Sweating with Orange Theory and getting clean with LaVanila The Healthy Body Wash 3-in-1 Sport Luxe

I have been taking advantage of my extra time off this summer by concentrating on getting fit and healthy. Last June I discovered Orange Theory Fitness, which is a nation-wide gym based on the theory that keeping your heart rate at a particular level (the orange level) for at least 12 minutes in an hour results in an increased metabolic rate for the next 36 hours. That means less working out and more burning fat!

Orange Theory FitnessWhat I love most about the Orange Theory classes is they totally fly by. It’s interval training with three different types of stations – treadmill, rowing machines, and weights – and you don’t do anything for very long, which means it never get monotonous. Hey, I can do pretty much anything for 90 seconds! I also love the results. I’ve never slimmed down so fast. What I don’t particularly love is how I smell after a class. I walk out of there so sweaty it literally looks like I just got out of the shower…although it definitely doesn’t smell that way.

LaVanila The Healthy Body Wash 3 in 1 Sport LuxeOnce I get home I immediately jump in the shower and lather up with Lavanila Laboratories Healthy Sport Luxe Bodywash ($16), which is a sulfate-free body wash that was created specifically for tackling the sweat and oil that come from a really great workout. Ingredients include coconut oil infused with something called Smartsport Technology, which is gentle but still cleanses like crazy. It also has rosehip and aloe, making it a nice base for shaving.

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LaVanila The Healthy Body Wash 3 in 1 Sport LuxeThis sulfate-free body wash smells wonderfully fresh and clean in a unisex way – I guess the packaging suggests it’s marketed for women, but the men in your life will love it too.  The Healthy Sport Luxe Bodywash is part of the new ‘100% Healthy products made with love and without harsh chemicals’ from LaVanila. You won’t be reluctant to break a sweat with this terrific body wash!  – Lisa

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