A Halloween giveaway starring KISS and Broadway Nails

What a fun giveaway we have for you. Kiss and Broadway Nails sent us a package of goodies for us to share with our readers with a giveaway. Actually it’s going to be 4 giveaways since I’ve divided these up into sets so that 4 Beauty Info Zone subscribers can win. If you are a Halloween lover or just a beauty lover there’s something for you from Kiss and Broadway Nails.

Broadway Nails Press Manicures

Broadway Nails Press Manicures

Broadway Nails has 6 fun Press-On Manicure sets ($5) with the best names –  Broomstick, Cauldron (middle top), Haunting (middle bottom), Ghostly (left, black & silver), Fright Night (middle middle), RIP (left). What makes these great for Halloween is that there’s no mess at all. You just peel off the backing, press them on and you are done. No waiting for anything to dry so you can do these at the last minute to add fun to any Halloween look.  (RIP and Friday Night are available at kmart and Walgreens.)

KISS Nail Dress and Nail Tattoos

KISS Nail Dress and Nail Tattoos

Another option is from KISS. You can use Nail Dress which are peel off strips that you apply to your own nails. For Halloween they’ve created Supernatural (red, black, silver) and Fantasy (orange, white, black). One of the most fun things about these is that they come in two styles in the same package. You can do a Full mani or a French mani using these pretty, glittery strips. These will take a little longer to apply since you have to place them on, press, and then file the ends to make them fit. These can last up to a week though and only cost $2.99.

There’s also a KISS NAIL TATTOO made especially for Halloween called Goulish. These are water decals that look fun and easy to do. Select the tattoo you want, press it on your nail with the design on your actual nail, then dip a sponge into water. Press the sponge on the tattoo so that it’s nice and wet. Hold it steady for about 30 seconds and gently remove the paper backing. Set it with top coat once the water is dry so that it lasts. You could do one nail or all 10 – the fun is up to you.

KISS Salon Secrets Nail Starter Kit

KISS Salon Secrets Nail Starter Kit

Kiss hasn’t forgotten those of you who aren’t the Halloween type. They’ve created an purpose Nail Art Starter Kit ($9.99) with everything you’d need for some fun. The kit contains Pre-Cut Nail Art, 6 Glitter pouches, Faux Rhinestones, Design Decals, Charms, Foil Tape, a Dotting Tool, 3 nail art brushes, and a Nail Art Sealer. You can apply these over your own nails or over Kiss Natural Nails Press On. If you are the winner of this group you’ll get the kit, a set of Natural Nails, and the Nail Decals.

Kiss Spooky Night False Eyelashes

Kiss Spooky Night False Eyelashes

KISS has a line of false eyelashes called LOOKS SO NATURAL and they’ve created special Spooky Night packaging for 5 different pairs. Each set ($3.99) comes with the adhesive that is needed. These are useful any time you want them. We have these in SULTRY, SHY, and PRETTY for our winner along with an extra tube of black Lash Adhesive. They’ll add drama to your Halloween look or make you more glamorous for any date night or holiday party. One person will win all of these.

Broadway Nails Press-On Manicure Halloween Limited Edition are available at Walgreens, CVS, and Walmart.  Kiss Nail Dress, Nail Tattoo, Natural Nails, Nail Art Stickers are available at Walgreens and Kmart. Kiss Looks So Natural Lashes are available at Kmart and Fred Meyer.

GIVEAWAY INFORMATION: 4 winners – 2 winners will receive 3 sets of Press-On Manicures and a Nail Dress; 1 winner will receive 3 pair of lashes and lash adhesive; 1 winner will receive the Nail Art Starter Kit, the Nail Tattoos and a set of Natural Nails. This is open through October 21, 2015 so I can get them mailed out before Halloween. It’s open to US only. If comments close early please email me at [email protected] with the subject Halloween and submit your comment, then continue on the Rafflecopter.
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Products provided by Kiss and Broadway Nails for this giveaway.


  1. Loving the Nail Starter Kit the most.

  2. Erin Ellis says

    I would love the Starter Kit!

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  4. Jennifer Rote says

    I like the Nail Starter Kit the most.

  5. The lashes or the press-on nails O.O

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    Nail Starter kit

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  9. The lashes!

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  11. Abby Barge says

    I would love the Nail Starter Kit!

  12. I think the Nail Dress and Nail Tattoos look adorable!! I’d love those!

  13. Megan Zuchowski says

    I’d love to win the lashes the most!

  14. Lashes

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  16. Dawn Monroe says

    I’d like to try the nail art starter kit.

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    Press ons.

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  20. Christy Peeples DuBois says

    I have never tried false lashes therefore I’m going to say the lashes. Thanks so much.

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  23. Jana Williams says

    Hi, I hope you are having a great day today! I just Love Kiss Nail Products and I have been wearing them for as long as I can remember! I have even gotten my friends started wearing Kiss Press-on Nails! First of all I used to get my nails done at the Salon and I would get the Acrylic Nails and they were expensive to maintain, it hurt like crazy if you broke one and they were very hard to get off too! I also can not forget just how much damage the Acrylics did to my real nails, so I found an Excellent alternative in Kiss Press-on’s! I know some people are probably like I was and thought that Press-on nails are something of the 80’s era but once I actually gave them a try I was hooked! First of all I love how easy it is to just be able to pick out the style & length of the nails and I can pick out a Gorgeous pattern or nail design like Glitter or Leopard! Sometimes I just get the clear ones and make my own cool design if I am feeling Creative! I Love the Convenience of being able to match my nails with my outfit and popping them on & off in no time at all! I also am a huge fan of the Stickers, Decals, & the Starter Kit with a little bit of everything to get you started (Sorry that’s obviously self explanatory, Lol!) I Love it all but especially the press-on’s (they are my Fave!) I Really do Love it All and I am not just saying that; I Truly recommend these to everyone and the same people that said they couldn’t see themselves wearing press-on nails are the same people that now swear by them! I’m not going to lie, I love to experiment with all kinds of nail products and different brands too but Kiss seems to have a better selection and more of the assortment of colors & glitter that I particularly like! This is my kind of Giveaway, Yay! Sorry for talking your ear off; I’m just excited about this one! Thank You Again for this Opportunity and Have a Blessed Day! Thanks, Jana

  24. Natalie Brown says

    I’m most excited about the press-on nails! The whole package is quite a bit of fun though. Thank-you!!

  25. Cynthia Richardson says

    I would like to try the press-on nails.

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