Bronzers for those who don’t wear bronzers

Makeup Wars chose a topic for this week that is totally out of my comfort zone so I was sure I was going to bow out. I don’t fake tan, I don’t use bronzing lotions, and I barely wear bronzing cosmetics. But I gave this more time to come together in my head and I realized that I do wear bronzers every once in a while and the ones I use are so great that I need you to know about them. So I’m here with bronzers for those of you who don’t wear bronzers – I want to change your mind just like I changed mine.

Makeup Wars bronzers

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favorite bronzers: IT Cosmetics Confidence in Your Glow, Pixi Beauty Strobe & Bronze, Senna Brilliant Bronze

Right now Pixi Beauty Strobe & Bronze (aka Strobe & Chisel Palette) that was done in collaboration with Maryam Maquillage is what’s gracing my vanity table and therefore my face. I have to tell you how much I love this palette even though I didn’t think of it at first when I thought bronzers. Yes it’s in the name but I don’t use it in the typical bronzer way. I actually just use these 6 shades as highlighters and blush.

Pixi Strobe & Bronze (Strobe & Chisel)
Pixi Strobe & Bronze (Strobe & Chisel)

There are 3 glow shades: Highline, Empress and Lex (peach, pinky lavender, gold) that satisfy my crazy urges for highlighting. I lust after highlighters but I know I’m too old to get away with them. But this palette satisfies my craving because the glow shades add an iridescence without adding glitter. All three are great blush toppers or highlighting shades – and yes I’ve worn them on my eyes.

Pixi Strobe & Bronze (Strobe & Chisel)

The 3 bronze/chisel shades: City Kitty, Statuesque, 917) are bronze without being too brown. The only true bronze in my opinion is Statuesque. City Kitty is a warm matte light brown that looks very natural on my skin while 917 has more of a pink undertone (that’s what my camera was picking up); I’d describe it as a cool light satin brown.

Pixi Strobe & Bronze (Strobe & Chisel)

At $20 Pixi has created a bargain palette that will carry you through all seasons and will work no matter what level of bronzing you prefer.

IT Cosmetics Confidence In Your Glow, Nude Glow and Heavenly Skin™ One-Sweep Wonder Brush #705

IT Cosmetics Confidence In Your Glow comes in three shades: Nude Glow, Natural Glow, and Warm Glow. Lisa has reviewed these here and I was insanely jealous and insisted that she bring me the one best for my pale complexion. I have gotten so much use out of this that it’s unreal. If I’m not wearing my precious cream blushes then it’s all about Nude Glow.

IT Cosmetics Confidence In Your Glow, Nude Glow

This triple threat has a little bit of highlighting, a beautiful blush, and a bronzing shade. I usually start with picking up the blush and applying it, then I’ll take the brush and sweep over all three shades to bring out the bronze and highlight. I make sure to use the brush from left to right to keep the lighter shades cleaner.

IT Cosmetics Confidence In Your Glow, Nude Glow

This is so silky soft that you’ll fall in love with it just for that reason. But remember it contains an anti-aging hydrolyzed collagen, peptides and Vitamin C infused formula. No shimmer in this at all. The brush is another amazing one from IT Cosmetics though you probably have a dual fiber brush you can use. If you want the brush as badly as I wanted it then go to to purchase the set for $2 more than the compact alone.

Senna Brilliant Bronze in Dawn

Senna Cosmetics isn’t one that’s talked about much on beauty blogs but it’s a fabulous brand. Brilliant Bronze comes in two shades: Dawn and Sunset. This too is a duo of highlighter and bronzer. The difference between these Senna bronzers and my others is that the Senna is glittery. Dawn is gorgeous for cool toned complexions but I’ll only wear it for “fancy”. I don’t want to glitter in the day but give me a good party and I’m up for it.

Senna Dawn Brilliant Bronze

Senna’s Brilliant Bronze compacts are baked minerals that are said to condition skin with amino acids and nourishing plant proteins.

All three of the above are cruelty free products.

One last one that I couldn’t find for the main photo is a great drugstore find: Covergirl TruBlend Bronzer.

TruBlend Bronzer from Covergirl

TruBlend Bronzer has no shimmer but there’s a satiny finish that gives me some glow. What I love about this is that there’s no orange at all – just a beautiful golden bronze that I can lightly use to perk up my ghostly skin. This came out with the Katy Perry collection in a variety of shades but it seems like just the darkest one, Bronze, is still available.

What do you think of my bronzers for people who don’t use bronzers? Would any of these be suitable for you?  —  Marcia

Join my friends who have their own bronzing favorites.


