gleam’ especially for darker skin tones. So Baked Bronzer is very long-lasting and it’s such a big pan that this $9 bronzer will probably last for years! Every summer party needs some golden shimmer and this is the perfect answer.

Hard Candy Mod Quad in Smoke and Mirrors
Hard Candy Mod Quad in Smoke and Mirrors

I still can’t get over the fact that the MOD QUAD EYE SHADOW PALETTE is just $4.50.  I mean seriously.  It comes in several shade options but the one for summer fun is Smoke & Mirrors. Again, $4.50 for a beautiful smoky eye?? And look at the kicky snake-skin packaging! Use these shadows wet for some extra drama.

Hard Candy Poppin Pigments in Land and Sea, King Me
Hard Candy Poppin Pigments in Land and Sea, King Me

POPPIN PIGMENTS are beautiful. Glitter typically scares me, but these are so gorgeous I was thrilled to make them mine. Land and Sea is a combo of shimmery silver and ocean blue; King Me is a purple-pink and a blackened silver.

I am a little too old to wear these as eyeshadows, although those who can get away with glitter will love these. The glitter isn’t too chunky or too dusty. While I am not a fan of these as eyeshadows, I love them mixed with body lotion! They give a pretty, unusual shimmer to any lotion that is lots of fun especially if you are going out to a club to dance. These run $4 for a set of two jars of pigments.

LASHAHOLIC MASCARA creates big, thick lashes although if you put this on bottom lashes, it tends to smudge. Stick with the top lashes and for $5 this is a great mascara. I especially love the small sizes for trying different formulas if you can find them.

Hard Candy is wonderfully affordable and they have some truly excellent options that are lots of fun. Next time you are at Walmart pick up a few new goodies and ramp up the fun!  – Lisa

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  1. Nataile Brown | 23rd Jul 15

    This eye shadow palette is pretty amazing for the price. I’m at Wal-Mart a couple of times a month and always forget about this brand. Thanks for the affordable reminder! 🙂

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