  1. Lola Seicento | 11th Sep 17

    What beautiful picks, Marcia! That Pixi palette is especially lovely!

  2. Brooke | 11th Sep 17

    The IT Cosmetics Bronzers are fabulousssss. I feel so tan when I wear them!

  3. Carol | 11th Sep 17

    So many fair skin women are afraid of wearing bronzer cause most make them loook orange and muddy! Finding the right shade is key to adding the perfect warmth to the face!

  4. Erika | 12th Sep 17

    I would loooove to try that IT Cosmetics bronzer. It looks fantastic.

  5. Sandy P | 12th Sep 17

    Thanks Marcia for this review. I use an IT trio compact of a blush, highlighter and blush. It is really my favorite product of this type. But I love Pixie so may have to try this item out.

  6. Courtney | 12th Sep 17

    Those look like some great products. I am most interested in the bronzer.

  7. Shilpa | 12th Sep 17

    I really like the title of your post!
    Those pixie bronzers look amazing

  8. Gladys parker | 12th Sep 17

    I love most of what I see in the Pixi Strobe and Bronze collection! I think I would like to try the Lex color. I never knew Bronzing could look so good!

  9. Naked Without Polish | 12th Sep 17

    These are quite lovely! I honestly wouldn’t know what to do with a bronzer, but I do enjoy looking at them!

  10. CosmetopiaDigest | 12th Sep 17

    I love bronzers – even more than blushes or highlighters. Of all face powders (apart from powder foundations), bronzers are the only products I actually buy.

  11. Lynzy & Co | 12th Sep 17

    These are such great bronzers. The IT Cosmetics Bronzers are my absolute favorite. I love how they give a natural tan and glow. So amazing.

  12. Kristi V BeginNails | 12th Sep 17

    You sold me on the Pixi palettes! I need them all! 🙂

  13. Kathryne | 12th Sep 17

    It cosmetics remind me of Kevyn Aucpoin palette for some reason. That’s why I missed this roundup coz I haven’t been wearing bronzers lately

  14. Miranda | Slashed Beauty | 12th Sep 17

    The pixi palette is outstanding! I love the highlights as well.

  15. Cindy (Prime Beauty) | 12th Sep 17

    I love the Senna bronzers!

  16. Polarbelle | 13th Sep 17

    I love the Pixi palettes so much! They did an excellent job with them.

  17. Victoria Heckstall | 13th Sep 17

    This such an awesome bronzers, these are looks nice…love to try some of these..Great article!

  18. Painted Fingertips | 13th Sep 17

    The gradient one from IT looks so cool!

  19. April | 13th Sep 17

    This is just what I need. Even though I am in Florida, sometimes I need a light bronzing on my face. I have heard good things about this product brand.

  20. Katie Marie | 13th Sep 17

    This is such an informative post — I am so glad you didn’t skip out in participating in this week’s challenge. I hear a lot of people saying they don’t contour or bronze much, so this post will be very helpful! <3

  21. Polished Hippy | 13th Sep 17

    I often just use bronzers as blush.

  22. Stacie Hamilton | 13th Sep 17

    I wear bronzer every single day. I have the Pixi palette but have my eyes on a few of these others.

  23. Nikki | 13th Sep 17

    It Cosmetics Bronzer are basically the only ones I wear. They’re all so gorgeous.

  24. Babi | 13th Sep 17

    The It Cosmetics palette is super PRETTY! I need to try more from this brand!

  25. Krystal E | 13th Sep 17

    I’m still on the fence lol.

  26. Ehmkay nails | 13th Sep 17

    This is a great list for a non bronzer person like me!

  27. Julie Syl | 14th Sep 17

    I really like Pixi product. Those palette looks so good. Will definitely check this list..

  28. Emily Draher | 14th Sep 17

    Some gorgeous choices here – I need to try Pixie asap!

  29. Ashley Grant | 14th Sep 17

    I’ve never been good at properly applying bronzers, but these sure do make me want to learn!

  30. StylishGeek | 14th Sep 17

    I actually do not wear a bronzer so I was really fascinated with the different products you reviewed. I love the Pixi one!

  31. Our Family World | 15th Sep 17

    I have not yet tried these brand of bronzers. The colors look pretty though. I will ask my daughter what she thinks about it. Maybe we’ both get one 🙂

  32. My Nail Polish Obsession | 16th Sep 17

    That IT brick is gorgeous!

  33. Margarette Puno | 21st Sep 17

    Wow! This product looks great. I would love to try this out.

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